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The Secret Garden is a novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett first published in book form in following the publication in of a serial version in a US. Start by marking “The Secret Garden” as Want to Read: "One of the most delightful and enduring classics of children's literature, The Secret Garden by Victorian author Frances Hodgson Burnett has remained a firm favorite with children the world over ever since it made its first. But when Mary finds the key to a Secret Garden, the magical powers of transformation fall within her reach. A picture for the book The Secret Garden.

The Book The Secret Garden

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The Secret Garden, novel for children written by American author Frances Hodgson Burnett and published in book form in (having previously been. The Secret Garden () is one of Frances Hodgson Burnett's most popular novels. The book tells the story of Mary Lennox, a spoiled, contrary, solitary child . Read this book now. “The Secret Garden”. A year-old orphan comes to live in a lonely house on the Yorkshire moors and discovers an invalid cousin and the.

It is the first time he has been outdoors for years.

While in the garden, the children look up to see Ben Weatherstaff looking over the wall on a ladder. Startled and angry to find the children in the secret garden, he admits that he believed Colin to be a cripple.

Colin stands up from his chair and finds that his legs are fine, though weak from long disuse. Colin and Mary soon spend almost every day in the garden, sometimes with Dickon as company.

The children and Ben conspire to keep Colin's recovering health a secret from the other staff, so as to surprise his father, who is travelling abroad. As Colin's health improves, his father sees a coinciding increase in spirits, culminating in a dream where his late wife calls to him from inside the garden.

When he receives a letter from Mrs Sowerby, he takes the opportunity finally to return home. He walks the outer garden wall in his wife's memory, but hears voices inside, finds the door unlocked, and is shocked to see the garden in full bloom, and his son healthy, having just won a race against the other two children. The servants watch, stunned, as Mr Craven and Colin walk back to the manor together.


Rejuvenation theme[ edit ] The secret garden at Misselthwaite Manor is the site of both the near-destruction and the subsequent regeneration of a family.

Parts of it were written during Burnett's visits to Buile Hill Park , [6] The Secret Garden was first serialised, starting in autumn , in The American Magazine , a publication aimed at adults. The entire book was first published in summer by Frederick A.

Its copyright expired in the United States in , and in most other parts of the world in , placing the book in the public domain.

The Secret Garden's hidden depths

As a result, several abridged and unabridged editions were published during the late s and early s, such as the full-color illustrated edition from David R. Mary is put off when she finds that the chambermaid, Martha, is not as servile as the servants in India.

When Martha mentions the late Mrs. She spends the next few weeks wandering the grounds and talking to the elderly gardener, Ben Weatherstaff.

The Secret Garden

One day, while following a friendly robin, Mary discovers an old key that she thinks may open the locked garden. Shortly thereafter, she spots the door in the garden wall, and she lets herself into the secret garden. She finds that it is overgrown with dormant rose bushes and vines it is winter , but she spots some green shoots, and she begins clearing and weeding in that area.

Mary continues to tend the garden. Her interaction with nature spurs a transformation: she becomes kinder, more considerate, and outgoing.

This Modern Library Paperback Classic is set from the text of the first American edition published in Burnett is one of the few thus gifted.

The beloved original text offered in a beautiful paperback edition by esteemed illustrator Inga Moore. First published in , The Secret Garden has entranced readers with the courage of two unhappy and withering children who become determined to make their lives, and the lives of others around them, more joyful. The original illustrations, by Charles Robinson, are perfect visual companions to the rich and illuminating text.

The Secret Garden Reader’s Guide

The beloved original text offered in a definitive gift edition by esteemed illustrator Inga Moore. She was standing inside the secret garden.

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Unloved and unloving, Mary wanders the desolate moors until one day she chances upon the door of a secret garden. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book!

Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you purchase this book from your favorite retailer. Read An Excerpt.

Classics Category: Paperback 3 —. Buy the Audiobook Download:May 11, Pages Middle Grade Until, I read the whole series of J. Labels follow us through our entire lives, even at the most unexpec I am stunned by the maturity and the candor this - not review - manifest includes!

Community Reviews. The book makes that clear, and in the movie they give them plenty of scenes that make it clear.

Mary and Dickon take a liking to each other, as Dickon has a kind way with animals and a good nature. This book can be found in: El Filibusterismo.