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He has taught thou- sands on the Photoshop Down & Dirty Tricks seminar tour, traveling to cities Photoshop D Intermediate German: A Grammar and. Dirty German Everyday Slang - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. TALK DIRTY GERMAN learn to speak german! —the dirty deutsch way Sprechen Sie Dirty Deutsch? If you think German is all brat and no wurst, you need to.

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UBERENDURANCESPORTS PROUDLY PRESENTS THE 6TH ANNUAL. “Dirty German”. 25K, 50K & 50M (Ultra)Trail Race. Pennypack Park, Philadelphia PA. Dirty French: Everyday Slang From 'What's Up?' To 'F to them in German: Everyday Slang from What s Up. Dirty French Everyday Slang. Файл формата pdf; размером 1,48 МБ. Добавлен Dirty German teaches the casual expressions heard every day on the streets of Germany: What's up?.

Callum Jackson is the most beautiful beast. A beast I can't stop thinking about, can't stop wanting, can't stop hunting I just pray to God this beast bites. Sophia Harding runs a tight ship. She may work in the dregs of housing association slums, but her patch is on the way up. Anti-social behaviour is down, employment is on the rise, and she's even been shortlisted for estate manager of the year.

It's looking good. Really good. Until Callum Jackson completes his jail time and lands right back on her doorstep. She could do without a guy like him on her books: a failure of the system and a pain in the fucking ass. She should tick the boxes, do her job and keep her distance — that's what the handbook says. The handbook says no one-on-one contact, no at-risk situations, no direct confrontation of any kind. But the handbook doesn't know of her craving for hardcore submission.

The handbook has no fucking idea how she yearns to unleash Jackson at club Explicit, where his savage can really run wild. The handbook doesn't know shit Dirty Bad Strangers He calls me his dirty girl. He wants to watch me with other men. Lots of other men. Auserkorene, f. Check out this chick!

Frauenzimmer, n. Kerstin is a mean bitch. Weib, n. Die machen nix als Kopfschmerzen. They cause nothing but headaches. Zicke, f. Brigitte can be a real bitch sometimes. Watch out. Zickenstall, m. Zickenalarm, m. Bitch alert—Klara and Andrea are locking horns again. The guy over there was checking you out the entire time.

Heini, m. Go ask the guy at customer service. On the weekends I always hang out with my buddies. MOF, m. Dieter is a complete loner. Lange nicht gesehen. Bye, take care! Bis bald. See ya. Everything ok with you? Was ist los? He, was ist los mit dir, Mann? Germans like to take credit for his genius and consider themselves a truly intelligent people, ignoring the fact that his smartest move was to leave Germany for Switzerland and later the United States.

Moving on, Germany is also known for its bevy of beautiful supermodels, including Claudia Schiffer and Heidi Klum. Last but not least, we have the crazy German-spea- kers. While most shrinks treat the loonies for a living, Freud may have been one himself. His theory of penis envy, which states that all women long for a penis whether they realize it or not, is perhaps the most well-known.

Just ask Hillary Clinton, who may feel that Barack Obama suffers from this condition himself. Who do you think you are, jerk? Stop talking out of your ass! Dumpfbacke, f. All evening long, Arnold just talked about his car. What a bore!

Dachschaden haben to be crazy; lit. How can you talk to me like that? Are you crazy, or what? Ihr habt total geflirtet.

Stop talking bullshit. You guys were totally flirting. Labern can also just refer to talking endlessly, droning on, blabbering, without the negative connotation of talk- ing bullshit.

Labersack, m. Michael is such a blabbermouth; he tells everything to everyone. Pappnase, f. The guy is totally nuts. Your idea is completely dumb. Dussel, m. Manfred is a dope. We got to the concert and he forgot to bring our tickets. Fatzke, m. I hate to say it, Sara, but your boyfriend is an arrogant, stuck-up twit. Doktor Allwissend, m. Klaus and Uwe both went to get beer; two fools, one thought! Nullchecker, m. There are many hip alternatives for the verb verste- hen.

