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Download and use this PDF of Tamil Bible Version to read in any electronic devices like mobile, ipad, laptop, etc. (Visited 12, times. Download and use this PDF of Tamil Bible to read in any electronic devices like mobile, ipad, laptop, etc. (Visited 5, times, 2 visits today). Tamil-English Bible is an offline reading Tamil English Bible. Features: Tamil Bible - English Bible - Font color and size setting - Background color settings.

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Bible in Tamil PDF. This is a translation of the full Bible (both Old and New Testaments) into Tamil. This was published in and should be of much use. Tamil English Bible - Tamil-English Bible is an offline reading Tamil English Bible . Features: Tamil Bible - English Bible - Font color and size setting. Tamil & English Parallel Bible - This application has three apps in one touch, Tamil & English bible and Tamil & English parallel with English audio enabled in .

My attempt to interpret the Hebrew words[ as in Sumerian words ] strongly suggests that the Hebrew words are words of pure Tamil - language - a classical language - which is currently in vogue in Tamil Nadu - India. God - [- ka- the -] kadavul- [missing letter — la-] - god.

Aliyah — [- la -]- alai alaiyaa meendum thum thaai naattin ullae nulaiya — [ missing letter - the-] ; people returning to their home land in waves; alai alaiya- in waves; mendum- again; thum- own; naadu- country; ullae nuzhiya - to enter. Almah - a young, unwed woman who has never has sexual relations with a man cf.

Yeshayahu Isaiah Almah- [- la- ma- ka-]- ozhukkam ulla makal - the chaste woman ; ozhukkam illa vilai makal- prositutute ; kalai makal- goddess of arts and science; Nila makal- moon goddess. Am - pl. Amim - nation. Am- [- ma -] - mun- land. Avinu -Our Father. Avinu [- va- an -] — nam mannavan- our king; nam vaanavan- our lord of the sky. Bar-Mitzvah - lit. Bat-Mitzvah - lit. Beit Din - the ruling authority of the Rabbinical court controlling authority.

Beit Din-[-pa- the- the- an-] - Neethi pathi - the Justice. Beit-Lechem - Bethlehem; house of bread; house of food. Bracha s Brachot pl - Standard Blessings recited over food, before certain occasions and before Scripture readings.

May also refer to the Blessings received from HaShem. Brit Chadasha -The New Testament.

Chag -Sacred Feast. There are seven Main and several minor Festivals. Chag —[- ka- ka -]- Yaezhu vakai mukkiyamaana samaya sadanku unavu —[ missing letters - la and sa-]— seven important religious ritual feasts ; Yaelu vakai- seven types; mukkiyamaana- main; sadanku- ritual; samyam- religion; unavu- food. Challah - 'Show bread' in the Temple, special bread on Sabbath meal tabel. Chometz - leavened food, forbidden during Pesach. Chometz-[- ka- ma- the- sa] - naethaikku seitha thinai mavu unavu - yesterday made millet food.

Davar - Word. HaDavar - the Word Davar- [- the- va -Ra -]- vaarththai - word; thaeivam thantha vaarththai. D'var Torah, Divrei Torah - analytical essays and lessons based on Torah portion. Devarim - the Book of Deutoronomy, being the 2nd word of the Book - "the words".

Devarim- [- the —va- Ra —ma-] - Daeivam uraiththa vaarththai - the words said by the lord ; daeivam- lord; uraiththa - told; vaarththai- word; Daivam uraiththa ara urai.

Devir - The Most Holy section in the Temple. Ekklesia -Called out assembly often mistranslated as 'Church'. El - God in a sense of His power and Strength. Eloah —[- la —ka- ]- vaan ozhi - the light of the sky; vaan- sky; ozhi- light; vaazhum kadavul- living god [ missing letter - the -].

Eloheinu -Our God. Eloheinu — [- la —ka- an-] - nammudaiya kadaul - our god [missing letter-the-]. Elohi - My God. Elohi [-la-ka -]- ennudaiya kadavul [ missing letter — the -]—my god. Elohim - Hebrew noun for 'an object or personage of worship'.

The exact same Hebrew word is also used to refer to pagan idols or 'gods' Exodus Click here for comprehensive details re. The Sacred Name of God.

