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Board index Free Unlimited PDF Downloads Free Downloads. Forum 3. Search Please, help me to find this l'eroe di poitiers pdf. Thanks!. Musée de la Ville de Poitiers. Participation in various exhibitions, e.g.: Bildlicht, Museum of modern art in the museum of 21st century, Vienna;. Philippe Cosenza, Université de Poitiers, ENSIP Department, Faculty Member. Studies by Philippe Cosenza, gonca ahi, Gonca Okay, and Philippe Leroy.

Leroe Di Poitiers Pdf

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Actual la squestre de poitiers laffaire redureau folio french edition pdf ebooks. German Edition, Leroe di Poitiers Alla ricerca del Santo Graal Italian Edition. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , C. Fontaine and others published Etude des formations superficielles de Poitiers, sensibles au retrait. PDF | 30+ minutes read | This paper deals with a new model of supercapacitors working with a DC-AC converter. Fayçal Bensmaine at Université de Poitiers.

Osmotic origin of over pressures in shale formations: Micro-macro modelling of the electrical resistivity of clay water system: This experimental in situ investigation was carried out on a study area of Our results demonstrate the ability of the non-invasive DIC method to monitor the opening and closure of desiccation cracks for more than one year.

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Moreover, our study provides the following phenomenological results. First, as observed in the laboratory, the hydric strains were anisotropic; the strains perpendicular to the desiccation cracks were almost homogeneous and much larger than those parallel to the same cracks. Second, the changes in crack apertures calculated from the displacement fields at an accuracy of approximately Moreover, although the main desiccation cracks were sub-horizontal and associated with the direction of bedding planes, our work demonstrated the existence of sub-vertical cracks.

Modelling the induced polarization of bentonite-sand mixtures more. Design of a brine and gas permeability field test in rocksalt more. Induced polarization of clay-sand mixtures: Effect of added fluids on mechanical behavior of rock salt more.

Stress estimation in reservoirs using an integrated inverse method

Damage and failure of Salt Rock under dry or wet conditions. One-year monitoring of desiccation cracks in Tournemire argillite using digital image correlation more.

Spectral induced polarization of clay-sand mixtures: Experiments and modeling more. ABSTRACT Spectral induced polarization or complex conductivity is a promising electric method in hydrogeophysics because of its sensitivity to water saturation, permeability, and particle size distribution PSD.

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However, the physical and However, the physical and chemical mech-anisms that generate the low-frequency complex conductivity of clays are still debated. To explain these mechanisms, the com-plex conductivity of kaolinite, smectite, and clay-sand mixtures was measured in the frequency range 1.

The results indicated the strong impact of the cation exchange capacity of smectite upon the complex conductivity of the material. The quadrature conductivity increased steadily with the clay content and was fairly independent of the pore fluid salinity.

A mechanistic in-duced polarization model was also developed.

It combined a Donnan equilibrium model of the surface electrochemical prop-erties of clays and sand, a conduction model of the Stern and diffuse layers, a polarization model of the Stern layer, and a macroscopic conductivity model based on the differential effec-tive medium theory. It also included the effect of the PSD.

Indirect estimation of the clay content of clay-rocks using acoustic measurements: New insights from the Montiers-sur-Saulx deep borehole Meuse, France more.

Marine and Petroleum Geology.

Geology and Geophysics. A laboratory investigation has been carried out in order to study the resistivity changes of a silty soil, induced by compaction 1. The results Resistivity decreases with the increase of density.

The lower the water content the more important the resistivity decrease. Comparison with petrophysical data leads to better identify the impact of compaction on the water saturation degree of the microporoisty and that of the macroporosity.

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Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions 8 1 , , Solid Earth B3 , Journal of colloid and interface science 1 , , Artikel 1—20 Tampilkan lainnya. Bantuan Privasi Persyaratan. Streaming potential in porous media. Streaming potential in porous media: Theory and application to geothermal systems P Revil, A. Theory and application to geothermal systems A Revil Journal of Gephysical research , 0.

Determination of permeability from spectral induced polarization in granular media A Revil, N Florsch Geophysical Journal International 3 , , A triple-layer model of the surface electrochemical properties of clay minerals P Leroy, A Revil Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2 , , Colloid Interface Sci 1 , , Ionic diffusivity, electrical conductivity, membrane and thermoelectric potentials in colloids and granular porous media: Effective conductivity and permittivity of unsaturated porous materials in the frequency range 1 mHz—1GHz A Revil Water Resources Research 49 1 , , Water resources research 51 6 , , EDs became a common hospital admission route, as even if scheduled admissions appear to be stable, the number of patients admitted to the hospital via the ED i.

The increase of non-urgent [ 14 ] and repeated visits [ 15 — 18 ] contribute of the increase in the number of total ED visit and ED overcrowding which is known to be associated with an increased morbi-mortality [ 19 , 20 ], increased frequency of medical errors [ 21 ] and reduced satisfaction of patients [ 22 ].

Almost 15 years ago, a major reorganization of emergency medicine was set in motion by the emergency care actors and the French government [ 23 , 24 ].

Several measures, as triage nurses or ED short-track systems, were introduced.

The triage system consists of basic clinical assessment that aims to determine in how much time the patient should be seen and the amount of resources to be used. Short-track systems set apart patients with non-urgent complaints and possible rapid discharge in a dedicated area, limiting fragmentation of care [ 26 ].

They both aim to decrease waiting times, ED length of stay, reduce ED overcrowding and increase patient and staff satisfaction [ 26 ]. However, we lack data to comprehensively describe emergency care after these major changes.

This study aimed to examine and describe French ED organization and ED patients, based on a 1-day nationwide cross-sectional survey.

Methods Study design and selection of participants The French Emergency Survey FES was a nationwide cross-sectional survey with a two-level design aiming to describe hospital-based emergency care in France through ED organization and ED patients. The study took place on June 11, , in all emergency departments in France as defined by the decree — [ 24 ].

The French Emergency National Survey: A description of emergency departments and patients in France

Any patients presenting to an ED in France during the study period hr, June 11th, from am to June 12th, am were included. June 11 was a weekday Tuesday and the month of June has a high rate of visits [ 27 ], which allowed inclusion of a large number of patients that could be representative of ED patients.

Survey development The research tool was developed by the study steering committee based on a previous survey of a sample of EDs [ 28 ], a literature review and a qualitative study as previously described [ 28 ].

In total, 36 studies and reports were identified. All interviews were performed from December 23, to March 8, A total of 33 institutions were approached and their representatives interviewed.

Patient representatives were also interviewed.

After that preliminary phase, the research tool was tested with 23 EDs in February and modified according to their feedback. Survey description A two-level design was used for the survey.When the time was significant, Tukey's honest difference HSD was used for multiple comparisons.

Retrieved August 10, A total of 33 institutions were approached and their representatives interviewed. Stan Laurel The objectives of this study were to describe the characteristics of French EDs organization and users, based on a nationwide cross-sectional survey.