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Take a Chance - Abbi Glines - dokument [*.pdf] Take a Chance ALSO BY ABBI GLINES The Rosemary Beach series Take a Chance Twisted Perfection Simple. Get Free Read & Download Files Take A Chance 1 Abbi Glines PDF. TAKE A CHANCE 1 ABBI GLINES. Download: Take A Chance 1 Abbi Glines. TAKE A. 7) Take A Chance (Grant & Harlow) (Rosemary Beach 7; Chance 1) 8) One More Chance (Grant Take a Chance - Abbi MB.

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take a chance 1 pdf take a chance 1 abbi glines History. The working title of " Take a Chance on Me" was. "Billy Boy". Written and recorded in by Benny. You might try to find amazing publication by the title of Download Take A Chance By Abbi. Glines Pdf by Studio Presently, you could. Take a Chance book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the st.

On the other hand, Harlow isn't as innocent either. She has many secrets, secrets that very few know but affect all of them. I think she should have told Grant her secret from the beginning! He should have known!

Some of the things I really liked was getting some glimpses from the other characters in the Rosemary Beach series.

We got to see Rush, Blaire, Woods and Della and many more. We also get to meet Mase, Harlow's brother, whom I really liked I can't wait to see more of him and meet Kiro for the first time. Of course, we have see Kiro before but never like this. Kiro's story will definitely shock you! All in all, this was another great Rosemary Beach book. I was quite uncertain of this book I still am but I'm hopping the sequel will do justice to it. Abbi is one of my favourite authors and I'm sure she's going to figure something out.

I can't wait for the next book!! Totally recommended!

First posted on: View all 6 comments. Jan 19, Jodie rated it did not like it Shelves: Yet another book that has the fangirls squealing and rating a book 5 stars before a copy has been released. Well I read it first and it was shite, the Hero I use this term very loosely is an absolute douchebag and the heroine again this term is as loose as the hero's morals is a complete doormat.

I am starting to get really concerned about young girls reading this type of book and believing that it is ok to be in a relationship with a boy who is an utter waste of a penis.

Oh yeah and I think Yet another book that has the fangirls squealing and rating a book 5 stars before a copy has been released. Oh yeah and I think it has a cliffhanger but it was hard to tell because by then I was so keen for it to end I didn't much care. The author has talent and it is evident in her earlier books as well as her fantasy stuff, maybe the publishers are pushing her to produce this stuff or her mojo is missing.

I will be giving further Rosemary Beach works a miss. View all 13 comments. Feb 17, Pearl Angeli rated it liked it Shelves: After reading it though, I have to say I'm kind of disappointed, although not totally. I did love Rush and Blaire's story, as well as Woods and Della's.

But here I sort of lost the connection. The first part of the book was so good. I love the flashback scenarios and it totally made me root for the two together. Although there was a great hindrance in the person of Nan , and Grant was a The story of Grant Carter and Harlow Manning is one of my most anticipated stories in Rosemary Beach series. Although there was a great hindrance in the person of Nan , and Grant was acting like a douchebag, still I thought it was worth everything.

It went on so smoothly at first but when I got to the middle part and the rest of the chapters, things got messy. I didn't quite like the events that took place, like ugh! However, I adored Harlow's character. She's tough and patient and fully in control of her emotions. I loved the way she handled the bitchy Nan.

Grant, on the other hand, improved in the later chapters and I was glad he became man enough to prove to Harlow that he's worth the second chance. I also started to understand Nan here in this book.

The anger and annoyance I felt for her during the previous books slowly diminished and I don't know what she did with that. There was also some family drama here that made me teary-eyed. Kiro and Emily.

I didn't know there's a kind of love as touching as theirs. This book has its ups and downs and it may be my least favorite book of this series so far, but it was still a good read. I hope the next book will be better, because as always, Abbi Glines steals my heart with her beautiful and swoony stories. View all 33 comments. I will NOT be reading this until Grant's 2nd book drops at the end of the summer of That is all, please resume your regularly scheduled Goodreads browsing.

View all 20 comments. Okay, 3, but only for Rush. So basically this book could be resumed into a couple of lines: Nan and Harlow are half-sisters. Nan is a bitch, Harlow is not. So he meets Harlow, feelings appear between but when Nan is in the picture, you know that obstacles will be in their way. And surprising, Nan will not be the only one.

And now she completely ruined this. This could be a much better book if it had been focused on all the other obstacles and Nan was non-existent. It still would had drama, but in a much engaging way. I loved all the previous books on these series, but this one was just pushing it too far. There are several types of series: This book was, unfortunately, the beginning of the second group. And I hated that. There was some real nice moments and some other ones were I just wanted to scream in frustration.

