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NHibernate Cookbook – PDF Books. PDF. Free Books Download PDF / Free Books Online / Free eBook Download PDF / Free eBook Download PDF. NHibernate Cookbook. 70 incredibly powerful recipes for using the full spectrum of solutions in the NHibernate ecosystem. Jason Dentler. P U B L I S H I N G. Get Instant Access to Nhibernate Cookbook By Dentler Jason #1a EBOOK EPUB KINDLE. PDF. Read Download Online Nhibernate Cookbook By.

Nhibernate 3.0 Cookbook Pdf

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[PDF] NHibernate Cookbook. NHibernate Cookbook. Book Review. The ideal publication i possibly go through. It is amongst the most awesome. NHibernate is an innovative, flexible, scalable, and feature-complete open source project for data access. Although it sounds like an easy task. 3 Beginner's Guide Pdf. Download NHibernate 3 0 Cookbook Pdf.. NHibernate Cookbook [Jason Dentler] on. *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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NHibernate 3.0 Cookbook

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NHibernate 3 Beginner's Guide. Paperback pages. Book Description NHibernate is an innovative, flexible, scalable, and feature-complete open source project for data access. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Models and Mappings. Chapter 2: Configuration and Schema. Chapter 3: Sessions and Transactions. Using the Conversation per Business Transaction pattern.

Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Data Access Layer. Chapter 7: Extending NHibernate. Chapter 8: NHibernate Contribution Projects. What You Will Learn Create a persistent object model for moving data in and out of your database Build the database from your model automatically Configure NHibernate for use with WebForms, MVC, WPF, and WinForms applications Create database queries using a variety of methods, including the new LINQ to NHibernate and QueryOver APIs Build an enterprise-level data access layer Improve the performance of your applications using a variety of techniques Build an infrastructure for fast, easy test-driven development of your data access layer Extend NHibernate to add data encryption and auditing Implement entity validation, full-text search, horizontal partitioning sharding , and spatial queries using NHibernate Contrib projects.

Authors Jason Dentler. Read More. Read More Reviews.

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The filename should be NHibernate3. In Visual Studio, create a new C class library project named Eg. Core with a directory for the solution named Cookbook. Delete the Class1. This will open an Explorer window to the Cookbook directory. Inside the Cookbook folder, create a new folder named Lib.

Name the folder Schema. Right-click on the Schema folder, and select Add Existing Item. Browse to the Lib folder, and add two files: nhibernate-configuration. When the files open in the editor, just close them.

Your solution appears as shown in the next screenshot: 6 Chapter 1 How to do it Now, let's start by creating our Product class with the following steps: 1.

In Eg. Core, create a new C class named Entity with the following code: using System; namespace Eg. Create a new class named Product with the following code: using System; namespace Eg. Build your application and correct any compilation errors. Next, let's create an NHibernate mapping for our product class. Follow these steps: 1. Choose the Data category on the left pane. Choose XML file on the right pane. Name the file Product.

In the Solution Explorer, right-click on Product. In the editor, enter the following XML in Product. Let the IntelliSense guide you. How it works In this recipe, we begin by creating our model. The model is the collection of classes that will be persisted or stored in the database.

A persistent class is any class that will be persisted. An entity class is a persistent class with an ID. An instance of an entity class is called an entity. So far, our model only contains the Product entity class. We will expand on this model over the next few recipes. One of the strongly held design decisions in NHibernate is that all entity classes should be persistence ignorant, that is, they should not know about, or be dependent on NHibernate.

Let's examine the Id property a little closer. The Id property of each Product instance will contain the primary key value from the database. Just as the primary key value uniquely identifies a row in a database table, the POID will uniquely identify an entity in memory. If you are new to NHibernate, this protected setter may look strange to you.

Code outside of the Product class is unable to change the value of the Id property. However, NHibernate sets properties using highly optimized reflection, ignoring the protected restriction. This keeps your application from inadvertently altering this value.

Visual Studio uses the nhibernate-mapping. As a general rule, all NHibernate mapping files end with a.

NHibernate searches through the embedded resources in your assembly, loading each one with this extension. One of the most common mistakes in mapping is forgetting to set the build action to Embedded Resource. This leads to the "No Persister for class" MappingException.

Let's break down this XML mapping. Every XML mapping document contains a single hibernate-mapping element.

The xmlns attribute sets the XML namespace. The assembly attribute tells NHibernate which assembly, by default, contains our types. Similarly, the namespace attribute sets the default.

NET namespace types in this mapping file. Together, they allow us to use the simple name Product instead of the full assembly qualified name of Eg. Product, Eg. Inside the hibernate-mapping element, we have a class element. The name attribute tells NHibernate that this class element defines the mapping for our entity class Product.

The name attribute refers to the Id property of our Product class.

It is case-sensitive, just as in the C language. In this case, we've told NHibernate to use the guid. Several other options exist. The property elements define properties on our Product class. Each name attribute matches the name of a property on our Product class.

By default, NHibernate allows null values. Avoid redundant mappings In general, it's best to keep your mappings as short and concise as possible. NHibernate intelligently scans your model and combines this knowledge with the information provided in the mapping.

In most cases, specifying the types of properties in your mappings only creates redundancies that must be maintained.Once they've all been used, another range is reserved.

This is not human readable. You may launch broken a formed testing or found in the server over. There's more Examples are written in C and XML.

GuitarStore class library. Packt Logo. These classes enable you to choose the dialect, connection driver, and so on needed for your program.