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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

In the Line of Fire: A Memoir is a book that was written by former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf and first published on September 25, The book . Looking for a book by Pervez Musharraf? Pervez Musharraf wrote In the Line of Fire: A Memoir, which can be purchased at a lower price at In the Line of Fire book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. According to Time magazine, Pakistan's President Pervez Mush.

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Uploaded by: ELWANDA In the Line of Fire: A Memoir (): Pervez Musharraf: Books. Pervez Musharraf's life has mirrored that of his country, ever since Pakistan's FIRE Map of Pakistan IN THE LINE OF FIRE A MEMOIR PERVEZ MUSHARRAF A Bath I dedicate this book to the people of Pakistan— those who toil, sacrifice, . Pervez Musharraf's biography, bibliography, list of books, with the current titles, summaries, covers, excerpts, author notes, and availability.

On restoration of Constitution, he was administered fresh oath of office of President on 31st October President Musharraf, the second of three brothers, was born in Delhi on 11th August, He spent his early childhood in Ankara, Turkey, where his father was posted on a diplomatic assignment from to He was quick to pick up Turkish language during his stay and developed fluency in a very short time.

Upon his return to Pakistan, he pursued his education at St. From his college years, he has retained his keen interest in water sports such as canoeing and sailing. He also spends his leisure time playing squash, tennis and golf.

An avid reader, General Musharraf is particularly well versed in military history-his favorite subject. President Musharraf was commissioned in an artillery regiment in A graduate of Command and Staff College, Quetta, and the National Defense College, Rawalpindi, he, later in his career, returned to these internationally recognized premier military institutions to serve as a faculty member.

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From the very start of an illustrious military career, General Musharraf excelled in his assignments. He received official recognition for valour and bravery in action during the war.

On promotion to the rank of major general in January , he was given the command of an infantry division and later of a prestigious strike corps as lieutenant general in President Musharraf envisions Pakistan as a modern and moderate Islamic state.

He considers people of Pakistan as the most precious asset and, therefore, has always accorded special focus to human resource development in the country.

A man who loves peace, he has shown his predisposition to dialogue over confrontation and finding just solutions to international disputes in accordance with UN resolutions. He married Sehba Farid, on 27th December, They have two children, a son and a daughter, both now married and settled in their respective lives. General and Mrs. Musharraf are grandparents by virtue of their grand daughters, Maryam and Zainab, from daughter, Ayla. Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif announced sending a formal request or joint charge sheet that he step down, and impeach him through parliamentary process upon refusal.

General Pervez Musharraf

If they use their right to oust me, I have the right to defend myself. A senior coalition official told Reuters: "Yes, we have agreed in principle to impeach him. The government summoned the national assembly, or lower house of parliament, to sit on 11 August. It is speculated that Pervez Musharraf would have had to face corruption and even murder charges if he had kept refusing a graceful exit from the president house. On Monday, 18 August , in a speech defending his record, Musharraf announced that he had resigned.

A Memoir is a book that was written by former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf and first published on September 25, The book contains a collection of Musharraf's memories and is being marketed as his official autobiography. The book consists topics regarding Musharraf's personal life to the international and national issues and his rise to power. He writes about his childhood, education and life.

The memoir also includes some very important international events which had direct connection with Musharraf and his policies. Besides these he writes about his life in Pakistan Army and the major assassination attempts on him. Musharraf writes in his memoir about the wars that took place between the two rival countries after independence, namely Indo-Pakistani War of , Indo-Pakistani War of and Kargil Conflict.

The book includes a chapter on Musharraf coup against Nawaz Sharif and reveals his view point on Sharif's plane hijacking.

He criticizes Nawaz for setting him aside as military commander and believes Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif had been under the immense influence of his father, Mian Mohammad Sharif, who influenced prime minister Sharif to stage the coup against him.

Musharraf, in his memoir, says, he had little choice after the September 11 attacks but to back the U. Pervez Musharraf agreed to back the U. Secretary of State Colin Powell on a phone call to him. He said "You are either with us or against us". The next day, he says, Powell's then deputy, Richard Armitage , telephoned the chief of Pakistan's top spy agency, and threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age.

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On the pressure aforementioned, Musharraf accepted all the seven points, set before him as demands, by Colin Powell. This readiness amazed Washington and has been criticized since in Pakistan. Currently the book is published in five editions: All feature the picture of Pervez Musharraf at the centre of the green and white background.

The Urdu edition hit the market 3 weeks after the initial publication in English. In the US edition the president appears in a salutary posture with his right hand fingers touching the forehead.

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In the UK edition, the author seems in a thinking posture with his left hand fingers kept on his chin. In comparison with the US edition, the UK edition sports a crescent on the silky green background of the book.

All the copies of the English version were sold out in India during the initial stage of the launch. The Indian distributor had ordered another copies to meet the demand, according to the news reports.

Copies sold in India outnumbered the copies sold in Pakistan citing the curiosity in analyzing his viewpoints. A lot of views from India were that the curiosity of Indian readers has only added to the sales and popularity of the book. The Hindi edition, translated and printed in India, came out in early October The Hindi version was sold in India for Rs , about one third of the English version's cost.

Nagore Rumi translated the book into Tamil. The Tamil version is priced at Rs. It however removes the controversial comments made in the English book including that the government was paid for the capture of Taliban and al-Qaeda militants.

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A Bengali translated version of the book titled as same as the English transliterated was published in Bangladesh. This book and its launch generated a fair amount of criticism.

It was subjected to harsh reviews in India. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Memoir First edition cover. Dewey Decimal. Talwar September 26, The Internet Edition.Together we first put the fire out and then, sorrowfully, pulled out the three crewmen.

We stabilized our position there after two days of intense fighting. It certainly did cause some inconvenience to motorists, as the traffic along the route was blocked. The cause: Above all, we learned about making decisions in a crunch, and no ordinary crunch: After prepara- tory movement in the dark, we went into a "forming-up place" yards about meters from our objective, where the company lined up in a formation for the final assault.

Once fashioned, we were all set to be baked and hardened in the kiln. Despite the rigorous security, he still fears his enemies will try to get to him.

She started running toward the gate. The van had blown up, killing all five policemen in it, including an inspector.