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Read "That Kiss in the Rain" by Novoneel Chakraborty available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get RS. off your first purchase. “If we women are. Read "That Kiss in the Rain" by Novoneel Chakraborty available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. “If we women are really. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Novoneel Chakraborty is the author of four national Chakraborty. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @

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nov Back to A Kiss In the Rain. Use the link below to share this. That Kiss In The – Similar Ebooks: come rain, come. "If we women are really weak then why do they need to discharge so many sperms for one ovum?" Pallavi, 27, single, Kingfisher Airlines. "Half the headaches in. Home / ebooks / That Kiss in the Rain ~ By Novoneel Chakraborty by Techie Stack on Saturday, May 14, in ebooks. That Kiss In The Rain Love Is The .

But how exactly is it done? How do you get over the nervousness? Following questions are answered on this page about The First Kiss. One note, though. In order to experience a truly wonderful first kiss, it must be done with someone you really care about. Someone whom you've been thinking about day and night.

Someone who makes your heart beat faster. Otherwise it's just another kiss and that is boring.

So do not kiss someone just to say you've been kissed. Kiss someone that really means something to you. What is the earliest time for kissing? I would have to say 13, but only close mouthed kisses. French kissing shouldn't be introduced until around 15 or Not at all. Because everyone has a different style and way of kissing.

Also, some people are more into strong, passionate kisses while others prefer to start off gently. You won't know what style that person has until you've kissed them a few times, and vice versa. Also, once you've kissed someone a few times your kisses start to meld together, meaning that your styles start to intertwine with one another's.

That especially happens when one person didn't realize it was enjoyable to kiss a certain way until they tried it with that person. So then they change their style to this new technique. How Do a guy approach The First Kiss? This can be done in one of two ways. Asking for a kiss is gentlemanly but not romantic. After the date is over, when the two of you are alone, tell her what a good time you had.

Then say something like, "Is it OK if I give you a kiss good-bye? But you can demand a kiss. You can say something like, "I'd like to kiss you goodnight" or something along that line. More appropriate I believe. Just doing it is the best and most romantic way of having the first kiss. It shows that you have enough feelings for that person that you just HAVE to kiss them!

The best approach for this is the slow and gentle approach. You're standing in front of them as you're saying good-bye. Then take a step or two towards them, hold their hands in yours and lean towards them. Then give them a gentle, lingering, close-mouthed kiss.

An even more romantic approach is to cup their face in your hands. This is extremely exciting when the guy does this to the girl. Is it Ok for a girl to make the first move? Most certainly! When the two of you are walking just go ahead and take his hand. Look at him sweetly when you do this to check his reaction. Then, when you are ready to say good-bye just go ahead and give him a kiss. A first kiss should only last a few moments. Don't worry about the exact time. Once your lips have touched the other person's lips then give it a few seconds and end the kiss.

To end the kiss just gently close your mouth and pull away gently. If you get carried away and find that you've lost track of time and the kiss is still continuing then that is OK. As long as the other person is reciprocating in the kiss the kiss can continue for as long as you wish. What would be the best place or way to really get the moment of the first kiss so we can do it for awhile and not make it short?

A great first kiss should always be when you're alone with her. A movie theatre is a good place because it's dark and people won't be paying attention. Try to sit near the back, though, for privacy. Somebody believes that a first kiss should be the good-bye kiss.

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When you're dropping her off at her place or saying good-bye from seeing one another until the next time, ask her if it's okay if you kiss her. It's not childish or geeky to ask a woman that. It's respectful and kind.

How should we approach a in the time of our first kiss? Just act naturally. Walk up to him, put your hands on his shoulders or on his upper arms and kiss him. There shouldn't be any thought to what is going on. Do what feels comfortable and natural for you.

And you don't need to start off with a huge, open-mouthed kiss, either. Start with a small one and work your way up, so to speak. What to do when our lips meet? Somebody feels fear of messing up when they are going for their first kiss with a experience partner. When your lips meet, just gently press yours against hers. If you wish, you can move your lips a bit back and forth against hers or in a small circular motion. The best type of kiss is when you meet hers at a slight angle.