Sie hat mich total angeschissen. I had a fight with my girlfriend. She really gave me hell. Bert, m. You are such an idiot. You need everything to be explained twice.

The movie was awesome. Drecksau, f. Dreckskerl, m. That dirty bastard just walked out on me. Darn it! Jetzt sei endlich still! Just be quiet now! You got us into deep shit, now get us out of it! If you arrive expecting friendly greetings and big smiles, you may be in for a disappointment. But it gets worse. Hansdampf in allen Gassen, m. Jack of all trades and master of none ; lit. A real Jack of all trades, in just the past five years Johann has worked as a firefighter, hairdresser, carpenter, and used car salesman.

Zampano, m. Volker always acts like a big shot. Mark got another A yesterday—what an ace. The chickenshit got scared and left.

Weichei, n. Rindvieh, n. The opposite team is a bunch of morons. Scherzkeks, m. Haha, sehr witzig, du Scherzkeks. Letting me get stuck with the bill. Haha, very funny, you joker! You could take the garbage out once in a while, you lazy bum. Your little sister gets on my nerves. Poser, m. Ist doch peinlich. Fuzzi, m. I could laugh myself silly at these nerdy bank and insurance guys in their suits. Can I mooch a cigarette from you? Schnorrbert, m. Klaus is a mooch: Freibiergesicht, n.

Macho, m. Jens is an old macho man.


He sends his girlfriend to get beer. Arsch mit Ohren, m. Did you see how that guy passed me on the right? This guy drives like an idiot. Torte, f. Sahne, f. Sahneschnitte, f. Lass uns mal hallo sagen. Wow, do you see the two peaches over there? This damn gardening work in this lousy weather is getting on my nerves.

Schwein, n. The pig flirted all night with another woman while his girlfriend was in bed with the flu. Schwein haben to be lucky; lit. We got lucky. Schweinerei, f. How disgusting! What a dirty trick! Schmacko, m. I have a new co-worker, a real dream boat. Leider wohnt er in Italien. I met a real hottie on vacation. Unfortunately, he lives in Italy. Damn, you are drop-dead beautiful! Public transportation in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria works on the honor system, and everyone, from mangy punk rockers to the president, buys a ticket.

Going by foot? Setting a proper example for youngsters is paramount in Germany. Crossing the street on a red light in Germany elicits approximately the same reaction as, say, vehicular manslaugh- ter in the United States.

Off you we go! The post is leaving! Two more weeks until vacation, and then off we go to Puerto Rico. On your mark, get set, go! Take it easy! Kommst du jetzt endlich aus dem Quark und stehst auf? Are you finally going to get up and going, or what? Get your ass in gear or the shit will really hit the fan!

Alex is such a slow-poke. You always have to wait for him for hours. Kurve kratzen, f.

Jetzt muss ich aber schnell die Kurve kratzen. What, is it already so late? I gotta hit the road now. Affenzahn, m. I drove at a mad speed. Mach zu! The bus is about to leave. Speaking of getting going, here are a few examples of phrases that make perfect sense in German, but seem a little screwy to English speakers: We have to get going; lit. Exactly how do you hurry slowly? Warte mal schnell. Just wait a second; lit.

That is incredibly stupid; lit. Geh, bleib da! Austria and Bavaria. Please stay; lit. Du solltest lieber ganz schnell langsam fahren. You drive like a fucking maniac! On this road you can really go fast.

A standard Mercedes can race down the highway at miles an hour. I have to go to Munich tomorrow. That honor actually goes to Italy, as their Milan-Varese autoway opened in , three years before the first section of the Autobahn. Sadly, that seems to be the last year Italy did any maintenance on the road as well.

Germany is the only European country that has no speed limit on its highways at least on some stretches —and recent attempts to install one have been voted down by the public.

