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Kesehatan reproduksi merupakan suatu hak asasi manusia yang, seperti semua hak Penyediaan layanan kesehatan reproduksi yang komprehensif dan. Get this from a library! Kesehatan reproduksi remaja.. [Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen.; Ford Foundation.;] -- Teenagers, human reproduction and health aspects. 1. Kesehatan reproduksi remaja. by Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen. Kesehatan reproduksi remaja. by Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen.; Ford Foundation.;. eBook: .

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Buku Suplemen Bimbingan Teknis Kesehatan Reproduksi: Pelecehan Seksual. Corporate author: UNESCO Office Jakarta and Regional Bureau for Science in. persalinan. Isu status wanita, hak reproduksi wanita, etika, dan hukum sangat mewarnai pengembangan strategi kesehatan reproduksi (Ford. Foundation, ). Tesis kesehatan reproduksi ebook free It will not only traffic and lead through the content, but it will help organize your skills with your followers.

Information seeking behavior among students who have earned and who have not received reproductive health materials in the classroom is the same. The distinguishes is that the students who have obtained the reproductive health material look more caring and has a sense of curiosity more than students who do not get reproductive health in the classroom yet.

The student who join organization related to reproductive health in their school usually get the information first, and can spread to friends first. Adolecent search the reproductive health information from direct sensory experience.

They prefer to choose information source which accessible directly and affordable. Usually they choose resources that are already available in the immediate environment, such as asking parents, teachers and friends. Afterwards select the media such as the internet or other media that subscribed by parents. In the event that requires medical attention, then a teenager go to a doctor or health worker.

After getting the information from the first source, usually a teenager looking for other information to verify the information from the first source, then evaluate and conclude the information. They usually share the information with other teens who become friends peer group in a very relaxed atmosphere. Results of sharing of information will make teens can generate new information or new questions.

Reproductive Health

In general, awareness of adolescent to reproductive health is good enough. It encourages teens continue to seek information related to reproductive health from a variety of sources.

Youth awareness on reproductive health is not only to avoid social impact or religious sin, but also awareness of the importance of health care for themselves. We thank our colleagues from Department of Information and Library Science, faculty staffs and all informants for sharing their pearls of wisdom with us during the research process. Special thank our family for their support and encouragement throughout our works.

Departemen Kesehatan. Developing standards and accompanying elements of a standards-driven quality improvement initiative. Jakarta: Depkes. Ermawati, R. Jakarta: Kompas Ilmu. Hadziq, K. Bandung: Yrama Widya. Hawari, D. Jakarta: FK UI. Imron, A. Yoyakarta: ArRuzz Media. Kamus Bahasa Indonesia Online.

Pendidikan dan Perilaku Kesehatan. Jakarta: Rineka Cipta. Nurcahyani, D. Nurhayati, N. Sarwono, S. Psikologi Sosial.

Jakarta: Balai Pustaka. Adolescent Health. Adolescent Health and Development. NC: University of North Carolina. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources. Adolescent Pragnancy. Information behaviour, an interdisciplinary perspective.

Working-woman has dual role, as a household manager and as a worker in an institution. Women need a place to actualize itself, including through social networking. The results of further research shows that women are the most social networking users. The phenomenon of women using the internet especially social network in their lives increased from day to day. Therefore, women need to have knowledge and skills in using of social networking.

Women must have enough knowledge about social network, besides that women should have the skills to using, understanding, and evaluating media..

Potter stated that the knowledge and skills of media literacy is a major thing to prevent bad influences of media. Communication research that puts the position of women as the main character has not been widely done yet.

This research tried to describe women in the use of internet, especially the social network. More specifically targets are housewives who have teenage children. This is due to the rampant phenomenon of Internet used among teens, so that knowledge and skills of media literacy is a must for a mother.

Knowledge and skills is a device that women can be used to protect the child. The results found that women are in a disadvantaged position.

For example: research about women in construction of disaster news shows that the media gives little space on women as victims Wulandari, Research with similar topics about construction reality of women in development programs of keluarga berencana and kesehatan reproduksi found that women—in the position of an object, has difficulty in determining what is best for themselves, particularly in keluarga berencana and kesehatan reproduksi Widiastuti, Research on gender stereotypes of women in Culinary TV show found that women failed to play a part resistant of feminity.