This gives more opportunities to explore, it feels nicer, and will give you a chance to French kiss if you wish. I'm afraid to kiss my boyfriend because my nose is too big, and it might get in the way and that would be embarrassing. What should I do? You shouldn't worry about it. Your nose won't get in the way because your heads will be slightly tilted so that the noses won't bump straight on.

And even people who have small noses bump occasionally so don't sweat it. Just enjoy it! It is suggested to start off slowly. You don't want to scare them away the first time with a lot of tongue and saliva. You want the kiss to be gentle yet exciting. You can do this by approaching with a closemouthed kiss or a tongue less kiss.

Let the kiss be gentle and let it linger. Let the other person yearn for more so that they will be in dire need of another kiss from you the next time the two of you are together. I feel like when I am kissing my boyfriend that I breathe too loud on his cheek.

Is that normal? Yes How can she tell if he's ready to kiss her? The best way to tell if a guy is ready to kiss is by the way he acts around you.

If he looks at you when he's talking, if you catch him gazing at you, if he acts affectionately around you by holding your hand or holding you close, then it's pretty sure that he's ready to kiss.

How does he find out if she wants to kiss him or not? The only way to find out if she wants to is to ask.

There is nothing wrong with asking her if it's okay to kiss her. Actually, it shows that you respect her and her feelings and that you're thinking about her interests.

You can take a risk and just kiss her and wait for her reaction, but actually asking her is the safest and most respectful route to take. Good luck and take care.

When kissing a girl, how would I know if the reason behind the kiss is merely sexual desire or that she truly loves me? How would I know the difference between the two types of kisses? Kissing does not mean you have to be in love with someone. It could mean that you like them or are just physically attracted to them.

I'm not really sure if there is a difference between a kiss that is love felt and one that is not. You can kiss passionately with someone that you are only physically attracted to and you can kiss passionately if you are in love. I would say that someone who kisses you who is in love with you will want to prolong the kiss.

While someone who is not in love will want the kiss to be quick and then move onto the next level, which would be touching.

Is it OK to give her a French Kiss for the first kiss? We wouldn't advise it, especially if she's nervous and maybe she's never kissed before. What we recommend is that you start off with a gentle close-mouthed kiss. If that goes well, then you can move into a French kiss, but it's not necessary. So don't feel pressured into giving her a French kiss. There's nothing wrong with not liking it.

Many people don't like it or are not ready for it. Be sincere about it. Don't get mad or frustrated with him. Communication is the key to a strong and healthy relationship. How do you know when a girl wants to be French Kissed? You won't know unless she uses her tongue first. The best way to approach a French kiss if she hasn't first is to kiss her. If her tongue doesn't enter your mouth to touch your tongue then just move your tongue between her lips until it touches hers.

What does a guy want when kissing? Every guy expects something different when they kiss. That is because every guy is an individual and each guy has his own likes and dislikes when it comes to kissing. It usually takes a few times kissing with one person before the two of you know how the other person kisses and what they enjoy. You can't tell after only one kiss. Everybody kisses differently. The girl injected about a pound of saliva into my mouth, and when I walked away I had to spit it all out.

I rented a limousine so I could take this beautiful girl. At the end of the night, I went to kiss her and she responded. I was so nervous that my stomach got really nauseous.

He had real white blond hair and skyblue eyes. I wrote his name all over my sneakers and on the playground, I used to take off the top part of my school uniform and chase him around. I suggested we meet at a park the next day. We held hands and there was a little kissing and sort of fumbling. But once that happened I didn't really know what to do next. It was a very clumsy affair. We made a plan to meet in her garage and kiss. It was like this business deal. I go right up to her, kiss her.

Then I ran home. I was just getting into hip-hop and I was totally overdeveloped, had breasts already and was at least two of three feet taller than other kids in my class.

Whenever I was out with my friends, grown men would talk to me and when they asked my age, I'd say,'13', and they'd be terrified. I got a kick out of that. He was really pretty and it was good because there was this really tough girl there who fancied him too. So she would hang around with me to be near him. That gave me a good bodyguard. Mind you, I wouldn't know the boy now if I tripped over him.

I kissed the most gorgeous boy in high school, the guy everyone fancied, and I was so overcome, I cried. So we kissed. I had heard about French kissing and thought it was the most disgusting thing in the whole world. His name was Nicky and he had braces.

