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LIBRARY i«i«a ARUN SHOURIE im HarpeiCollins Ptdiiishtrs India frontcottr with safeguards as to make the abrogation of such Worshipping False Gods 4 S. To ask other readers questions about Worshipping False Gods, please sign up. Popular . Arun Shourie Again Brought Very Interesting Political View to light. Arun Shourie. ePub | *DOC | audiobook | ebooks | Download PDF excerpted from worshipping false gods by arun shourie asa publishers rs with.

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Read Worshipping False Gods book reviews & author details and more at In Worshipping False Gods, Arun Shourie employs his scholarly rigour to cast a critical . Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Who worship false gods a rejoinder to Arun Shourie's Worshipping false gods, Ganga , Biography & Autobiography download Worshipping False Gods. In his latest book, Worshipping False Gods, Arun Shourie challenges Dr Ambedkar's contribution to Indian Independence. The book has already run into.

Ambedkar's antipathy towards caste Hindus is often rationalised in the context of personal battles against discrimination. This does seem a little unfair. Without glossing over prevalent orthodoxy, it can be emphasised that Ambedkar did benefit from a non-Dalit led social-reformist tradition in Maharashtra, dating back to Jyotiba Phule.

Shourie suggests Ambedkar is churlish in not acknowledging such progressive strands.

He sees Ambedkar as unable to rise beyond his caste identity. You may already be detecting shades of Kanshi Ram.

Arun Shourie

In , Ambedkar signed the "minorities pact" agreeing to separate electorates. Within months, he was negotiating joint electorates.

This is how he justified it: There is no handicap or fetter of any kind arising out of the pact. I am as free an agent as I was before the document was signed.

The only difference is that the undertaker does not create an epidemic while the Bania does With no conscience, there is no fraud and no chicanery that he will not commit.

His grip over the nation is complete. We will contact you if necessary.

Book review: Arun Shourie's 'Worshipping False Gods'

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Ambedkar, B. Bhimrao Ramji , This book is not quite a hagiographic account of the man popularly seen as the doyen of contemporary Dalit politics.

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Rather, Shourie is out to establish that Bhimrao Ambedkar was a collaborator of the British government and hostile to the freedom struggle. If the book had been a collation of hysterical phrases and overstated views, it would have been easy to dismiss. Shourie's formidable cerebral tools do not allow such facile analysis.

It is no secret that Ambedkar was always at the periphery of the "national movement". His role during the Round Table Conference of led to the disturbing creation of separate electorates for "Untouchables". Later, following the Mahatma's protesting fast, the Poona pact was signed, separate electorates abolished and Harijans granted reservations within general constituencies.

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Shourie's case is that Ambedkar was a conscious participant in such imperial games of divide and rule. He presents him as a man unable to come to terms with the adulation which many of his contemporaries, primarily the Mahatma, commanded. This turns him into an apologist for Empire and a member of the viceroy's council during the Quit India Movement.

Ambedkar's antipathy towards caste Hindus is often rationalised in the context of personal battles against discrimination.Quite the contrary.

Bhimrao Ambedkar: Ambiguous role For a man now elevated to the pantheon of national leaders, Ambedkar's acerbity is remarkable: "The Bania is the worst parasitic class known to history. But I kept my doubts at rest and accepted the offer of the prime minister on the ground that I should not deny my co-operation when it was asked for in the building up of our nation Next, they have sought to exaggerate the hardship that Ambedkar had to put up with, to almost rub out the fact, for instance, that at every step -- for instance in his education -- he received fulsome help from persons belonging to the higher castes; by exaggerating the hardships the apologists seek to explain away Ambedkar's collaborating with the British, his hankering for office: these hardships were the sort that are commonplace in India -- one has only to recall the circumstances in which Swami Vivekananda matured, one has only to recall the starvation which stared him in the face, the calumny and humiliations he had to fight back; but in the case of one and each of our leaders the hardships became the crucible which steeled their resolve to rid our country of British rule; it is only in Ambedkar's case that his followers and apologists think that those hardships justify his collaborating with the British against the national movement.

Jan 25, Gopal Vijayaraghavan rated it really liked it Today there hangs a cloud of fear and intimidation over the country. Exactly as that other group did which teamed up with the British at that crucial hour, -- the Communists. India was conquered by an army of Indians and the Indians who formed the army were all untouchables.