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TOEIC Premier with 4 Practice Tests: Online + Book + CD (Kaplan Test With a comprehensive menu of online offerings, a complete array of print books and It does not foucus on New TOEIC(R) L&R test in Japan (and Korea). 6 TOEIC new format Practice Tests (Listening & Reading); Useful Glossary and Vocabulary Self-Study Edition available, with a comprehensive Self-study Guide ​Overprinted Edition (Student's Book with Overprinted Answers). Succeed in. items Can Pacific College: You will be given two hours to complete the whole test. are getting authentic test practice, this new edition has been updated to incorporate Updated to reflect the most recent TOEIC, this test preparation book.

New Toeic Complete Test Book

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A book and CD-ROM created by ETS and Oxford University Press,Tactics for test-taking tips and skill-building activities; two complete practice tests; listening. This book is ideal for a TOEIC test preparation course as well as for self-study. to the new TOEIC test conditions • A Complete Audio Program with the listening. ETS offers online courses, test preparation books and sample questions to help TOEIC test; automated score report complete with an estimate of their TOEIC.

As for working on your pronunciation and listening skills, the Audio CD provided along with this book is really helpful. The book prepares test takers for speaking and writing tests that are computer based. Improving your understanding of the use of language goes hand in hand along with teaching you test taking strategies to ensure your high score in TOEIC exam. It is easier to practice the Audio CD with the help of Tapescripts booklet that comes with this pack.

It will certainly help you raise your score by bringing to your notice common English errors. The practice questions with detailed answers are supportive furthermore. Some users find its grammar explanation way novel and thus find this book useful to give new insight. Grab the one most appealing to you or the one that focuses on your weak areas and start preparing yourself for the exam with confidence.

The Audio CD received with this book is an added advantage to assist you in seeking your goal. Lin Lougheed who has written many text books on the subject of English as a foreign language. This book covers a wide range of subject knowledge. It comes with Audio CD to enhance your listening comprehension which is supported by the audio script for better understanding. The users of this book appreciate the organized way the content is presented in this book besides the quality and benefits of the content offered here.

A had better B could C will D are know that she is recovering in the hospital and is almost ready to be released. As it turns out, you assumed correctly that the woman was suffering from a severe and sudden allergic reaction to nuts. She had neglected to inform the waitress that she couldn't eat any food containing nuts. Your skill and presence of mind saved her from suffering a terrible tragedy.

In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter A , B , C , or D on your answer sheet. SALES California-based company seeking to expand its sales overseas is looking for sales professionals to cover territory in the Pacific Rim region.

Successful candidates will have a minimum of two years experience in sales, preferably in the clothing industry, as well as a good professional appearance, excellent comm unication skills, and a college degree. Conversational knowledge of Japanese or Mandarin Chinese and experience traveling or working in Asia are desirable.

Job is based in San Francisco but requires one to two weeks a month of travel. We offer an excellent salary and benefits package including health and life insurance, relocation allowance, and professional development opportunities. Send resume and two letters of reference to: Closing date: June Who would most likely apply for this Which of the following is NOT job? T Consumers purchase all kinds of software, from games for the kids to highly sophisticated professional programs and everything in between.

The excessive packaging on computer software is joining catchy wrappers, durable plastic and cardboard boxes, plastic jugs, and other types of packaging in the trash.

Everything we buy is packaged in one way or another. When we get our purchases home, we unwrap them and throw the packaging in the trash. Communities all around the country are struggling with the problem of where to put all this waste. Much of this excessive packaging serves only to make the products more attractive to consumers. It catches the eye but does not really protect the goods from damage.

What is this article about? What happens to most packaging? A Recycling A It's recycled. B Computer software B It's discarded.

C The use of garbage dumps C It's stored on shelves. D A problem with packaging D It's redesigned. According to the passage, why are products packaged? City-to-suburb and suburb-to-suburb trips were not included in the study.

