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Some exams like SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SSC CGL, Railways RRB etc. require you to have Basic Computer Knowledge. Basic Computer Hardware questions are easy to remember and can count for easy marks. Use these Computer Notes to familiarize yourself with Basic Computer. Basic Computer Hardware. Notes – Copy All. AGP. □ The Accelerated Graphics Port is a high speed connection to the motherboard for video cards. □ Faster. Notes - Computer Hardware Basics. The Computer. A computer is made up of many parts: 1. Input/Output (I/O) devices – These allow you to send information to .

Basic Hardware Notes Pdf

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Computer Hardware Engineering. Lecture 9: Parallelism, Concurrency, Speedup, and ILP. David Broman. Associate Professor, KTH Royal Institute of. Computer Hardware: Hardware Components and Internal PC Connections. .. Most computers ship with a basic sound card, most often a 3D sound card. .. / dam/www/public/us/en/documents/product-briefs/zzexpress-chipset-brief. pdf. A computer system is an integrated set of hardware and software Computer hardware is organized according to these basic functions.

These are used to hold the data binary information that are being processed by the current instruction. Primary memory is memory that is part of the computer itself and necessary for its functioning.

It consists of mainly two types of memories:. As soon as the machine is switched off, data is erased. RAM is volatile. Volatile means that the data stored in memory is lost when we switch off the computer or if there is a power failure.

What are the differences between hardware and software?

There are different types of RAM available. Some of them are described below. The memory from which we can only read but cannot write on it.

This type of memory is non-volatile. The information is stored permanently in such memories during manufacture. A ROM, stores such instructions that are required to start a computer. This operation is referred to as bootstrap. The different types of ROM are given below. Floppy diskettes, hard disk, tapes and optical disks come under the category of external storage devices or ancillary storage devices.

These devices are very sensitive to environmental conditions humidity and temperature as well as to external magnetic fields and need to be stored carefully. Floppy disks are primarily used on PCs.

Computer - Hardware

Information on a floppy disk is recorded in the magnetized states of particles of iron oxides evenly placed upon concentric circles known as tracks. It is a non-removable enclosed magnetic disk included in most PCs.

It contains a stack of metal platters, each coated with iron oxide, that spin on a spindle and the entire unit is encased in a sealed chamber.

This is plastic tape, usually made of Mylar that is coated with iron oxide, thereby enabling the introduction writing ; retention memory and reading of magnetically recorded information. The best use of tape storage is for data that you do not use very often. Peripheral devices are devices connected to the computer externally.

If a peripheral device is disconnected, the computer will still be able to work; only functions performed by this peripheral device will not be available.

Here are the most used types of peripheral devices:. The most common and very popular input device which helps in inputting data to the computer.

2.3. Introduction to Computers

It consists of keys that are capable of inputting alphabets, numbers and special characters. You can also navigate using the keyboard and perform shortcut functions. Mouse is the most popular pointing device and cursor-control device having a small palm size box with a round ball at its base which senses the movement of mouse and sends corresponding signals to CPU when the mouse buttons are pressed.

It forms images from tiny dots, called pixels that are arranged in a rectangular form. The sharpness of the image depends upon the number of pixels. It is a device used to move cursor position on a monitor screen. A scanner allows you to scan printed material and convert it into a file format that may be used within the PC.

A plotter is used to create high-quality visuals on paper. A plotter gives a hard copy of the output.

It draws pictures on a paper using a pen. It can be used to create presentation-charts, graphics, tables and high quality technical drawings.

In most situations, yes, a computer can run without software being installed. However, if an operating system or interpreter is not found, it either generates an error or doesn't output any information. A computer needs to have at least some type of operating system that allows both the user and software to interact with the computer hardware.

Installing programs onto the computer in addition to an operating system gives the computer additional capabilities. For example, a word processor is not required, but it allows you to create documents and letters.

How to install a software program. Can a computer run without hardware? Most computers require at least a display , hard drive , keyboard , memory , motherboard , processor , power supply , and video card to function properly.

Further information and examples

Note A computer like a thin client and server could be set up to run without a display, keyboard, or hard drive. If any of these devices are missing or malfunctioning, an error is encountered, or the computer will not start.Next Post. Sales[ edit ] This section needs to be updated.

You only need to know about basic computer hardware. Munish Singla. In most situations, yes, a computer can run without software being installed.