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Saimum Series is the best popuar thriller series of Bangladesh written by Abul Asad. Topics Saimum series, saimum pdf. Collection. Saimum Series 1- 54 [full Package]. Name of the writer: Abul Asad; Category of the book: Saimum Series; Publisher: Sheba Prokasoni; First. Download Saimum Series Bangla books of Abul Asad in pdf file and Read Operation Telabib, Part -1(Saimum Series-1). Other Books of.

Saimum Series Pdf Book

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Download Abul Asad Books, Saimum Series Bangla books of Abul Asad in pdf file and Read Bolkaner Kanna by Abul Asad (Saimum Series. Saimum Series (Bengali: সাইমুম সিরিজ) written by Abul Asad is a popular novel series of Bangladesh. In fact, all the books of Saimum Series are published from Bangla Shahitta Parishad. . "Download Saimum Series eBook 1 - 53" (PDF ). Book Name: Daniyuber Deshe By Abul Asad (Saimum Series 11) - PDF Download বাংলা বই: দানিয়ুবের দেশে - আবুল আসাদ (সাইমুম - ১১) Boo.

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Saimum is an organization working for oppressed people and against the imperialistic power. Ahmad Musa is also a preacher of Islam, the religion of peace.

Pamirer Artonad by Abul Asad (Saimum Series - 4)

He believes in his Creator Allah and always does his best to fulfil the responsibility that Allah has given him. Most of the times he risks his life in order to carry out this immense duty. Some of his great contributions are:. He is still working for them. Ahmad Musa was first engaged to Fatima Farhana , an Uzbek girl. But unfortunately he was kidnapped a night before their wedding, and Farhana was woefully murdered by his kidnappers.

A few months later, he got married to Maily Guly , who had been an actress of Central-Asia.

She was from a Muslim Uyghur background; her name was originally Amina Guly. She returned to her faith when she met Ahmad Musa.

After their marriage, the same day, Ahmad Musa went on to another mission. Ahmad Musa learned about his wife, Amina, is missing or she had been abducted. He fulfilled his mission in Spain and finally met Amina in his captured condition.

The intention of the enemies was to kill Ahmad Musa. Amina was martyred saving Ahmad Musa. Later he was married to Maria Josephine , a princess of the prominent Bourbon family, who is also an heir to the French Louise Family.

Operation Telabib-2 by Abul Asad (Saimum Series-2)

Maria converted to Islam after getting mesmerized by the essence of this religion. They had a son named Ahmad Abdullah.

Maria Josephine and Ahmad Abdullah were about to be kidnapped in America, but the FBI averted the kidnappers' plans from being successful. She had also converted to Islam by getting engrossed in it. Sara unconsciously fell in love with Ahmad Musa when he was doing a mission in America. She also significantly helped Ahmad Musa during his mission in Turkey.

When the alliance of Ahmad and Sara arose, Ahmad Musa at first hesitated to marry her. But later, when Maria Josephine expressed her disappointments for not doing any justice to Sara Jefferson and made it coherent to him that Islam allows a second marriage with certain conditions, Ahmad Musa agreed and wedded her. He went to Caucasus to stop Muslims being murdered by a Christian psychological militant gathering. He went to France to stop Muslim Structures being devastated. He battled against a psychological oppressor amass called ' Black Cross'.

He uncovered an extraordinary intrigue of wiping out Muslims from Africa. He went to Russia to stop an incredible scheme identified with Czar. He went to a little Island in North America called 'Turks' to stop Muslims being murdered by a psychological militant gathering.

He uncovered an incredible intrigue of Arial Sharon, the coordinator of a mystery fear based oppressor association in the USA. He unraveled the secret of hijacking 7 renowned criminologists of 'Sputnik', a well known investigator cultivate in Europe.

At that point he unraveled the riddle of obliterating World Trade Center.

He halted intrigue of wiping out Muslims from Surinam, a nation of South America. He went to Andaman, a little island of India to spare Muslims from being devastated. He likewise went to Thailand, Armenia, Germany, Polynesian Islands to spare the abused individuals and he is as yet working for them.

He was at first drawn in to Fatima Farhana, yet she kicked the bucket by shooting. At that point he was hitched to Maily Guly, who additionally kicked the bucket by shooting to spare Ahmad Musa from being murdered.

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At that point he was hitched to Maria Josephine, a beneficiary to the French Luis family. They had a youngster named Ahmad Abdullah.

Bangla pdf is so difficult to find out. And also the view experience of pdf is matter. Various website gives download permission but those link are not working. So in this article you also get the working download link.

If you get any problem in downloading then leave a comment bellow. Ji vhai ekdom thik bolcen.. Ami nijei ei boi gular khub boro fan..

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