What docs this table compare? In which month were the buses used least? Which month had the highest number of commuters? The Postal System has announced that postal rates are going up yet again. On the first o f the year, the price o f a first-class stamp will rise by 8 cents. Express mail and priority mail rates will increase by 20 percent.

The rates for third-class mail will also go up, while the special book rate will be entirely eliminated. Special services such as Delivery Confirmation, Return Receipt, and Overnight Delivery will also cost more, and it has even been announced that rental rates on post office mail boxes will increase.

Everybody everywhere will be paying more for postal services next year, but one sector will be particularly hard hit. Direct-marketing companies rely on the postal system to carry out their business. These companies include catalog houses as well as sellers o f mailing lists.

Postal services account for a significant percentage o f their costs. Direct-marketing Companies say the proposed increases in postal rates will hurt their industry and will likely even drive some into bankruptcy. They will have a huge effect on the way we do business.

Will this mean less junk mail arriving at your doorstep? There will probably be some increases in prices o f mail-order products, but not enough to drive the average consumer away. The word "d rive" in paragraph 3, line 2, According to the passage, what rate do is closest in meaning to most direct-marketing companies use?

According to the passage, who will be What are the catalog houses in this most affected by this change? The O ne-Call S ystem In most states, natural gas industry-supported laws require contractors and private landowners to call the local One-Call number before beginning any kind of digging.

Any damage at all to a pipe— even the slightest scratch— could lead to a leak later on. Whether One-Call has become the law in your state or not, you can help keep pipelines safe by calling the number on the right-of-way markers before you dig.

Leak D etection Most pipelines are operated twenty-four hours a day from a control station, using telephone, satellite, or microwave communications systems. Computers are widely used to monitor conditions along the line every ten to sixty seconds, sounding an alarm if they detect any abnormality or sudden change in pressure. In the event of an alarm, valves can be closed and nearby pipeline crews dispatched within minutes. E m ergency R esponse P reparedness Although leaks occur infrequently and rarely result in a fire, readiness for any emergency is a crucial responsibility for pipeline companies.

Federal and state laws supported by the natural gas industry require pipeline companies and local police and fire departments to maintain a coordinated plan of response and to practice for an emergency by staging drills. These drills and personnel training programs emphasize the need for immediate action and for cooperation between the various rescue agencies and the pipeline company.

P u b lic A w areness The One-Call system, state-of-the-art leak detection equipment, and emergency response procedures have all been put in place with one thing in mind— the safety of you, the public.

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Please visit the website of the Natural Gas Association to find out more about our safety procedures, tips for using natural gas safely in your home, and information on what to do if you see someone tampering with pipeline right-of-way markers. What is the main focus of this passage? What do rescue agencies and pipeline companies coordinate? What is One-Call? D Microwave communications What is this chart used for? When should the tuning be adjusted?

What does the manual advise if the D When there is noise but no picture picture is all white? San Fernando, CA To whom it may concern: I have just received a "Payment Due" notice from your office.

This is the second time I have received such a notice. I don't understand why I have received these notices since I paid for my purchase at the time I placed my order.

I enclosed a check in the envelope with the order form. The first time 1 received a notice, I sent you a photocopy of the canceled check as proof of payment. Please note that the date on the check is October The information on the back shows that it was endorsed and deposited into your company's bank account on October Please call me at to acknowledge receipt of this letter.

I wish to avoid any further harassment about this payment. Your company is a wonderful source for hard-to-find books about Asia, and I would like to continue doing business with you. As a professor of Asian Studies, I am a frequent buyer of books dealing with all aspects of Asian culture and history and often recommend your store to my students.

However, if we cannot resolve this matter quickly, I will have to take my business elsewhere. I sincerely hope that will not be necessary. Sincerely, Margaret Tomkins Who owes money? According to the letter, which of the following is NOT true? Tomkins A Ms. Tomkins has paid twice. Tomkins' second letter. D The author C Ms. Tomkins has received two notices.

