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The Demon King and I · Read more · The Kiss of the Demon King. Read more · Rage of a demon king · Read more · Kiss of a Demon King. Read more · Rage of . Get Free Read & Download Files The Demon King Cinda Williams Chima PDF. THE DEMON KING CINDA WILLIAMS CHIMA. Download: The Demon King. Get Free Read & Download Files Cinda Williams Chima The Demon King PDF. CINDA WILLIAMS CHIMA THE DEMON KING. Download: Cinda Williams.

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The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. CHAPTER ONE: THE HUNT. Han Alister squatted next to the steaming mud spring, praying the thermal crust would. The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima. A Choose to Read Ohio Toolkit. About the Book. Times are hard in the mountain city of Fellsmarch. Reformed thief. Read The Demon King (Seven Realms, #1) Full Book PDF. Times are hard in the mountain city of Fellsmarch. Reformed thief Han Alister will do almost anything.

Cults of the Demon Lord PDF The third setting expansion for Shadow of the Demon Lord, this page pdf supplement reveals some of the most insidious and dangerous cults at large in the ruins of the Empire. In addition to setting information and an adventure, this supplement offers additional player content.

Upgraded Rulebook Shadow of the Demon Lord becomes a page, full color, hardcover. You know you want this. Short Story by Erik Scott de Bie! An all-new short story set in the world of the Demon Lord! This expansion includes new player options, including the Cambion ancestry, an adventure, and the setting information you need to create your own adventures set here.

The Shadow of the Demon Lord rulebook becomes a page hardcover including the extra 32 pages from killing 20 achievements.

Also, we get a new short story set in the world of the Demon Lord by William King! The Frozen Wastes PDF The fifth setting expansion for Shadow of the Demon Lord, this page pdf reveals the the frozen wastelands south of the Empire, a vast realm infested with giants, trolls, and the corpse of a dead god, whose dreams awaken terrors in the ice.

This expansion includes new player options, including the Jotun ancestry, an adventure, and the setting information you need to create your own adventures set here. World of the Demon Lord 1 The first print supplement describes a new world for the Demon Lord's conquest. The page expansion presents an apocalyptic wasteland where survivors struggle to find water, gasoline, and medical supplies, while fleeing from cannibal gangs, demons, and monsters spawned from nightmare.

The product includes rules for modern vehicles, an assortment of new gear, and an adventure that showcases this scorched world's awesome features. If you dig demons, Mad Max, and deadly car chases, this expansion is for you! This expansion includes new player options, such as the incarnation ancestry formerly angel , an adventure, and the setting information you need to create your own adventures in this terrifying place.

This page monstrous expansion gives you even more weirdness to test groups struggling to survive in the world's last days. LOCKED: The Grand Grimoire The third print supplement for Shadow of the Demon Lord is a page sourcebook detailing a whole host of strange and nasty and disturbing spells, enchanted objects, warped landscapes, and artifacts.

LOCKED: World of the Demon Lord 2 The next print supplement, you play colonists on a far-flung planet at the edge of the galaxy, struggling to survive against hostile aliens, killer robots, and diminishing supplies. And then the Empire goes silent.

The Demon King’s Game – To Chapter 25 (ePUB, PDF, MOBI Downloads)

The game takes place in a world standing on the brink of the apocalypse. What is the cause? Who is responsible? The Demon Lord, of course! This being of staggering power and boundless evil authors the catastrophes blighting the landscape. Each new horror released reflects the Demon Lord's approach, the touch of its shadow, and its growing hunger for not only the planet but the entirety of all things.

Although near, the Demon Lord remains outside the cosmos, rattling the cage of its prison as it strains to escape the Void to visit catastrophic destruction to your world.

The apocalyptic tone is on a dial. But if you are inclined to crank up the volume, the game provides several catastrophic templates you can use to model how the world is falling apart. These templates represent the Shadow of the Demon Lord; wherever the Shadow falls, chaos and upheaval are born. The Shadow might loose global pandemics, famines, droughts, earthquakes, demon princes to stomp across the countryside, the living dead, and other world-spanning disasters and threats.

