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O'Reilly Media, Inc. Planning and Managing Drupal Projects, the image of a fox Proofs will be sent to Client via e-mailed PDF unless otherwise noted in the. Chapter 1. Introduction A Quick and Dirty Guide to DrupalSpeak™ If you're just starting off with Drupal, one of the hardest things to figure out is what people are. If you're a solo website designer or part of a small team itching to build interesting projects with Drupal, this concise guide will get you started.

Planning And Managing Drupal Projects Pdf

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Lesen sie planning and managing drupal projects drupal for designers von dani nordin is available in various format such as pdf doc and epub which you can. Welcome! This chapter is about planning and managing Drupal web site projects. You've seen what. Drupal has to offer, and you're ready to build yourself a. Obtain the reports in the types of txt, zip, kindle, word, ppt, pdf, as well as planning and managing drupal projects - dani nordin pdf download if you're a solo.

Auto-update notification[ edit ] Drupal can automatically notify the administrator about new versions of modules, themes, or the Drupal core. Before updating it is highly recommended to take backup of core, modules, theme, files and database. If there is any error shown after update or new updates is not compatible with a module, then it can be quickly replaced by backup. There are several backup modules available in Drupal.

On October 15, , a sql injection vulnerability was announced and update released. Database abstraction[ edit ] Prior to version 7, Drupal had functions that performed tasks related to databases, such as SQL query cleansing, multi-site table name prefixing, and generating proper SQL queries.

Drupal 7 extends the data abstraction layer so that a programmer no longer needs to write SQL queries as text strings. Microsoft has written a database driver for their SQL Server. Windows development[ edit ] With Drupal 7's new database abstraction layer, and ability to run on the Windows web server IIS , it is now easier for Windows developers to participate in the Drupal community.

Choosing a Drupal 7 Module for Viewing PDFs

A group on Drupal. The accessibility team is carrying on the work of identifying and resolving accessibility barriers and raising awareness within the community.

There have been many improvements to both the visitor and administrator sides of Drupal, especially: Drag and drop functionality Improved color contrast and intensity Adding skip navigation to core themes Adding labels by default for input forms Fixing CSS display:none with consistent methods for hiding and exposing text on focus.

The community also added an accessibility gate for core issues in Drupal 8.

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Drupal isolates core files from contributed modules and themes. This increases flexibility and security and allows administrators to cleanly upgrade to new releases without overwriting their site's customizations.

Content types include, but are not limited to, events, invitations, reviews, articles, and products. Basic views functionality has been added to core in Drupal 8.

Rules: conditionally executed actions based on recurring events.

Features: enables the capture and management of features entities, views, fields, configuration, etc. Context: allows definition of sections of site where Drupal features can be conditionally activated Media: makes photo uploading and media management easier Services: provides an API for Drupal.

Themes adapt or replace a Drupal site's default look and feel. Drupal themes use standardized formats that may be generated by common third-party theme design engines.

A piece of reusable content such as a sidebar menu, advertising banner, or callout box. The beauty of blocks is the flexibility of display—you can set up blocks to display based on any criteria that you set.

For example, in a basic corporate site, you might have the following content types: Each of these content types can be sorted out and organized, using Views see below , to create the Blog section, Events Page, News Room, etc.

Planning and Managing a Drupal Project

Best of all, your client can easily update the Events page simply by adding a new Event. Drupal will do all the work of sorting out the Events page and archiving old events.

Content categories. At its most basic level, you can think of taxonomy as tags for content like blog entries. The true power of taxonomy, however, lies in organizing large quantities of content by how an audience might search.

A case study in the art of module selection

For example, a recipe site can use taxonomy to organize recipes by several criteria—type of recipe dessert, dinner, etc. In building the site, you could then use Views to allow users to search by or filter recipes by any one or several of these criteria.

Users are exactly what they sound like: The key to working with users lies in roles; Drupal allows you to create unique roles for anything that might need to happen on your site, and set permissions for each role depending on what that role might need to do.

A plugin that adds functionality to your site. Out of the box, Drupal provides a strong framework, but the point of the framework is to add functionality to it using modules.

An organized list of individual pieces of content that you create within the site, using the Views module. The templates that control the look and feel of a Drupal site. Individual PHP files that Drupal uses for template generation. Most Drupal themes will have, at the very least, a tpl.

Once you get the hang of working with tpl. My favorite way to talk to clients about Drupal is to start with the concept of a News page or blog homepage.

As noted above, any customizations to your site modules, themes, etc. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is for ease of upgrading your site. By keeping all of your customizations in the sites folder, you lessen the risk that all of your files will be replaced once you update.

This is because Drupal actually looks for themes in a folder called themes , modules in a folder called modules , etc. A good project plan for Drupal starts with the client. How much do they know about Drupal? Did they specifically request it, or was it something you suggested to them as you heard their list of requirements? This is surprisingly important information.

This is where we take a deep dive into the lives, personalities, and other factors that define the humans that will need to deal with this project on a daily basis—both the end users that visit the site, and the clients who will end up managing the content once the project is finished.

During prototyping, usually done just prior to starting the Functional Implementation phase, we start testing some of the hypotheses and user flows that came out of the User Experience phase. Functional Implementation. Visual Design and Theming. Notice, please, that visual design, here defined as the colors, fonts, images and other branding elements that define the look and feel of a given site, comes fifth in this list.Drupal core as of Drupal 7 allows for a number of field formats, but certain formats—such as images, file uploads, or video—require you to install contrib modules.

RSS feed and feed aggregator Security and new release update notification User profiles Various access control restrictions user roles, IP addresses, email Workflow tools triggers and actions Core themes[ edit ] Drupal includes core themes, which customize the "look and feel" of Drupal sites, [56] for example, Garland and Bartik.

Functional Implementation. You can try different display options by editing the content type again and changing the display settings for the field. Module A plugin that adds functionality to your site.

An organized list of individual pieces of content that you create within the site, using the Views module. The Drupal community also organizes professional and semi-professional gatherings called meetups at a large number of venues around the world. A plugin that adds functionality to your site. And After Launch.