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R K Lilley - [Up In the Air 02] - Mile High - dokument [*.pdf] Contents Title Page Copyright Blank Page Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three. Read Mile High (Up in the Air #2) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. Mile High is a Romance novel by R.K. Lilley. Mile High (Up in the Air, #2). by R.K. Lilley. ·. ··65, Ratings. James and Bianca's tumultuous story continues in the sequel to In has.

Mile High Rk Lilley Pdf

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Mile High (Up In The Air Book 2) - Kindle edition by R.K. Lilley. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Lilley, R.K. - In Flight (Up in the Air 1).epub. KB. Lilley, R.K. - Mile High (Up in the Air 2).epub. KB. Lilley, R.K. - Grounded (Up in the Air 3).epub. KB. Rk Lilley Mile High Free PDF ebook Download: Rk Lilley Mile High Download or Read Online ebook rk lilley mile high in PDF Format From The Best User Guide.

Every action, every move even every word that comes out from his mouth is delicious!!! So, don't wait pick Mr Beautiful up and enjoy their adventure!!! View all 26 comments. Nov 17, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it really liked it.

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James was extremely delicious in this one with a soft side that I found really attractive. I mean seriously that is probably one of the most creative things I have E. R read I fell in love with it. Can I just mention again the horseback riding thing because I think this book unraveled so much better than the first. I got more of James in it and felt connected to him and Bianca more. Their chemistry is absolutely palpable as well as the BDSM element came through wayyyy more in this book than the last.

I actually really loved the BDSM that was in it. It wasn't too much and didn't feel overwhelming. There were a couple times where I felt like the sexual situations were a little unrealistic but IMO it's fiction which makes the unrealistic situations okay I feel like I have a family and a home again. All of the dark shadows seem to disappear when we're together. Bianca is taking a break from James. She's trying to collect her thoughts and pull herself together.

Being with James is scary for her. When she's with him he makes her feel things she's never felt before and more than that she feels this overwhelming connection to him that she's just never felt with any man I mean he's the only one she's ever felt attracted too so obviously that's HUGE. James is full on in love with her in this book.

He wants her bad and will not stop until he gets everything he needs from her. His feelings for Bianca run extremely deep.

So finally she acquiesces and allows herself to meet up with James at a party. Well when they meet up sparks fly and they fall right back into the swing of things relationship wise. James has a ton of work ahead of him trying to get Bianca to open up and see the relationship for what it is.

What is the relationship you ask??? I think that their relationship is one dreams are made of. It's something that can stand the test of time if Bianca can allow herself to be loved by James and if James can try to respect her boundaries and love Bianca back the way she needs which lets be honest he knows EXACTLY how to love her.

Do you even know how crazy that is? I don't deserve you. You've exorcised my demons. This book is basically them working through the issues that surfaced at the end of book 1. It's also about them falling in love with each other.

It's about how James needs to dominate and protect her and also how Bianca needs that from James. In this book she realizes how much she craves James's love and attention. It's really, really, really good!!! I think the next book is going to be amazing. For me Mile High was a combination of sex, love and domination. James lit up the pages keeping the reader fully in tune to his dominating ways. Bianca was the perfect submissive learning that with James she's exactly where she's suppose to be.

For a sequel I was extremely impressed as I felt as though the author did an amazing job of keeping the story spicy and interesting as well as building and developing the characters at the same time.

R.K. Lilley

I'm very happy with it and would absolutely recommend this series. View all 19 comments. The ending of In Flight was pretty awful and things haven't gotten better. Grounded Up in the Air Volume 3 Audiobook Part 1 While Bianca's body is healing, her mind, heart, and soul are trying to make sense of what's going on with her and James.

Can she really trust him? And more importantly, can she let him in? When Bianca finally agrees to see James, it's at a nightclub and James hadn't shown up yet. Bianca was opening up and telling some of the other flight attendants about him They were The ending of In Flight was pretty awful and things haven't gotten better. They were not gonna let up.

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Some are pretty noteworthy, especially the one on horseback which I still couldn't figure out! Where's a horse when you need one I think that's really the draw for me, James' intensity and his insatiableness!

How many different places and ways can RKL come up with? And I really want to know more about James The time away from Bianca has only made James More jealous, more intense, more brazen and he's finding it hard to hold back I was really surprised about the tattoos though.

I still can't believe with everything that has gone on they haven't said those three little words. Even though James' actions are shouting them, Bianca still needs that and I have a feeling James does too.

The drama is still going on with Jules and she's bringing in more people. The charity event and episode in the bathroom was a bit shocking and unfortunately, I'm sure we're not done with her yet. The good thing that came out of that is Lana.

I thought she was fantastic and was sooo happy that at least someone was in Bianca's corner. I really like him and want him to be happy. I think that both him and Bianca need to have some growth to be able to let others in.

I guess it would be nice if they both got that. The drama is still going on with Bianca's past and what happened at the end of the last book really amps up at the end of this one.

We get some new and interesting information as well as really harsh stuff Onto the last one! I never knew life could be this good.

