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Warhammer Historical Gladiator. House rules and tweaks by Alexander Kawczynski. Close combat. Models fighting use. >Warhammer Ancient battles /ta7aj1erh7sap1t/Warhammer+Ancient+ Dude I love gladiators. I finished work on my homegrown Gladiator rules based heavily on the "Blood Eagle" rulebook as well as adding ideas from both SAGA and Warhammer Historical: Gladiator. The end result Download the rules PDF HERE.

Warhammer Historical Gladiator Pdf

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The Gladiator rulebook contains: Full rules for movement, shooting and combat as well as rules for including wild animals, pdf Barbarians in the arena - free supplement. Originally available free from the now-defunct warhammer historical. .. do anyone have scans of warhammer historical: gladiator and want to. Compiled my house rules and tweaks for the Warhammer Historical: Gladiator ruleset into one 3 page PDF file. The rules are only 1 page long.

Projectiles hitting a Gladiator armed with a shield from the front are played just as explained in the rulebook. However, a stray projectile hitting a Gladiator with his back turned will hit the Gladiator body and the shield and any protective bonus will be ignored.

Attacking a Gladiator from behind with a ranged weapon on purpose does not win favor with the crowd and counts just as if you had thrown sand in the eyes of opponent.

No appeal to the crowd can be made by this fighter. Challenge can be refused but the Gladiator chickening out will not be able to appeal to the crowd this battle!

If accepted, both Champions fight without outside involvement until one has been defeated. Skills Since the game does not feature skills I figured I would write a few down.

The following skills should only be used by Gladiators in a campaign. Keep track of these by writing them down on a character sheet next to the appropriate Gladiator.

The following skills are earned for accomplishing particular feats in the arena. This increase of Disciplina does also count in fights with multiple Gladiators of other kind as long as the favored enemy is involved. Can only ever be gained by models fighting with at least 1 single handed weapon Fortune favors the bold A Gladiator who has twice defeated a champion does no longer need to take Constantia tests when wishing to fight Champions anymore.

Accurate After having killed 4 or more enemies with a ranged weapon a Gladiator armed with a ranged weapon can start to target enemy body parts freely if the target is within If the target carries a shield it is always brought up in reflex and its protective bonus is added.

Armor featured on the targeted body part is taken into account as usual. Poiter50 Supporting Adventurer scatterbrained genius Posts: Grazie only because I have no Latin. YIU mad scientist Posts: I wish I were an octopus to paint more miniatures Cthulhu must be a great painter.

Anyone read the Warhammer Gladiator rules? Warhammer Historical: SMF 2. User Welcome, Guest.

November 05, , Logged I wish I were an octopus to paint more miniatures Cthulhu must be a great painter Print Pages: August 07, , Aubrey Bagshot. October 14, , October 30, , The contents of this book are more open ended and perhaps not as focused in some regards as the Legends of the Old West rules, and they suffer from a couple of things such as spread out and "baked into the text" bits of important information and rules needed to play.

First impressions: It's really nicely produced, like everything else WH does. Loads of photos of nicely-painted minis, including a handful of gorgeous 54mm gladiators at the back.

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