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A Lot like Love a li'l like chocolate book. Read 74 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. He's a player. She knows the rules. They m. A Lot Like Love A Li l Like Chocolate [Sumrit Shahi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. And that's how it beganorummmperhaps. A Lot Like Love a L'il Like Chocolate [Sumrit Shahi] on What happens when you're in something which is A lot like love???a li'l like chocolate .

A Lot Like Love A Lil Like Chocolate Ebook

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You can download A Lot Like Love a Li'l Like Chocolate eBook at Bookchums. com for Freet in PDF format. The book is also available for. Cover page. I received a revised edition of the book. The cover is great, done up in style. There is an adventurous couple on a hilltop watching. Book Summary of A Lot like Love a li'l like chocolate. It's the perfect read for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. There's romance, ambition, heart.

Initially everything seems perfect, just as per the plan. But, gradually, the distance starts affecting the young lovers, and their relationship. There are doubts, suspicions, misunderstandings, arguments and fights. What seemed to be a perfect plan seems to be losing its efficacy. Questions appear on the truth of the relationship.

Is it love, or is it not? Will it work or will it not? Will this relationship be able to stand the test of time? Once seated, Shadab shoots a faint nod in the waiters direction and he nods his head.

Shes quick to notice though. You seem to be a regular here, she comments, once the waiter leaves. Not reallybutyeahtheir cold coffee is worth trading life for. Cold coffee arrives just a few minutes after he says it. Her coffee has a chocolate-. And exactly how many girls have been in the same situationasked the same. He smiles. Shes not an easy nut to crack but he wont stop being the chipmunk too. I think none, he says confidently. She expected a better answer from him.

This is too clichd. Liar, she accuses him. Well honestly, there have been a quite a few but nones been so intelligent to guess all. Youre good at thisarent you? At what? Getting the driver to stop on the waypiece of cake, he states. Even that, she replies and smiles. Shes smiling too much. He can see it.

She can feel it. A slice of chocolate cake and conversation happen next. Sowho all in your family? MomDadmy younger sisterme and loads of money. He slices off a bite just. She laughs at the answer and the action. What about yours? Its his turn to know her better. Two months, yet theyve never. Mines more about girl powerMommegranny. Their spoons collide as they. They both end up smiling. Each other. Dad and Mom got separated when I was young, she suddenly turns pensive.

Id love to meet your motherbut thatll be only when youll invite me home. You wont be able to handle it, she says vibrantly. Im good with mothersplus theres an advantage of a no father clausethis so. Wont try giving up, would you? Not until you stop smiling.

In class. Truth and Dare the game for all seasons, the game played with much reason. Thegame that every group plays to squeeze out the truth. Correction embarrassing truth. Toopen the ancient locks guarding old secrets, to cause disaster. Correction sweetdisaster. It perhaps is the best way to kill a forty-five minute free period when your Englishteacher is bunking school for a wedding.

The desks have been rearranged to form a circle. Vasus Nike water tumbler is beingspun in the centre. The rules are simple. Questions cannot be passed. Dares cannot beskipped. Truth shall prevail. Bravery shall rule.

Ritesh and Alisha, who are supposed to be in the Commerce section, attending theirBusiness Studies class, are conveniently sitting in the Humanities section with Shadab,Arnika, Vasu, Bani, Saachi and Abhinav. Convenient coincidence or planned conspiracy, Shadab parks his firm butts rightopposite to where Arnikas firmer butts are parked. Vasu gets up and spins the bottle with much force.

A few rounds of spinning. Who will it be? It stops. Ritesh is the target. Truth or Dare? Talk of sweet slaughter. Truth, Ritesh says confidently. Everybody darts their questions at him. Most of them unanimously pertain to Alisha. Okay, Arnika begins. Her voice has a sense of assurity. Vasu, too excited to get his.

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Theres a collective hoot. Wicked question. Shadab raises his hand for a hi5 and she. Positive signs. Ritesh looks at Alisha. Shes expressionless outside; inside all the more anxious to. He looks at Shadab next. A single second of eye contact. They both know thename he wants to take. Arnikas hot. Everlasting hot. Namibias desert-heat hot. Rhea, he finally says. Raised eyebrows. I shall remember. A balloon of laughter bursts in the group.

