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Punjab TET Exam Syllabus Pdf Free Download is here. Punjab State Teacher Eligibility Test Exam Pattern, New PSTET Syllabus, Papers. Check Punjab TET. Do you know the changes in PSTET Syllabus ? Download Punjab TET Exam Pattern & Syllabus of Paper I/II in PDF through this page. Punjab TET Syllabus PSTET Exam (Paper I, II) Syllabus Online PDF. Punjab TET in pdf. UPTET Solved Questions Papers for

Pstet 2016 Syllabus Pdf

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tet syllabus ptet notes. Pstet Previous Papers Punjab Tet Syllabus Ptet Notes Download Punjab TET Syllabus for both Paper I and II in PDF Form Here. , , and ) are available here for download in PDF format. PSTET Syllabus Punjab TET Previous Year Question Papers PDF Download. Published by Shaik Imthiyaz Ahmed, in India — November. Download PDF: IESO official Syllabus. The International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO): goals, objectives and syllabus. Commission members: Nir Orion (Israel.

March 8, at 9: March 8, at 3: Plz send me sir last year question paper of mathematics of master cadre…. March 9, at 6: Mandeep kaur. March 9, at Randeep Kaur. March 11, at 3: March 17, at 8: March 20, at April 3, at 7: April 16, at 4: Rawinder Kaur. April 19, at 7: April 19, at 8: April 19, at Talvinder singh.

April 27, at 2: The matter passes in and between the different Earth systems: The rock system rock and ground — Lithosphere; The air system — Atmosphere; The water system — Hydrosphere; And the biological system — Biosphere.

There is reciprocity among the different Earth systems. For instance, erosion of rocks and the formation of soil are largely affected by the components of the Biosphere system like plants, fungi, worms and germs. The formation of part of the residual rocks is tightly linked with biosphere processes. As a result, the sequence of rock layers has evidence to evolutionist processes including mass extinction that took place in the Biosphere, at the same time there were changes on Earth along the time line.

The changes in the Geo-sphere create a chain reaction in all the Earth systems, which may affect evolutionist processes in the Biosphere system.

The movement of plates expresses movement of matter and energy in Earth. These geosphere phenomena have great influence on men and the rest of the biosphere system. The ability to identify the following igneous and metamorphic rocks: The ability to identify the following igneous and metamorphic minerals: Quartz, orthoclase, plagioclase, biotite, muscovite, garnet.

The ability to identify rock structures such as porphyr, pegmatite, tuff, scoria, obsidian, lineation, and foliation. The ability to identify in the field igneous bodies like a volcano, lava flow, dyke, sil. The ability to identify the following sedimentary rocks: The ability to define the following minerals: The ability to identify in the field structures like layering, graded bedding, cross bedding, ripple marks, discontinuity planes.

The ability to identify in the field folding and faulting structures and to analyze the stress field that influenced the rocks direction of pressing and stretching. The ability to identify fossils and various forms of fossilization. Making schematic cross sections along the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Making a schematic cross section through the earth from the surface till the core. There is a direct link between the geosphere and the hydrosphere systems.

The water composition and availability are direct products of the rock composition and the geological structure and many geological processes are conducting through the hydrosphere media. The soil composition and the rate of the seeping of the water influence many factors in the Biosphere system starting with floods following by amounts and kinds of vegetation and all the way to the availability of water to all living creatures, humans included.

Atmospheric phenomena and processes have influence on water dispersal and the frequency of precipitation. The amount of water available for human consumption is limited. Uncontrolled actions can cause an irreversible damage In relation with biosphere time and the pace of the adaptation of the biological world to this change to water resources and a drastic decrease in the amount of water available in a certain area in human life span.

The composition of oceans water and their physiographic structure are the immediate product of the reciprocity with the geospheric system. Oceanic origin catastrophic events like tsunami and hurricanes are the results of interactions among the earth systems. The ability to identify and characterize the hydrosphere system as intertwined in the earth systems.

