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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

SSC CGL Tier 2 will be conducted in online mode. Furthermore, the questions are objective (MCQs). It is the. SSC CGL Syllabus – SSC CGL Tier I, II, III, & IV Exam Pattern @ SSC CGL Syllabus Get New SSC CGL Exam Pattern and Syllabus Pdf here. SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination is Approaching; all the aspirants are in search of SSC CGL Syllabus Pdf. SSC CGL Syllabus - Get latest & Updated syllabus of SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam tier 1 and tier 2. Download Syllabus PDF.

Ssc Cgl Tier 2 Syllabus Pdf

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SSC CGL Syllabus Get latest SSC CGL syllabus for ssc cgl Tier 1 & Tier 2 exam & Prepare for SSC CGL Tier 2 exam. Download SSC CGL Preparation SSC 10+2 Tier-1 Exam. SSC CGL Syllabus Check Online SSC CGL Tier – I, Tier – II, Tier – III, Exam Pattern PDF from our Official Website.

SSC CGL Syllabus 2019 – SSC CGL Tier I, II, III, & IV Exam Pattern @

Sampling Theory — Concept of population and sample; Parameter and statistic, Sampling and non-sampling errors; Probability and non-probability sampling techniques simple random sampling, stratified sampling, multistage sampling, multiphase sampling, cluster sampling, systematic sampling, purposive sampling, convenience sampling and quota sampling ; Sampling distribution statement only ; Sample size decisions.

Statistical Inference — Point estimation and interval estimation, Properties of a good estimator, Methods of estimation Moments method, Maximum likelihood method, Least squares method , Testing of hypothesis, Basic concept of testing, Small sample and large sample tests, Tests based on Z, t, Chi-square and F statistic, Confidence intervals. Analysis of Variance — Analysis of one-way classified data and two-way classified data.

Time Series Analysis — Components of time series, Determinations of trend component by different methods, Measurement of seasonal variation by different methods. Fundamental principles and the basic concept of Accounting. Part B: Economics and Governance — marks 2.

Finance Commission-Role and functions. Basic Concept of Economics and introduction to Micro Economics Definition, scope and nature of Economics, Methods of economic study and Central problems of an economy and Production possibilities curve. Theory of Production and cost Meaning and Factors of production; Laws of production- Law of variable proportions 22 and Laws of returns to scale.

Forms of Market and price determination in different markets Various forms of markets-Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly ad Price determination in these markets.

Indian Economy Nature of the Indian Economy Role of different sectors-Role of Agriculture, Industry and Services-their problems and growth; National Income of India-Concepts of national income, Different methods of measuring national income Population -Its size, rate of growth and its implication on economic growth Poverty and unemployment- Absolute and relative poverty, types, causes and incidence of unemployment Infrastructure-Energy, Transportation, Communication.

Role of Information Technology in Governance.

Tier-III, has been introduced w. CGLE, The duration of the paper would be one hour 60 Minutes. This paper has been introduced to assess the writing skills of the candidates which are necessary for Government jobs.

The qualifying marks in Tier-III would be 33 per cent. The paper will have to be written either in Hindi or in English.

The part paper written in Hindi and Part in English will not be evaluated. Schedule and questionnaire. Collection of data and editing of data.

Statistical Investigation — Meaning and Planning of Investigation. Relation between roots and coefficients of a polynomial equation — Evaluation of symmetric function of roots of cubic and biquadratic equation.

Algebra of Matrices: Determinants, Simple properties of determinants, Multiplication of determinants of orders two and three, Singular and non-singular matrices. Inverse of a matrix, Rank of a matrix and application of matrices to the solution of linear equations in three unknowns.

SSC CGL Syllabus/Paper pattern {Tier-2} Exam* Latest

Convergence of sequences, and series, tests of convergence of series with positive terms, Ratio, Root and Gauss tests. Analytic Geometry: Straight lines, Circles, System of circles, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola in standard form and their elementary properties, Classification of curves second degree. Differential Equation: First order differential equation. Solution of Second and higher order linear differential equations with constant coefficients and simple applications.

Statistics: Frequency distributions, Measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis, Random variables and distribution function, Discrete distributions, Binomial and Poisson distribution, continuous distributions, Rectangular, Normal and Exponential distributions, Principles of least squares, correlation and regression, Random Sampling, random numbers, Sampling of attributes, Large Sample tests for mean and proportion, Tests of significance based on t, F and Chi-square distributions.

SSC CGL 2018 Exam Pattern:

Commerce Accountancy: Conceptual framework, Income measurement, Final accounts, Accounting for partnership firms, Hire-purchase accounting, Corporate accounting Issue, forfeiture and re-issue of shares.

Business Organization: Business objectives, Business environment, Business entrepreneurship including location, choice of form of business and growth strategies , Business operations including finance, production, marketing and human resource development.

Micro-economics: Price-mechanism, Theory of consumer behavior, Elasticity of demand, Production function, Theory of costs, Market structures, Price-determination under perfect competition and monopoly.

Indian Economics: Issues involved in planning for economic development, Sectoral analysis of Indian economy including agriculture, industry and foreign trade.

SSC CGL Syllabus 2018 PDF Download – Exam Pattern

Business Statistics: Analysis of Univariate data involving measurement of Central tendency and dispersion, correlation and regression analysis, index numbers, analysis of time-series, Theory of probability.

Company Law: Kinds of companies, matters involving incorporation of company, shares and share capital andmatters relating to issue and transfers of shares, members of a company, management of a company, meetings and resolutions, winding up of a company. Cost accounting: Procedures involved in cost accounting, marginal costing, cost-volume profit analysis, Budgetary control, Standard costing.Angles Subtended by Chords of A Circle I am too in a same position Public Finance — Nature.

Components of time series, Determinations of trend component by different methods, Measurement of seasonal variation by different methods. Converting of voice and speech.

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Fill in the Blanks 5. Smr Ebrahim. Furthermore, the questions are objective MCQs. Auditing: Meaning and objects of auditing, Types of audit, Audit process. M Bohari Rahman.