And then we did. It was just awful. But then it was darkness, saliva and tongue. It was on the cheek but it was too much. We were at the sixth grade dance, and we were sitting down outside. I held her hand and she suddenly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

I yelled,' Hey! Then we didn't walk for the rest of the night and the next day I broke up with her. We were playing truth or dare and I was a nervous wreck. I remember it was this guy Peter who was from Sweden; he was really really cute.

So thankfully he was attractive, but it was terrifying 'cos there were 15 other people in a semicircle looking at me while I was trying to appear very experienced. It was pretty traumatizing - and exhilarating. He had been drinking beer and smoking cigarettes - and it was simply the best taste I think I had ever encountered at that time.

This involves touching your tongue with your partner's and it can be quite a pleasant experience. There are a few tips to create a great French kiss. Relax - You lips should be relaxed, you body should be relaxed, otherwise it will be like kissing a dead fish for the other person.

There are only two things involved in a French kiss: your lips and your tongue. That's it! Open Lips - Your lips should be slightly parted, not open wide like you're at the dentist. Open them just far enough, just like you are regularly breathing through your mouth. You want to move your head to one side just enough so your nose is out of the way of theirs.

If you think about it then, with your head tilted one way and his the other way, your mouths will not reach dead on. Your mouths will meet at the corner of the other's mouth. If you look closely at the picture, you will see that their noses will actually touch the cheek of the other person.

Their lips have already touched. When you touch the other person's lips and you stretch your tongue out a bit, your mouths will instinctively open as much as the couple. Tongue - Practice on your own if you'd like. Open your mouth enough while you're by yourself of course! It will go past your teeth. Don't stick your entire tongue out That is how far you should stick your tongue out in a kiss. So your tongue will go into their mouth and theirs will go into yours.

When this happens, both of your tongues will touch. Then just circle the tip of your tongue around the tip of theirs. If they do something different because you have to remember that everyone kisses differently so some may move their tongue around a bit differently then just do the same as they do.

They may flick their tongue over yours or they explore the inside of your mouth with their tongue, do the same thing. Or you can just lightly touch their tongue while they are exploring. The best thing is to NOT just leave your tongue doing nothing. You may explore different ways of using your tongue. Try running the tip of your tongue over your partner's lips.

Do this slowly and gently, just using the tip of your tongue.

Movement of the head - This is entirely up to you. Some people will move their heads very slightly in a small circular motion or figure eight. Sometimes they won't. Sometimes just one person moves their head and the other doesn't.

It's totally up to you. Brush your teeth; get a good bath, nicely groomed and clean and fresh, before meeting the other person.

There's nothing worse than kissing the rear end of a garbage truck 2. Get into a comfortable position - you can't kiss if your back feels like it's gonna break. Suggestion - Sit side by side on a comfy sofa.

Hold your lover, firmly but gently - don't cause pain. Suggestion would be to hold the shoulders, the neck or gently on the side of the face, one side or both sides.

Move your faces closer. Don't bump noses. Suggestion would be the guy angles his face slightly so you don't bump noses. Kiss gently, normal closed lips kissing, and close your eyes.

Closing your eyes increases the sensations you feel, and also sets the mood. Continue kissing gently. Get comfortable with simple closed lips, lip-to-lip kissing before going anywhere else. If fine till here, tentatively, slowly and lightly draw your tongue across the other person's lips. Chances are from here, if the other person lightly parts her tongue; slowly explore the other person's tongue in a light licking motion.

The tongue has a very sensitive surface, which is why tongue to tongue the essence of is French kissing. After you've tried lightly licking the other person's tongue, you can try sucking on it, wrestling with it see if you can hold it to the floor of her mouth and other things like that.

Swallow your own saliva. Keep mainly to the front of the mouth, concentrating on her lips and tongue. Don't bite. Just nibble. Whatever you do, don't bite.

Don't swing your tongue round and round like a windmill. Explore lightly, don't drill your way through. I say again, breathe through your nose. Follow so far? You can lightly use your hands too, running your fingers lightly along her waist, along the back, the arms, especially the inside of the arm, the neck, maybe running your fingers through her hair.

Again, don't cause pain. Girls like it if you make a little noise. Sort of like mmmm..

