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Tiger's Quest book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Back in Oregon, Kelsey tries to pick up the pieces of her life and. Tiger's Curse book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Passion. Fate. you risk it all to change your dest. Now available in a beautiful paperback edition, the second book in the bestselling Tiger's Curse series offers more edge-of-your-seat action, star- crossed love.

Tigers Quest Book

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Tiger's Curse (5 book series). Kindle Edition. From Book 1: The last thing teenager Kelsey Hayes thought she'd be doing over the summer was meeting Ren. Tiger's Quest is the second book in the Tiger's Curse Series released June 7, Faith. Trust. Desire. Romantic fantasy sequel has more violence than first book. Read Common Sense Media's Tiger's Quest: Tiger's Curse, Book 2 review, age.

Tiger's Quest, the thrilling second volume in the Tiger's Curse series, brings the trio one step closer to breaking the ancient prophecy that binds them. This book confused the heck out of me. I barely know how to review it and I have no idea how to rate it.

Despite my many grievances, I was never bored or wishing the book would hurry up and end. I was enjoying reading the book, I just hated a lot of things that were happening.

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Is that weird? It was basically about Kelsey coming home from India, settling into school, adjusting to life without Ren, and dating other people. They were always leaving each other cute little poems, and watching movies, and making out… yum. We return to the awesome Indian culture, myths, stories, and adventures. So when Colleen Houck introduced Kishan in Curse, I was a little scared, but, in Quest, Colleen totally solves this for me by making Kelsey travel with Kishan, and we learn that beneath all of his cockyness and down-right rudeness, is someone who lives every-day with the pain of his decisions that he made hundreds of years ago, and that he truly cares, unlike most bad boys who are either totally evil or we never get the total character-fleshing that we got in Quest.

If anything, he's got more character depth than Ren at least in this book, due to his struggle throughout with accepting both sides of himself and integrating back into society through those small windows that Houck shows us when he doesn't pretend to be devastatingly shallow in order to hide all of that pain; like the scene in the dream meadow where we get to see his true side that was sooo cute.

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And guess what, he's not pretending to be angsty and shallow because he wants to keep Kelsey distant so that she falls in love with his douchy self! He actually has a normal reason other than he's "dangerous!

But he wasn't just dark and moody, he was absolutely hilarious! Houck really made me grow attached to the bad-boy character that most authors just can't seem to work out. He's just a piece of work in more ways than one ; Have I said I love this book?

Because, yeah, I love this book. And Ren. Ohh boyyy.

Tiger's Quest: Tiger's Curse, Book 2

In Quest, his complete, total, and utter devotion to Kelsey is revealed even more, and, especially in the beginning before he takes a little hiatus so to speak I"m trying hard to not ruin this for people!

Hahah I felt my breath get taken away whenever he talked to Kelsey; like he was looking up at me with his baby blues and talking to me, it was so real.

He is just sooo beautiful, and kind, and smart, and just yummy, but not totally perfect like a lot of novels portray his type of character.

He worries for kelsey, can be a little bit like a mother hen, and impatient, instead of being overly patient and almost apathetic like, dare I say, a vampire , and a lot of other "perfect" guys. And the little contest that him and Li have is hilarious! It adds that little bit of funny so I don't get annoyed with the whole love-fest that him and Kelsey have going on.

Plus, two totally hot guys who actually have character depth fighting over you? Too much to resist ; Another shocker for me is that Ren and Kelsey actually date!

Tiger's Quest: Tiger's Curse, Book 2

I mean, that's practically un-heard of for YA novels! This, for me, felt like a much more real and intimate relationship than that. Then when he's gone, Kelsey still has what I will call 'waking dreams' and his total love for her is astonishing.

He will do whatever he can to keep her safe, which brought tears to my eyes.

Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options A lot or a little? The parents' guide to what's in this book.

Tiger's Quest (Book 2 in the Tiger's Curse Series)

Educational Value This book delves even deeper than the first one into all kinds of mythical lore relating to Indian gods and goddesses and many other stories from various mythical traditions.

There's also quite a bit of love poetry to ponder, written by both masters and the characters themselves. Ren and Kelsey discuss classic books and Shakespeare. Martial arts, particularly wushu, are practiced and put into historical context.

Positive Messages The book touches on a number of positive messages about bravery, loyalty, choosing your own path, following your heart, and overcoming jealousy. However, Kishan's continued advances toward Kelsey despite her putting him off may send a confusing message about what it means to respect boundaries.

But she still seems to come into her own here, working on her insecurities, developing both her mental and physical strength, and making choices about her life in her own time.In part, this is because a lot of the plot skims over these details. First book has some world building, but was still a four star read for me.

Sep 23, Clair rated it did not like it Shelves: They are hoping to continue to find the second I loved this book, maybe more than the first. The kissing scenes are swoony, deep, and just incredibly personal; I almost felt like I was intruding. She, in turn, forces herself to take the plunge and begins what she thinks of as a normal college girl's life.