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Friday, September 27, 2019

novaPDF is a PDF creator for Windows that lets you create PDF files from any type of printable document. You can download novaPDF and create high-quality. novaPDF, professional PDF printer driver, helps you create high-quality searchable PDF files from any novaPDF - PDF Creator . Professional; Standard; Lite. Jan 4, novaPDF Lite is a PDF creator for Windows that allows you to easily create professional quality documents.

Nova Pdf Lite

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3 days ago Download novaPDF Lite. novaPDF Lite is a software that allows you to produce PDF files from printable documents. Nov 24, novaPDF Lite Desktop implements the basic functionality of a printer driver, giving users the possibility to create high-quality searchable PDF. Download novaPDF Lite for Windows. novaPDF Lite is a free document converter that allows users to make PDF files out of any printable document.

Think of NovaPdF as intercepting and converting a file intended for printing whether to a printer or a file to the PDF format, thereby making it readable by a wide array of recipients, using this universally-accepted format.

Was It Easy To Install?

Reviewer 1: Yes, the installation followed the standard Windows installation either in a default location or a folder of your choice. You can select it as your default printer. You can also choose to install it in 14 different languages. You have an unlimited period of time to evaluate it, but a note will be placed on any document you print. The prices for all license types of the novaPDF program are on the Web site.

Reviewer 2: Installation was easy, but I had to look around in order to register the program. This information I found after looking in the help file. The very small 3. Reviewer 4: Yes, installation was flawless.

I experienced no problems with any aspect of the installation process. Good Points Reviewer 1: NovaPDF has successfully printed every kind of document that I have sent its way, from dozens of different applications and programs, including documents, spreadsheets, graphics, photos, screen-captures, and many other specialized programs.

novaPDF, your powerful PDF creator

In a couple of cases, it produced results when other print-spooler programs failed to work properly. I have found only one program that did not work, and that is a very old one.

It is extremely fussy anyway, so I do not fault novaPDF at all for this particular hiccup. The support is excellent. In the rare instances that I sent in a support request, I received a quick response, and they dealt with any questions that I had. In fact, I did not need any real technical aid, as the program did not create any particular problems.

Reviewer 2: NovaPDF is one of many converters on the market. Since I live outside the US, it is not unusual to encounter problems with this kind of application as far as converting text from languages that use diacritical marks in the alphabet. The help file is excellent and I found answers to almost all my questions there.

Tables and borders printed well, but the border shading looked strange in the converted PDF document on the screen. A Word document with a logo printed well as did a document with tables containing images.

Navigation menu

Large graphics in a Word document printed well and shrunk considerably to almost a tenth of the size. Some slides needed a little adjusting before converting text was a little off after conversion, but only in very few places.

It was easy to fix this and convert again. There was no problem at all. If the page is optimized for printing, NovaPDF will convert it correctly. Nova PDF Pro has all of the standard features you would expect from such an application: creation of standard PDF files, searchable files, security and document protection through passwords and encryption, network printer sharing, PDF bookmarks, and so on.

novaPDF Lite 10 Free Download Full Version Registration Key

Additionally, PDF Pro supports both True Type and Open Type fonts, and embedding of those fonts which means you do not need to distribute your font separately and supports Jpeg and Zip compression to allow you to generate smaller files. A few features that I thought were especially useful and not always found on these non-Adobe PDF applications were the number of options that allow you to modify paper size, print resolution, and page orientation.

I was especially pleased with its ability to automatically detect links in a document and include them as clickable links. PDF Pro simply sits silently as a device driver or additional printer in your print applet, consuming zero resources until you decide to use it.

It simply remains silent and unobtrusive until called upon. Then, when put into action, it still uses very few resources-so few in fact that you will notice no effect on your system whatsoever.

You can actually read it and understand it without need of a corporate attorney. While at first glance, support seems to be lacking in that it is only available through email with no turn around time indicated; however, I contacted support on two separate occasions and in each instance I received a response within two hours.

Download doPDF & create PDF for free

If that is a standard response time, then their support is phenomenal. Both responses were to the point, easily understood, and addressed the issue with no need for follow up. In addition, there is an adequate help file that you can access through the application as well as a very thorough FAQ on the Web site. Because of this and my two direct experiences, I have no qualms about support for this product and, in fact, give support high praise.

Overall, Nova PDF Pro performed flawlessly for me and produced more than reasonable quality output for every document type I through at it. Because of this, its excellent feature set, ease of use, and support allows me to recommend this product without hesitation. Reviewer 4: I found this program easy to pick up and apply. Though having many diverse capabilities, finding the way around was not difficult.

This application enables you to easily convert files to the common PDF format for a wide variety of files. I found this most helpful for those I commonly use or soon will: ebook to email including their attachments and for use in Web pages or for downloads from Firefox, Windows Explorer, and programs such as Open Office and Microsoft Word.

Destination files can be further labeled with date and time, so it is easy to tell similar or identical files apart. An effective search tool is provided, to help quickly find files, and a bookmark system provide additional ease of use.

For the security conscious, passwording is a nice feature bit, the highest commonly available and equal to present DOD standards, I believe. You may also forbid users to perform specific tasks with a file, such as reading, amending or copying it. I detected no discernible slowing of my system. This appears to be an efficient and economical program considering the variety of well-written features.

For creation functions, novaPDF will perform many of the chores of Adobe but a smaller variety available, with much less bulk, clunkyness and expense.

This application runs quietly in the background until evoked.

You should bear in mind though that no Reader is provided, so you will need Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader my preference or another program for this purpose. The use can control the expanded array of printer settings and select and save many printer settings such as margins, size, color, quality of print, etc.

As well as the more esoteric ones, there are various profiles for different applications. Multiple settings can be saved by profile, making short work of recall and re-use of the settings that will vary by uses and users.

I use this program every day - it is my default printer - saves me a ton of paper and allows me to carry my "prints" around with me on my laptop, instead of dealing with a bunch of printouts.

On those occasions where I do need an actual paper copy, then I just print the pdf file. Thank you very much. As FYI, we decided to buy this because of the ratings, plus immediate ease of use. My assistant had never used PDF software before, downloaded this and was using it in less than one minute. Great stuff and great Customer Service as well. Softland is a company founded in , committed to providing quality software by using innovative development solutions. Our own competitively priced products target two different fields: Partner with us and start offering your clients a powerful PDF creator.

Does it Do What It Promises?

We offer 3 different partner programs: Resellers, Affiliates and Rebranding. Read more and compare them to see which fits best by visiting the Partners section.

Main Features. You are able to control whether the PDF can be viewed, printed, modified, copied or annotated.

Furthermore, you can apply digital signatures certify the authenticity of the PDF document. Testimonials What our users say about novaPDF. Louis B.

Nigel Benson. Fred D. James P.Patch My PC. This application runs quietly in the background until evoked.

Furthermore, you can apply digital signatures certify the authenticity of the PDF document. I detected no discernible slowing of my system. A major advantage of the add-ins is the conversion of hidden hyperlinks and easy conversion of bookmarks. I followed the excellent support help provided and NOVA still did not return to the machine in an operating form.

However you can override that by manually managing what computers get to be licensed based on NetBios or their DNS names.