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Softly and lightly. Continue kissing. Be relaxed and breathe softly yet deeply through your nose - you don't want to get choked to death during your first French kiss, do you? Also, a relaxed breathing will help keep down your nervousness.

There are many places where you could put your hands. You can hold her chin, place both of your palms on her cheeks and put your arms around her waist or her neck. Be gentle - gentle kisses are easier than the deep, passionate ones you see in the movies, so you'll want to practice with the easier stuff first. Lean forward, and gently press your lips against hers don't be tense or it will be uncomfortable for the two of you. You might want to keep your eyes open until you make contact, just to make sure you end up where you want.

However, if you want to make it last, you'll have to play with her a little: move your lips against hers by opening and closing your mouth slightly and slowly. You can also suck gently on her lower lip, girls usually love that.

If your hands are near her back, you can massage her gently. Hold her close to you, but not too tight or you won't be able to breathe.

If you want to French, just part your lips open slightly and run gently the tip of your tongue against the inside of her lips; hopefully, she'll get the message and open up her mouth. Just open your mouth a little more and gently push your tongue inside her mouth. Once again, she might be the one who will take initiative and try to French kiss you first. If that's the case, just relax, open your mouth not too wide, just enough to let her in and follow her lead.

Once you're inside her mouth or she's inside yours, just play gently with her tongue.

Do whatever feels comfortable and natural, and don't try something which feels awkward. Don't make rash moves and don't try to lick her tonsils or shove your tongue down her throat, that's not the idea. You can run your tongue along hers, tease her just a little with the tip of your tongue, gently caress the inside of her mouth, etc. Just do what feels good - it's easy, even if practice always makes it more simple. Oh, and one last piece of advice about technique - watch out your teeth, it's really not comfortable when they hit your partner's own teeth.

Once you're over, if it was your first time, tell your GF about it. She won't laugh at you - actually, she might be excited by the fact she was your first time. Also ask her if there are things she likes and what she don't likes - the key to being a good lover is to know what gives your partner pleasure. Once you get more familiar with the basic stuff, don't be afraid to experiment - there are plenty of nice and very pleasant things you could discover by being bold a little.

If you have your mouth open too far it will feel like you and your partner are being smothered. Open your mouth up to what feels comfortable. There's no set rule as to how far you open it. You can open it slightly during one kiss, then the next time usually during a more passionate kiss open it a little more. How are you supposed to move your tongue in a French kiss? There is no one way to move your tongue.

You can either just move it across the tip of his, or you can slide it down the side of his tongue not too far though and circle his. Use the tip of your tongue to explore the tip of theirs.

Or you can explore the inside of their mouth with just the tip of your tongue, like their teeth or the roof of their mouth, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Just remember not to force your tongue all the way in or it will feel like he's being suffocated. When French kissing, when your tongue goes in is it supposed to go in sideways? Your tongue goes in naturally, just like sticking your tongue out on its own. It won't curl or turn sideways. It may go in a bit sideways into their mouth but that is because the two of you have your heads on an angle, slightly tilted.

Is it OK to suck on their tongue? Yes, of course. There is no ONE way of using your tongue when French kissing. Do whatever feels comfortable for you. What do I do with my lips when French kissing? You can close them once in a while so that you can swallow. So your mouth will be open and you'll be using your tongue for a bit. Then you close your mouth for a second with your lips still on your partner's and then you open your mouth again.

Their mouth will instinctively follow yours. When French kissing, is it better to close your mouth once in a while or just keep it open? Definitely close it once in a while kissing. Variation is very exciting in a kiss. Kissing only one way can be a bit boring and tiresome if the kiss is lasting a long time. How do we switch our head positions in the time of French kissing? As simple as that! How do you know when to close your mouth during a French kiss?

That kiss in the rain pdf

It will just come naturally. Whoever starts to close their mouth the other person will just instinctively close theirs also. How do I move my head when French kissing?

Pretend you are Stevie Wonder and move your head very slightly the way he moves his head, almost like a figure 8 motion. Your lips won't move themselves but they will move with the motion of your head. It's like your lips want to rub themselves against the other person's. I've never French kissed my boyfriend and I'm scared I'll do it wrong. I wouldn't be concerned about what other people think or say.

