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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Robert Jurmain received an A.B. in Anthropology from Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Politics & Social Sciences. Introduction to Physical Anthropology 15th Edition PDF by Jurmain and his co- author is Essentials of Physical Anthropology (eBook Rental) Primate, Human . Product cover for Essentials of Physical Anthropology 10th Edition by Robert Jurmain/Lynn Kilgore/. Copyright Learn More. Textbook/eBook from $

Physical Anthropology Ebook

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Explore our list of Free eBooks, Physical Anthropology, Anthropology & Archaeology, NOOK Books at Barnes & Noble®. Shop now & receive free express. Products 1 - 60 of 72 Looking for Physical Anthropology products? We have a fantastic range for you to choose from. Find out more here. What Do Physical Anthropologists Do? HOW DO WE KNOW? Franz Boas Invents Norton Ebooks. The Ebook version of this book offers th content of the print.

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Automatic Bibliography Maker Build a bibliography or works cited page the easy way My Papers NEW Scientific racism employs anthropology notably physical anthropology , anthropometry, craniometry, and other disciplines or pseudo-disciplines, in proposing anthropological typologies supporting the classification of human populations into physically discrete human races, that might be asserted to be superior or inferior.

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Click the button below to access Bear Tracks. ANTH Dept. With Cengage Unlimited You Can With a Cengage Unlimited subscription you get all your Cengage access codes and online textbooks, online homework and study tools for one price per semester, no matter how many Cengage classes you take. Editorial Reviews Review "This textbook is the best on the market.

The well-written current material is accessible.

Introduction to physical anthropology

The appendices are a bonus to which I refer often. Robert Jurmain received an A. He taught at San Jose State University from to and is now professor emeritus.

During his teaching career, he taught courses in all major branches of physical anthropology, including osteology and human evolution, with the greatest concentration in general education teaching for introductory students. His research interests are skeletal biology of humans and non-human primates, paleopathology, and paleoanthropology.

Product details File Size: Cengage Learning; edition March 2, Publication Date: March 2, Sold by: Cengage Learning Language: English ASIN: Not enabled X-Ray for Textbooks: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Showing of 16 reviews.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Paperback Verified Purchase. Rented this for my Human Origins class for college. The textbook is easy to read and understand. Very informative, although it does have some obvious typos in it. One person found this helpful. Very informative. Well written even for people who are not too interested in this field can understand it easily.

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The book is brand new, but it has already damaged on the top. I do not think it happened during delivery. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Very interesting book.

I loved being able to rent this for the semester. It saved so much money and was better than having to use an online book. Download Free Foreword The Genome science encompasses many scientific areas and is essential to advancing knowledge of different disciplines as Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Medicine and Biological Anthropology, among others.

With respect to this last discipline, the understanding of our place in nature has benefited in recent years of the Genomic research that is being essential in the analysis of the biological origin of our species, and to measure in a more precise way human biological variation.

The main genome projects have had a great impact in Biological Anthropology, and the anthropological studies are benefiting more and more from the genomic data. The developments in genome bioinformatics and computational biology have helped make the advances possible in the field of Anthropological Genetics, as well as in Forensic Anthropology and the population studies. Briefly, the current genomic revolution constitutes a turning point in our understanding of human evolution, and a fascinating insight into what can be revealed from the study of genomes.

The book deals with the genomic approaches in Biological Anthropology and how the DNA markers can provide insight into the processes of evolution and human variability; in addition, explanations of the technological developments and how they affect the fields of Forensic sciences and population studies are shown, alongside the methods of field investigations and their contribution to the Molecular Anthropology.

But in turn, this volume reveals how the modern Anthropology can contribute to redefine the ways we have come to understand the genetic issues. This volume, written by experts in their respective field, provides a rigorous overview about a subject so promising like Genomics and its present and future applications in the study of Human Biology. Through the different chapters authors are providing essential information for the area of Biological Anthropology that could change the traditional vision in this field and contribute to resolve numerous anthropological questions that have not yet been answered.Field Journal.

You'll learn how humans are biologically connected to all other life, including our ancient ancestors and our contemporary primate cousins, and how closely modern human populations are related to each other. This web a is constituted by an undetermined number of participants, both in particular and in institutional terms; b does not have an unequivocal and well-defined limit; and c its internal power balance is exposed to a continuous and daily reformulation.

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