Ritesh and Shadab get up together to spin the bottle next, both bending down at the. The bottle is spun again. It finally stops at Arnika. Ritesh exclaims. Hes gone through Shadabs message in the meantime.

This should be fun. Truth, she says after much deliberation. Perfect, Shadab whispers very softly. SoArnikawhats up between you and Shadab? Theres a sudden silence. Five pairs of eyes oscillate from Shadab to Arnika.

Ummmhes a nice guy. Nice guy, the boys repeat in unison. Bani nudges Vasu to shut him up while Shadab. Andhes a friend,shes finding it hard to choose the correct words. Just a friend? Ritesh, being the guys best friend, wont let this drop. Thats more than one question, Bani complains. The girls best friend has also come. Shadabs got his answer though. Are you blushing, Arnika? Vasu plots further. Inside even she knows, its a lieShadabs smiling. Theres some flow of chemistry for sure. Theres the chance.

Of sharing folks and smiles11th July RecessShadab, Arnika and Bani are walking towards the school canteen.

Two is company, three is crowd. Theyve yet not reached the level of walking alone inthe school. He wishes for that and how! The little shack which houses probably the mostunhygienic food around is abuzz with activity. Theres a long queue and the snake-likeline slithers as the senior students, much like the SUVs, try to overtake the little Marutisand Santros. Whats with mothers these days? Nobody gets a tiffin or what? Bani commentsloudly. Cmon Shadabbe a manget in the queue, she ends.

The girls giggle. Chivalry versus hunger. Impression versus bullying the way to the counter. Patience versus potato chips. Thrust versus chilled coke. Ill go, Arnika volunteers. No, is all that it echoes in Shadabs head. Hungry guys, well metamorphically. Noyou cant go there, he says sternly. Becausebecause, hes not sure if he should let her know the real reason. The feminist in her is aroused. Because, he looks around to find a reason. Luckily, he spots Rachit, a junior on the.

Rachits thereRachityou needto get something for us too. He shouts, Quicktell me, what do you guys want tohave?

Get some coke and noodles, Bani replies for them. Arnika grabs his hand suddenly,not that he minds but its random enough for him to get startled. The brief touch. His hands sticky with sweat. Hers cold. The sensation electric. Whats this? Shadab demands once his body temperature bounces back to. Money, she replies in a matter-of-fact tone. Dudecome onIm not taking this, he holds her hand and keeps the wrinkled.

I have a wallet, he ends, rejoicing in the touch once again. Then, Im not taking anything you get, Arnika says, determined. Arnikaaaa, he groans in protest. You paid for coffeethe other day. You both went for coffee and I dont even know anything about itArniIm hurt,. Bani, whos been a silent observer to their little fervour, suddenly comes to life withhistrionics. Shadab bhaiyabully much? Arnika asks playfully. Respect much, he says before running towards the junior, leaving the two girls for a.

Its obvioushe doesnt want any other guy to harm you and with this figure and. She blushes and looks at him standing in the queue too, now bearing the Mexican. By the wayIm still hurt, Bani snaps her out of her thoughts. Baniwe just went for coffeeafter the debate last week. Sowas it like a date? Its not a goodsign, she knows it, yet she cant help it. Hmmm, Bani gives a smug smile. He really likes you, she suddenly says. Arnika prefers to stay quiet. Silence is golden, indeed. The way he looks at youits so apparenthes a nice guy too, she continues, and.

The blush returns. So does the smile. NoI meanI dont want to get into a relationshipnot in 12thI need a good. So youve actually given it a thought? Banis quick to grasp and point out. Theres asmile on both the girls faces.

NoI meansometimesI meanokayyes! It feels sogood, like a boulder off her chest. Like her foodpipe freed from a stuck chicken bone atKFC. Hes worth itrich, hot, handsome, even pays all the timegive it a try, Bani addsquickly as she sees him return, struggling with the coke glasses and the lousy noodlesserved in the thinnest-possible paper plate.

Thank you, he coughs and adds slowly, for supporting me. Theres an involuntary smile in reaction, on her face. A different smile. A more. A more satisfying one for him. The flirts just worked. She knows it.

He holds the thin paper plate for them as they dash for the forks. Only two, by the. Strange, isnt it? Bani picks up the first in no time.

