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Introduction to Flash MX Tutorial. This tutorial guides you through the process of creating a compelling Web experience with. Macromedia Flash MX. Please note that this tutorial uses Macromedia Flash MX. Anyone using MX Flash to add tweening to fill in the animation between the 2 keyframes. There are. gram when Macromedia acquired it from FutureWave back in the primary tool you use to construct and manipulate animations in Flash MX and.

Macromedia Flash Mx Tutorial Pdf

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This workshop will introduce Macromedia Flash MX, a vector graphics Flash is a vector-based animation and authoring tool for creating rich. Macromedia Flash 8: A Tutorial Guide Certified Macromedia Flash MX Designer Study Guide · Read more Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX. Macromedia Flash MX. A Brief Tutorial for. “Programming Usable Interfaces”. Andrew Ko. Intro • The Stage • Vector Graphics • Timelines • Layers • Symbols.

Many of the techniques covered in this tutorial will also apply to past versions of Flash, as well as Flash MX, the very latest version, though. If you are not sure what a Flash animation is like click here for an example.

If this does not work you will need to download the Flash Plugin. Why Use Flash? Flash is one of the best multimedia formats on the internet today for several reasons.

Firstly, the Flash plugin required to view the animations is installed on nearly every computer connected to the internet. All the major browsers come with it installed by default and, for those who don't have it, the download is very small.

Secondly, Flash is a 'vector based' program, which means the animations and graphics created by it have much smaller file sizes than a video or streaming media version of the same animation would be.

You can also include sound, graphics and dynamically created information in your animation. Flash provides a versatile and easy way for webmasters to create animations for their users. What Do I Need? As mentioned above, all you need to view a Flash animation is a modern web browser with the Flash plugin. Then click OK.

Bound To field in the Component inspector Selecting the component path and schema location in the Bound To dialog box Next, you will bind the parameter in the web service connector to the TextArea The results should look similar to the following graphic: Select Dreamweaver and click the Get Tip button again to view another tip.

In fact, Macromedia does not recommend using public web services directly from within any client-side application. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. When a request is made for the data through a DataBinding component, you can define how the string data is converted into the correct ActionScript types.

This is accomplished by selecting an item within the Schema Tree pane and modifying its settings. Page 14 Select the schema field. These menus contain many of the design element and manipulation functions. Note the location of the following elements. Write down the main menu that each item is found under because you will be using these commands later in the project. Here graphics are animated over time. You coordinate the timing of the animation and assemble the artwork in separate layers on the Timeline.

The Timeline displays each frame in the movie. Position the pointer over each icon in the Timeline to read the title. All of the tools on the left side of the Timeline coordinate Layers.

Flash MX 2004 Documentation

Layers are like transparent sheets of acetate stacked on top of each other. When you create a new movie, it contains one layer.

You can add more layers to help organize the artwork, animation, and other elements in your movie. The Tools section contains drawing, painting, and selection tools. The View section contains tools for zooming and panning the application window.

To use the Rectangle tool: Click the Rectangle tool. The pointer turns into a cross. Drag the pointer to draw. Draw a rectangle in the middle of the Stage. Use the Colors controls to select new Stroke and Fill colors. Draw three more rectangles of various colors and sizes.

Macromedia flash 8 frame to frame animation

Note: You must select the Stroke and Fill color before you draw; otherwise, you must select the object with the Arrow tool and select Stroke and Fill color. To use the Oval tool: Flash provides tools for drawing ovals as well as rectangles.

Either tool can draw a shape as an outline or as a solid. In the Toolbox select the Oval tool. Move the pointer over the Stage.


It turns into a plus sign. Drag to create an oval or rectangle with the size and proportions you want. The options available on panels control the characteristics of selected elements. Panels let you work with objects, colors, text, instances, frames, scenes, and entire movies.

To set stroke attributes using panels: A line has three Stroke Attributes: color, thickness, and style. To set stroke attributes in the Stroke panel: Click on Line Tool. Click the Stroke-Color box. The pointer changes to an eyedropper and a set of color boxes appears. The eyedropper is the default. To select a color, either click a color box or type a hexadecimal value representing a color in the Hexadecimal-Color field. To select none no color , click the box with a red line through the center.

Select one of the many shades of blue.

15 Essential Tutorials To Mastering Flash

To set a line weight in the Stroke-height field, enter a number between 0. Compare line weights, choose. To select a line style, click the Line Style menu in the Stroke properties panel.

When you select a style, a graphic representation of that style appears in the line-style field. Select Solid. Draw several ovals changing the stroke attributes.

You set the fill type and related attributes in the Fill panel. From the Fill menu, Choose a fill type.

The attributes for that fill type appear in the panel below the menu. Click the Fill-color box. To select a color, either click a color box or Type in a hexadecimal value representing a color in the Hexadecimal-Color field. Choose light blue.

Draw another oval with the new fill attributes. Note: To select none no fill color , click the box with a red line through the center. To open a hidden panel, Choose Window and Select a panel i. To use the Pencil tool: The Pencil tool allows you to draw with two free-form modes—straighten and smooth—that help you draw precise, smooth shapes.

You can use the Straighten mode to eliminate small inconsistencies that can spoil freehand sketches. Straighten changes your freehand lines into straight lines and regular arcs. In the Toolbox Select Pencil Tool.

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ActionScript Programming Tutorial _ Learnthat

The Pencil tool modifiers appear. From the Pencil Mode option tools, Choose Straighten. Traduza os verbos Spoil e Straighten: Move the pointer over the Stage and the pointer turns into a Pencil icon.

Click and Draw a curvy line.Use notebook paper to draw out a series of panels, similar to a comic book. A storyboard is a plan for your animation. Or perhaps you need a high tech look and feel. The storyboard becomes increasingly important the more complex the movie or animation.

Move the circle back to the middle of the Stage where it began. In the Toolbox select the Oval tool. Just like in a theater production, it is the area in which the actors perform for the audience.