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Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Papers. The Government of India .. Maintained By National Archives of India, Ministry of Culture, Government of India. Visitors. This page contains the Netaji Subhas Bose Declassified files, which As I think still he was murdered by Secret Agent. .. PDF WITH TEXT. ALL files declassified by the current government (from 23 Jan to 28 Oct ) in PDF format. An excel sheet containing the details of the.

Netaji Secret Files Pdf

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The Government of India had decided to declassify the files relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and make them accessible to public. To declassify and disclose all documents relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra and also institute a fresh Inquiry Commission in order to remove the mystery. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today revealed files related to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at the National Archives today. Modi had said.

He has authored over one hundred published monographs, books and scientific articles. Purabi Roy Dr. She claims that during her research work related visit to Moscow from August-October , she came to know from her good friend Major General Aleksandr Kolesnikov Retd.

She claims that a note with details of the above-mentioned finding, handwritten by Major General Aleksandr Kolesnikov Retd. Chitta Basu in the said meeting for further necessary action. She regrets that Mr. Chitta Basu on return from Russia ignored the above-mentioned finding and that the said handwritten note became untraceable after his death in the following year. The said article was translated to English by Mr. Joyanto Roy Dr.

Purabi Roy as he was not available though it came to know that he was working in the Russian Embassy in Ankara in Turkey. The Commission could not act upon Dr.

Netaji Subhas Bose Declassified files

The Commission treated the testimonies of Dr. Purabi Roy and Mr. Facebook post dated 04 Aug of Mr. In view of the above facts and circumstances, I have written a letter dated Narendra Modi, requesting him to intervene in the matter and especially to personally engage with the President of Russia and persuade him to declassify all files on Netaji Bose available with the Russian Government to pave the way for the resolution of the long-standing mystery.

The original letter along with supporting documents, sent through post, has been delivered to the PMO on But as of now, what we could go through, there are only circumstantial evidence of the air-crash but no conclusive evidence of the air crash. Chandra Bose said "there is a change in the attitude of the government from that of the previous ones.

Firstly, the attitude of suppressing the facts about Netaji has been negated. And this is the biggest thing in unraveling the truth about Netaji," Bose said. Netaji's nephew Ardhendu Bose, who was also at the ceremony here, said "the Bose family and the entire country has been waiting for this moment for the last seven decades nearly.

We feel that these files would be able to throw some light on it.

Netaji mystery in 12,744 pages: Secret files now open to public

As we apprehend that certain files might have been destroyed. An official said the National Archives placed files relating to Bose in public domain "after preliminary conservation treatment and digitization".

On the The digital copies of these files coming out in public domain meets a "long-standing public demand" which would facilitate scholars to carry out further research on Bose, the official said. Besides the controversy over whether Subhash Bose died in the aircrash or not, those who believe he was alive after that have different theories about what happened to the leader after that. While one of them says Bose fled to the former Soviet Union to continue to fight for India's independence but was later killed there, the other says that Netaji returned to India as an ascetic, named 'Gumnami Baba, and continued to live in Uttar Pradesh's Faizabad till Netaji's daughter Anita Bose Pfaff, who lives in Germany, believes that her father had died in the Taipei plane crash.

However, Chandra Bose, who was close to Netaji's wife Emilie Schenkl, says in a Facebook post that she "never believed in the false theory of the air crash. She was told by a Russian journalist that Netaji was very much alive in the erstwhile Soviet Union after Emilie Schenkl - till she passed away in March , believed Netaji did not die in any air crash.

The nation is eagerly waiting to know the truth. Earlier in the day, a galaxy of leaders paid floral tributes to Netaji at a function to mark his birth anniversary in Parliament's Central Hall. Grateful to PM for the initiative of de-classifying Netaji files," he said. Naidu also met the family members of Netaji in Parliament House and later said he was "delighted over interaction with 26 family members of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose today.

Took them around Central Hall after hosting them over breakfast. I do expect that we will get some indications" regarding Netaji in these files. Read more on Narendra Modi.

What do the Netaji filed declassified by PM Modi contain?

Mamata Banerjee. Amit Shah. Sunday ET. When he arrived at the Bose family doorstep to confess his mistake, the senior Bose told him to come back in a few days and recover it. Placed under house arrest in , Netaji hoodwinked policemen and escaped the Elgin Road residence to land up in Nazi Germany. He was dubbed a fascist collaborator by the British who stepped up surveillance on his family members.

As the declassified intercepts show, independent India's government was just as keen to spy on the family. Click here to Enlarge The IB has been routinely used by ruling parties to snoop on political opponents and even on their own family members. Former IB chief M.

But Netaji's two nephews, Sisir Kumar Bose and his brother Amiya Nath Bose, were political lightweights in the years they were snooped upon. They contested elections long after the papers show the IB had wound down its surveillance. From the archives: Mukherjee panel goes globe-trotting in a bid to end Subhas Chandra Bose death mystery The IB seemed obsessed in knowing what the family was doing and who they were meeting.

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A series of handwritten messages show IB agents phoned in 'Security Control', as IB headquarters was called, to report on the family's movements. But it was in the intercepted family mail that the IB relied on to know what the family was thinking.

Netaji figured heavily in their correspondence. What else would the family discuss?

The letters were mostly about mundane family matters. Netaji's wife discusses their economic hardships, bringing up her daughter Anita and repairs at their flat in Vienna. The Boses in Kolkata sent them money to meet their expenses.

The IB annotated and underlined parts of the letters that had names of people meeting Emilie Schenkl to show what they were interested in. She laughs at how particularly effective the surveillance was because the family never had a clue.

The letter intercepts almost exclusively focused on the Elgin Road post office from where the unsuspecting Bose family posted their missives to the out- side world.

Family members recorded their scepticism over the Shah Nawaz inquiry committee appointed by the Nehru government in and their disappointment over the lack of recognition for their uncle. The rest were just extras. The man behind them all was Bhola Nath Mullick, Nehru's internal security czar who headed the IB for an unprecedented 16 years between and Must Read: Netaji's birth centenary celebrations witness revival of debate over authenticity of ashes That this surveillance was politically sensitive was a no-brainer.

The 'Top Secret' and 'Very Secret' stamps on the files would restrict access to a very limited circle of officials. The files were stored in the steel cupboards of the IB's state headquarters in Kolkata's Pretoria Street, just a stone's throw away from the Bose residences.

The IB's surveillance was not restricted to Kolkata. The prying was not without irony. Madhavan Nambiar.

The two claimants to Mahatma Gandhi's political legacy split when he chose Nehru over Subhas Bose as his political successor because he was uncomfortable with the latter's push for complete independence. Finally, Netaji resigned as Congress president in But Jawaharlal could not see his destiny without Gandhi, and the latter had no room for Subhas".

Click here to Enlarge Netaji however bore Nehru, eight years his senior, no ill will. He considered him an older brother and even named one of the INA regiments after him.

Nehru publicly wept when he learned of Subhas Bose's death in Why then would the Nehru government place the Bose family under such rigorous surveillance?The family had learned to live with the police glare. Bose's body was cremeted with all civilian and Army rights two days after he died, on August 20, You could just click on the file name.

Sleuths intercepted, read and recorded letters of the family of a freedom fighter who was Nehru's political co-worker for 25 years. However, Chandra Bose, who was close to Netaji's wife Emilie Schenkl, says in a Facebook post that she "never believed in the false theory of the air crash.

Our government has made all Netaji files public. Madhavan Nambiar. Now it is the duty of the central government to declassify files it has with it. As we apprehend that certain files might have been destroyed. Chitta Basu in the said meeting for further necessary action.