Writing Style: Firs person, dual POV. Despite the annoyances, Abbi Glines always delivery a pretty good story with a solid writing. Character Development: Harlow was surprisingly pretty good, I liked her before and I liked her even more in this book. Nan was a bitch and she should disappear for good. And the best part were the moments with Rush and Blaire.

View all 17 comments. Feb 07, Cristina rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I decided to make this review a Spoiler because thats exactly what it is. I will rant about Grant and Harlow in this review. So, if you don't want to read it then stop right there. Grant I fell in love with Grant the moment Blaire pointed her gun at him.

I was in heaven when Abby said he was getting his own story and needless to say, I was surprised when I had the opportunity to read their story a little bit earlier. But now that I'm done reading? Let's just say it's disappointing when a book yo I decided to make this review a Spoiler because thats exactly what it is. Let's just say it's disappointing when a book you've been waiting for so long doesn't reach your expectations. Who is Grant? A need to fix things, a incorrigible man-whore, a non-committed young man with bright blue eyes and long wavy hair.

At least that's who he is in this book. When he met Harlow, I had the suspicion she would the girl to change his ways. To make him realize there's more to life than a different woman or a bottle of whiskey. I wanted to believe Abby had created someone I could fall in love with, someone worthy of being book boyfriend material.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. He wanted that from Harlow over and over again. I was damn tired of Harlow forgiving him. He leaves her and she forgives him. He sleeps with Nan after being with Harlow and she forgives him. You're probably wondering I was , why would he leave Harlow and turn to Nan of all people?

Well, he was feeling scared and vulnerable because being with Harlow did that to him. What kind of witchcraft is this? Why do you ask? Supposedly, Grant called her a lot of times while she was away and she never picked up the phone though Harlow says otherwise. He felt hurt and went to have sex with the first person to open her legs. What pissed me off the most was how he kept saying he has never felt anything as special as how he feels when he's with Harlow.

How she changed and rocked his world that one night they had sex, but sure enough it didn't take long for him to screw with Nan. Honestly, he says one thing but does the other.

I like my men to be determined and Grant isn't. Big let down there. Of course, it doesn't stop there because that would've been too easy. Grant keeps sleeping around but still wants Harlow. Funny isn't? He wants Harlow but won't do anything for her. Then, the morning after a threesome with two strangers, Grant decides he does want Harlow in his life. It's a little comical how he changes his mind so quickly. It doesn't take a day and Grant is a changed man. All he wants is Harlow and he'll do anything to be with her.

Of course, Harlow takes him back without much protest. They continue their relationship as if nothing happened and they live happily every after.

Just kidding, of course, Abby needs to add something that will throw them off in order to get a cliffhanger. This time the drama comes from Harlow's side and it's something she hasn't tell anyone but her Dad and brother.

After Harlow's secret is revealed, Grant is or will be devastated.

Not sure yet since we find out very little of his reaction. I just hope he doesn't go back to his old ways of sleeping around and getting drunk. Harlow needs him and this may the one thing that he may do that will restore my love for him.

I don't know yet, it's too soon to speak, but for his sake, I hope he matures already and supports her. Harlow Being raised by her grandmother and losing her mother at a tender age isn't easy. Add to that a famous rock band father who isn't around much was how Harlow grew up. She's too sheltered for her own good. She says she doesn't trust easily but sure enough she forgives quickly.

There's probably not a mean bone in Harlow's body which makes it convenient for Grant to do what he does and still gets away with it. Harlow isn't a stupid heroine, she does has good ideas but rarely listens to them.

Because my heart wanted to forgive him. He messes up a lot of times and she still easily gives in. As the daughter of band singer and despite all the things she has witnessed living with her Dad, Harlow is too naive. I mean, the guy who has been sweet-talking you and completely left you after he took your virginity, has now slept with your sister while you were on the other room.

Why would she want anything to do with him? I'd kicked his ass the first time he tried to talk to me. I guess love does make you blind and stupid.

This is frustrating to say the least. I thought Harlow was smarter than this. The way she defends Grant against Mase, her own brother, was incredulous. Of course, a book isn't drama-less and Harlow has a secret.

A big one. I'm not sure how Abby will handle her situation in the second book. Adam - he works at the club as a pro tennis trainer. As he got closer, his clear blue eyes came into focus.

They were startling and very pale. He even had freckles on his muscular arms. His teeth were perfectly straight and very white.

I had a thing for pretty teeth. I guess the heart wants what the heart wants but isn't that just unfair? Adam treats her respectfully, he shows his interest and isn't some man-whore trying to sleep with her. I have high hopes for Adam and I hope Abby get inspired and writes his own story. Mase He's Harlow's brother and very protective of Harlow. He's another one that should get his own love story. Anyway, the first time he meets Grant he automatically knows that Grant is not the man for Harlow.