The ability to identify environmental problems and to suggest solutions based on the understanding of the hydrosphere system. Understating the mutual connections among the oceans, the Lithosphere, the Hydrosphere, the Atmosphere and the Biosphere. The ability of systemic thinking in regard with the oceanic system in context with all Earth systems.

The radiation from the sun causes warming of all of Earth systems, but the rate of absorbing and radiation of heat in rocks Geosphere , water Hydrosphere and air Atmosphere varies from one to the other.

This phenomenon creates, at the end of a complex process, local and global flow systems in the Atmosphere wind and oceans. The composition of the primary atmosphere of earth was mainly the result of gasses that were emitted by volcanoes.

According to the passage legal duty is A More important than moral duty B Less important than moral duty C More effective than moral duty D Less effective than moral duty 3. Which of the following statements is not correct according to the passage?

A Hypocrisy involves wickedness B Hypocrisy is opposed to duty C Duty involves sincerity D Sense of duty is not important for the development of civilization 5. Which of the following moral duties has not been mentioned in the passage? A Moral duty towards our motherland B Moral duty towards our parents C Moral duty towards the poor D Moral duty to contribute to the welfare of humanity 6.

15. A teacher has serious defect is he/she

Which of the following is not related to moral duty? Why is it a duty to help the poor? Why should I be obedient and respectful to my parents? Identify the missing member from the given alternatives. A B C D First is the primary one, followed by four; out of which one is different from the rest. Identify this odd member. Which pair is different in some way from others in the following pairs? First is a reference figure.

Among the answer figures one figure does not belong to the class to which the first figure belongs. Identify this odd figure. Directions Q. Assuming that the two given statements are true however absurd they may be decide which of the two conclusions follows strictly from the given statements. Select the most appropriate alternative. All men are chairs. All animals are chairs Conclusions : I. All men are animals. No animal is a man. Buckets are means of transport.

Stairs are means of transport. Conclusions : I. Buckets are stairs. Some stairs are buckets. No bird has wings. All birds are rational.

Some rationals have wings. Wingless are birds. All philosophers are rational people. Some rational people are happy. Some happy people are philosophers. Some happy people are rational.

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Which is the odd term in the following list? D In all the rest the first is used to fill the second. A All the rest are consonants alike J while A is vowel. B All the rest are perfect squares. B In all the rest the lower designs are the mirror image of the upper designs. D In all the rest, the st.

Syllabus for Odisha Secondary School Teacher Eligibility Test (OSSTET)

B In all the rest both the leaves are not joined at one place. C All the rest have thirty days each. Ranade D Bal Gangadhar Tilak Ranade Who is considered the Guardian of public purse? Where is Nandapa Wild-life Sanctuary? Which of the following committees on education is considered as the Magna Carta of English Education in India? Who saidPatriotisim is religion and religion is love for India?

Which of the following is known as morning star? Which of the following matchings is wrong?

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Ranade D Bal Gangadhar Tilak 2. Ranade 3. What would be your approach if a student interrupts in your class?

A You will ask him to leave the class B You will ask him to behave properly C You will assess his reasons to do the same D You will give him extra home-work How would you prefer to address a student who has not completed his home-work? A When are you going to complete it?

B You did not do it. Try it C Why did you not complete it? D You better ignore it now The test items in language II will also focus on the elements of language, communication and comprehension abilities.

Question papers are available for years ,,,, and with answer. A teacher can motivate the students by A giving suitable prizes B giving proper guidance C giving examples D delivering speech in class The idea of Basic Education is propounded by A Dr.

March 7, at 4: Resources for Teachers and Students Teacher's Kit: Integrating immunization education into the Grade 6 curriculum Provides teachers with resources and ideas organized by curriculum subject matter that may be used to prepare Grade 6 students with their poster contest entries.

The National Runner-up will receive an Instax Mini 9 camera and film, a science kit, books, and art materials.