The game system helps you tell interesting and exciting stories. To make this happen, the game system is easy to learn, plays fast, and requires little preparation to play. All these ensure both novice and veteran players can enjoy the game together. If it might happen, a roll of the die determines the outcome. You use the core mechanic to resolve any task, whether you're punching a demon in the face, trying to kick down a door to get away from that demon, or dodge the vomit it spews from its mouth.

Your character develops with the story. Each time your group completes an adventure, the group's level increases. Each increase adds cool stuff to your character. This rulebook also includes everything you need to create adventures for the game and offers extensive game mastery advice, rewards, and a bestiary packed with foes to fight or to flee.

Shadow of the Demon Lord is your portal to a world of perilous, maddening adventure! Reading through the PDF The first thing that jumps out is the artwork. It is absolutely fantastic! To feed this hunger, I began design on what would become Shadow of the Demon Lord, subjected the design to rigorous testing, designed and redesigned, clarified, scrubbed, cleaned, and more to arrive at this product that you now see before you. Player Characters Do you want to hear about Player choices?

There will be others introduced in future books. After that, you generate Attribute scores with Strength, Agility, Intellect and Will with a range of 1 to They all start at 10 and can be adjusted by decreasing one, then you can increase another. You then determine background, religion, age, build and appearance with random tables.

They are very dark and can be very gruesome to some. Interesting Things. These are absolutely VERY interesting… Then you have a character to start playing and you first start without a level. As the game progresses, your character will advance from level 1 up to level Dum dum duuuuum The spoiled princess who would rather be fighting.

She knows she is naive on the ongoings of her own kingdom but she wants to know more, to do more. I just hated her name because for a while i thought of her as 'raisin'. She fears that the wizards are becoming too powerful and when a certain high lord begins to controls the queen's thoughts or perspectives, she decides to take action on her own.

But don't worry its not all epic political manuevers, personal vendattas, and powerful magic hidden within amulets. Han kidnaps Raisa. What kind of job?

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What are you good at? It was a mysterious world of clans, high lords, and several conflicting stories about the old powerful Demon King May 03, Robin Bridge Four rated it really liked it Shelves: Raisa is 15 almost 16 so I really like that the author has her meeting different boys she has quite a few suitors and playing the field a little.

The same goes for Han For YA that is rare and I love that it is more about the story than the romantic arc of a few characters. But since I know how this series ends the slow burn of it makes everything way more believable and real and I totally love that.

Han will steal my heart in the end but this is totally Amon's book to shine. Original Bad Review this is one of my very first May We follow two separate characters of Raisa the princess and heir to the throne and Han Alister a street wise boy with a pair of magical cuffs on his wrists that he has had since infancy.

This installment of the seven reams series had a lot of world building to do. By following the two different story lines we get an idea of how both the nobility and poor live.

It is a rich world full of magic, sorcery, treachery and heroes. None of the characters are perfect to say the least. They all are flawed; Raisa is caring but headstrong and defiant normally rushing in without completely thinking things through. She feels trapped by some of the traditions of her kingdom.

Once you get past the first hundred or so pages the story really starts to pick up momentum. I really enjoyed how well the world was described in a show me and tell me way that leant well to the overall story. It was good to see how the world was so different depending on what side you are standing on.

The way the characters intertwined and met up and fell apart was also interesting. I loved the lore and backstory of the Queen and the Demon King. There was a lot of action and all of the characters were written so well and so differently it made it so easy to either like or hate them.

The twists the story took made it even better and definitely unpredictable. The way that the plot and sub plots of the story intertwined receded and merged was masterfully written.

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When characters met up or passed close to one another was exciting and really built anticipation for book 2 in the series. If you are a fan of fantasy this has a little bit of everything in it romance, intrigue, magic, tragedy and hope.

A definite recommend. Sure it is a slower start but well worth it. View all 27 comments. Yes, you read correctly. Despite my reading slump that drove me to DNF more books that I'm comfortable with yesterday, despite today being my last day of vacations and as usual busy as hell, despite the objective flaws of The Demon King , I couldn't stop reading for the life of me, and closed my reader at 6am pretty exhausted.

