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Download the Plan your trip eBook of Lonely Planet's Japan guidebook from Japan - Understand Japan and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter). Travel with Children 53 on guides to Kyoto, Tokyo, Japan and hiking in Japan. When not on together their first travel guide, Across Asia on the Cheap. to help you put together your perfect trip ing) parties, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck oՖ the northeast . YOUR COMPLETE DESTINATION GUIDE.

Lonely Planet Japan Travel Guide Pdf

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Japan is truly timeless, a place where ancient traditions are fused with modern life as Tokyo restaurant etiquette: the ultimate guide to dining in Japan's capital . So, with all the free information available online, why get a guidebook for Japan travel?! Well, when it's your first trip and you are brand new to a country, they. Download PDF Lonely Planet Japan (Travel Guide), PDF Download Lonely Planet Japan (Travel Guide), Download Lonely Planet Japan.

What the market really says As I sat down to write this article, I asked readers on social media what they thought of Lonely Planet.

While most people still used Lonely Planet and guidebooks in general for preplanning, they reiterated what I kept hearing on the road: the books seem to get more out of date, the writing has lost its edge, the guides have gotten more upscale and less about offbeat and budget destinations, the website is hard to use, and blogs are often better.

Clearly, the market has a different opinion about the guides than management.

Why You Should Get Free Lonely Planet PDFs / Ebooks Legally Without Getting Scammed or Hacked

The problem is Lonely Planet itself. Whether app, e-book, or paperback, consumers want a trusted source of information.

We want someone to cut through the noise for us. Yet that was in The current problems are owned by the current management.

Their desire to turn Lonely Planet into a content company is a terrible decision that is out of touch with what travelers want.

Best Japan travel guide books + PDFs (w/ discount on Lonely Planet) Backpacking Japan

A rapid decline in quality The decision to ignore market research and go with their gut explains much of the decline and why the books are a shell of what they used to be. When the company was last bought, most of the old execs were fired, bought out, or driven out. In their place was installed a management team with little knowledge of the industry they were now in. Multiple sources reached out to me for this article to describe their experiences with Lonely Planet since the buyout.

LP has this giant content management system, where the author submits their research and, from that, they make the guidebook. So, in the end, you get this disorganized — and often wrong — book.

They have a lot to do and little time to do it in — plus, the pay is terrible. I — and many others — see that reflected in the quality of the guides. A terrible website And this decline can be very clearly seen on the LP website. After Houghton first took over, the website looked like this: I mean, what is this? Who thought this was good?

Japan - Understand Japan and Survival Guide (PDF Chapter)

It would take me ages to find the square I needed. Often I gave up and simply found a blog instead.

Now, while I like many things about the new Lonely Planet website — the larger pictures and bigger font — the content sections are hard to follow, and navigating the website is just as difficult as ever. I was trying to find information when I was in Lyon recently — and it was just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.

They list like every place in the city — every church, attraction, park, or restaurant.

They do it for all their destinations. Distill the information down for me! Plus, the information is so hard to find now. It was easy to get to where you wanted to go, there were no endless lists, and they gave you the facts you needed.

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It had what you wanted. But, if you only need one or two Lonely Planet ebooks, you can legally buy pdfs quite affordably through the Lonely Planet store. Why Downloading Lonely Planet Ebooks is a Tremendous Value Lonely Planet has a huge library of travel guidebooks, covering just about every travel destination you can think of. The electronic versions are easy to navigate using the clickable Table of Contents.

Dubai & Abu Dhabi 7

Lastly, Kindle Unlimited provides you will access to a ton of books — not just the Lonely Planet library. Perfect for keeping you entertained on those long flights or bus rides. Information is power, and having so much of it at your finger tips can help you travel smarter — ultimately saving you money in the long run.

And since the first month is free with this Lonely Planet Book free download trick, you might as well give it a try! And if you are planning to travel the world long term, be sure to look into buying an annual travel insurance policy.

Love this post? Pin it on Pinterest: Pin it on Pinterest!You can change your ad preferences anytime. The history and background research is also high-quality, in addition to the sights, restaurants, hotels, etc. Around the World Fashion Sketchbook Children's.

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Get to the heart of Japan and begin your journey now! All forums.

I'm traveling to Kyoto for a work conference in late November. Compare the reviews of these guidebooks: I use that, and tripadvisor for hotel reviews.