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Rendezvous With Rama Epub

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13 (SS) Inheritance No. 14 (N) Rendezvous With Rama No. 15 (SS) Silence Please No. 16 (SS) Superiority No. 17 (N) Fountains Of Paradise. Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke, , Ballantine edition. In the year , a mysterious and apparently untenanted alien spaceship, Rama, enters our solar system. The first product of an alien civilisation to be.

Rama Revisited

This sequel was written more than 15 years later in collaboration with a different author: Gentry Lee. From what I've gathered, I think it's safe to say that Clarke provided some ideas for this sequel, while Lee is the one who actually wrote the book.

Enormous stylistic shift from the first book.

This book was much longer more than twice as long and much more descriptive than the first book. The structure itself was much more meandering, and non-linear. Now I don't mean to say that Gentry's writing is unpleasant.

Honestly, his style is much more like mine than Clarke's is. So I can't throw stones.

Gewinnspiel: Auf zum Eisernen Thron nach Kroatien

Huge shift in tone. In the first book, Clark tells a story of humanity coming together and working against incredible odds to investigate a mystery.

And by extension, improve the sum total of human knowledge. The story was optimistic and full of heroes. There are a few people that stand up to them… but that leads to an entirely different kind of story.

The other huge change in character deals with the cleverness of the characters.

Rendezvous with Rama

In the first book, the characters are really clever. When investigating the alien ship, the Astronauts move with great deliberation and forethought. They treat the alien ship with reverence, and are careful… well… not to be total dickbags when interacting with the ship. For example, when investigating the ship, they talk about cutting through walls so they can see the inner working of the ship or the contents of some of the structures….

Huge focal shift from the first book. The first book of the series was focused primarily on the ship itself.

There were was some backstory to the world, and there was some information on the characters, too. But all of that was in service to the center of the story, which was about the aliens and the mystery of their ship.

The sequel focuses on the characters themselves. There are twice as many, and nearly every character is a POV character at some point. And they all have backstories.

And flashbacks. And ulterior motives that have nothing to do with unraveling the mystery of the ship. Character stuff is my bread and butter. But that's not why I started reading this book. I started reading this book for answers to the mysteries that were brought up in the first book.

But honestly? This book kinda didn't give a shit about the previously established mysteries at all.

And if you think I'm just being pissy, consider this: The original Rama was pages long. But in this second book, the crew doesn't even get to the ship until page or so.

But ultimately, here's the real dealbreaker for me It turns out Clarke wrote Rendezvous with Rama as a stand-alone novel. He mentioned this in his introduction. And when I read that piece of information, my initial reaction was genuine anger and disgust.

As the opening to a three-part series that slowly unravels mysteries about a spaceship s and the alien race that created it, Rendezvous with Rama was a great book. But man, if you want to read a gripping, haunting story about the first human exploration of a space probe or something from an extraterrestrial civilization -- and if you want to watch the exploration process unfold and feel as though you're participating in the discovery yourself -- then this is a book for you.

This is what Clarke does best: when you read a story through his eyes, you're looking outward at the objects of scientific investigation, and helping yourself to a chunk of the intellectual wonder and joy that goes with such investigation.

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The excitement here is the excitement of hard science, not of character development. If that's what you want, you'll probably love this book.

By John S. Ryan Briefly; a very large cylinder appears in our solar system and an expedition is sent out to investigate what obviously is an extraterrestrial object.

They are able to enter the cylinder and watch it slowly "wake up" from the inside. The alien technology they encounter is highly advanced and awe inspiring but still possible to understand. The story develops in a fairly slow pace, but it is full of suspense and mystery. The discoveries that the astronauts make are so fantastic and described with such lucid imagination that all I could feel while reading this book was anticipation and awe.

Furthermore, the more the astronauts explore and discover the deeper the mysteries seem to grow. One thing I really like about Arthur C. Clarke is that his descriptions are scientifically plausible and still very imaginative. I highly recommend this Sci-Fi novel.Contents [hide]. Add another edition? May 6, Need help? As usual, the science is spot on.

Do not forget to read this Free [Rendezvous with Rama] By: This sequel was written more than 15 years later in collaboration with a different author: Gentry Lee.

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