When was the check written? D The company received the A April 23 payment. As a result, paper use would decrease. In some ways this theory has played out in practice. In offices everywhere around the world, files and records are increasingly being stored electronically rather than on paper. But the prediction has not proven to be entirely true. Documents are often printed out in part or in their entirety in order to be reviewed or shared with others.

Often multiple versions of a document go through the printout stage, thus actually increasing the use of paper for each document rather than reducing it. In addition, computers have made it easier to generate notices and flyers, of which people readily make multiple copies to distribute to as wide an audience as possible. In some ways, computers have made it easier than ever before to use large quantities of paper. So, while computers have reduced paper use in some areas, they have increased it in others.

The issue of felling forests in order to manufacture paper and the question of how to dispose of so much solid waste still remain problematic. What is the report about? What would the "paperless office have done? Public Health Pakistan Position Available: Division of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition. The candidate will participate in all teaching, clinical, and basic research activities of the division and serve as chief of the public health clinic at KGH.

Board certification required. Competitive salary in U. Professional growth and cultural opportunities abound. Send curriculum vitae, summary of clinical research interests, and three letters of reference to Faroque Khan, MD, St.

Kilda Road, Sydney , Australia. In line 2, the word "recruiting" is Which of the following is a requirement closest in meaning to for employment? Which of the following is part of the job description? Which of the following is NOT necessary to apply? Super Seafood Suppliers Ship To: Purchase Order Invoice To: Catherine Cox Date: I received your purchase order yesterday, and I need to go over a few items with you. Please call me as soon as you receive this letter.

April 16 is coming soon and I have not been able to reach you to discuss the order. Have you received my voicemail messages? We normally need ten days between receiving a purchase order and filling it. I've checked with our suppliers, and we can provide pounds of shrimp and pounds of salmon at the present time.

We will provide the remainder as soon after April 16 as possible, if that suits you. Our usual charge for this is twice as much as you assumed. I'm enclosing a revised bill for you. Please call or e-mail me today so that we can discuss your order. Thank you for working with Super Seafood Suppliers. Sincerely yours, Sales Manager Where does Joey Farina work? What did Joey Farina forget to include in his purchase order?

When does Joey Farina want his order delivered? All Board Members From: Ja r e k Cichy Marketing Departm ent Date: Annual Award M essage: Anezka Novotna is my best staff m em ber and is truly deserving of this honor. Memo To: All department staff From: Jarek Cichy Re: Annual party— please attend!

As usual, the Board Members are inviting everyone to their annual Appreciation Party held to show their appreciation of the hard work you have all done during the year. This year, as in past years, the Board Members will give out the Employee of the Year award during the party. I would like to especially encourage each of you to attend the party since this year's Employee of the Year award will be given to the nominee from our department.

In addition to the honor and award she will receive from the Board, we're collecting money to buy her a group gift. See my assistant, Basia, by Thursday at 4: I hope to see you all on December 14 at 5: W hy did Jarek C ichy send the fax? W ho w ill receive an award? Where does Basia work? D To ask for money for a gift A In Switzerland What is the purpose of the party? Join our com pany! One of the world's top 5 electronics companies Located in Bangalore, India Excellent benefits!

Educational assistance, health coverage, free gym membership, paid vacation! BTC is a great place to work, but d o n 't just take our word for it. Look at the testimony from some of our employees: I will work here forever! You should apply today. It's like one big family. Send me information about the excellent opportunities at BTC, including the great benefits for employees.

I would like to have a BTC employee contact me. Highest level of education: What kind of business is BTC? How many years of work experience does Bert Roberts have? How did Bert Roberts get this form? D Join a gym A He visited a website. B Manov sent it to him. C He wrote to BTC to request it. D He found it in the newspaper. P lace: W elcom e B irsen A ksay 2.

