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Microsoft SQL Server Administration for Oracle DBAs · Read more Programming for Linguists: Perl for Language Researchers · Read more. Perl and the Oracle DBA - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Perl Scripts, Applications & Tips for Database Administrators. Perl is a very powerful tool for Oracle database administrators, but too few DBAs realize how helpful Perl can be in managing, monitoring, and tuning Oracle databases. You don't need to be a Perl expert to use the.

Perl For Oracle Dbas Pdf

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Get Free Read & Download Files Perl For Oracle Dbas PDF. PERL FOR ORACLE DBAS. Download: Perl For Oracle Dbas. PERL FOR ORACLE DBAS - In this. You can download. Perl For Oracle Dbas Jared Still by visgvyvngxxgnvyvgsiv. Mentoring as pdf, kindle, word, txt, ppt, also rar and/or zip. Perl is a very powerful tool for Oracle database administrators, but too few DBAs realize how helpful Perl can be in managing, monitoring, and tuning Oracle.

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Oraperl made possible to use the extensive capabilities of Perl while connected to an Oracle database. Oraperl provided most of the power of C, along with the powerful features of sh, sed and awk in an easy to use scripting language.

For those not familiar with C, Perl was an easier language to learn than C. Some commercial products were reviewed and rejected as being either too costly or too unwieldy.

It was suggested that Perl be considered, as it appeared to have much of the reporting functionality of commercial tools that had been examined, and contained many features that commercial packages were lacking. The ability to directly control printers was vital. The fact the multiple database connections could be made was a nice feature.

Of economic importance was the fact that Perl was freely available this was a small company. Several contractors were hired to work on our project, and as they were all proficient in C, they had no trouble learning to use Perl. The manager of the project had been hesitant at first, but was swayed by the economic arguments. What has been described so far may not appear to be DBA duties, but I have found that what constitutes DBA duties varies with the company where one is employed, with company size being a strong influence on that.

Small shops often call on the DBA to provide functionality and expertise outside the realm of classically defined DBA duties.

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Our use of Perl was so successful that we began using it for many tasks. The next project was to create backup routines to regularly backup our Oracle databases, something more in line with traditional DBA tasks. We had been managing backups using shell scripts, but something more robust was needed.

A fairly robust Perl module Perl 4 at that time was created to www. Known as hotback1, it was in use for several years at this site. Among them was the ability to dynamically load shared libraries at runtime.

The new release of Perl also permitted object oriented programming, making it possible to write easily reusable Perl modules. DBI was written as a generic database interface.

I use a graphics module that helps me make plots of Oracle performance metrics. I get the data using an Oracle database module.

So, Python can connect to pretty much any type of system or resource that I could need in my job as a database administrator. I have used Python to connect to AWS. Also, I have tested Python with the cloud based Snowflake database. It connects to a lot of stuff!

It is easy to connect to these things with Python. In my talk I want to go into more depth on each point.

What makes Python easy to use? What are some things it connects to? It would be helpful for an audience to see evidence to support each point.

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I could include code examples or quotes from web sites. Maybe to keep this post from being excessively long I can make this one an intro or outline and delve into the supporting material in follow-up posts.

If anyone reading this has questions or criticisms of this material I would be happy to hear it. If other people have good reasons why Python is not so useful to an Oracle DBA or see problems with my reasoning I would be happy to hear your opinion.Written for programmers and people who have a general interest in microprocessors, this article presents introductory information on caches and is designed to provide understanding on how modern microprocessors work and how a cache design impacts performance.

The PrintError parameter may also be used here, but is not shown. Once the query is prepared, the query has to be executed against the database. This is to prevent Perl from complaining about working with undefined variables later on.

Perl for Oracle DBAs

It also makes it easy for you to add, change, or customize your pet scripts. The standard authentication mechanism requires a client to supply a valid pair of user name and password.

The manager of the project had been hesitant at first, but was swayed by the economic arguments.