Eliyahu - Elijah; my God is Yah. Eretz Yisrael - Land of Israel. Eretz Yisrael- [- Ra- the- sa - sa- Ra- la ]- saathirai oram ulla Thiru Nadu Rasa Malai - The Rasa Malai [ mountainous] country situated near the dead sea ; raja malai- the king of the mountains; saa thirai - dead sea ; oram ulla - nearby ; nadu- land. Refer also Motzei Shabbat. Erev- [- Ra- va -] - mun eravu - early night. Galil — Galilee.

Galil- [- ka- la — la ] — valliya kulam- big pond; valliya - big; kula- pond ; neelamum akalamum ulla valliya kulam — big pond which is wide and lengthy. Thamotharampillai, one of the greatest Tamil scholars, despite whose baptismal records, Tamil school readers [ii] teach that he was a Hindu who pretended to be a Christian for privileges [iii] — and our children had to sit through this at Christian mission schools as if in a Nazi classroom!

In this paper we discuss the claiming of much the accomplishments of the Methodist later Anglo-Catholic Missionary and Tamil scholar, The Rev. Peter Percival, particularly in revising an existing translation of the Tamil Bible, for the Saiva revivalist from Jaffna Arumuka Navalar. It is further untruthfully claimed that Percival learnt his Tamil from Navalar.

It is also taught in schools, that he translated the first Tamil Bible for Percival. This latter myth is so fully swallowed that even Christian Today [iv] and the Madras Hindu have repeated these untruthful claims as fact. The history of Arumuka Navalar has been commandeered to service Saiva Vellala egos so much that little of it can be believed.

But it is heritage history that is emotional. We do that here. The Rev. Percival, on the occasion of his completing, after three years of unwearied labour, his Translation into Tamil of the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament [sic. Jaffna, July 5th, We reproduce in Table 1 the first few verses of the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, to show that the changes from Rhenius were nominal as befits a revision. Rhenius adds summary lines of the text to follow but Percival has removed them to be faithful to the original.

The Tamil style of the Bible has been widely described as majestic — a questionable claim for a revision showing little difference from the Rhenius version as seen in Table 1. It is because it was a revision that Percival could complete it in 3 years. But Dennis Hudson of Smith College goes on to claim that the so-called majestic style was shaped by Navalar. We will see that Navalar could not have translated the Bible.

Percival himself was no literary savant in Tamil poetry, and that is why he hired Elijah Hoole, a Tamil Christian Pandit, [1] and moved him from Point Pedro to Jaffna where he, Percival was. In line with the prevailing missionary tradition, Percival promoted prose.

The missionaries of Jaffna explored the secular Tamil literature through publishing. Even the Saivite literature was rendered in prose and taught in the mission schools. Percival and the missions developed Tamil prose by translating versified Tamil classics into prose. Nalan-Damayanti was put into prose by Percival [2] while the Kanthapuranam was put into prose by the Americans. For the Plain Puritan Preaching was, in the latter part of the seventeenth century, to have profound effect not only on Presbyterians and the Dissenting but also the Anglicans as well.

It was a style used by the Wesleys who founded Methodism. However, for everyday necessities an Elizabethan prose style was used to convey practical matters. Say Helen White et al. The Puritans despised the rhetoric and used an unadorned style. With this prose came a preaching style that Navalar would later adopt. This laid down five steps to a sermon: 1. Exposition; 3. Conclusion to help the congregation to continue the conversation.

This was also adopted by Navalar later. I was present a few days after at a similar examination of the kindred Seminary of the Wesleyan Methodists at Jaffna, conducted by Mr.

Percival, one of the most profound Tamil scholars now in India [as Professor and Registrar at Madras]; the course of study was nearly the same, the students taken from the same rank of the natives, and the display of classical learning and scientific attainment which I witnessed was in no degree inferior to that with which I had been so much charmed at the American Seminary. This is a landmark in book publishing because it is one of the earliest Tamil books in print with other America Ceylon Mission Press books.

In Percival was appointed first Professor of Vernacular Literature at Madras University [8] and was also Registrar of Madras University from ; he retired in aged 76! At some point Percival was given the chair in Sanskrit too over the objections of local businessmen. Swaminatha Aiyer, even says that Navalar wrote the Bible.