Jakob Skolnik From: Victoria Williams Subject: Skolnik, We w ere all concerned about your sudden illness yesterday and hope that you are feeling be tte r today. We had Kazadi Koite lead both item s 3 and 4, and 1 am happy to report that he did an excellen t job. The CEO of B. The reception was enjoyed by all. We had reserved the room for only three hours, and som e guests stayed until the last possible m om ent. More g uests attended than we expected, so we barely had enough room fo r everyone.

Perhaps we should ask for a bigger room next year. Room s 2 and 3 are also sm all, but either room 4 or room 6 w ould be a good size, 1 think.

We can discuss them when you return to w ork. Please rest well. We hope to see you healthy and back at w ork soon. What company does J. Choi work W hat tim e did the reception end? Technology C 7: What does Victoria Williams suggest Who presented the award? In which room was the reception held? This is the end of the test. If you finish before time is called, you may go back to Parts 5, 6, and 7 and check your work.

M ark you r an sw er on you r answ er sheet. M ark you r an sw er on y ou r answ er sheet. M ark your answ er on you r an sw er sheet.

M ark y ou r answ er on y ou r answ er sheet. M ark your an sw er on you r an sw er sheet. M ark y ou r answ er on you r an sw er sheet. M ark your an sw er on you r answ er sheet. M ark y ou r answ er on your an sw er sheet.

M ark your an sw er on your answ er sheet. What time will the woman leave? What kind of movie do both speakers like? A Comedies. B War stories. C Murder mysteries. D Westerns. Where will the woman go? What time does the next movie start?

A To the train station. B To the airport. C To the office. D To the bus station. What does the man give the woman?

A A toothbrush. B A book. A See a war movie. C Some newspapers. B Stay home. D Some writing paper. C Watch TV. D Go to a restaurant.

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How much money does the man need? When will the meeting be held? A Fourteen dollars. B Fifteen dollars. A Tuesday. C Forty dollars. B Wednesday. D Fifty dollars.

C Thursday. D Friday. What does he need the money for? Why has the meeting been postponed? A To buy lunch. B To pay a sales tax.

A The accountant is ill. C To pay his taxi fare. B The room is not ready. D To buy some reading material. Schmidt is away at a conference. When does the man say he will pay D The speaker is still reading the the money back? A This afternoon. How will people be notified about the B Tomorrow. C The day after tomorrow. D Next week. A By phone. B By e-mail.

Succeed in the NEW TOEIC - 2018 Format REVISED EDITION 6 Practice Tests Student's Book

C By letter. D In person. Why was the woman late today? What are the speakers talking about? A She slept late.

A Eating. B She walked slowly. B Doing business. C She took the bus. C The hot weather. D She ran out of gas. D The city's sidewalks. How does the man get to work? What does the man sell? A By bus. A Eggs.

B By car. B Coolers. C On foot. C Ice cream. D By train. D Air conditioners. How long does it take the man to get Where does the woman work? A At a pool. A 14 minutes. B At an office. B 35 minutes. C At a school. C 40 minutes. D At a restaurant. D 45 minutes. What did the man buy?

Where did the man leave his glasses? A A shirt. A On his desk. B A tie. B In the woman's office. C A suit. C In his briefcase. D A pair of shoes. D In the car. Where did he buy it? What does the woman give the man? A In Hong Kong. A A kiss. B At the mall. B Her keys. C Downtown. C A briefcase. D At a local department store. D A locket. What is the woman's opinion of the Where is the woman's car?

A In a parking lot. A It's not very attractive. B In front of her office. B It's too expensive. C Across the street from the park. C It's nice-looking. D In front of the post office. D Its color is great. How will the man spend his vacation? How many buses are there?

A Hiking. B Reading. B Two. C Lying in the sun. O Three. D Swimming in the sea. D Four. How long is his vacation?

Where will the buses leave from? A Two days. A The hotel. B Eight days. B The convention center. C Two weeks. C The bus station. D Three weeks. D The loading dock.