Germans have a great love for their cars and are especially proud to be the homeland of Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen. On the highway today we saw a huge traffic jam. Autoschlange, f. Lappen, m. Dem Fritz haben sie seinen Lappen weggenommen. Knolle, f. My brother got his tenth speeding ticket yesterday. My bike takes me everywhere and saves energy. Dingsbums, n. Dagmar, can you hand me the whatchamacallit? Food, Glorious Food Dinner in a German-speaking household can be a new experience for Americans, whose table manners pale in comparison.

Num- ber one, be sure to keep both your hands out of your lap and on the table at all times. So unless you want to choke the chicken rather than eat the one being served, remember this important rule. Even sillier, the fork is often put into the mouth upside-down after stab- bing a bite of food this way. Your dinner companions will even use their knife to shove more food onto the upside-down fork. Essen fassen to grab a bite Komm Sven, lass uns Essen fassen.

Boy, am I ravenous. Mann, hab ich ein Loch im Bauch. Lunch break! Man, am I starving. Stop stuffing your face and leave something for the rest of us. Jon eats like a horse. Martin can polish off an entire cheesecake by himself. Konstanze was looking forward to the party, but her mother grounded her and spoiled her plans. Henriette likes chcocolate, gummy bears, cookies—she has a real sweet tooth. When the pizza finally came, we dug right in. Lorentz and Fred had to eat a few knuckle sandwiches during the fight.

On vacation we were wined and dined. Her mishap was an easy target for her political opponents. The pig arrived at the door, got a whiff of the aromas coming from the kitchen, and realized that a fellow pig was cooking as pork roast.

Not surpris- ingly, the pig preferred to leave on an empty stomach. We stuffed ourselves with ice cream and cake. I could devour half a pig. In the state of Lower Saxony, Schwein levels have hit the eight million mark. The Germans currently rank number four in worldwide per capita pork consumption and most Leute could wolf down a Wurst anytime, night or day.

Mahlzeit, f. Kalorien tanken, pl. Hey, I could go for some fast food right now. Ciao Bella has the best pizza. A-Saft or O-Saft, m. Would you like some apple juice or orange juice? That was yummy. It was disgusting that you burped at the dinner table. The doner kebab has replaced the bratwurst as a snack. Germans do really love beer; they rank second worldwide in beer consumption per person, after Ireland.

Dirty German

In Bavaria, for example, beer is officially considered a food. If you attempt to join in a conversation but someone says Das ist nicht dein Bier, be sure to mind your own business. If the situation continues to deteriorate, you might soon hear Bei ihm ist Hopfen und Malz verloren, lit.

What does a German drink after drinking a lot of beer? The most common request in any Gasthaus or beer hall is noch eins—another one. Kneipe, f. Hand over the bottle. The beer here is one euro and the schnapps 80 cents. With our 30 euros we can really booze it up here! Stefan is going to have one more beer with his friends. Guys, did you bring your six packs? Schluckwunder, n. Yo, toss me a can of beer.

Brauereitumor, m. Do we have enough booze? Peter can only afford cheap alcohol. Alk, m. I should give up alcohol. Occasionally, Andrea has one too many. There are plenty more terms for being smashed and hammered, for example the following, with their literal meanings: My father is a heavy drinker. Schluckspecht, m. All your friends are boozers. Alkoholfahne, f. John reeked of alcohol during his interview.

Kampftrinken, n. Binge drinking among youth is the latest worry in the German press. Alkoholleiche, f. Who is that passed out on the couch?

Auf Ex! Arbeit ist der Fluch der trinkenden Klasse. Klara got her boyfriend drunk at the party. Klara filled up her boyfriend at the party. Christa is mad at Robert because he goes out drinking with his friends every Friday night.

Saufkumpane, pl. Paul is my favorite drinking buddy. Suff, m. There is no tolerance for drinking and driving, the alcohol limits are low, and the penalties are severe.

