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Get this from a library! Shreds of tenderness. [John Ruganda]. Sat, 10 Mar GMT shreds of tenderness by pdf -. Shreds of Tenderness is a heart-rending, masterfully crafted play which is replete with shocking. Shreds of Tenderness: John Ruganda: Books -

Shreds Of Tenderness Pdf

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(II) DRAMA- - SHREDS OF TENDERNESS. ANSWERS. 1. Write a composition showing the problems caused by war. Introduction. In Africa, most of those who. Posts about shreds of tenderness pdf written by African Literature. DISCOVERING THE MIND. A riveting drama, you will find the themes in this book interweaving your thoughts on the realities of present day.

Introduction It can either be general or contextualized. In Shreds of Tenderness by John Ruganda people actually take advantage of the political instability to either enrich themselves or engage in activities that benefit their greed for property or sexual desires such characters include; Katali Kawe, major General Ali, soldiers and Odie.

A stylistic study of John Ruganda’s Shreds of Tenderness

After Wak has gone to exile after the police have failed to arrest him, Odie takes advantage of his absence to inherit the family estate. While Wak is suffering as a refugee in a foreign country, Odie advertises in the orbituary column of the Argus paper that Wak is dead.

He then goes ahead to the lands office and changes everything to his name using corrupt means. This is to ensure that he disinherits from Wak all the property his father had bequeathed him.

He takes advantage of the restlessness in the country to achieve this. During this period of unrest, people like Katalikawe endears themselves to the military regime.

They use this opportunity to amass a lot of wealth. He never went beyond form four and he never used to perform well in class.

The work categorizes data according to the period of publication and identifies the overarching themes and the relationship between style and thematic development.

His use of imagery, allusion, characterization, folklore and satire is compared across both the earlier and the latter plays.

The general argument is that by using a variety of stylistic features, Ruganda appeals to the readers to find solutions to the problems he identifies. Chapter three deals with style and thematic development in the latter plays that is: It examines the way Ruganda develops his thematic concerns from one play to the next, and also examines the various stylistic choices that he makes in order to achieve this.

It particularly focuses on the way figurative language has been used to communicate the social and political evils in society, and the use of role-play, folklore and satire. Chapter four is a recap of the previous chapters. Kb Format: PDF Description: Masters Thesis.

Search Mak IR.And the drama ensues, with Stella suggesting B—for the Bible,earlier on she had suggested A-for Amen to which Odie refutes, and implores her to be imaginative for a change. If the forces that be are rounding up all SRB spies, so be it.

He takes advantage of the restlessness in the country to achieve this. Fill the blanks in the following sentences with the correct form of words with brackets.

The liberation war is upon our backs and you take time off to have a royal nap. After working for long i.

The mother loved and cared for all of them P. P 29 iii.