Worst is, I'm fighting the urge to start The Exiled Queen right now, and I can count on the finger of one hand the number of times it happened with a YA Fantasy series. I hated Red Queen. Don't even mention the borefest that was The Kiss of Deception. And yet, despite my issues, I enjoyed my read like nobody's business.

First of all, I ended liking the main characters even though they're far from perfect - or perhaps because of it. See, when it comes to series that go on for 4 books, I genuinely think that flaws are needed in order to picture a believable growth, especially when we meet the characters at Raisa , the somewhat selfish princess, shows the best of intentions but sometimes fails to think things through before acting, resulting in several illed-thought-out decisions that border on TSLT behavior.

She's immature, annoying, and I understand why some readers had a hard time standing her. Yet despite being royalty, her issues - feeling trapped and needing to take control on her life - seemed pretty valid to me, and I LOVED the fact that she could kiss several guys without falling in love in a happily ever after fashion right away please, am I the only one who cringes at teenager's weddings?

You go girl. I just cannot wait to see her grow into a character I can admire, and I have a feeling that I will. That's how life rolls in the mountain city of Fellsmarch, though, so I chose to suspend my disbelief and accept it because sometimes, you just have to. I genuinely liked his free and impulsive personality and if he comes as a little whiny sometimes, you have to recognize that the guy needs a break!

Oh, well. SorryNotSorry Both of them make mistakes, and you're likely to fight the urge to strangle them at some point, but I cared nonetheless, for better or for worst.

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Moreover, after all this build-up, the anticipation to see them interact together is killing me. There, I said it. As for the plot , many readers complained that nothing really happened in this book and that's true that it reads more like a big introduction to the world of the Seven Realms than anything else. Yet again, I was hooked from the very beginning and couldn't stop reading, so there's that.

Not to mention that I guessed all the twists, because if you read Fantasy before, you just cannot help. Did it bother me? In all honestly, no. That's what I call the good kind of predictable, because every time a guess was confirmed, I was glad it was. The Demon King is full of Fantasy tropes , but it stays clear of girl hate and instalove, and then I was able to enjoy the hell out of it.

Don't judge me. However, my biggest complaint would be the way grief is handled. I don't know about you, but when characters face awful events, I expect to feel something, and sadly I didn't.

It was Mockingjay all over again, letting me stunned and rather indifferent when I ought to despair. For more of my reviews, please visit: View all 52 comments. Even better the second time around. View all 24 comments. Mar 31, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh wow Because I am confessing. This is not a drill peoples. It has everything I want and love in an epic fantasy.

Although there still is puzzling sex Oh wow Although there still is puzzling sexism despite this, but pfft, I'm willing to look past that. Omg, I love this. I love when magic has rules because it feels more real. And I love the detail of the magic system! I've only read detailed magic systems in Brandon Sanderson 's books so it was mega pleasing to have that here too. So much need of answers. This makes me so happy. So basically this book could do no wrong.

And the characters! I loved them all. It's basically dual narrated by Raisa heir queen and Hans retired streetlord and thief. They were both epic I couldn't even pick a favourite!

Hans was all swagger and scruff and he loved his family really fiercely and he was always in trouble and had such a smart mouth. And Raisa was epically stubborn and sassy and really cared about her queendom. She didn't want to be a puppet queen. And then for secondary characters Basically every time a character was introduced they were interesting and dimensional.

I so loved this. It says Hans is a "reformed thief" on the backcover. He doesn't actually do any thieving. He's still partially embroiled in the life, but yeah. Don't go in expecting multitudes of heists and cons. This could've disappointed me? But it didn't because everything else was so so glorious. Oh and I feel like one of the people groups of the book were influenced by Native American culture! That's what I surmise anyway.

But I love this! Because I hadn't read a fantasy book with that kind of influence yet. So that's what I was imagining when they were wearing their deerskin leggings and learning healing and stuff.

Plus I loved how there were so many cultures and groups of people in here. Like the townsfolk were your average medieval scruffbags.

And then the rich people were nearly Renaissance fantasy. Plus add in all the wizards and the wizard and warrior schools. How did this book have everything and yet manage to write it all perfectly and detailed and interestingly?!