Here are some particularly colorful expressions for drinking: Brot stemmen to have a beer; lit. I prefer beer. Bubbly gives me a headache. Absacker, m. Herrengedeck, n. We need another round of schnapps to freshen up. Magenbitter, m. After that greasy food I need a digestive.

Bottoms up, guys. The loser pays the next round! Who threw up all over the toilet? Wow, after five beers I gotta piss like a racehorse.

Klo, n. Topf, m. I gotta use the can. Man, I have such a hangover. This might include any number of aches, pains, and descriptions of bodily functions. Some people might tell you the reasons why they are not feeling well, i. If Germans practiced their old hobbies of cuckoo clock making and sausage grinding instead of watching reruns of Jerry Springer and listening to Britney, they could probably retain more of their polite, cultured ways. How can you be so happy-go-lucky if your job is on the line?

Bombenstimmung, f. At the Christmas party, everyone was in a terrific mood. The soccer team did very well and won five to zero. Wolke sieben cloud nine; lit. After Bryan and Claudia kissed, they were on cloud nine.

After she won the lottery, mom was out of her mind. Wutanfall, m. He left the room in a rage. Karsten is really pissed off that Regina is flirting with another guy. Arschlochkarte ziehen to get the short end of the stick; lit. Damit hat er echt die Arschlochkarte gezogen. Frank was asked to put together the status report. He really got the short end of the stick. Hass kriegen to get extremely annoyed; lit. Da kannst du echt den Hass kriegen. More overtime without pay? This is getting extremely annoying.

I have such a neck. When saying this, be sure to show the huge swollen lymph nodes in your neck by putting your hands on either side. Thorsten just lost it. Well, I pretty much hung out all day today. Schadenfreude, f. He was pleased when he heard that the girl who recently dumped him had just been dumped by her new boyfriend. I think the new Black 47 CD is awesome. The concert blew my mind.

While some students manage to finish their degrees in the required maxi- mum time of six years, many more enjoy years of of beer swilling and partying with just an occasional class on the side.

Partially as a result of this, some German universities initiated fees of up to a thousand euros per year in Sounds like chump change to us, but some 10, students in five cities protested the new fees—and sadly, their budgets had to account for several hundred fewer beers. Upon graduation, students used to find well-paid jobs as giant pretzel bakers or tuba players immediately. For the past decade though, Deutschland has suffered from a high unemployment rate, around ten percent.

While some say this is the fault of lazy stu- dents or an abundance of foreigners, it is more likely a sign of the times. Peter and Natalie got caught playing hooky. Holiday krankschreiben lassen to play hooky; lit. Holiday Lars fehlt heute schon wieder. Der hat sich vom Dr. Holiday krankschreiben lassen!

Lars is out again today. He got a sick note from Dr. Penne, f. Spickzettel, pl. With his cheat sheets, Thomas cheats his way through every test. Schummler, m. Der ist ein alter Schummler. I fudged my answers a little bit. Annette copied the entire homework from me. Susanne sucks up to all the teachers. Prof, m. My history professor has written at least ten books.

Hiwi, m. Nobody believes it, but Heiner has plenty up top. I have to cram for the Eng- lish test. Schlaumeier, m. Herman got always into trouble in school because he was such a wise guy. Your new beau thinks he has all the answers, but when you ask him something, he blanks. Die war einfach zu langweilig. I dropped out of my philosophy class. It was just too boring. I hope to graduate soon. The swimmer did very well in her race.

Mach doch mal Pause. You should take a break. My boss broke my chops in the worst way again today. Other slang terms for arbeiten to work are: Malochen is a Yid- dish term for work.

My uncle is a big shot in the banking industry. Konkurrent, m. When it comes to sports gear, Adidas and Puma have been strong competitors for decades. Our stocks are going down the drain. Feierabend, m. Do you want to grab a beer with me after work?

