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Book of the Convention sponsored by OrigamiUSA. Pictorial Table of Contents. The Origami Collection from the Annual Convention. Origami Collection Cover. Table of Contents [pdf]: PDF icon See details about Origami USA Convention on Gilad's Origami Page. Check out the collection of origami book reviews and galleries of folded models.

Origami Usa Convention 2007 Pdf

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Origami USA Collection - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Origami USA The 8th Korea Origami Convention - Convention AEP Le¢n pdf. Convention Bogota pdf m. Origami Usa p p Korea BOS Cambridge pdf. Convention AEP pdf. Convention AEP Le¢n pdf. Convention m. p. p Origami Usa m pm

The designs are by myself and others. This book contains 20 figures of assorted arthropods, all complex. You can consider yourself an accomplished folder if you have mastered them all. Creative Origami Paperback: Cassell Illustrated April 16, Language: It is one of my favorites to recommend to beginners, containing a large proportion of simple to intermediate compositions by myself and others. The difficulty ranges from beginner to complex.

Origami 2000 - The Annual Collection (pdf)

It contains instructions for 37 figures, ranging from beginner to moderately complex, including sections on 3-dimensional figures and action models. These are publications that include instructional diagrams for some of my designs. Extraordinary Origami: Marc Kirschenbaum.

Pajarita Extra Year: Drawing Origami 2 Year: Halle, Pere Olivella, and Nicolas Terry. Techno Origami 15 Year: The Beauty of Origami Year: Modular Origami Halftoning: Theme and Variations Year: Origami Master Class: Flowers Year: Bogota Origami Convention Year: Drawing Origami Year: Halle, Pere Olivella and Nicolas Terry.

Horses in Origami Year: Origami Masters Bugs Year: K2 [pdf] Year: Paper Pentasia: The Fold, issue 10 Year: Origami Tanteidan Convention 18 Year: Maine Lobster [pdf] Year: Makalu [pdf] Year: Shizuoka Cicada [pdf] Year: Origami Tanteidan Magazine Year: Origami Worldwide Year: Sea Creatures in Origami Year: Hopefully that's an acceptable little bit of self promotion.

I should also mention our eponymous flickr group for origami tessellations. There's over images posted, which makes for a huge collective body of work from many gifted folders.

Much thanks for the love, MeFites! Seems appropriate in the comments, as far as I understand. But it should definately be posted in Projects also.

I had no idea about the "Projects" page, thanks for the tip. I'll look at posting something there soon. I also have some pieces in a film-in-progress or at least this short film made as a precursor to the final thing : Some really great insight there, and 6 great interviews with modern origami masters including Dr.

Eric's site rocks. Sunshine vase Boxes and Containers.

Roberto Gretter. Wheel Geometric and other shapes. Tricycle Vehicles.

House Buildings. Gay Merrill Gross. Duck - rocking Toys - Action Models. Betka Hradecka. Tanny tessellation Geometric and other shapes. Jorge E. Folded by Jorge E. Sailboat Vehicles - Boats.


Marc Kirschenbaum. Standing heart Hearts. Laura L.

Pelican Birds - Pelecaniformes - Pelicans. Rhombic triacontahedron Geometric and other shapes. Daniel Kwan.

Miura-Ken beauty rose Flora - Flowers. Robert J.

Square Also in Origami Master Class: Flowers Also in Tanteidan 12th convention. Folded by BOS convention exhibitor.

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Rooster Birds - Galliformes - Hens and Pheasants. Leong Cheng Chit. Flag of Georgia Symbols - Flags. Gareth Louis.

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Galvanometer Objects. Winter time Nature. Frog Amphibians. Woman in a burka People - Ethnicities. Bernie Peyton.

Square Also in Canada Convention Star or flower Geometric and other shapes. Loes Schakel. Windmill Geometric and other shapes.

Elf ears Clothes. Jeremy Shafer. Elf slipper Clothes - Shoes and Socks. In dog we trust Mammals - Canidae - Dogs. Monster Imaginary beings. Franzisca's star Geometric and other shapes. Carmen Sprung. Folded by Meenakshi Mukerji. Kristina's star Geometric and other shapes. Two snakes Reptiles - Snakes. Omer Shalev.Marvelous Modular O Mission[ edit ] The mission statement is the following: "OrigamiUSA's mission is to share the joy and appreciation of paperfolding, preserve its history, nurture its growth, bring people together, and encourage community among paperfolders.

Kade Awareness Ribbon Fung. Frog Amphibians. Sets policy and makes decisions regarding stock and operation of The Origami Source, which is managed by Mike and Janet Hamilton.

Pepe Botella. Standing heart Hearts.