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Pocket Star Books. A Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. Avenue of the Americas. New York, NY This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters . of dark templar feet, and other worlds visited by the exiled protoss still occasionally hummed StarCraft Dark Templar trilogy, Firstborn and Shadow Hunters. Starcraft Dark Templar Shadow Hunters Starcraft Shadow Hunters Bk 2 Of 3 by Author. Read and Download Online Unlimited eBooks, PDF Book, Audio Book or .

Starcraft Shadow Hunters Pdf

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StarCraft and Blizzard Entertainment are trademarks and/or have kept the Starcraft flame alive. went on hunting parties to attack other tribes, the protoss . Starcraft: Dark Templar--Shadow Hunters pdf by C. Golden. Heavy protoss and the powerful enthusiasm for zeratul developed under attack by blizzard. To. Starcraft: Dark Templar--Shadow Hunters (Starcraft, Shadow Hunters, Bk. 2 of 3) [ Christie Golden] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

And don't even get me started on R. Reading these books have been the most enjoyable thing that i've done in recent memory, constantly wanting more, and finding myself quite sad after finishing them, simply because there's no more: The Dark Templar Saga blew all of that away and has easily become my favorite, which i didn't think would happen because it's a Protoss based story, and i only really like humans Terrans.

I must admit, after reading these i have developed a HUGE amount of sympathy, respect, grief, liking and admiration for the Protoss. And just in time for the Protoss based expansion, Legacy of the Void a coincidence, in truth.

Now, you might find this a bit ridiculous because it's a fantasy setting, but i've grown quite fond of and attached to this franchise and i look at it from a different perspective, i feel for it. Jun 23, Peter Dolezal rated it really liked it.

Very nice, if you are a fan of Protoss this is the book where you find everything about them. Feb 05, Aykut Elmas rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 30, Magyarvandor rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this book a great deal. It offers everything I exept from a lightweight sci-fi novel. The pace is perfect, as it resume the storyline at the point where 'Firstborn' had finished, you don't have to wait much for action.

The protagonist and the reader gets deeper and deeper insight into protoss history, through visions provided by the protoss preserver and by conversations with her. What I liked most about this book, was the convergence of history and present as a lethal menace emerged I enjoyed this book a great deal. What I liked most about this book, was the convergence of history and present as a lethal menace emerged from the past of the protos race.

Of course we musnt be bereft of the zerg and the Dominion chasing our archeologist with the protoss mind in his head. The end of Shadow Hunters is also great and makes you covet to read further. Sep 17, Sean Hall rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Rosemary , the main characters, run to escape from the Dominion. They fly to Auir, the Protoss home world which is now devastated by the swarms of the Zerg.

There they struggle to survive while they discover lost knowledge and secrets. I am always imagining things that have to do with science fiction and I felt 1 In this book, Jake and R. I am always imagining things that have to do with science fiction and I felt that imagination required for this book really fit in.

It related to a game that I really enjoy and it had the mystery and action that I desire.

StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga: Shadow Hunters

Sep 27, Filip rated it really liked it Shelves: Usually I'm skeptic about books based on video games, but this one was really nice. We learn more about Valerian, Ulrezaj and we get a bonus in the form of a story-within-a-story describing the origins and exile of the Dark Templar. We even get to learn more about Adun himself! I really enjoyed this read and I'm looking forward to the third part of the trilogy.

Feb 21, Andries van Wyk rated it liked it. After the first book in the series, I found this one a bit disappointing.

This was an intermediary book in all sense of the word, between the first book which was great and the obvious build up to an all epic fight in book three. I therefore feel, like many other trilogies, this whole book could have been a chapter in either the first or third book.

The pace was really slow for anything to happen and the promise of Zamara's secret gets annoying. I hope the third book makes up for this one.

StarCraft: The Dark Templar Saga: Shadow Hunters

Nov 26, Timothy rated it it was amazing. This volume returns us to one of the most iconic places in the entire Stracraft franchise: Featuring an enemy that could be compared to the Fallen One in the main series. Tying in with the main storyline of the game, some great insight is given in the lore of what the consequences for the falling out between the Khalai and the Nerazim might be.

Feb 13, Locked Out rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you havent read the first book of this series: I personally like the way Christie Golden is able to advance the plot line very smoothly and fluidly with the plot twists and unique characters that she has created in this series.

This book was very entertaining! Aug 06, Ellen rated it really liked it Shelves: I started this series because I wanted to learn more about protoss history, but by the time I finished book one, I was starting to care a lot about the characters in here, too.

Starcraft: Dark Templar--Shadow Hunters (Starcraft, Shadow Hunters, Bk. 2 of 3)

And I'm not sure why, but it seemed like there was a jump in writing quality between books one and two, as well. If you liked the first book in this series, book two should not disappoint. Nov 20, Zohaib Sharif rated it really liked it.

Very nicely picked up where he first left. Again I loved as it's based on a book and has a very interesting take on one of the alien races. Bringing together all the interesting and loved aspects and story lines of the game into the book was the most interesting part. Well done. Jun 03, Zadoy rated it it was amazing. Very good book I'd recomend it to anyone that is a fan of Starcraft or of sci fi in general. May 12, Mark Schebel rated it really liked it.

For a novel based around a video game, these are surprisingly good. Jul 05, Doug Robertson rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a fantastic sequel to The Dark Templar Saga.