I'm in awe I tell you. Because there are also epic conspiracies and plot twists and so. I mean, it probably gets a bit info-dumpy? But at the same time it was interesting so I didn't even care there were long conversations about the past. I loved how there were swords and medieval-style lifestyles BUT also that Renaissance flare. And the characters have totally captured my heart. So basically. Go read this.

I don't even know what else to say except: View all 18 comments. I don't really know what went wrong with me and this book. I was supposed to enjoy it. I was supposed to really enjoy it. I was totally expecting to really enjoy it. But sadly, I didn't. I have heard so much praise for author Cinda Williams Chima , but for now I'm left wishing I could see what so many others have seen in her books. I actually had a weird experience where I was under the impression that this series was a completely different story than it turned out to be.

I'm sure that's Uhh Standing at the end of this book, I can't even remember what story I expected to read when I began. But me getting something I did not or forgot to expect is not the fault of the book. I should've just reread the damn synopsis like a regular person would.

Anyway, we follow two main protagonists: Rasia, princess heir to the Fells, cares about making the lives of her citizens better, has too many love interests. Both of these protagonists are, predictably, years of age. I feel mostly indifferent about both of them. Their personalities end up feeling inevitable because I've seen them so many times before. No one is unbearable to read about, and both have plenty of potential to grow into people I may care about in the future, but for now they're just sort of there for me.

I've talked about this before, but one thing I usually can't deal with in Young Adult books is unrealistic characterization vs age. Han apparently accomplished status as a gang leader, lived it up, and decided to retire from that life all before fully completing puberty. And I just??? Why do we keep doing things like this, authors?

This is part of the reason I couldn't fully take Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo seriously either, though that book is much better than this one on many fronts. But I always get this disjointed feeling when I am told I'm supposed to view year old characters as hardened, badass, criminal types, but conversely shown they still possess an overwhelmingly juvenile mindset.

Around halfway through, there is a scene that squicked me out which involved a male character copping a feel of a female character's ass. In response, the female victim He's even on the board as a love interest in some capacity. Uhm, no? It's not cute, it's gross. Even when individual situations between characters are meant to be dramatic or interesting, I just could not force myself to engage. This was my face while I trekked my way through this book: The only thing I truly liked here was the political elements surprise, surprise.

I wanted to see more of the relationship between the people of the Clans and the people of Fellsmarch. I wanted more worldbuilding. I've heard from many fans that this first book is difficult to get through, but I am concerned that the parts most people found difficult are the only parts I seemed to care about aka the political situation. I may get around to trying out The Exiled Queen , I may not. Either way, a pretty disappointing beginning.

Buddy read this with the gorgeous Wren!

Here's a link to her review , if you're interested. Aug 08, Kristi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Three words; fa, reaking, awesome! Now I remember why I love fantasy so much! Especially a kick-butt high fantasy like this one. Chima has masterfully created an intriguing world, with a cast full of memorable characters. The chapters somewhat alternate between Han and Raisa.

Divulging the depth of each character and the world around them, presented in their own P. I love when authors do this. I like that connection you get when the story is presented in this format. I am emotionally invested i Three words; fa, reaking, awesome! I am emotionally invested in these characters, I actually care what happens to them!

The plot was insane, in a good way. I didn't even begin to try to figure out where this story was going to take me, I had some inclinations and they happened to be right but it was nice just to go with the flow and let the story lead me where it wanted me to go. The writing I'm just going to throw masterful out there again, because it was just that.

I was transported to another world. I can not wait to read the rest of this series! I'm not looking forward to waiting, I can tell you that much.

Will definitely be adding this one to my personal library. View all 7 comments. Jan 22, Sana rated it really liked it Shelves: I feel so satisfied akdjskdj RTC!!!! View all 25 comments. This is easily one of my new favorite YA fantasy worlds. The worldbuilding really took the time to establish the history of the queendom's bloodline, the wizards, and the clans, so the whole series is set up really well now.

I wasn't a huge fan of him at the beginning because his story dragged a bit, but then he turned out to be straight up adorable. He was raised by the clans and meets up with the other main characters at various points, but still kind of has his own thing going until the direction of everyone's storylines ties together at the end. I like all of the characters at this point!

UNLOCKED! Tombs of the Desolation PDF

Everything works. I really appreciated that they had complex thoughts and insights into the situations around them instead of just breezing through their world like they're on some checklist of a plot. I can't believe I let this series sit on my bookshelf for so long before getting to it. Definitely check it out if you like YA fantasy!

View all 10 comments. Thank goodness- another legit series to get into!! Initial thoughts This is going to be a quick review because really I just want to read book 2 after all the raving reviews from friends So here we go. The world is MY kind of world. Quarreling kingdoms, forbidden magic, clans Love it.

The pace was a little slow to start but I didn't mind too much. I think most of this bo YAS.

I think most of this book was a nice set up for things to come. I'm thrilled about the possibilities. There are several characters just brimming with possibilities. A certain someone has Darkling potential though on one will ever measure up Gotta love him. The princess Definitely relatable.

MK and the ships? I can't tell much yet but I'm fine with any of them. Oh and the ending? Powerful street rat? I'm stoked. Bring it baby, bring it. Wow this might be the crappiest review I've ever written. Sorry guys. Nov 18, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Court intrigue, captivating characters, intricate plotting, enticing romances, and brilliant world building coalesce to deliver the best high fantasy story EVER. The characters in Chima's story are extremely well developed; each had their own unique personality that distinguished him or her as an individual entity, subsequently allowing me to easily love or hate them.

Han is a reformed streetlord who has a hard exterior but a heart of damn gold on the inside. It's cute. Trust me. Princess Raisa ana'Marianna is headstrong and independent and occasionally annoying in her tendency to want things her way, but then again- she is a princess.

And because she is a princess, there are duties aplenty that await her when she comes of age and strict rules everywhere to prevent her from ever stepping out of line--it is evident that she chafes under these restraints and so therefore when she finds ways to evade these expectations and find adventures on her own or defy the rules, it's extremely satisfying and adds even more excitement to the plot.

These are the two main characters but there is also a diverse array of other well fleshed-out characters that give the story greater color and taste. The story is told in the alternating viewpoints of Han and Raisa, with an occasional insertion of the viewpoint of other, slightly less major characters.

If I had to describe the story in one sentence, I couldn't. The subplots merge and diverge; they tell separate stories of Han and Raisa and the hardships they face, and occasionally combine in the chance occasions when their paths meet. Because this is the first of a trilogy, Han and Raisa do not quite get to ah, know each other's true identity yet, but this only adds to the thrill of the story and to my keen anticipation for book 2.

One of my favorite parts of the story was the wonderful world building that happens. Wow- this world that Chima has created is so resoundingly real in its descriptions and traditions and people.

It is reminiscent of Tamora Pierce's works in several ways, and because personally I am a huge fan of Pierce, this could only add to my love of the story. For example, there is, in this story, the inclusion of street gangs, and thiefs, and temples, and lively and diverse and vibrant cities full of trade and corruption and poverty and splendor and legends, all juxtaposed to forge a unique identity that cement the magnificent world building at work here.

If and when you read this book, you will be immersed in this world as you turn the pages and when the story ends, you might very well be reluctant to bid this world farewell and re-enter the real one. I know I was. I've always been a fan of books with court intrigue and other courtly functions, and this book does not disappoint. There are irresistible wizards and gallant soldiers, secret escapades in the night and intoxicating flirts, extravagant balls and pretty dresses.

The romantic scenes in this book, when they do occur, are extremely satisfying to read. But okay, before this starts sounding like a Harlequin romance, let me tell you- it's not. The inclusion of these romantic aspects lend an air of the game of flirting and politics that is rife among any royal court in any land or any story.

FREE PDF Ravana: Roar of the Demon King: A Graphic Novel (Campfire Graphic Novels) FREE BOOOK

This is mostly in Raisa's portion of the story, but in Han's end there is romance as well. This review does not do the book justice, period. I've tried my best to convey the sense of wonder and love and interest I felt while reading this book, only to succeed with paltry results. Nevertheless, this book is the perfect fit for fantasy readers as well as everyone else out there. Highly recommended. View all 9 comments. Mar 27, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: Definitely adding this to my favorites list.