By the way, the Feierabend Bier is the best pint you can possibly have. Meier will have to pack his bags. They want to phase out his job. Their concert was a flop. Only a handful of people showed up to hear them. I have to get out of this depressing office atmosphere. A sunny April day in Germany is a rare and precious thing. A sunny April day in Germany is as precious as the sweat of a government worker. Paragraphenreiter, m. Amtsschimmel, m. The red tape never ends! The bureaucratic white horse whinnies!

So habe ich mir Marketing nicht vorgestellt. This term comes straight from card player lingo, where players can cheat by hiding good cards in their sleeves and secretly shake them out of their sleeves when needed.

While the number of shops that accept this form of payment has climbed in recent years, the fear of iden- tity theft and deep personal debt scares the Germans.

As a result, only one quarter of Germans carry a credit card. Best to buy only what you can afford now, they say, and if they do use plastic, they pay their balance in full each month. In other words, by American standards, Germans are cheap. Hey, when will I get back my fifty euro bill that you borrowed last week? Hunni, m. The sneakers cost me almost a hundred euros!

Zwanni, m. I got jumped, but luckily I only had stuff worth twenty euros on me. Dad, can I borrow some cash from you? Schotter, m. Show me the money! Just fork over the dough, you tightwad! Why are there so many terms?

Ohne Moos nix los! No money, no fun.

Ebbe, f. My finances are at an ebb. Erik bought all his furniture at flea markets. My father made a big profit by selling his store. Haufen Geld, m. Einem Geld aus der Tasche ziehen to squeeze money out of someone, to rob someone blind; lit. Die ziehen einem wirklich das Geld aus der Tasche.

Here we go, another phone bill. Nothing in life is free! The vacation cost us a fortune, but it was worth it. Geld verplempern to waste money Mensch, der Kinofilm war bescheuert, da haben wir unser Geld umsonst verplempert. Man, that movie was a flop, what a total waste of our money. When you are down-and-out, you learn who your real friends are.

Ich bin im Moment knapp bei Kasse. I can forget about the new cell phone. Durststrecke, f. After a dry spell, our stocks are finally rising a little bit again. You got us into this trouble, now fork over the money to get us out of it. Geld verjubeln to splurge, blow money Du kannst dir doch diesen neuen BMW nicht leisten!

Da hast du eine Menge Geld verjubelt.

Atlas of Human Anatomy by Netter

You just blew a lot of money. Gerhardt made a killing on his invention. After I got an F in math, my parents cut off my monthly allowance. Claudia is badly off: Carlo looted her account and just took off. The Hugo Boss suit on sale in the window is a steal. My friend and I are real bargain hunters. We know about every sale. The HDTV for only euros is dirt cheap. But it is not enough to be wary of the police—in Germany and the German-speaking area of Swit- zerland, your neighbors are the greatest threat to your freedom.

This means no loud noise after a certain time, usually 8 or 10 p. Sundays and holidays mean even more res- trictions—unless you want to live like the Assos notice it sounds strangely like assholes , lit. Pass that joint, I want to toke. Hey, take a whiff. Fluppe, f. Come on, give me a cigarette. Kung-Fu Puder, n. Wow, your coke is far out. Yo, my treat, one round of weed for everyone.

Dirty Chinese: Everyday Slang from (Dirty Everyday Slang) por Matt Coleman

Kristaller, m. At the train station some crankster jumped an old lady. Ticket, n. Last week I went to the disco and someone talked me into trying acid. Du kannst nicht mehr nach Hause fahren.

I smoked so much on the weekend, I tell you, I was high as a kite. Ticker, m. My stash is low. I gotta meet up with my dealer again soon. Zoff, m. Bulle, m. Watch it, Manni! Here come the boys in blue. Polente, f. Cops are sometimes overzealous in their enforcement of the law. Mein Freund wurde dort geklatscht. My friend got beat up there. Ten dollars for a beer? This place is a total rip off.

