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Book 1 - Mar K [ ] Book 2 - Silverthorn..> Mar K [ ] Book 3 - A Darkness..> Mar K. RAYMOND E. FEIST Silverthorn Book Two of the Riftwar Saga By The Same Author Magician Silverthorn A Darkness at Sethanon Faerie Tale Prince of the. This is especially true if the book was his first effort, judged successful by most standards, and continuously in print for a decade. Magician, the first novel in what became known as The Riftwar Saga, was a book that quickly took on a life of its own. RAYMOND E. FEIST San Diego.

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This ebook contains the entire trilogy The Riftwar Saga by bestselling author Raymond E. Feist, master of magic and ebook. This ebook contains the entire trilogy The Riftwar Saga by bestselling author Raymond E. Feist, master of magic and adventure. The ebook includes Magician, . Adobe EPUB eBook format information for several titles that are available in Adobe EPUB eBook format. The Riftwar Saga TV Adaptation Press Release.

Stands of small trees were scattered over the landscape, and Pug regretted there wasn't more substantial shelter nearby, for there was none upon the bluffs.

He would be no wetter for trudging to town than for staying under a tree. The wind picked up, and Pug felt the first cold bite against his wet back. He shivered and hurried his pace as well as he could. The small trees started to bend before the wind, and Pug felt as if a great hand were pushing at his back. Reaching the road, he turned north. He heard the eerie sound of the great forest off to the east, the wind whistling through the branches of the ancient oaks, adding to its already foreboding aspect.

The dark glades of the forest were probably no more perilous than the King's road, but remembered tales of outlaws and other, less human, malefactors stirred the hairs on the boy's neck. Cutting across the King's road, Pug gained a little shelter in the gully that ran alongside it.

The wind intensified and rain stung his eyes, bringing tears to already wet cheeks. A gust caught him, and he stumbled off balance for a moment. Water was gathering in the roadside gully, and he had to step carefully to keep from losing his footing in unexpectedly deep puddles. For nearly an hour he made his way through the ever growing storm.

The road turned northwest, bringing him almost full face into the howling wind.

Pug leaned into the wind, his shirt whipping out behind him. He swallowed hard, to force down the choking panic rising within him. He knew he was in danger now, for the storm was gaining in fury far beyond normal for this time of year.

Great ragged bolts of lightning lit the dark landscape, briefly outlining the trees and road in harsh, brilliant white and opaque black. The dazzling afterimages, black and white reversed, stayed with him for a moment each time, confusing his senses. Enormous thunder peals sounding overhead felt like physical blows. Now his fear of the storm outweighed his fear of imagined brigands and goblins.

He decided to walk among the trees near the road; the wind would be lessened somewhat by the boles of the oaks. As Pug closed upon the forest, a crashing sound brought him to a halt. In the gloom of the storm he could barely make out the form of a black forest boar as it burst out of the undergrowth.

The pig tumbled from the brush, lost its footing, then scrambled to its feet a few yards away. Pug could see it clearly as it stood there regarding him, swinging its head from side to side. Two large tusks seemed to glow in the dim light as they dripped rainwater.

Fear made its eyes wide, and it pawed at the ground. The forest pigs were bad-tempered at best, but normally avoided humans.

This one was panic-stricken by the storm, and Pug knew if it charged he could be badly gored, even killed. Standing stock-still, Pug made ready to swing his staff, but hoped the pig would return to the woods.

The boar's head raised, testing the boy's smell on the wind. Its pink eyes seemed to glow as it trembled with indecision. A sound made it turn toward the trees for a moment, then it dropped its head and charged. Pug swung his staff, bringing it down in a glancing blow to the side of the pig's head, turning it. The pig slid sideways in the muddy footing, hitting Pug in the legs.

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He went down as the pig slipped past. Lying on the ground, Pug saw the boar skitter about as it turned to charge again. Suddenly the pig was upon him, and Pug had no time to stand.

He thrust the staff before him in a vain attempt to turn the animal again. The boar dodged the staff and Pug tried to roll away, but a weight fell across his body. Pug covered his face with his hands, keeping his arms close to his chest, expecting to be gored.

After a moment he realized the pig was still. Uncovering his face, he discovered the pig lying across his lower legs, a black-feathered, cloth-yard arrow protruding from its side. Pug looked toward the forest. A man garbed in brown leather was standing near the edge of the trees, quickly wrapping a yeoman's longbow with an oilcloth cover.

Once the valuable weapon was protected from further abuse by the weather, the man crossed to stand over the boy and beast. He was cloaked and hooded, his face hidden.

He knelt next to Pug and shouted over the sound of the wind, "Are you 'right, boy?

His right side smarted, and his legs felt equally bruised. With his ankle still tender, he was feeling ill-used today, but nothing seemed broken or permanently damaged. Large, meaty hands lifted him to his feet. Pug took them while the stranger quickly gutted the boar with a large hunter's knife.

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He completed his work and turned to Pug. You had best lodge with my master and me. It's not far, but we'd best hurry. This storm'll get worse afore it's over. Can you walk?

Without a word the man shouldered the pig and took his bow. He set off at a brisk pace, which Pug had to scramble to match. The forest cut the fury of the storm so little that conversation was impossible. A lightning flash lit the scene for a moment, and Pug caught a glimpse of the man's face.

Pug tried to remember if he had seen the stranger before. He had the look common to the hunters and foresters that lived in the forest of Crydee: He had dark hair and beard and the raw, weather-beaten appearance of one who spends most of his time outdoors.

For a few fanciful moments the boy wondered if he might be some member of an outlaw band, hiding in the heart of the forest. He gave up the notion, for no outlaw would trouble himself with an obviously penniless keep boy.

Remembering the man had mentioned having a master, Pug suspected he was a franklin, one who lived on the estate of a landholder. He would be in the holder's service, but not bound to him as a bondsman. The franklins were freeborn, giving a share of crop or herd in exchange for the use of land. Get the ePlatform app for iOS or Android.

Raymond E. Feist was born and raised in Southern California. He is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Riftwar saga among other books. The whole of the magnificent Riftwar Cycle by bestselling author Raymond E. Feist, master of magic and adventure, now available in ebook As Prince Arutha and his companions rally their forces for the final battle with an ancient and mysterious evil, the dread necromancer Marcos the Black has once again unleashed his dark sorcerery.

Now the fate of two worlds will be decided in a titanic struggle beneath the walls of Sethanon, as the link between Kelewan and Midkemia is revived. A Darkness at Sethanon concludes Raymond E. Duke Borric's company reached the city of Bordon, where they took ship for Krondor, capital of the Western Realm of the Kingdom. They were driven by a storm to Sorcerer's Isle, home of the legendary Macros the Black.

There Pug met a mysterious hermit, discovered later to be Macros. He hints they shall meet again, but warns them not to seek him out. In Krondor, Prince Erland, the King's uncle and heir apparent, instructed the Duke to continue on to Rillanon, capital of the Kingdom, to see the King. In Rillanon, Duke Borric discovered the King to be a man of vision, also a man of doubtful sanity, given to outbursts of temper and rambling discourse.

Duke Caldric of Rillanon, Borric's uncle by marriage, warned that the burden of repelling the Tsurani, should they come, would fall to the western lords. The King distrusted the Prince of Krondor, dreaming of plots against the crown, and was even leery of Borric, who followed after Erland in the succession.

He refused to allow the Armies of the East to leave the Eastern Realm. Then came the Tsurani invasion, and Rodric put aside his suspicions, giving Borric command of the Armies of the West.

Borric and his companions rushed westward as the Riftwar began. During the early part of the war, a raid into Tsurani-held territory was mounted, and Pug was captured. Tomas was with Dolgan's force of dwarves, among the first to resist the invaders. Something alien had manifested itself in Tomas's armour, and while wearing it he became a warrior of awesome power.

Haunted by strange visions, he was slowly changing in appearance.

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In a frantic battle in the dwarven mines, the Tsurani forced Tomas and Dolgan's company to flee into the forests. Having no safe haven, the dwarves struck out for Elvandar, home of the elves, seeking to ally themselves with the elves. Reaching the court of the Elf Queen, they were made welcome. Something in Tomas's appearance caused the old elven Spellweavers to be fearful, though they would not speak of it.

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Lyam left Crydee to join his father, and Swordmaster Fannon assumed command of the castle, with Arutha his second-in-command. Carline grieved over Pug's loss and turned to Roland for comfort. The Tsurani raided Crydee, using a captured ship; during the battle, Arutha rescued Amos Trask, the ship's captain, a former pirate.

The Tsurani besieged Crydee and were repulsed many times. During a battle, Swordmaster Fannon was wounded and Arutha assumed command. After a terrible underground battle between Arutha's men and Tsurani sappers, Arutha ordered the garrisons surrounding Crydee to coordinate for a final battle against the Tsurani.

But before that battle could commence, the Tsurani commander, Kasumi of the Shinzawai, received orders to return home with his command. Four years passed, and Pug was working as a slave in a swamp camp on Kelewan, the Tsurani homeworld, with a newcomer, Laurie of Tyr-Sog, a minstrel. After trouble with the camp overseer they were taken by Hokanu, younger son of the Shinzawai, to his father's estate.

They were ordered to train Kasumi in every aspect of Kingdom culture and language. There Pug also met a slave girl, Katala, with whom he fell in love. The brother of the Lord of the Shinzawai, Kamatsu, was one of the Great Ones, magicians of power, beings who were a law unto themselves.

He claimed Pug for the Assembly, the brotherhood of magicians, and they vanished from the Shinzawai estate. Tomas by then had grown to a figure of stunning power, made so by his ancient armour, once worn by a Valheru - a Dragon Lord - one of the legendary first people of Midkemia, masters of all.

Little was known about them save that they were cruel and powerful and had kept the elves and moredhel as slaves. Aglaranna, her son, Calin, and Tathar, her senior adviser, feared that Tomas was being consumed by the power of Ashen-Shugar, the ancient Dragon Lord whose armour he wore.

They feared an attempt at a return of Valheru domination. Aglaranna was doubly troubled, for besides fearing Tomas, she was falling in love with him. The Tsurani invaded Elvandar and were driven back by Tomas and Dolgan's forces, aided by the mysterious Macros the Black.

After the battle, Aglaranna admitted her feelings to Tomas and took him as her lover, thereby losing her power to command him. Pug was cleansed of his memory by the teachers of the Assembly and after four years of training became a magician. He learned he was a gifted follower of the Greater Path, a magic nonexistent upon Midkemia. Kulgan was a Lesser Path magician, so he had been unable to teach Pug. Pug was given the name Milamber when he became a Great One.

His teacher, Shimone, watched as Milamber passed the final test, standing upon a thin spire at the height of a storm while the history of the Empire of Tsuranuanni was revealed to him. There he was steeped in the first duty of a Great One, to serve the Empire. Pug met his first friend in the Assembly. Hochopepa, a shrewd magician who instructed Pug in the pitfalls of Tsurani politics.

By the ninth year of the war, Arutha feared they were losing the struggle, then learned from a captive slave that new troops were arriving from Kelewan. During the journey, Amos discovered Martin's secret, that he was Lord Borric's bastard. Martin made Amos swear never to reveal the secret until Martin allowed it.

Guy was clearly embarked on some plan to gain the crown for himself. Arutha then ran afoul of Jocko Radburn, Guy's henchman and head of the secret police, who chased Arutha, Martin, and Amos into the arms of the Mockers, the thieves of Krondor. There they met Jimmy the Hand, a boy thief; Trevor Hull, a former pirate turned smuggler; and his first mate, Aaron Cook.

The Mockers were hiding Princess Anita, who had fled the palace. Jocko Radburn was furiously trying to recapture Anita before Guy du Bas-Tyra returned from a border skirmish with the neighbouring Empire of Great Kesh. With the Mockers' help, Arutha, his companions, and Anita fled the city. During a sea chase, Amos lured Radburn's ship onto the rocks and the head of the secret police drowned. Upon returning to Crydee, Arutha learned that Squire Roland had been killed in a skirmish.

By then Arutha was in love with Anita, though he would not admit as much to himself, counting her too young.

Pug, now Milamber, returned to the Shinzawai estate to claim Katala, and discovered he was a father. His son, William, had been born during his absence.Pug was cleansed of his memory by the teachers of the Assembly and after four years of training became a magician.

Pug looked toward the forest. Covers 10 books with at least 2 more planned; omnibus editions are available. With his ankle still tender, he was feeling ill-used today, but nothing seemed broken or permanently damaged. The boar dodged the staff and Pug tried to roll away, but a weight fell across his body.