Can we share? We sure can. Hi granny! Sorry, I couldnt take your callsI was clearing some doubts withsiryes granny, I know the tuition gets over at 7noI havent reached the parkinglotyesId told the driver to pick me upno grannyIm not pantingIm justclimbing down the stairsoh, youre at Big Bazaar in Shalimarokaysorry to keepyou waitingokay grannylet me call the driver nowyes grannyI love you too,Arnika multitasks by cutting the call, juggling her Economics book and looking for herdriver in the markets parking lot where her coaching centre is located.

A dark evening sky, no known faces around, an old grandmother waiting in the Mall, acity not entirely familiar, a mother whos not in town, a call to the driver which isntgetting through. Arnika feels a punch of confusion and tension hits her stomach.

Theres a tinge of uneasiness in her as she stands in the busy market, desperately tryingto call her driver. Just as she is scanning the parking lot in the rectangular market, a car with loudoutlandish music, tinted glasses, neon lights and some boys, speeds past her, almostwithin a millimetre of her. Assholes, she shouts and shows them the finger. The car screeches to a haltimmediately and the driver reverses the car to where shes standing. Oops, she mutters as soon as she sees the car getting reversed.

Unknown city. Unknown guys in a group. Definitely not good. She contemplates on calling the cops. Bad idea. She desperately calls her driver. Same response. Not reachable.

A Lot Like Love... a Li'l Like Chocolate by Sumrit Shahi

The sky suddenly turns a shade darker. The driver, a young boy with piercings, gelled hair and all that jazz, rolls down the. Arnika ignores the question and tries calling her driver again. Still not reachable. The guy starts to laugh loudly. Economicsnicewhats the price level? Though bold, she feels tears swell up in her eyes. The guys continue to sneer at her. Arnika turns around to go back to the tuition.

Just as shes ready to take another step,. Low waist jeans. Muscular body. Spiked hair. Shadab, she whispers with joy. Telepathy or hes actually heard her whisper his name, he turns around the same. Confused, she walks up to him. Arnikamy friends here have something to say to you, he says politely. She tries. Sorry, the boy on the passenger seat mutters. Better, Shadab pats his shoulder through the open window and signals Arnika to go.

Once he makes sure shes seated inside safely, he turns back to them. Next timeyou. Arnika witnesses the boys reverse their car by a few inches and speed away in a jiffy. She smiles as Banis words in the canteen haunt her.

Hes protective about you. She sees Shadab walk up to the car standing in front of the boys car and have a. Thank you boss, Shadab shakes one of the burly guys hand.

They know who Billa. Bhaiya is, he continues. The burly guy smiles back. Dont worry, Shadabokay, now goshes waiting in the car. Theres a mild laugh.

Shes on a call with her granny when he opens the door and sits inside. YesgrannyIve also been trying his number for a long timeI know hes an. I luckily met one of my friends in the marketImcoming with himyes grannyhes a very nice boy, she pauses and whispers into hercell phone, no, hes not my boyfriend. He smiles at this and moves the car into first gear.

Okay, now stop embarrassing me, she covers her face with her hand and looks. Shadab, I dont know how to thank you enough, she begins as soon as the call is cut. From where do we pick your grandmother?

OhShalimar Mall, she ends confused and starts looking down at her feet. If the guys were troubling youyou could have called me on your ownI thought we. I knowIm sorrybut I got so confusedthe drivers cell was unreachable. Moms not in towngrannys waiting for me at the Mall for such a long timeI couldntsee anyone known aroundI got so scared, she ends softly only to escalate her tonewith a sudden clap, by the wayhow did you come to know?

And, who were thoseguys you shook hands with in the car, which was standing in front andandwhatexactly did you say to the jerks in the other car? Breathe first, he says, stopping at a red light. Billa Bhaiyalocal Sarkar Raj,he gauges the confused expression on her face and continues, its a guy thingyou needto have contacts with all types of peoplefor situations like thesedont go too deepinto it. Careful, she warns him. Your grandmother must be tiredwe need to hurry, he says, speeding the car and.

She feels a blush creep on to her cheeks. Somethings happening to her. His concern. Her grandmother. But you still didnt tell me how you reached there all of a sudden?

I was standing at the juice corner at the rear end with Billa Bhaiya and his friends. Right, she smiles uncomfortably. He looks at her. Cmonbe okay with itpeople do think youre sexy, he says with. Flirt king. But why were you at the juice cornerthe class ended at sevenI thought you must. I was, he pauses, waiting for you.