[PDF] Dirty German: Everyday Slang from What's Up? to F*%# Off! (Dirty Everyday Slang) [Read]

Abzocker, m. Did you hear about the brawl after the football game? Handgemenge, n. Yes, there was one melee after another. Klopperei, f. The boxing match looked more like an alley fight. Schurke, m. The villain slipped away. Atze squealed on Ali to the police.

The crook went down narrow alleyways and backyards to dodge the cops. If you think you can torment me, than you are as stupid as they come. The last thing I wanted to do is have a run-in with that huge guy. Und schon blitzte auch eine Klinge in seiner Hand. The cops collared the thief. Schlitzohr, n. Your sister is a sly dog.

Helmut could deceive everyone and never get caught. Peter hit the gravy train as a loan shark. Man sollte ihm das Handwerk legen. This guy is a low-life cheater. Someone has to put a stop to his game. Similarly, jemandem in den Sack stecken—lit. Abschaum, m. Damn, yesterday my bike got stolen for the third time this year!

Today in the drugstore I just pinched some nail polish. The victim was only wounded at first, but then the killer finished him off. It takes a cold heart to kill.

In cold blood, other criminals will just kaltmachen, cool off, neutralisieren, neutral- ize, or terminieren, terminate, the life of their Opfer, or victim. Germans are decidedly robust and healthy in general, but the suspicious ailments they develop may not ring a bell with you. Sufferers stay home and rest, which is naturally the only cure. Even worse, things you once considered harmless are suddenly very dangerous in German-speaking nations. A gust of wind or a draft can be deadly, so if you hear Es zieht!

This warm northerly wind from Africa is blamed for a whole host of disorders, including the flu, headaches, nausea, and even strange behavior. GP, lit. My GP has known me since I was a kid. Kariesverwalter, m. Hoffentlich bohrt er nicht. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Elfenbeinchirug, m. Can you recommend a good dentist? These doctors are totally full of themselves.

Seelenklempner, m. Er ist immer so deprimiert. Siegmar should get a shrink. Yesterday I slept with some dude and caught something. I ought to see the gynecologist. Kurpfuscher, m. Ich glaube ich geh sofort ins Bett. I feel like crap.

Before I bite the dust, I want to have a little fun. Did the old geezer finally kick the bucket? Zumindest musste er nicht lange leiden. Uncle Ottmar is pushing daisies now.

Births jemanden dick machen to knock someone up; lit. Silke has a bun in the oven. Have you heard? Mara is pregnant. Patricia has been taking the pill for three months now. Wehwehchen, n. Every little boo-boo makes you cry. Ist doch nur eine ganz kleine Wunde. Sackratte, f. After he climbed into bed with Sophie, Uwe ended up with a case of the crabs. Looking for Trouble and Keeping the Peace Germany is a land of contradictions. Love- parade is a techno dance street festival whose revelers border on insanity.

The event is hosted by a different city every year. In general, fights are surprisingly few and far between in Germany, but when they occur, watch out. If you are a person of color, there are certain areas in Berlin and other for- merly East-German cities that should be avoided, especially at night.

In recent years, neo-Nazism has been on the rise, but with few Jews left to blame, these national socialists pick on those of Turkish and Indian descent. If only the black leather chaps worn at Loveparade had the same status.

Some teenage boys are genuinely looking for trouble. Unannehmlichkeiten herausfordern to provoke Du hast eine Art immer Unannehmlichkeiten herauszufordern. You have a way of always provoking people. This guy on the subway just kept staring at me. Do you have a booger hanging out of your nose, or is your fly down?

Nope, that German staring occurs to a lesser degree in Austria and ever-polite Switzerland is just staring at you for no apparent reason.According to scientists, CO2 emissions are the main reason for global warming and devastating climate impacts on people and nature.

Even though my best friend was only 15 years old, she decided not to terminate her pregnancy. Would you like some apple juice or orange juice? Patricia has been taking the pill for three months now. Schmacko, m. God damn me! My ex called me yesterday. My history professor has written at least ten books.