The last third of this book was phenomenal. I can't wait to pick and start reading the finale. May 13, Jeshu rated it really liked it Shelves: It gets better As I've said before, this plot has great potential and it pays off. If you're able to pass the first installment and the first half of this book, of course. Mar 14, John rated it it was amazing. A great book. Sep 09, Alexander Damian rated it it was amazing. Sep 17, Scott Hall rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Whoever likes sci - fi or starcraft.

This is a really freaking good book, even better than the first, I couldn't put it down.

I can't wait for the next one to come out! Nov 14, Ivan Leong rated it liked it. A new Protoss villain is in town. But not that captivating either. Aug 14, Mark Cheng rated it really liked it Shelves: Where the highly developed race "protoss" memory keeper's memories went into the human potagonist's mind.

Feb 22, Wachlin Hotmail rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was part two in the Dark Templar series. It further explains the history of the protoss.

It was very exciting and leaves you wanting to read the third. Mar 27, Seokyong rated it really liked it Shelves: I can read about Protoss' history in this book.

This book, 2th of 3 Darktemplar saga, is story about Adun. I think it's more interesting than Firstborn. The order token is then returned to his pile of unused orders. Although he is free to place the order, he will need to build a Research and Development module in order to execute the order. They function exactly like their counterparts from the core game. Before adding the new building tokens, remove the following building tokens from the core game and store them in a safe place for any future uses of the core game.

Then add all plastic units into the appropriate factions components. It is important to note that the rules in this section should be used in their entirety, as many component types rely on each other to function correctly.

However, they also have some new features as described below. Note that although some of the new planet tiles represent space stations or asteroid fields, they are always collectively referred to as Planets.

One of the new planet tiles Moria is larger than any other planet. Although the five areas on this tile do not appear to be adjacent to each other, there are not any special movement rules for this planet. In other words, during a Mobilize order, a player may move or transport units to any areas on the planet tile.

Units may never enter, be built in, or occupy an area with icons that do not match their unit type. These areas represent indoor locations that only ground units may enter or occupy, or space and water locations that only flying units may enter or occupy. These areas are treated as normal areas in other respects. Installations and bases including Terran bases may never be constructed, move into, or be present in flying unit limit areas.

Example: Jim Raynor is building units on Avernus Station. He builds three marines, and may place them in any areas, except for those with flying unit limit icons.

These sheets include information about the new units as well as minor changes to the existing factions.

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It is important to note that the new Faction Sheets no longer include special victory conditions or starting units, as these now appear on Leadership cards see pages All of these tokens should replace those found in the base game. Note that the level II Protoss Robotics Bay should be added to the available Protoss buildings, even though it does not have a counterpart in the core game. These tokens follow all rules governing building tokens.

The only visible change is that some building levels now provide the ability to build more than one new type of unit. These simply follow the rule that if the unit image is visible, then the owner may build that type of unit.

These areas represent locations of military or tactical significance. When a player controls one of these areas, he may treat all order tokens that he executes on the same planet as if they were special order tokens. In addition, all special orders he executes on the planet are not placed in his special order pool, and are instead returned to his pile of unused order tokens. This allows a player to execute special orders on the planet without them counting towards the limit provided by his Research and Development modules.

Example: Jim Raynor controls the strategic area on Hydrax. During the Action Phase, he executes a normal build order on Hydrax. Since he controls a strategic area on the same planet he treats the order as a special gold order.

Therefore, his build limit is increased by one and he receives a discount of one resource from the order. Destroy one enemy installation in the area. Destroy all enemy workers in the area on the corresponding resource card.

Note that this ability is triggered immediately, even if the unit is later forced to retreat or withdraw from the area. Although each faction has the same three types of modules, the cost of the module found on the back of the token varies depending upon the race.

The player that used the mind control card takes the stolen plastic figure, and places one of his mind control tokens beneath it. While the token is present, he treats the figure as if it belongs to him. During battle, a mind controlled unit uses the top card from its original owners combat card deck.

The Siege Tank has sufficient strength to destroy the Zealot, which also triggers the splash damage on his card. The Zealot does not have sufficient strength to destroy the Siege Tank, but the Dark Archon had used a mind control reinforcement card, and steals takes control of the Siege Tank.

He places one of his mind control tokens under the Siege Tank to mark that it is under his control. The splash damage of the Siege Tanks combat card is then triggered, and the Protoss player chooses his Dark Archon to be destroyed. Each Protoss faction is limited to two mind controlled units at a time but may voluntarily destroy units under their control.

Hero units may not be mind controlled. A player may only switch a unit into the front-line of a skirmish if the opponents front-line unit has the ability to attack it.

Since the defending Protoss player has built a defensive module, he may then switch the Archon with the Zealot. The final skirmish match-ups are Archon vs.

Siege Tank, and Zealot vs.Nov 26, Timothy rated it it was amazing. A Celebration of Our Community. Units may never enter, be built in, or occupy an area with icons that do not match their unit type. This is the first Warcraft novel to appear in hardcover.

Seeking a vital piece of Protoss technology, Jake finds that Aiur has been overrun by the Zerg. Enlarge cover. In September of , fifteen years to the month, The Ravenloft Covenant: These tokens function exactly like their counterparts from the core game. Main article: