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VICIDIAL Agent Manual | VICIDIAL Manager Manual | VICIDIAL NANPA List. The VICIDIAL AGENT Item: version (PDF Download - 51 pages - k). Follow the ViciBox installation instructions /server/ ○ Once installation is. You must fill out this survey to download the Free versions of the VICIDIAL Agent and Manager Manuals: Free Agent and Manager Manuals Survey Form -.

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Campaigns with QC active will now appear under the “Quality Control” left menu. Calls dispositioned in one of those campaigns with a QC. I tried to download the manual for the Manager and Agent from the but did not open), I was think it will download pdf but did not see any pdf. Wiki VICIDial: ViciDial astGUIclient Manager Manual - Tutorials.

However: It runs perfectly when Virtualized for a single user on a single call for development and testing purposes. Vicidial CAN be transplanted easily between servers, so once you get it designed in your Virtual Sandbox, it can be plopped onto a physical machine easily.

Install it at least half a dozen times until you are comfortable with it. If you still fear the install, there are bad days ahead.

Even if your reason for shying away from the install is that it took a lot of work to "make it work" Since it's free, and can be installed virtually, and there's a PDF with instructions I recommend getting the paid version the day you actually get paid for your first sale from the Vicidial system. A plain install is good, but learning the rest of the possibilities from the deeper book will always save much more than it cost. Start at page one.

Read VICIdial® Manager Manual: version 2.13 by Matt Florell for online ebook

Work your way through until everything works. If you skip something, later something won't work and it'll likely be simply because of a skipped step or a step out of order. After installing the database, it'srecommended to install the web server, archive server, and then telephony servers in that order. Telephony and Web servers should have the phase 2 installation done one at a time to prevent anyissues. At the boot screen, press the F3 key to select the Video Mode options 4.

Using the arrow keys, highlight the 'ViciBox v. It sometimes gets overwritten on the screen from the boot process. If there is any custom configuration to be done to this server prior to OS installation, it should be done before this step. To change the default langauge, press ALT-L and select your preferred language To change the default keyboard layout, press ALT-K and select your preferred layout Press ALT-N to agree to the license displayed and move on to the next screen To change the displayed region, press ALT-E and use the up and down arrow keys to select your preferred region.

Alternatively, the TAB key can be used to switch between windows on this screen and proceeding screens. To accept the default partitioning scheme press ALT-N to proceed to the next screen.

The partitioning module in OpenSuSE is somewhat inconsistent. If not, please read the partitioning notes under the Miscellaneous section at the end of this document prior to proceeding. Type in the new 'root' password that you would like to use. For the purposes of this document you would type 'vicidial'.

Press ALT-F to move to the password confirmation dialog, and re-type in the new root password you entered in the previous step.

If the passwords to not match, are blank, or are not considered high-security passwords, you will be presented with an additional dialog box.


You will need to either correct the passwords if they are blank or don't match, or chose whether to accept the password and continue or input a new password. Press ALT-I to install the operating system according to the installation summary presented. You can use the up and down arrows keys to scroll through the installation summary.

You can press ENTER on any highlighted section to adjust those installation options, although those options will not be covered by this document. This is the point of no-return, do not proceed past here if this server already has important data on it. Press ALT-I to confirm the destruction of the host system's old installation and installation of the new operating system.

You will be presented with a screen showing installation progress and logs. At this point all data on the hard drive has been destroyed.

It is a good idea to remove the CD from the drive during reboot as well as setting the BIOS to boot from the hard- drive before any other devices. When the Login prompt comes up after the reboot, log in as the 'root' user using the password entered in step 18 above. This is only required once after the LiveCD has finished it's installation. The Phase-1 OS Installation is now complete.

Please proceed to the Phase 1.

You will need to complete the required portions of Phase 1. It is required that all ViciDial serversbe able to communicate freely with each other on the network. The other sections includerecommended and optional configuration information. If not already, login as the root user by typing 'root' at the login prompt and 'vicidial' at the password prompt.

If you changed the root password, or someone else has, you will need it to login. The password can not be recovered easily and requires offline intervention.

Using the TAB key, press it until the network card is selected. If you have multiple network cards, select the one that will be used to communicate with the other ViciDial servers. Press ALT-I to edit the network configuration for that interface. The server should always have a statically assigned IP address, no exceptions. Optionally, you can use the TAB key to move between fields and windows on this screen and the proceeding screens. Enter the IP Address for this interface. This should primarily be the internal IP Address if this is the first network card.

Optionally, if you have a second network card to configure, you can repeat steps 3 to 11 by select the second network card in step3.

Enter the unique Hostname of this server. All servers MUST have a unique hostname for the installation to properly continue. The installer will fail if all hostnames are not unique. We recommend using DB x , Web x , and Vici x for the hostnames while replacing the x with the numerical sequence of the installed server. For instance, the first Web server would be Web1, the second Web server would be Web2, the first Telephony server would be Vici1, the second Telephony server would be Vici2, etc.

Try to choose a hostname that relates to the function of the server and not an arbitrary name to avoid confusion. Names like 'Zeus', 'Batman', 'Mickey Mouse', etc, do not properly convey the function of the server to anyone who may be unfamiliar with it.

Enter the Domain name for this server. If you do not have or know your Domain, enter 'vici. Enter the primary name server to use on your network. If you are behind a router this is typically the router IP.

Enter the secondary name server ot use on your network. If you do not know or have a secondary DNS server, then enter '8. Enter the default gateway IP for your network. This will be the IP address of your router. Verify proper network connectivity by trying to ping something on the internet, I. If you do not have internet connectivity try pinging another server or workstation on the network. Depending upon the complexity of your network configuration it might be necessary to reboot to enact network configurations.