It's what you feel comfortable with. Some people don't like the idea of French kissing. But being nervous about it if you've never done it before is quite normal.

But if you don't feel comfortable with it and your boyfriend hasn't mentioned anything, I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe your boyfriend isn't too thrilled about the idea either.

Ask him what he thinks. If he's game for it and so are you, then experiment with what feels comfortable for the two of you. My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a month and the relationship is great except our French kissing. We both seem to have two completely different styles in kissing and can't seem to get our tongues in sync. What do you suggest? I would suggest talking to him about it. You tell him how you like to use your tongue and have him tell you how he likes it.

Hopefully the two of you can come to some type of happy medium. Maybe it's not a matter of being in sync but that maybe the two of you don't like the way the other kisses. If that is the case then the two of you will have to talk about it. My boyfriend has a long tongue and he sticks it all the way down my throat. Tell him honestly that you would prefer to be kissed with less tongue.

That you enjoy the feel of the tip of the tongue. Otherwise, if you don't tell him how will he know? Tell him that you also want some variety and that you found some different types of kisses at my site and would like to try them out.

What is the general procedure to having a first French kiss? First, cup her face in your hands. Or, you can put your hands on her arms. And I could say na deserving nga itong ma-publi The story is still amazing. And I could say na deserving nga itong ma-publish. If ever na nababasa to ni Ms. Para mas tatagos sa puso. May 28, Teulisya Kim rated it did not like it.

Dec 03, Sandra Hansson rated it liked it. I don't know about you but I just can't appreciate a story that has too many grammar errors. Now, I am not a grammar nazi but at least I know that this sentence: The grammar mistakes distracted me as I read the story. However, I tried to focus and Nothing really special but it'll relax you aside from the grammar errors.

I doubt I will read this book again Oct 06, Roc rated it it was amazing. I really like the book version even though there are some changes from the wattpad version. The synopsis, rather the plot of the story is quite rampant. Very unique and stylish. The flow of the story is smooth and the usage of words is sort of deep; But I like the seriousness of the words!.

One of the best books I have read! The flow of the chapters of the story is notable! Especially the Epilogue! The epilogue contains all the emotions and cryi I really like the book version even though there are some changes from the wattpad version.

The epilogue contains all the emotions and crying moments! I always wanna cry when I'm reading the epilogue! Tears of Joy! Even though I've repeated reading it for around 10x seriously. Still, I wanna read it all over and over again! Ate Jen! More power to you! Your one of the most stunning wattpad authors!

Feels like I wanna borrow your talent! Your book deserves to be published internationally! English Version! That's all! I hope the one whose reading this will buy the book no matter what the circumstances are! More power to you Ate Jen! Definitely, I'm gonna buy all of your published books!

Oct 06, Rissi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Different from all the books I've been read. Light lang at alam mong realistic 'yung whole story. Hindi siya parang teleserye na napakaraming conflicts. Ganyan 'yung naramdaman ko. Ang lakas ng impact na story na 'to sa'kin. Okay dito lang ako sa goodreads magcoconfess, ayaw ko talagang basahin ang AKITR nung nasa wattpad pa dahil sa book cover.

Sorry ate jen, I'm not a fan of kathniel But the story proved Different from all the books I've been read.

Sorry ate jen, I'm not a fan of kathniel But the story proved me not to judge the book by its cover, hindi naman dahil sa ayaw ko sa cover nung book sa wattpad hindi na maganda yung laman di ba? Sa plot, the best! Hindi siya cliche, hindi rin basag ang mga linya 'yun lang maiinlove kayo sa story na 'to.

Kung mali ako, please ibash niyo lang ako dito sa good reads. AT ang masasabi ko lang worth it ang book na 'to.

Guys, acknowledgement pa lang sulit na! Mar 20, Felipe Nas rated it did not like it. I've never read the story online. But I bought the book. Honestly, I liked the synopsis- a stranger kissed "Jared" under the rain, then just disappeared. But I only reached up to a few chapters and I could not turn the page anymore because I'm not into it. It's not working at all. The writing style is better than most Wattpad stories published online, but the narration probably did not have an effect on me.