This is easily swallowed even by modern scholars like Shanti Pappu, [18] despite several complete older versions being available in universities and the internet. Percival in preparing and editing treatises and hymns in Tamil, and translating the Prayer-Book and the Holy Bible. Still, Christian writings were more cautious until Bishop Sabapathy Kulandran of the Jaffna Diocese of the Church of South India on seeing the Percival Bible for the first time and, admitting that he had only heard of its existence till then, gets all excited and calls it the Navalar Bible in [22] although there is no record anywhere of Navalar on the Translation Committee or in the carefully kept minutes of that Committee or in the archives of the Church.

The simplest explanation is that Navalar had no part to play. But Kulandran was of the pre-independence generation that failed to take a balanced look at missionaries. Nothing certainly, in the whole compass of human language, can equal the force and terseness of the sententious distichs in which the author conveys the lessons of wisdom he utters. We believe that the rare reference in Bible translation records to collaborators by Percival was mainly because the Tentative Version was his own handiwork.

Who taught Percival Tamil? Nalini Ranjan [28] is more explicit that Percival learnt Tamil from Navalar.

The Jaffna Version Of The Tamil Bible: By Peter Percival Or Arumuka Navalar?

Even the respected T. Gentleman […] availed himself of this opportunity to study Thamil literature and Grammar under Navalar.

He [Percival] was so much benefitted by his teachings that he often referred to him [Navalar] as his Guru. So they take the form of puranic story-telling. These get embellished with time. The Saiva religion was panting for him. The Thamil language was thirsting for him. Jaffna was longing for him.

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The Shaiva Religion had been in the stranglehold of alien forces for two centuries. Thamil Literature and Grammar were gaoled in palmyrah leaves. Jaffna had no leader and was groping in the dark. Navalar came, saw and gave them all relief. It is not for us to say if these are a product of deliberate lies and selective wishful historical narration, or one careless mistake having an avalanche effect. But the Tamil tradition of praising kings as being descended from the Moon and the Sun without seeing it as being untruthful, surely has something to do with it.

We have seen untruthful funeral orations taking poetic licence, later becoming history. Also to do with it is the tradition of seeing as treasonous any attempt to question histories and narratives that take away from the Tamil self-image of greatness. Elijah Hoole.

An ancestor of these writers, Srinivasam, influenced by his teacher Mr.

Robert Pargiter, another Methodist missionary in Ceylon who had become Anglican and was ordained in Help April 18, at 4: Hi, Sorry we do not have such. I would suggest you contact any Bible Societies in India. Anthons April 18, at I want to purchase a tamil bible from 18th century. How much will it cost. Help April 18, at Hi, We do not sell any Bibles.

Please contact Bible Society for your place in India. Arokia Arun Joseph February 23, at 1: Help February 23, at 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hindi Bible V1 PD October 29 - no comments. October 20 - no comments.

January 11 - 2 comments. January 9 - 3 comments.Fortunately writers with a vigorous style undertake the task. Motzei Shabbat —[ - ma- the -sa- sa —pa- the- ]- sappath thinam mudintha samyam- the festival of sabbath has come to an end ; thinam- day; mundintha- to come to an end; samayam- time. HaDavar [- the- va —Ra-] — Thaeivam Oraiyan thantha vaarththai- the sun god who gave the language; Oraiyan - sun god; thantha - gave; Dravidarin vaarththai- word of Dravidian people ; Aathi Dravidia makkalin Tami mozhi vaarththi —[ missing letter -la-]- the Tamil language of ancient Dravidian people ; vaarththai- word.

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Reading the actual Bibles we recognise how Tamil had evolved under the missions. Tephillin - Prayer phylacteries, consisting of small black boxes strapped to the forehead next to the brain and left arm next to the heart, during Morning Prayers, each containing small scrolls of parchment inscribed with the Shema and 3 other Torah passages as a reminder of the Oneness of God, His Presence and man's obligation to observe all His Commandments.

By he has translated the first half of the Old Testament. Catholic Douay-Rheims Religion-Esoterics.

When the Navalar myth is challenged, it is countered by loud personal insults like on Sivathamby implying that Christians are low caste traitors who cannot afford to have their ancestries looked into and by casting the Navalar claims as a religious debate when it really is an issue of recent history with no metaphysical claims.

Peter Percival, particularly in revising an existing translation of the Tamil Bible, for the Saiva revivalist from Jaffna Arumuka Navalar.