Brothers knows best. My only regret was how Harlow and Grant love story happened. Or perhaps how quickly it moved. There was no building up, no anticipation, nothing at all. Within the first chapter, you had it all. First kiss, first time having sex, first fight, first forgiveness.

Then fast forward three months, go back two months and two weeks, then go back to present day. Abby makes all these time switches within the first two chapters that was confusing the crap out of me. In all, Grant and Harlow love story seemed rushed and that was a damn shame. I can't believe I'm giving this book 2 stars.

It was probably my most anticipated book this month. I don't know what happened with Abby in this book. Was she not motivated, did she run out of ideas?

As hard as I try I can't shake the disappointment. There will be a second book and of course, there's a cliffhanger. It's Abby's signature of late. I know this bothered some of you and in the past it used to bothered me as well. But that was when I loved the story and I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. In this case, sadly, I'm not even remotely interested to find out.

As a huge fan of Abby's work, I somehow feel cheated. We didn't get the romance of her previous books. We barely see a couple who has a lot of sex, trust issues, a girl with a secret and a cliffhanger that gets tiring over time. View all 56 comments. Aug 06, Polly rated it did not like it. This is my official I'm never ever reading another Abbi Glines book again decleration. Your bank account will thank you. View all 16 comments. MY GAD.. I'm hoping the story doesn't revolve too darn much about Nan.

And Grant.. And pleaseeeee I'm gonna stop now.. I'm getting too work up on this. I'm all into cheating heroes and doormat heroine.. I crave for this kind of theme but Take a Chance didn't hit me the right spot. I'm a big fan of this author and the Rosemary Beach Series is one of my favorite.

I'm in love with Rush, Blaire, Woods and Della! I set up a high expectation on this book but sadly it came out meh! As I mentioned earlier, I liked doormat heroines so Harlow is my kind of girl. She's weak, helpless but loveable at the same time. Now I'm not going to re-tell the whole story but if you read the other books, you all know about NAN.

I knew she was going to be a big pain in the ass! At one point, I was thinking why is this author keep bringing Nan in every. She's like a walking disease with no cure! But if I would be honest, I was also kinda anticipating the bitch!

I guess she makes the story.. I guess my major problem here was Grant's character. Can I just please rant about him?! I have so many emotions all bottled up inside right now that I'm ready to blow up! Grant ruined this book for me and yes- he's the Hero but my god.. I kept thinking is this the Grant I know from the previous books? He was just.. I had no problem with him hooking up with Nan.. I kinda expected it but what blew me away was him being such a pussy.

How very disappointing. I don't know.. I just want the characters to be balanced. If the heroine is weak then give me a strong hero. Grant and Harlow together? I wasn't sold.

Take a Chance

In my distaste for his mistakes ways, I simply didn't believe his "love" for Harlow. He kept making mistake after mistake I'm like "dude.. Don't get me wrong, the writing is flawless with so many twist as expected from the author. After reading this book, I was emotionally and physically drained.

Overall it's a 4 stars for me. Just Grant.. Jan 09, Booknut rated it liked it Shelves: Take A Chance will make you question whether or not the male species have working brains located in their craniums.

Or, you know, whether or not they use said brains. Because if they did, maybe then we wouldn't have a bunch of crushed female hearts scattered across this story like confetti.

There aren't words to desc " We will probably never understand black holes, or why women fall madly in love with douchebags.

Take a Chance

There aren't words to describe how irritating it is to read "I'm sorry, Harlow," again Apologies tend to lose their charm after they're being uttered for the hundredth time, and Grant's turn into a broken record of bad decisions, Neanderthal tendencies and jerk-ness. This book will most likely make you want to throw something out of a window, like in Silver Linings Playbook.

True, I teared up at the ending. But mainly because I was utterly heartbroken. For Harlow. Whom I love dearly. And who deserves someone far better than Grant but of course, Harlow has to be the martyr and put up with being treated badly. Is this a trend in NA fiction? I mean, Abbi Glines created such a beautiful character in Harlow.

And has hair that girls would 'just love to play with for hours. I mean, we obviously know that just like in Rush's series - where he and Blaire sorted out all their issues - Grant will man up and end up winning Harlow back, despite this book's tearfest-worthy ending. I think Harlow should dump Grant's sorry ass and find a man worthy of her and her time. The end. No 'I'm sorry, please love me, you're my everything' rain scenes So yep.

