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Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki is a sequel mini-series of the original Naruto manga, part of the Naruto Project. Naruto Next Generations anime, which covers episodes 17 to As Shino Aburame explains to his class that within one week they'll be going through graduation examinations for genin positions, the majority of the class voices their views on the opportunity.

However, Sarada questions the meaning of a shinobi and her future, despite being told she must be proud of being born into the Uchiha Clan. Seeing all this, Sarada quietly admits, at her best recollection, she has never seen her own father for as long as she can remember. Upon returning home and seeing a picture of her parents together, Sarada questions her mother about him.

When Sakura can't give her satisfactory answers, Sarada openly questions the validity of her parents' marriage causing Sakura to violently lash out. Collecting herself, Sakura apologises to her daughter but realises her outburst has destroyed their house, much to her horror as apparently, this is not the first time Sakura destroyed it as she cries out about a loan she took out before fainting. Dropping off her mother to Shizune , Sarada returns to her house's ruins to collect some valuables.

However, as she picks up the picture from before, Sarada makes a shocking discovery: Pulling out the larger picture of her father, she sees him with the rest of his team Taka and, to her horror, Karin — a girl with glasses similar to her, causing Sarada to further question her own parentage. All the while, Sasuke appears to be returning to Konohagakure.

After encountering a mysterious boy possessing the Sharingan and wearing the crest of the Uchiha clan , Sasuke sends a hawk back to Konohagakure to contact Naruto about the matter.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

Meanwhile, Sarada's identity crisis continues and she reveals to Shizune that she knows that there is no record of her birth in the village, with Shizune's evasive demeanour on the topic not helping matters. Annoyed that she is being ignored while trying to lose weight, she simply sighs as Sarada appears.

Sarada eventually decides to simply find her father herself or ask the Seventh Hokage about her dilemma. In his office, Naruto sees Sasuke's hawk and realises the situation Sasuke is in and consults Kakashi. Together, they come to an agreement that the boy is not an Uchiha survivor , but more likely another one of Orochimaru 's experiments. Naruto leaves a shadow clone to run the village with Shikamaru as he heads out to meet Sasuke and Yamato.

Elsewhere, the mysterious boy meets a person cloaked in an Akatsuki mantle, informing him of his brief fight with Sasuke. They both declare they cannot forgive Sasuke for killing his older brother, Itachi , and promise to make him pay. Naruto asks Shikamaru to apologise to Boruto for him and heads off to meet with Sasuke. Just as Naruto leaves, Boruto arrives together with Mitsuki, with the intent of bringing Naruto his lunch. Unbeknownst to them, however, the two are being watched by a tiny creature with a single Sharingan.

At a remote clearing, the mysterious boy Shin, is ordered by his father to capture Sarada. Sarada remarks on his Sharingan as her mother had told her that aside from Sasuke, they were the last of the Uchiha. When Sarada refuses to go with him, Shin quickly engages and overwhelms the girls in their brief scuffle, which Naruto intervenes in the end to save them. Following the brief skirmish, the strange Sharingan creature appears and urges Shin to retreat, noting that he cannot defeat the Seventh Hokage.

Deciding it would be safer for the two young girls to stay with him, Naruto allows them to accompany him on his journey. As they stop for a break, Naruto tells Sarada how she is a combination of her parents and Sarada feels at ease with Naruto.

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After travelling for an uncertain amount of time, they finally come within range of the rendezvous point and decide to take a break. Too excited to meet her father, Sarada sneaks away from the group and continues onward. While imagining her first encounter with her father, Sarada's intense emotions allow her to awaken the Sharingan.

Arriving to the temple, Sarada finally encounters Sasuke and is overwhelmed by her emotions. However, Sasuke, taking notice of her Sharingan, mistakes her for Shin's comrade and draws his sword, frightening Sarada. As Sasuke attacks, Sarada shouts "daddy" and Sasuke ceases upon realising she is his daughter. Sasuke demands an explanation from Naruto as to why he brought along children, which prompts Sarada to reveal that she wanted to ask him about the identity of her biological mother, along with a slew of other questions regarding Karin in the photograph and the reason behind his absence.

Sasuke refuses to answer any of her questions, and Sarada storms out of the temple in anger.

As Naruto attempts to comfort her, he recalls when Sasuke held a meeting with the Five Kage and Sakura where they discussed an issue revolving Kaguya , the White Zetsu Army , and the possible emergence of a new threat. As Sasuke has taken it upon himself to investigate this matter, Naruto informs Sarada that her father is one of the greatest shinobi alive.

Meanwhile, Shin's father meets with his son and several copies of him, proclaiming the revival of the Akatsuki. Teleporting to the temple via the Sharingan creature, Shin and his father launch an attack on Sarada, which Naruto counters. Sensing danger, Sasuke emerges from the temple and prepares to confront the enemy. Elsewhere, Sakura awakens and begins her journey towards the temple where her family resides. The mysterious man immediately guides his weapons towards Sasuke who easily counters with his sword and proceeds to attack.

The enemy manages to block Sasuke's advance while his son attacks, prompting Sasuke to evade. When Sasuke releases a large fireball at the duo, the older man uses his son as a shield against the attack.

Defeated, the older man commends Sasuke's skills and reveals himself as Shin Uchiha, possessing the same name as his son. While Naruto plans his escape with the children, he is stabbed in the abdomen with Sasuke's sword, which Shin manipulated due to their earlier encounter. With Naruto weakened, Shin's blades hurl towards Sarada, leaving Sasuke with no choice but to jump in front of her and take the blades.

As Shin starts to make his next move, Sakura arrives and pummels him into the ground. Reuniting with her family and her former teamates , she begins apologising to Sarada for keeping secrets, to which Sasuke replies that the fault lays with him.

While Sasuke does so, the Sharingan creature teleports Shin and his son back to their base, with Sakura caught in the middle and dragged in as well.They'd been fighting him together, but not cohesively.

However, it is not the delicious flesh and blood that greets them, but the sharp swordsman, sending them to the sword of hell. It felt like days, but had probably been less than six hours. After comparing DNA from both Sarada and the umbilical cord, the test seemingly reveals that Karin is Sarada's real mother. Kesempatan Bertemu Bagian kedua Mediafire indowebster Ziddu 4shared kitaupload bebasupload ugm.

The brunet scoffed at her. Dropping off her mother to Shizune , Sarada returns to her house's ruins to collect some valuables.