This trilogy has got me all kinds of 'book excited' 5 delicious, heart stopping, James and Bianca stars. This story started perfectly from where book one's dramatic cliff hanger left off. If I thought I enjoyed James and Bianca's story before in book one, in this book I was positively swooning. In this second book the author takes us on the delicious journey of obvious soul Mates, we get to learn more about the characters that I fell in love with from book o Re read February double the love!

In this second book the author takes us on the delicious journey of obvious soul Mates, we get to learn more about the characters that I fell in love with from book one - Jealousy, possession, love, life, heartache, pain, dark hidden pasts all play their staring roles in this roller coaster epic love story. This book gives you more than sex driven written in scenes. There is plenty of story and intrigue, the author kindly takes you on a clever journey of two broken hearts, making each other whole.

This is a continued story of the impossibility of two people made for each other, yet unable to voice their thoughts and feelings, ok, so at times I thought just USE the three little words! I thought this couples journey was told so well by the author, and as a reader I felt every heartache and drawn out angst. What I loved most about the book is the inclusion of story telling surrounding the romance and steamier scenes, which allows the reader to learn more about each character.

In my opinion it has enough drama to keep any reader entertained and as with book one, book two has left me eagerly waiting for book three to complete the series and love story of James and Bianca. And more skeletons in the closet than your standard graveyard! See you in the next book Mr Beautiful View all 21 comments. I find this better than the first book. James Cavendish surely impressed me here.

I'm in awed on all the he'd done to win Bianca. Lilley He's sweet, sexy and hot. He's more patient, persuasive and considerate since he's also adjusting on having a new relationship definitely not contractual. Bianca wants to take their relationship really slow. She got the public's attention by dating James and as well as trying to control her feelings whenever she encounters his exes.

I love how their relationship gro I find this better than the first book. I love how their relationship grows up into something more and help each other to fight their own demons. What a wonderful development.

This book deserves my 4 stars. View all 8 comments. Holy Tattoo James and all that kinky fuckery! Yum Story picks up a month later after the events of Book Thankfully I did not have to wait long for all their sexing to begin. James is even more determined to keep her in his life and in some instances to keep her running away from him after that horrible incident at the event.

James and Bianca's relationship moves fast mostly because of James and I love it. You must know by now that I've never done any of this for anyone else. I was a slut once with my body, but I've never been a slut with my heart.

Beyond their developing love story there is a huge cliff-hanger at the end with some revelation regarding her family Because I don't have a good feeling about this new family member that's conveniently living in NY I really hope I'm wrong hide spoiler ] So can't wait for the 3rd book to see what happens View all 11 comments.

More twists, an 4.

More twists, and a new discovery just continues to put both James and Bianca's emotions in a constant state of concern, fear and turmoil View all 10 comments. The things that I loved so much about In Flight were almost nonexistent in the book. I loved Stephen's character in book 1, and his character almost completely disappears in this book.

I loved Bianca's backbone in the first book.

List Chapter or Page:

I liked that she stood up for herself and had boundaries when it came to James. In this book, she surrenders as James's sub and her lovely character disappeared. It was a shame. More than anything, the thing that changed for me from book 1 to book 2 is how I felt about the character of James Cavendish.

In book one he was so attractive in every way , in book 2 he became downright creepy. Come to Me! How to Get Your Books into Libraries. I disliked how he started to treat Bianca. His obsession with her seemed almost scary to me.

He controlled her, dressed her, and completely started to suffocate her literally AND figuratively There was something not quite right about Mr. Cavendish, and I stopped seeing him as anything other than a really unhealthy man.

I won't be continuing with this series. View all 15 comments. If I looked like him, I'd never leave my house. I'd just stay home and fuck myself. It starts up right where it left off in.. Bianca and James are currently on a break from each other and both are miserable without the other.

I really enjoyed this one. Both Bianca and James are a work in progress and we find out some secrets from both of their pasts.

Will the past destroy them?? He was going to fuck me mindless, and i could barely stand the wait. I don't have nightmares when I'm with you. I don't have to work seventy hour work weeks to keep my mind distracted. But our girl Bianca definitely has an iron will and makes than man work for it! Good for you Bianca! When she does give in, oh boy does it heat up FAST!

Oh you can go down that horse riding path anytime you want GG…. Did someone just turn up the heating in here? We got to know him a bit better in this one and we clearly see that this man has two opposing sides.

He loves and protects fiercely, almost obsessively so. He is a strong sometimes harsh dominant; he needs complete control in and out the bedroom. Yet there is some kind of sadness about him…a vulnerability that affects his relationship as we experience his fears for Bianca, her safety and his fear of her leaving him. He has an amazing loyalty and openness…if shared in return.

Actually he is a pretty remarkable man overall. However, I have to say here Jenny that one line he said in this book grossed me out completely and I had a real problem with it. I think this line unfortunately affected my view of him for a while after, but this is most probably personal to me though!

What do you think Jenny?I love that Bianca is a flight attendant. After that shit hitting the fan, I am even more pumped to dive into the third book. The time away from Bianca has only made James The Happy Housewi I will for sure read book three. That meant that my father had been with this other woman for years before my mother had died.

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