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The extraordinary life of the man who founded Islam, and the world he inhabited —and remade. Lesley Hazleton's new book, Agnostic: A Spirited. author may make changes on these proofs before the book goes to press. The. FIRST MUSLIM. Also by Lesley Hazleton. After the Prophet: The Epic Story of the . Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. It is surprising how little most people know about the life of the . After reading this book I got Hazleton's book After the First Muslim which was written prior to the one I am reviewing. I hope Hazleton writes more.

The First Muslim Book Pdf

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The extraordinary life of the man who founded Islam, and the world he inhabitedâ €”and remade. Lesley Hazleton's new book, Agnostic: A. Download Best Book The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad, ^^PDF FILE Download The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad Free. [PDF] Download [PDF] The First Muslim: The Story of Muhammad By Description this book Please continue to the next pageDownload [PDF].

Similarly when the subject of Banu Qurayza comes up, she is sympathetic and bias towards them and indirectly portrays Muslims as barbaric for beheading men of Bany Qurayza. She fails to go in detail about the betrayal from Banu Qurayza as it would show negatively on the Jewish tribe.

A few chapters in the book have been simple copied and pasted from 'After the Prophet' which was very frustrating. I understand that she was writing about the same events again but I was expecting a rewording when writing those events or a different perspective.

All the great qualities of Muhammad PBUH which made him a charismatic leader and a source for inspiration for his followers are simply ignored in this book.

All in all this was a disappointing book.

If anyone would like to read about Muhammad and his life from a non-Muslim author, I would definitively suggest Karen Armstrong's book as it is an unbiased factual book and much well written than Lesley's book. LCC Subject Category: Bahai Faith.

Christianity and Islam

Theosophy, etc.: Islam Philosophy. Janas Khan University of Malakand,Pakistan.

Double blind peer review. Abstract Full Text.

Allah sent his prophets for the guidance of the Human beings. Hazleton doesn't skip over the more mystical parts of Muhammad's life the archangel Gabriel's visitation, the "satanic verses" , but the book's focus is an effort to portray the prophet's unique circumstances and recognizable humanity.

7 Things That May Surprise You About Muhammad

One of Hazleton's more revelatory passages attempts to get at the heart of what many in the West see as Islam's extreme overreaction to perceived slights and harmless satire. The Quraysh, who ruled Mecca in Muhammad's time, belittled and exiled Muhammad for his dangerous teachings. The Quran urges patience, but it left a lasting mark. Here, in the foundation text of Islam, is the source of the modern Muslim sensitivity to insult that has taken so many by surprise," writes Hazleton.

The Story of Muhammad

Despite the Quranic admonitions to ignore insults, the memory of Meccan rejection is still felt today, as Hazleton says, "one of the many indelible ironies of history and faith. Muhammad shows himself to be a very modern leader, well ahead of his time — a bona fide Hegelian "world-historical man" — as savvy a politician and military leader as he was divine messenger.

Hazleton's biography covers the broad strokes of his life with fairness — she doesn't gloss over his more fallible moments — and insight, but the book is important for trying to explain just who he really was. Read an excerpt of The First Muslim.

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NPR Shop.He was put to work as a camel boy on the trade caravans to Damascus, and though he eventually made his way up to become a business agent, could never take his place in the world for granted. Double blind peer review. This is necessary to believe.

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