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Buy The Sleep Sense Program -- Proven Strategies For Teaching Your Child To Sleep Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Parenting & Relationships .. but mostly due to teeth coming in and he is able to put himself back to sleep with his lovie!. Looking for a PDF of The Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman? Great choice ! The Sleep Sense Program has already helped over 57, parents get their. Happy Parents. Why didn't we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib - and has been since pm. We are so pleased to get the evenings.

Sleep Sense Able Ebook

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Plus, you'll be able to check out success stories and case studies from other parents like you! Of course, if The Sleep Sense™ Program Downloadable eBook. Written by the authors of the bestseller Baby sense. Simple, sensible solutions to ensure you and your baby will get a good night's sleep by establishing healthy. Sleep Disorders in Children: Solutions for Baby Sleep & Child Sleep Problems; get baby sleeping peacefully. Baby Sleeping, Sleep Disorders in Children expert .

She is so much happier than she used to be! If anything, I feel like I was doing her a huge disservice in the past before sleeping training. But, what I was really doing was giving her what she needed in the moment, instead of teaching her how to take care of herself. But that said, I think the most important thing we can do for our children is teach them how to take care of themselves. Molly is an exclusively breastfed baby. Of course she eats solids at 9 months, but what I mean by that is that she only gets breast milk and does not get formula.

There was one week when she was around six months old that we tried sleep training and we actually thought it worked because she slept eight hours for a couple nights in a row! Boy were we wrong! The next week I believe Molly started getting teeth and so we stopped training and I went in to nurse her every few hours. Breaking Point Anyway after 8. One day in particular was especially rough. She was extremely fussy, barely napped, and was crying for no reason that I could identify.

I tried everything to calm her down and nothing would work. I was so stressed out and overtired by this point that I started crying. And not a little soft whimper. A full blown sobbing and even screaming. So not only was I not sleeping, but I had no breaks. So finally at 8. I learned two things from that experience.

So whether that person is a nanny or a family member or a friend, you need to speak up and ask for help when you need it. The second thing I learned was that we needed to sleep train Molly.

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Not having any good sleep for almost 9 months was really wearing me down. We decided to wait until Molly was nine months to sleep train. Not because we thought she needed to be older, you can actually sleep train way earlier and we tried to do it ourselves at 6 months.

But we were so busy from 8. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical at first. Only because I had read every article I could possibly find online about sleep training.

I thought I knew everything there was to know! But then former Bachelorette Jillian Harris told me a little bit about her experience with Weesleep and I was totally intrigued! Jillian had worked with Janey at Weesleep and she got Leo sleeping 12 hours a night!

I believe around five months old! Janey offered us a 15 minute consultation her team does free minute consultations btw so we jumped on the phone to discuss a possible plan for Molly.

During that phone conversation I knew Weesleep was the right fit for us! We decided to move forward with her for sleep training right away. She identified the problems in our sleep routine and sent us over a schedule.

The changes she made were so small but they made such a difference! However, I will say this. There were so many little one-off things that would happen in her schedule that we needed an answer to and Janey always had that answer!

And her suggestions always worked perfectly! Not even kidding. Because really, can you put a price on your sleep and emotional health? Having said that, I realize not everyone can put aside the money for a sleep coach.

So I hope some of what I share below helps my fellow sleep deprived parents out! So I thought I was doing the right thing by nursing Molly in the dark to get her nice and drowsy and then putting her down in her crib drowsy but awake This routine was completely wrong btw!

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I think the changes Janey made to our routine are the biggest things that helped us! This is what our routine is now: We feed Molly dinner almost 2 hours before bath time an hour after her 2nd to last nursing session of the day Give her a bath She officially graduated from her sink bath to the big girl bath.

Well not really.

We used this one in the winter. So many things that I read in the past told me I could nurse her to get her drowsy but still awake.


This is not the case! Well, after the program, he now sleeps through the night and naps in his crib! The program was not easy.. It was tough at times. If I thought it was damaging in any way, I would have pulled him out, but actually the opposite happened. He became happier. I highly recommend this program!

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We had tried so many different sleep arrangements for Evan over the months and years, winding up with a co-sleeping arrangement where it commonly took minutes for him to fall asleep while nursing.

He would wake times every night more when he was sick and always demanded to nurse back to sleep. He would often wake during the night or partway into his naps with night terror behavior, frantic and scared, sometimes violent. I am so appreciative of The Fussy Baby Site for support and ideas for families with high-needs little ones, and when Holly shared Sleep Sense with the community, putting her support behind the program, I decided this was our opportunity to try to get everyone sleeping….

This is a completely confidential, private Facebook group where you can come and ask questions, and get personal support from myself and other participants.Let's just say I have recommended this to every new mommy I know. But it's a great "at a glance" reference for everyone!

Plus, I'm not making all these bonuses available to the general public. My beautiful Georgia is finally getting the correct amount of sleep and she is so much happier now that she is well rested.

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful manual. The system I'm about to show you takes both your son's age months AND personality into account and lets YOU choose the approach that will work best for him!

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I mean, a newborn baby is a HECK of a lot different from a toddler Dana, I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift of sleep! We had tried so many different sleep arrangements for Evan over the months and years, winding up with a co-sleeping arrangement where it commonly took minutes for him to fall asleep while nursing. Now by 7pm it is ME time and I can not thank you enough.