I took a chance with Take A Chance , and although I liked the depths it managed to reach, it fell short for me in terms of connection - sort of like Grant and Harlow's relationship! View all 12 comments. Sep 23, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: She looked like an innocent, sweet country girl, with long, dark hair and eyes that 5 I. She looked like an innocent, sweet country girl, with long, dark hair and eyes that made you forget your fucking name. But something changed when he met Harlow.

Not girls like Nan. There are so many mixed reviews on this book! For me, there was just always something about Grant. From that first moment we met him, I had butterflies. Now, he was not perfect in this book — after all willingly allowed Nan to use him — but he was still Grant. Harlow was likable and although very innocent, was not too insecure, given that Nan was in the picture, her reactions were pretty calm all things considered.

Now what loved about this book was the emotions. The way Grant described the feelings he had, what he saw when he returned to Rosemary Beach after what happened to Jace, just kept me on the brink of tears. Then about halfway through, Harlow gets the shock of her life and in that moment I was a mess. I cried like a baby and loved every moment of it. This twist was not expected one bit and it shifted how you saw so many of the characters in the book.

The one thing I did not love was the ending, not where it took us — but where it ended. I needed just another 24 hours in the life of Grant and Harlow to settle my nerves!

I cannot wait months! Some of my favorite parts of this story came from Kiro Manning. Aging rockers are not my thing, but I think I may have fallen a little in love with this one! The kind that suck you dry and leave you with nothing. The kind that only want a good time. And the kind that make life worth a damn. The last kind Although each of these men all hold their own place in my heart — there had always been something about Grant that stood out.

I am looking forward to seeing what he is going to do to get what he wants in book two. View all 21 comments. I'm done. I love Abbi Glines book. They're like crack to me. Or really, it's like one of those repetitive one night stands you keep going back to. You know what I'm talking about. The sex is mildly satisfying, but you'll hate yourself for it in the morning? Grant Harlow Nan Any questions? Here's the thing, I've seen a lot of reviewers dislike this book because of certain "choices" that Grant makes.

It actually didn't bother me that much. I didn't like it, but I still could have moved past it. What did bother me was the feeling that this book was essentially slapped together and not in a good way. The flip flopping between past and present didn't work for me. Maybe if there was a little more development in the story, it could have worked. As it was, I felt zero connection to Grant and Harlow. Harlow goes from essentially hating Grant, to sharing Chinese food with him, then they're hanging out and she's handing him her v-card.

I kinda went back and forth on my feelings though because I could both understand Grant's fears and see what was preventing him from putting his heart out on the line even as I simultaneously just wanted to slap him upside the head and tell him to get his shit in order before he lost his chance with Harlow for good.

She saw right through Grant from the first time she met him and was not going to be on the receiving end of any of his issues. She also had no problem calling Nan out on her shit either. And I just kinda loved her for it. We also get to see a whole lot of Mace in this book he was Kiro's son and Nan and Harlow's brother and I absolutely loved him. I really hope we get a whole book on Mace in the future because he really stole my heart.

And I have to say Guys that weak aren't the ones worth sticking around for. When a guy gets the attention of someone like you, he's supposed to understand his luck.

Not toss it away. He doesn't get it. Find a man that understands your worth.

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See, the first half of the book was kind of interesting because And truly I didn't think Grant deserved Harlow. Not at first. He had a lot of growing up to do and a lot of things to come to terms with before he could give his heart over. And the thing was that I understood and respected that.

Not everyone just takes a running leap and jumps into a relationship with their eyes closed. He had valid fears but they were ones that he needed to get over before I could respect him as someone worthy of Harlow. Not everyone just takes a running leap and jumps into a relationship with their eyes closed. He had valid fears but they were ones that he needed to get over before I could respect him as someone worthy of Harlow.

But I will say that while Grant did mess up a lot , I have to give that guy credit because he knew how to give a great apology. I mean, gosh -- it was hard not to forgive him. It really was. I kinda just had to. Maybe not. Maybe you never stood a chance to begin with. But is she worth trying? Having seen first hand how devastating the loss of a life could be, he was determined to do anything and everything to prevent himself from ever experiencing that loss. How could I live? I decided I never wanted to be that vulnerable.

I never wanted to love someone that much. I never wanted to face losing the one person that owns me. I'm not a bad guy. Deep down you know that.

I just made a very bad decision. The ending is a cliffhanger. Grant and Harlow's story is still unfinished.I stayed up WAY too late! Harlow and Grant were just getting that back. Aug 06, Aestas Book Blog rated it really liked it Before I get into the review, I just want to say that I strongly recommend reading all the other books in the series before reading this one. Not at all. But she had touched a place no one else had.

I'm all into cheating heroes and doormat heroine..