He ends softly. There are those certain moonlight moments where silence does the talking. They both. She fakes a cough to change the scenario. And the jerks? You actually made them. Rheasame story, he says hesitantly. Your ex? Yes, he says, looking ahead at the road. Ummmif you dont mind my askingWe wanted different thingsit wasnt her faultI think it was meanyway, drop. Theres a silence in the car for the next few minutes. Thats the Mall, Arnika finally says as she sees the glass building.

She calls her. Shes sitting at the entrance of BigBazaarGate Number 4I think well have to park the car and walk till there. He chooses to stay silent till the guard approaches them. Sirthis driveway is only for the employees, the security guard says in a done-to-. Just because this car doesnthave a stickerhe thinks hell stop methe son of the owner of Big Bazaar, he sayswith such arrogance that even the guard is perplexed.

Arnikas tries hard not to grin. The security guard goes back to the security room to have a word with his equallygullible colleague. They both come back to the car. Yes sir? Raise the damn roadblock polewho do you want to talk tothe manager of BigBazaaror the manager of your security company? He cant gowrong with this. The guards retire to a corner, discuss only to finally raise the pole andlet the car pass without any checking either.

That was neat, Arnika comments, once theyve crossed the guards. And they say public places in India are safe, he laughs as he halts the car right. She gets out of the car and runs towards Big Bazaar.

Five minutes later, Shadab sees her support a smart, old woman with freckles and a. They are followed bytwo huge trolleys full of grocery, being pushed by the store workers. He quickly runs his hand through his hair, gets down and opens the boot of the car.

Get them here, he instructs the workers as they struggle with the heavy trolleys. The Sinha girls reach the Parvez boy. Granny, this is Shadab, Arnika introduces him. Shadab bends down and touches her feet. Arnika notices that again. He closes the doorgently and they both walk back to the boot, where the workers have loaded the grocery. He tips the workers, thanks them and walks over to open Arnikas door.

You know what Shadab? Youre a niceguy and Im glad we are friends. That night That single message in your inbox. That notification. That facebook status. That mentionof your name in her post. That special person posting something on your wall. It just makes your day or in Shadabs case, your night. So the next time Im in a sticky situation, I know whom to call Shadab Parvez, is. A few likes, a few comments, have already made their presence felt.

So the entire school will have something to discuss tomorrow. He pings her on the BBM messenger. Communication comes cheap with the coloured. So I think you should have my number on speedial now: PHe finally types the first message after much deliberation. The first message is the. Three minutes. One hundred eighty seconds. A roller coaster of emotions and thoughtslater, his cell screen blinks.

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He tosses around in his bed and excitedly reads the reply. Ha, ha! Does that mean, you want to me fall in trouble all the time: He jumps on his bed and gets up. He reaches for the cordless and dials Riteshs. Okayyyy, Ritesh yawns and dials Alishas number and connects her in the. Hi Marshmallow! Missing me? Errr Alisha. Ha, ha, hashe calls you Marshmallowha, ha, ha, haAlishaha, ha, ha,. Ohhi Parvez. It is a great graphic art. Characters It is the story of Shadab and Arnika. They I picked this book up after reading Alias Grace.

They are school sweethearts who are madly and deeply in love with each other. There is nothing else that describes them better. By that, I mean there is no such thing as character development in the book. There two teenagers high on hormones without any grace. It just makes you dislike each of them for no specific reason. They are cute but nothing about them actually stands out.

Content Arnika shifts to a school in Chandigarh from Gurgaon. It is a classic first meet up situation. From the time they meet they are madly attracted to each other, physically first and then emotionally.

Shadab plays out to the typical protective boyfriend and Arnika, a damsel in distress. Then comes College. They have to go separate ways. They promise to stay in touch and give long distance relationship a shot but they epically fail at it. The content is as cold as the description above, save for a few snarky sentences thrown here and there with some very cheesy moments that describe the teenage relationship. There is not a moment in the book where you are waiting to find out what happens next, since everything is already well laid out for you.

You know exactly what will happen at the next step. I remained unimpressed by the content until I finished the book. Language The language is as dull as the content.In the toilet. No one. Its a new beginning for her a beginning which has brought an end to her stay inGurgaon and transported her to Chandigarh. When she goes sightseeing. The giggle is such a giveaway. Check our e-book!

The story is simple. Their first picture together.