The Phase 2 installation script will ask you ifyou want to enable or disable the firewall and will automatically open up the appropriate ports forViciDial to function if left enabled.

You only need to configure advanced options if wanted. Type 'zypper up -y' to begin the update process.

If this step fails, then try again later. The OpenSuSE repositories go into maintenance at certain times and can be unavailable, making updates impossible to happen.

Type 'reboot' to cleanly load and apply any updates that were applied to your system. Type 'yast timezone' to enter the time zone configuration screen 3. Type ALT-R to move to the region selection window. Using the up and down arrow keys, select the appropriate region for this server's location. Using the up and down arrow keys, select the appropriate time zone for this server's location. Type ALT-O when finished to accept the configured region and time zone for this server.

The password can not be recovered easily and requires offline intervention 2. Type 'passwd' at the command prompt to start the password change processes 3.

It is always required for any remote support needed at theoperating system level and can not easily be recovered. Please chose a password that contains lettersand numbers and is at least 8 characters long.

Avoid choosing passwords that are overlycomplex, random, or hard to remember. This just leads to people writing the password down andleaving it stuck to their monitor. One simple method is to take a word and replace a few letters with numbers and capitalize it.

Forinstance, if we take the standard root password 'vicidial' and apply this logic we would end up with'V1c1d1al'. While 8 characters is the minimum recommended length, 12 or more characters is optimal.

Avoid using a strong password generator as the password will almost assuredly be forgotten or writtendown which negates the whole point of a strong password to begin with.

The root password should be uniqueand not shared with anyone other then system administrators.

If the 'ssh' service TCP Port 22 is not exposed or connected to the internet to begin with then it isarguably safe to leave the stardard root password of 'vicidial'. If the server IS accessible via SSH fromthe internet then it is highly recommended to change the root password or otherwise restrict access to itexternally. If someone is able to log in as root they will be able to do whatever they want with yourserver. Most of the time this involves using your system for Spam, DDoS attacks, bitcoin mining, andtoll fraud.

All of which have a very detrimental effect on your ViciDial system. The time required to split an Express installation into a cluster later can easily surpass the amount of timenormally required to set-up a Cluster from the start. You will see the installer start in ViciBox Express mode. It will prompt for any further input it needs while installing. When the installer indicates that it has completed, type 'reboot' and press ENTER to reboot the system and cleanly load all changes and ViciDial.

At this point you should see the ViciDial welcome page. The installation is now complete. Please refer to the ViciDial Manual for further instructions on logging into ViciDial and configuring thevarious options. The default administrative user for ViciDial is '' with the password of ''. Youdo not need to complete any other Phase 2 instructions at this point.

Please use caution when selecting system passwords. If you keep the passwords too simple you openyourself up to hackers committing toll fraud through your system. A secure password contains morethen 8 characters and consists of one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one numeral.

Anexample of a secure password would be 'nebl6HE0u25a0Gt'. The default phone registration password and server password has already beenrandomized in your install. When changing them, please keep the above secure password requirementsin mind. A cluster withunderpowered resources can potentially cause problems that could result in downtime and loss ofproductivity.

Server downtime can easily outweigh the financial savings from under-powering aCluster. Free community support is available on the forums as well as paid support through theViciDial Group if you have any questions on properly dimensioning or installing a cluster.

Due to the nature of clustering and the ViciBox installer, all clusters, regardless of size, must beinstalled in the following order: 1. Database Server 2. Archive Server if applicable 3.

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Web Server 4. Telephony ServerThe installer will refuse to run without being able to properly connect to the database. You must also have at least one Web server installed prior to installing any Telephonyservers in order for the Audio Store and other web-based ViciDial features to be properly set-up andenabled.

Best practice is to run the installations linearly, starting with the DB server and progressingyour way on to the next server only when the current one has completed it's install. This ensures thatthings are installed properly and in the right order to prevent any issues. Make sure to write down the IP Address' of all your servers so that you can refer to them later duringthe installation.

This will not only help during the installation but also shorten the time it takes todiagnose and correct any issues that may come up. If possible, map out your IP address' so that they arelinear in progression and make sense.

For instance, The installer will start and prompt you for all further configuration information. Installation of a cluster can not be verified until the Web server is installed at a minimum. To verify,type the web servers IP address from a workstation and you should see the ViciDial welcome page. Thedefault administrative user is '' and password ''. Please refer to the ViciDial Manual forinformation on initially logging in and configuring ViciDial from the web interface.

It will list the time on all connected machines in the cluster. When properly set-up, allmachines should be within one to two seconds of each other with the exception of the Database serverentry. You should all see all the hostnames of the Telephony server and the Database server.

It is atool mean't to ease and speed the replacement of a server. It can not be used for a database and does notcopy any custom configurations, crontab entries, or other things done on a server. It is advised youmaintain back-ups of your servers to prevent data loss and additional downtime during replacement.

In order to use the restore option you will need to know your database connection information. If thedatabase was installed with ViciBox prior to v. If your database was not installed using ViciBox then you will have to ask the system administrator what SVN revision was used.

To run the ViciBox restore, perform the following commands: 1.

The installer will start in the special restore mode and prompt you for further information.X' replacting the X. Just contact us to set up a support account and we can help you today. If someone is able to log in as root they will be able to do whatever they want with yourserver.

The Phase-1 OS Installation is now complete. If your campaign is set up to do so, recording may be started at the beginning of every call you receive automatically without you needing to start it. It is strongly recommended that you change your user password as well while you are in this screen.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. VICIdial is the main screen that shows all customer information in the system as well as a call timer, the name of the line your call is connected on and the local time where your customer is located.