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Civil Service Exam Reviewer for Professional and Sub-Professional Levels | October 11, AM INFINITHINK Search Home. Civil Service Exam Questions Civil Service Exam Reviewer PDF If you are Comments Civil Service Exam Reviewer Online Free – Professional and. Items 21 - 40 Answer Key and Tips for Civil Service Exam Reviewer PDF. Part I Philippines' Civil Service Professional Reviewer | Test (Assessment).

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reviewer for civil service - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides Philippines Civil Service Professional Reviewer - Part 3. Part I Philippines' Civil Service Professional Reviewer. Uploaded by Jed Tedor Download as DOC, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate. The most effective reviewer to pass the Civil Service exam in one take! With tips and strategies Contains all CS coverage - Professional and Sub-professional.

How many liters will 1 dozens at the same size hold? The ratio of males to females in an organization is M:F. How many males are there if there are T females? Maria was born November 23, How old was she last April 23, ? When any number is divided by 20, the largest remainder that can be attained is: 1. There are , hectares of land for cotton production. What should be the average yield in tons per hectare to produce a total of , tons of cotton?

How much does he put into that fund? The United Arab Emirates has reduced its daily oil production by80, barrels from 1. Find its daily production in million barrels. The buying power of s P1 had dropped as of June this year to The present buying power of peso is, how many centavos less than that of ?

Divide into 2 parts such that one part is of the other part. What are the two numbers formed? The price of a pair of pants is P If the average price of these two items is P P What is the sum of the two numbers? A man owns a piece of land worth P0. He is taxed on of its value at the rate of P7. How much is he paying for the tax of his property?

P3, 4. P11, 2. P5, 5. P10, 3. P9, If each side of a square is decreased by 5 centimeters, its area will decreased by square centimeters. Find the side of the original square in centimeters? Twenty-seven school children were asked to form three groups such that the third group has 2 more members than the first group and the second group will have one member less than the third group. How many members will the first group have?

Concrete posts are to be put along a meters road. If there are 15 posts, what would be the distance in meters between two successive posts?

For how much a kilo should he sell 20 kilos of fish costing P An employee drive a car at 30 kph from his residence reach his office at a. If he drives at a. Three stenographers will be selected from a pool of 6 equally qualified stenographers. How many different groups of three stenographers can be selected from the pool? A corporation has 3 vacancies for the positions of Senior Auditor. Out of five candidates, how many groups of three could be chosen to fill the vacancies? A messenger traveling at 20 kph.

If this messenger left at a. In an office the ratio of male employee to female employee is If there are 12 male employees, how many employees are in that office? In a certain map of an inch represent 10 miles of the actual distance.

If two barrios are 2 inches apart in the map, the actual distance between them is: 1. If one cake costs P3. A man with 90 meters of fencing wishes to fence off an area in the space of a rectangle.

What should be the dimension the enclosed space is to be as large as possible. The income tax withheld from the wages of a certain employee amounted to P8, last year.

Phil-CSE-Complete-Reviewer-for-2019.pdf - Philippines Civil...

If this is P more than of the amount withheld this year, how much was withheld from his wages this year? P8, 4. P10, 2. P9, 5. P11, 3. If six boys shared equally of a pineapple pie, what part of a whole pie did each boy get? At a party of employees, sandwiches were served with softdrinks.

It was found out that chicken sandwiches and cheese sandwiches were consumed. How many went home without eating any of the sandwiches? A man has two investments totaling P40, How much is the difference between the two investments? P4, 4. P13, 2. P14, 3. P8, A bin containing 80 sacks of flour is 15 full.

How many sacks will be in the bin when it is full? In a social hall of a building, there are seats arranged in rows, with 5 more seats per row than the number of rows.

How many seats are there in each row? Which of the following has the greatest discount? The members of a barangay set our pechay plants.

October 11, 2015

The number of plants in each row was six more than the number of rows. How many plants were there in each row? The larger of two numbers is seven times the smaller number. What is the larger number if their sum is 56?

In a school of 1, students, are girls. What is the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls? A paper tape Long is to be divided into 4 parts such that each part shall be 2 dm.

Shorter than the next succeeding part. Find the length of the longest part. An amount of P18, was requested for the purchase of office supplies. P10, 4. P14, 2. P12, 5. P15, 3.

P13, A supply officer distributes 80 business envelopes among 13 employees, giving half the number to the female employees and the other half to the male employees. Each female employee received 3 more than each male. How many male employees are there? Each boarder is charged P3, a month for board and lodging. If there are 12 boarders, how much will he owner of the boarding house earn in one half year? P, 3. If of a land were divided into 3 equal lots, then each lot would be what part of the land?

