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Simple Sikku Kolam Kolam Dots, Rangoli With Dots, Simple Rangoli, Rangoli .. Image result for kolam book Rangoli Designs With Dots, Rangoli Patterns. Image result for kolam book Kolam Dots, Rangoli With Dots, Simple Rangoli, .. My Kolam: Star Sikku kolam Free Hand Rangoli Design, Rangoli Designs With. Explore Kasthuri's board "sikku kolam" on Pinterest. See more ideas Image result for kolam book Small Rangoli, Flower Rangoli, Easy Rangoli, Kolam Rangoli.

Sikku Kolam Book

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Image result for kolam book Rangoli Borders, Rangoli Patterns, Rangoli Ideas, Kolam . I've made some animals and birds in sikku kolam in the simplest way. Sikku Kolam Collection1, Pinnal, Neli, Kambi kolangal Flower swastika sikku pinnal kolam[ Interlaced dots]-Click to enlarge · Flower swastika sikku pinnal . If possible need to check my collection from my mother's note book, she should be having this. She had collected many sikku kolams, hopefully.

In the dry- rice-flour method, first, a pinch of rice flour is picked by the thumb and held firmly against the forefinger. Then, the rice flour is dropped evenly by pushing the thumb lightly against the right forefinger, almost an inch above the floor.

A small cloth piece folded over or a paper towel is dipped into the liquid rice paste and placed between the thumb, the forefinger, and the middle finger and pressed until drops of wet white rice flour pours through the front end of the three fingers.

The challenge here is to ensure that the rice flour spreads evenly on the ground in a smooth, continuous, flowing manner so that the shapes appear smooth and evenly drawn.

Sikku Kolam Collection1, Pinnal, Neli, Kambi kolangal

Sometimes in a rush or due to space crunch, prepunched patterned stencils and rollers made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, or polyvinylchloride PVC are used to stamp complex designs. The pullis dots , straight line, circle, triangle and square, have a symbolic value in representing the basic energies of the universe.

For instance the popular six-pointed star represents the union of the male and the female, made of triangles in opposite direction. Basic geometrical shapes are combined and overlapped in increasing complex designs to represent particular forces or qualities embodied in some aspect of creation, evolution or dissolution.

Straight lines 2. Curved lines 3. The next neli kolam uses a five by five dot grid. One of the simplest neli or chikku kolam designs because the dot grid used is square and also because there more straight lines than most neli kolangal. The images show the completed design and an intermediate step.

The outer designs are similar to lamps. We can change them according to our imagination or can continue the kolam around the four outer dots too. One of the common kolam designs underr the pulli vecha kolam designs of Tamil Nadu. Probably because of the twisted nature of the kolam sikku kolam is also called neli kolam.

My father-in-law used to quote from literature - a rose by any other name smells as sweet. Similarly sikku or neli kolam they are unique in kolam patterns and are beautiful and challenging. Even the simplest designs can be challenging at least the first time.

My thoughts,My views.

The kolam below the first in this series. The dot pattern is with on either side of 7 dots. The first image shows the beginning of the kolam and the second image shows the continuation of the kolam.

Like any other dotted kolam there may be easier methods. This is quite a common neli kolam design and is found drawn at the entrance.

It can be drawn with parallel lines also. The next neli kolam is with a 5 by 5 dot grid with one dot at the centre outside the grid on all four sides.

Video sikku kolam book pdf

The images below show three steps to the final design. The first image shows upto a certain level of the kolam and the second image continuation. Though it is possible to decide how to draw this kolam by concentrating on the path taken by the lines - two images - thumbnails from the video taken for this kolam has been added.

This category or variety of kolam designs are used daily at the entrance. If she is not able to decide among the many designs she knows, she bends to draw a simple design.

The one below is one such design that is quite commonly used. The dot pattern used is 5 by 3 with one dot on either side.


This neli kolam design is also a very simple and straight forward kolam with 5 by 5 dot pattern. This can be drawn independently as a kolam at the entrance or can be a part of a kolam using these patterns at the corners called the kulam kolam pond kolam. Neli kolam are also called suzhi kolam. Suzhi means loop or ring. It may also mean zero.

Since neli kolam results in the formation of loops probably it is called so too.

Many smaller and symmetric sikku kolam or symmetric neli kolam can be combined repeatedly to form bigger kolam - the pond kolam is an example. Even the pond or kulam kolam can be made bigger and bigger depending upon the space and time available.

Such kolam can be drawn for the month of kolam - Margazhi. Neli kolam or sikku kolam are drawn frequently for daily kolam designs. The simplest of them with 3 , 4 or 5 dots can be drawn where space is a constraint. One such simple design with a 4 by 4 dot pattern with two images showing how the line curves in and out to get the final beautiful symmetrical design. Kolam borders can also be drawn using neli kolam aka chikku kolam patterns.

One example is shown through three images. Three rows of dots are placed. The number of dots in each row will be odd in number since the pattern repeats after , , and so on. Then draw the neli kolam patterns using up the dots in the upper and lower rows. Sikku kolam type borders This design has a dot pattern 7,7,5,3,1 as shown. The kolam is drawn around the dots. Start with the fourth dot at the bottom. The line connects this dot, the one at the top and the second and fourth dot in the third row.

The remaining dots are used to get symmetric patterns to the left and right of the centre. In case of doubt please visit Rangolisansdots - my YouTube channel to know the method. I have decorated the finished kolam with a lotus and lamps. During my recent visit to Karnataka, I was humbled to see simple yet beautiful kolam drawn at the entrance of many homes, big and small. It also made me very happy that this tradition is continuing to flourish in many parts of our country.

It has been drawn with a four by four dot pattern.

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These designs can be very challenging and so I have added a simple rangoli design. Also four lotus patterns have been added on four sides to get a different design.

More such designs are there in knotted rangoli designs. Password recovery. Recover your password.

Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account. Vinns Kolam. Home Dot Kolam Sikku Kolam — Dot Kolam Sikku kolam. Share on Facebook. Small One: Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!The gap between the kolam and border has been filled with some spiral motifs.

Light all the five faces of lamp as shown in the picture below. If the image is not clear, please refer the mantra I have shared below. This design has been drawn with a dot pattern as shown.

Such kolam can be drawn for the month of kolam - Margazhi. In olden days, kolams were drawn in coarse rice flour, so the ants would not have to walk too far or too long for a meal. Then place 4,3,2 and 1 dot on either side idukku pulli.

The final design is usually symmetrical when viewed from any direction. Kulam is pond in Tamil.

Kolam borders can also be drawn using neli kolam aka chikku kolam patterns.