I'm mad at myself for waiting so long to read this If you love fantasy Full Book Discussion on YouTube: If you want to check out her positive review, here it is. I should've just DNFed this. I'll be honest, I did consider doing it a few times, but noooooo, I had to give it a chance.

I kept on hoping it'd get better. But nope. Obviously, I'm an unpopular opinion here since this has a 4. But oh. It wasn't my cup of tea. Do you know how excited I was?! I was so damn excited. Caitlin and I were so excited to read it and buy the boxset. I needed this to be good so I could buy the boxset, man.

Caitlin really enjoyed the book and told me I'd have to push through the first 10 chapters because they are slow and confusing and then the book would get really good. And so I did. Did the book get any better? Not for me. Here, I started considering DNFing it and even Cait encouraged me because she knew it wasn't going to get better for me past that point. Oh well. It was so, so, so, uttely slow and boring. I could go on and on about how boring it is and it still wouldn't describe how boring it was for me.

It was mind numbing. I get that first books in series are usually slow because of all the world-building and that, but it's not okay for me when the entirety of the book is boring as all hell. At first, I was enjoying the female MCs chapters, but then I quickly lost interest.

The world-building. Oh my God. I also understand when world-building is confusing at first. It's normal. But this way too confusing and overwhelming. Everything was confusing! I was lost during most of the book.

Personally, I don't think Cinda Williams Chima did the best job explaining the overall world. Don't get wrong, I did understand things here and there; I wasn't completely oblivious. But I shouldn't reach the end of the book still unsure if I understand the world right. I shouldn't feel overwhelmed throughout the entirety of a book. The MCs, Han and Raisa were just I felt no connection to either of them.

I never cared about Han, not for one chapter even. His chapters were the most confusing and I didn't understand where his plot was going. Raisa's chapters were much easier, but did I care? As I stated before, I was actually enjoying her chapters at first. They gave me Falling Kingdoms vibes, but then I quickly lost interest and I didn't give a damn about Raisa wanting to rebel against her family's wishes and the Queendom's rules or all the boys she's kissed I'm not against that - she can kiss whoever she wants, but every time Raisa introduced some boy, it would be a boy she shared a few kisses with here and there.

Is there nothing more to say about said boy?????? As for the side characters, I also didn't give a damn about any. I liked Amon at first. But once again, I quickly lost interest. The plot It was just small random subplots here and there. No big conflict. Nothing big was happening. It was just random events being told. I think the actual plot started with the last two chapters. Too late.

Chima's writing was personally bland. It didn't hold my attention and I basically got distracted times reading this. I'd literally wake up, read a bit, end up falling asleep again. All in all: I'm so disappointed.

I wanted to love this! I was so sure I would. I gave it 5 stars I'm still sad, okay. I do understand why people would've enjoyed it, I think it had lots of potential, but again the execution was lacking in all areas.

Maybe the series gets way better and an actual plot develops and occurs. Will I give the second book a try? Please don't disappoint. View all 14 comments.

DNF - No rating. I am just in the mood for something more robust. View all 17 comments. I had lot of anticipation of the book because I had procrastinated to read it for a while. I've tried my level best to hate this book, but unfortunately I couldn't. I know many of them hated the slow pace of the book but I think patience is a must to read this book as it was worth it. At the beginning, the description about the kingdom, clans, history, geography, etc.

It is later realised that the lengthy details given are important, too. I'm overwhelmed with curiosity to continue this series due to the cliffhanger.It was a mysterious world of clans, high lords, and several conflicting stories about the old powerful Demon King We want to know why Halt seems to have an interest in him, and what his fate might be after being denied every profession he hoped for.

Did the book get any better? There are rules for Fate that determine if you live or die. He doesn't actually do any thieving. Nope, can't be her, she just randomly appears to sow false tension and spout boring, soulless dialog that really has nothing to do with anything. They are very dark and can be very gruesome to some. When we get any 10, 20, and 30 achievements, we unlock the achievements awards as you can see on the delightful graphic below.

Annoying douche 1 perhaps?