Many research on social networks has been done, neither do the research on women and social network especially among housewives.

Meanwhile, the phenomenon of the smartphones growing rapidly in Medan, people can easily access the internet and social network through this media.

Facebook is one of many popular social network among people in the Medan. It makes people can reconnect with friends or relatives who have not met for a long time. Many experts express their opinions about social networking.

The opinion above states that the main strength of social networks is user profile that can be seen as well as a list of friend on the site. They can recognize person to another person through profiles, photos and bio-data as social network users.

Social network has many types of which are facebook, twitter, you tube, path, linkedin, instagram, and so forth.

Kesehatan reproduksi remaja.

Women tend to use social network to interact to family members, friends, and coworkers. Social network as a means to demonstrate the advantages possessed by someone. For example: Facebook became a place to actualize oneself to others. The goal is that people get to know themselves more deeply and find out the advantages possessed by the person.

Four characteristics of social networks are as follows. First, the communication and interaction occurs virtually without limits of space and time. Old friends who might not known exist can be found through facebook. Second, social networks establish communication more efficient in terms of time, effort and cost.

Third, social network is used to exchange and campaign an idea. Fourth, social network brings support and reward, in which the communication towards the balance and harmony Sosiawan, Recent developments show that social networks are emphasizing more personal issues. This development certainly does not give the advantage to the users, especially women. Many bad things could happen, such as a sense of lazy to communicate directly.

People like to communicate through social networks than face-to-face. Identity and photographs that appear in social networking attract others to do bad. Communicate, seduce and after being lured, then, it will continue to meet in person. Kidnapping of women usually occurs after a face-to-face meetings.

One effort to prevent bad things are doing media literacy. Society has not had entirely adequate knowledge of the content of the media. Community empowerment, especially of women through media literacy has meaning that people must have knowledge of the media, especially on social networks, so that they can take advantage of, make choices, understand and analyze it better and be careful.

De Vito defines media literacy as the ability to understand, analyze, access and produce mass communication messages Sihabudin, While the ability to understand refers to what the audience will do when finding information, and the ability to create is the ability to write in the media Tim PKMBP, This study uses a model proposed by James W.

This model emphasizes the importance of structural elements of knowledge knowledge structure and skills skills in developing media literacy in a person The structure of knowledge related to aspects of information and knowledge has that can provide the ability to understand and analyze media and see the context of the media messages.

The structure of knowledge should always be constructed so that someone can filter the messages properly, then sort them according to the needs and useful. Good knowledge about the structure of social networks will make women know everything about social network, such as: definition, types, and functions, besides someone will know the good or bad influence of social networking for a person.

While the skill is the ability to access, understand, and criticize the content of the message of social networking. This location was chosen based on observations of the huge number of internet cafes in the region. Researchers became interested and wanted to observe deeply; particularly for women. The number of samples are This research using descriptive analysis method that aims to determine the knowledge and skills of women on social network.

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The technique of collecting data using questionnaires and interviews. Single table analysis is used for analysis data. Research data in the form of a single table will be interpretated based on the tendency of the results.

Results and Discussion In general, women who were respondents in this study aged between years existed as a housewife and have children.

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They have a high school education Respondents generally have social network accounts Furthermore, researchers asked their knowledge of the types of social networks. The results show that facebook The results of interviews with respondents showed that facebook is the most widely known and acknowledged social network. Generally, they stated that facebook is a social network site that connected the world, old friends, find new friends and even promote their business.

Based on open-ended questions in the questionnaire, the large number of respondents determine what content are available on Facebook, namely: home, profiles, chat, status updates, messaging, games, friend requests, and upload photos. Furthermore, researcher trying to find out more deeply about knowledge of respondents, the influence of the most common social network using.

Most of respondent states that influence common for teenage This answer is consistent with the observations of researchers who showed that teens spend a lot of time using social network through internet cafes or smartphone.

Results of research on using social network skills showed that many respondents update status and comments Finding libraries that hold this item We thank our colleagues from Department of Information and Library Science, faculty staffs and all informants for sharing their pearls of wisdom with us during the research process.

Parvin, Z. Sitorus reports that in Bali, This research using descriptive analysis method that aims to determine the knowledge and skills of women on social network. Method This was a quantitative study with a cross-sectional design conducted from March to May of in Makassar City.

Researchers became interested and wanted to observe deeply; particularly for women.