I wanted to read it because I wanted to know the story after all, but the story itself do I've never read the story online. I wanted to read it because I wanted to know the story after all, but the story itself does not give motivation for me to continue. Whenever I read a book, whether I like it or not, I get through it. This is the first one I did not. I'm not saying it's not good because I haven't finished it yet, but it did not give me the power or the "push" to be interested into it.

Feb 06, Kohi rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. General comments: Okay lang kahit tabingi 'yung print eh.

Kahit 'yung magandang edit man lang sana 'nung storya, ibigay niyo na rin sa mambabasa. Ang taray 'nung kambal part. I didn't see it coming. Sana tinapos na lang nila agad pagkatapos ng death ni Jared. Nakasira sa mood ng conclusion 'yung epilogue. Oct 05, Aya Matias rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 03, Blesie rated it it was amazing Shelves: One of my favorite books to read halos hindi ko na siya mabitawan talaga.. Pinakilig at pinaiyak ako sa storyang ito.. Until now hindi pa rin ako maka-get over talaga lalong lalo na sa part na namatay si Jared pinipigilan ko talaga hindi umiyak pero ang hirap pala magpigil..

Eventhough minahal din ni Jade si Jared hanggang sa mamatay siya mahal na mahal pa rin,, kilig much talaga ako ;. Jul 25, RaiRaiKen rated it did not like it Shelves: Let's just say that the prologue and the first paragraph of chapter 1 had me completely turned off; and I vowed not to read any Filipino book that may be in line with this one.

Mar 22, Shane 24 marked it as to-read. Feb 24, Aliesa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jared and Jade's love wasn't that spectacular while they are together.

But I felt the love and need when they no longer have each other, only by heart. This book has that impact and magic. To let the readers feel in love while they read about the characters being together, but being more inspired when they suddenly were torn apart.

Nakakainspire yung story kasi nagbibigay ito ng pag-asa na hindi katapusan yung view spoiler [kamatayan tulad nung nangyari kay Jared hide spoiler ] kundi nagpatunay Jared and Jade's love wasn't that spectacular while they are together. Nakakainspire yung story kasi nagbibigay ito ng pag-asa na hindi katapusan yung view spoiler [kamatayan tulad nung nangyari kay Jared hide spoiler ] kundi nagpatunay lang yung librong ito na "Every ending is a new beginning" The first part was kind of tedious and a bit of boring it actually took me four, FOUR days to read the whole story.

But I persevered, and a force told me that I should keep going and read and now, I know why. Because, in the end the story touched my whole being.

It was kind of the same with Break the Cassanova's Heart special book with 6 chapters. It wasn't published, or I'm not sure if it's included in the published book.

But that special book really made me cry. The kind of cry with shouting because of pain and love. I hope you guys read that story.

It was a fun and inspirational book. Nov 28, Bookaholic Mhaanster rated it really liked it Shelves: I had finished it for about four days because I was just reading whenever I was on the way to work it was my only free time to read books that's why hihi xD. At first I was bored on the first chapters but later on I started to liked it and I did not expect the twins thingy and liked Jared's point of view I thought its Jasmine the he had kiss.

It did not crossed my mind that it could be Jade.

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I'm caught to the twists of the story and I thought that it would be a happy ending between the two of I had finished it for about four days because I was just reading whenever I was on the way to work it was my only free time to read books that's why hihi xD. I'm caught to the twists of the story and I thought that it would be a happy ending between the two of them.

I thought Jasmine was not nice hehe sorry Jade but most of her friends were very bad influence yeah most rich teenagers nowadays were like that. Well, back to the story I really did not expect the ending to be that tragic and I almost cry to it. The feels: Jun 27, Joanna Tendido rated it really liked it Shelves: What my mind wants to think is that 'Girl, at least she finally had her happy ending.

Maybe not here on Earth, but there, in the other life! Oh well I did not give a 5 because of some reasons. The story is boring at first. This is very confusing!As for guys, you can put your hands in her hair, the back of her neck, arms or put your arms around her neck, holding her tight.

Rear-view mirror kiss: Apply lipstick or chapstick to you lips. I've never French kissed my boyfriend and I'm scared I'll do it wrong. The Night Queen So your tongue will go into their mouth and theirs will go into yours.