A chess player will play 7 rounds in a chess tournament. If he were to compete with 6 opponents in every round, how many opponents would he have played with after 7th round? A man makes a deposit of P If his deposit consists of 25 bills, some fifty-peso bills and the rest are twenty-peso bills, how many twenty-peso bills he have? What should your commission be for a day in which your sales amounted to P How would you divide P How many tons of ice must be placed in an ice boxes so as to have tons for use?

A telephone company charges a customer P If the total bill of a customer for a certain month is P Cruz bought some merchandise worth P1, How much did he earn from the whole transaction? A sports center has 12 gates, five are on the west side, and seven are on the east side. In how many different ways can a person enter by a west gate and leave by an east gate? A boy is to meet his teacher in the principals room at in the morning.

If it takes the boy 30 min.

What will be the latest time that he can get up to meet his teacher on time? Five percent of a batch of items from a manufacturing company are defective. If there are defective items in the whole batch, how many items in the whole batch are not defective?

Overcrowding of and within houses is an unhealthful factor which favor the spread 1 2 3 of many diseases. No error 4 5 2. Every person at one time or another is called upon to make a decision but making a 1 2 decision is one of the hardest job which one has to do.

We were touch by his generosity when he obviously could ill afford to be so 1 2 3 4 generous.

Civil Service Exam Reviewer PDF ebook with Answer Key

He felt very bad after he realized the harm he had done. When office workers take part in planning work details, their feeling of having 1 2 3 4 status rise. Please feel free to call upon our office if we can be of farther service to you. Ang mga nakatatandang panauhin ay nagkakainan habang ang mga kabataan ay 1 2 masayang nagsayaw sa saliw ng makabagong tugtugin.

His dedication to advance the cause of environment could be attributed to the fact 1 2 that he came to a poor family. In making decisions involving human relations, every good manner could consider 1 2 the opinions, as well as the feelings of all the employees under him.

One of the crucial issues taken on at the conference is the transfer of technology of 1 2 the industrialized nations to the developing countries.

Nakikigalak kami sa mga tagumpay nila Fernan at Victor.

Phil-CSE-Complete-Reviewer-for-2019.pdf - Philippines Civil...

Nang umulan ng malakas ay nasa bahay na ako. Twenty kilometers are a reasonable distance to cover, considering the rugged 1 2 3 4 road. College teaches us to form opinions by the result of careful thought.

A plan to build more medical centers in major part of the country had been 1 2 3 revealed yesterday. He will be playing much better today if he had not sprained his ankle during the 1 2 semi-final match two days ago. The telephone rang continuously for two minutes, fell silent and then sounded of 1 2 3 five short rings.

After the game the coach compliments those players who show bravery during the 1 2 3 4 crucial game. There is no doubt whether the decision of the Council was influenced by politics.

A drug pusher is not only a problem to his family but also a menace to society. An oligarchy in a form of government where supreme power is restricted to few 1 2 3 persons.

Several senators and congressmen were absent in the committee meetings most of 1 2 3 4 the time. Magkakaroon ng kapayapaan ang buong daigdig kung ang lahat ng tao ay 1 2 3 magkakaisa at magkakaunawaan.

Makatabi ang mga bata at matatanda sa panonood ng palaro. Magsisikanta raw ang mga anak mong sina susan, John at Rona sa tanghalan. Maraming tao ang nagtatagumpay sa buhay dahil sa kanyang karunungan. You hope to finish high school this year, arent you? A group of young people have been working for the development of local 1 2 3 barangay. The board has received the presidents report, who went over the situation in great detail. Having gone over the situation in great detail, the president submitted a complete report to the board.

The president had hardly completed his study of the situation than he made a full report to the board.


The complete report, which the president gave it to the board, was the result of a thorough study of the situation. After the president had studied the situation as thorough as possible, he made a complete report to the board.

Basing on the figures available, the committee felt that the decision to close shop was feasible. Basing on the figures available, the decision to close shop seems feasible. Based on the figures available, the committee felt that the decision to close shop was feasible. Based on the figures available, the decision to close shop seems feasible. Based on the figures available, closing the shop was thought to be feasible. The trip to Tagaytay was educational and everybody enjoyed it very much.

Being educational, everybody enjoyed the trip to Tagaytay very much. Everybody found the trip to Tagaytay educational and it was enjoyed very much. Exam Tips 2. Civil Service Test Questions 3. Sample Exam 4. It includes everything including the correct answers.

You can view it without wi or internet.

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What you need are the speci c lessons only, nothing more.Only people with big hands and long fingers can be pianists. Vicente is a manager but is not analytical 2. Each item in this section consists of a statement or a passage followed by several assumptions. EDP Computer Programming 2. Highest educational attainment: 1. The ability then to predict the value of money is a key to economic progress.