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The Novice book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When blacksmith apprentice Fletcher discovers that he has the ability. First in Taran Matharu's New York Times bestselling epic fantasy Summoner Trilogy, The Novice is an action-packed adventure of a young man gifted―or. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Gr 7 Up—Fletcher, 15, an orphan raised by a Book 1 of 4 in The Summoner Trilogy (4 Book Series).

The Novice Summoner Book One

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THE NOVICE. Summoner: Book One. In this New York Times-bestselling novel full of action and adventure, a blacksmith's apprentice can summon demons. One night after receiving a journal of a Summoner, a summoning book and summoning leather, Fletcher sneaked out to the graveyard in his town, Pelt. Not soon. Teens train with demons for battle in exciting series start. Read Common Sense Media's The Novice: Summoner, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide.

The Novice: Support Materials. Add All. Fantasy Activity Guide for This activity guide supports books on fantasy for grades My Favorites.

Age Range 12 - 18 years Genre fiction. Square Fish. Fletcher meets an elf, Sylva , who angrily tells him to leave. After his run in with Sylva Fletcher heads out to breakfast were he meets, Othello , the only dwarf Summoner.

The Novice: Summoner, Book 1

Fletcher befriends the dwarf and the two sit together with Fletcher's other new friends and eat breakfast. Fletcher's new friends all head back to bed but Fletcher is taken on a tour of the castle with Jeffery, a servant who Fletcher met on the first night he arrived.

The two walk into Sir Caulder, the weapons master of Vocans. Sir Caulder beats Fletcher in a mock fight, and Fletcher loses consciousness at the end of it. After regaining consciousness Fletcher heads to his room, and after some time he finds that he can't sleep. He then heads down to the common room, only to see light coming from the stair well. As Fletcher hurries to follow the light, he catches sight of the nobles Tarquin and Isadora arriving to the Academy.

Fletcher then sneaks back to his room, disgusted by the nobles' attitudes. Upon waking up, he hurries down for breakfast.

Unexpectedly, the second-years arrive early for breakfast as well. He then announces that this year's tournament will be held between first-years and second-years, much to the disappointment of Fletcher, who wanted to befriend the second-year commoners.

He then explains about the peace-talks with the elves, which lead to the sending of elven warriors to be trained as soldiers.

After that, he calls Fletcher to his office. Scipio then reminds Fletcher again to send James Baker's diary to the librarian.

They discuss its contents and Fletcher hands over the book to have it photocopied. Later, the first-years have their first lesson with Arcturus, which is learning about spellcraft. Seraph and Atlas arrive with their new demons. The group of commoners and Othello decide to travel to Corcillum in the afternoon.

Fletcher goes with Othello to the Dwarven Quarter while the rest go to a perfumery. There, Fletcher meets Othello's family and Athol once again. Fletcher proves to Uhtred, Othello's father, that he is able to work as a blacksmith. As they leave and head towards Valentius Square, they come across a big crowd. A man called Grindle shows up on a platform dragging Sylva, who was blindfolded. They save her, and make a run for it back to Vocans as all the carriages had left.

Ignatius attacked some men and burnt Grindle. When they finally make it out, they walked for 2 hours before taking refuge in a shed.

They arrive back at Vocans in the morning and made it in time for Lovett's lesson. In which Fletcher replies it was a long story and he would tell him later.

It was heavy going and the path was treacherous underfoot, even more so in the dark.

The Novice

The sun had already disappeared behind the ridge, and Fletcher knew the bell would be sounding any minute. He gritted his teeth and hurried, stumbling and cursing as he grazed his knees on the gravel.

His heart sank when he reached the front gates. They were closed, the lanterns above lit for their nightlong vigil.

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The lazy guards had closed up early, eager for a drink in the village tavern. The ninth bell hasn't even rung yet. I'm not sleeping out here just because you can't wait to drink yourselves stupid. There's good people sleeping in here," came a voice from above.

It was Didric. He leaned out over the parapet above Fletcher, his large moonish face grinning nastily.

Fletcher grimaced. Of all the guards who could have been on duty tonight, it had to be Didric Cavell, the worst of the bunch. He was fifteen, the same age as Fletcher, but he fancied himself a full-grown man. Fletcher did not like Didric.

The guardsman was a bully, always looking for an excuse to exercise his authority. You see, I take my duties very seriously. Can't be too careful with the traders arriving tomorrow. You never know what kind of riffraff will be sneaking about outside. You and I both know that the gates should be open until the ninth bell," said Fletcher. Even as he spoke he heard the bell begin its sonorous knell, echoing dully in valleys below.

I can't hear you," yelled Didric, holding a hand up to his ear theatrically. This is illegal! I'll have to report you if you don't open the gates this minute," he shouted, flaring up at the pale face above the palisade. In all likelihood we would both be punished, and that wouldn't do anyone any good.

So why don't we cut a deal here. You leave me that elk, and I save you the trouble of sleeping in the forest tonight. This was blatant blackmail. The wolves and the wildcats will come prowling, and even a bright campfire won't keep them away in the winter. You can either leg it when they arrive, or stay and be an appetizer.

Either way, even if you do last until morning, you'll be walking through these gates empty-handed. Let me help you out. Fletcher's face burned red. This was beyond anything he had experienced before.

Unfairness was common in Pelt, and Fletcher had long ago accepted that in a world of haves and have-nots, he was definitely the latter.

But now this spoiled brat, a son to one of the richest men in the village no less, was stealing from him. It was well known that Didric was privately tutored, flaunting his education with flowery speech.

It was his father's hope that he would one day be a judge, eventually going to a law house in one of the larger cities in Hominum.

I think I'll call your bluff. I've a long night ahead of me. It will be fun to watch you try and fend off the wolves," Didric said with a laugh. Fletcher knew Didric was baiting him, but it didn't stop his blood boiling.Fletcher is a 15 years old living in a mountainous village, in a middle-ages like world.

He then heads down to the common room, only to see light coming from the stair well. Fletcher runs from them only to find himself in a dead end. Fletcher wants to win, and not just because he wants to teach the nobles a lesson.

And Fletcher was perfect in almost everyway. It feels like the author wrote this book from his heart, to have fun, not to hit up all the items on some imaginary checklist of what makes a YA novel successful.

It flew over Didric's head and clattered on the parapet.