When will his vacation begin? How often should the buses leave? A Every five minutes. B On Sunday. B Every ten minutes. C On Tuesday. C Every fifteen minutes. D In a few weeks. D Every thirty minutes. When will the Revenue Office in City When will the speech be heard? Hall be open? A Before lunch. A From 8: C Next month. B Every day this week. D Next Friday. C In the afternoon only. How often are the luncheons held? D From 8: A Every Friday. B Every month.

What must be filed? C Twice a month. A Citizenship papers. D Once a year. B Tax forms.

What is Dr. Jenny Chang's profession? C Time reports. D Housing requests. A Politician. B Criminal. Why should people come early? C Saleswoman. A To get a refund. D Author. B To become citizens.

C To avoid long lines. What should employees do if a badge D To pick up their files. A Ask the security office for a Where would this announcement replacement. B Report to their supervisor. A At a subway station. C Request a visitor pass. B In a hotel. D Leave the building. C On an airplane. D At an airport. A With an employee escort. Which signs should passengers follow B With permission from security for rental cars? A Blue. C With an identification badge.

B Red. D With proper dress. C Green. Who must wear identification badges? D Yellow. A All employees. How can passengers get to their cars? B Potential employees. A By city bus. C Visitors with escorts. B By shuttle.

D Visitors alone. C By subway. D By walking. W hat is opening? How much was the m an's estate worth? A The Civic Center. B A new golf course. A Nothing. C A downtown office. B Under two thousand dollars.

D A residential hotel. C A million dollars. D Over two million dollars. What is being offered? Who inherited the money? A Golf lessons. B City apartments. A His children. C New watches. B His wife. D Club memberships. C His dog. D His best friend. What is the cost of a one-year membership? When will the funeral be held? A Sunday. B Monday. C Wednesday. D Thursday. What is the weather perfect for? When is the office open? A Going to the beach. A Every day of the week. B Bicycling in the mountains.

B Only on Monday. C Playing golf. C Only on Friday. D Watching the races. D Monday through Friday. How is the sun described? What service is provided only in the afternoon? A Rising. B Hazy. A Renewal of driver's licenses. C Shining. B Applications for new driver's D Bright. C Driving tests. What will the weather be like on D Blood tests. When does the office stop taking A Very hot. B Sunny. C Cloudy. A At D Rainy. What is the caller's complaint? What did CompCo do today? A Her order arrived damaged.

A It hired new employees. B She received something she B It gave a training workshop. C It negotiated a deal. C Her order hasn't arrived yet. D It had a celebration. D She was charged too much for How many employees currently her order. When did the caller place her order?

A 50 A One week ago. B B Two weeks ago. C C Three weeks ago. D D Four weeks ago. What happened when PC Computer What does she ask the company to do? Systems closed down? A Call her today. A Many people lost their jobs.

B Send her a check. D Charge the order to her credit C They broke a contract with city card. D Other technology businesses left the area. PART 5 D ire ctio n s: Doh clients'phone The weather report predicts it will rain calls. Success depends the efforts The printer paper. There has been strong competition; were making coffee.

D despite Neos seems the most reliable. Shirish will resign her position as A From chief officer. The sales division reported a 64 percent The company is financially sound; The chairman said his would continue his strategies. If there better communication, I would not resign. Since , our customers with our service. People either don't have the money The new agent has experience In order to make more money, Mr.

The new business has to A incorporated. Have Ms. Our company, Office Works, is seeking a place to host a banquet. We will honor our top employees at this event, which will include dinner followed by speeches and the presentation of awards. A addition B additive C addend D addendum company. We recently purchased the Office Supply Store, and we are now the region's largest seller of office supplies. We expect approximately guests. We would like to have our event on Saturday, August 15th.

If no room is available for that date, we could considerit on the following Saturday, August 22nd. A have B to have C having D will have Could you please mail me your latest price list, descriptive brochure, and menus?You might want to divide your study week by focusing on a certain section each day. What does the man want the woman to do?

Tell him you will teach him for free for one hour a week! C Around 7 degrees. B Managers. The last week should be for reviewing and practising rather than learning new things.