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Kuro is the core rulebook of a new near-future game setting influenced by unremitting Japanese horror. It is available for purchase in PDF now. [Cb] Kuro Rpg - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Kuro (english) - I lost Miko during the Kuro incident. She was driving DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!.

Kuro Rpg Pdf

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Japanese proverb. Introduction. Makkura is a series of adventures for Kuro, but it is also more than that. As we mentioned in the Core Rulebook, Kurohas been. folder-parent, Parent Directory. folder, Kuro - Last Stop, file, Kuro -, , KB. file,, . DOWNLOAD PDF. Report this file. Description. Download [Cb] Kuro Rpg Free in pdf format. Sponsored Ads. Shop Now. Ads by Amazon · Book of Life.

These include many of the more well known ones, such as Roppongi and Shinjuku, but also include the other less popular ones. I also like the little rumors in the call out boxes that can serve as plot hooks for some of the wards.

[Cb71701] Kuro Rpg

Shinto is given a focus, with some discussion on Exorcists, something that has seen a recent popularity due to the number of hauntings that have been happening lately. The Rules The rules of Kuro are pretty simple.

In a nice node to the culture, results of 4 are read as 0 and do not contribute to the total. Thankfully, the game also employs an exploding dice mechanic, so any dice that come up as a 6 are added to the pool and rolled again, adding their next result to the total.

If you roll a 4, it counts as a zero. Skills are added to a characteristic roll, and is therefore a static bonus to the total of the roll rather than being added as more dice to the pool.

I find this is nice since it helps avoid the bucket of dice syndrome. Characters Character creation is a straightforward one, and the game highly encourages that players choose concepts that are in line with the setting. The game works on a basic point-buy system among characteristics, and several derived attributes from the characteristic scores.

One of the interesting characteristic in the game is Social Rank, or Kaiso.

Kaiso determines the kind of job, standard of living and wealth that a character can have. Interestingly, the player can choose any level of Kaiso as appropriate to his concept, except for the highest 6 which is reserved for the mysterious Genocrats of the setting.

I didn't begin this way, and wouldn't really recommend it, though. The more power you have, the less you pay attention to the setting no, don't tell me it's not true - it is.

And the characters are going to need some time getting used to it As a funny detail, in close combat, you can attack cautiously but holding back and dealing less Damage but upping your defence, and then you roll Reflex for the attack; you can fight normally, and roll Agility, or you can take risks, lowering your defence but dealing more damage, and then you roll the attack with Strength.

In practice, this means that big brawlers are easier to hit, but if they ever hit back, beware! OTOH, after they swing, you can beat them to the punch I'm actually thinking about Shamo, here.

Damage is HP, but the hits represent actual damage. Losing many hits at once deals Wounds, which lowers your capabilities and can basically put you out of the fight.

Totally unexpected, I know! And of course, you can die from multiple hits, with or without wounds. I've houseruled that to go "only hits that deal a Wound can knock you out, unless that takes you below the death threshold - then you must roll every turn to avoid collapsing, and only have limited time, determined by the GM, until you actually expire". Of course, the catch is that it applies to the opponents, too!

Enough about system, buy it and read it if you want all of it Well, once you move past the "historical" part - you'll see, if you ever read it. OK, I get it, they needed a justification why Japan was again subjected to nuclear strike which never reached its soil, though and then was cut off from the world.

The Setting

But still That's unimportant. It's the description of the society in New Tokyo The Kuro Incident - Miracle or Curse? Only time will tell how history will remember the events of 4th May The accidental launch of a Panasiatic Federation nuke at Japan would have devastated the country, but we were saved from this fate when the missile vanished seconds before impact. But saved by what?

The violent winds and electromagnetic storm which followed offer clues to the event that science has yet to decipher. Some people have reverted to ancient superstition to explain what happened, muttering about spirits and the 'Wind of the Gods'.

But such is always the case in times like these, especially as the consequences of the blockade grow more severe. Personally, I'm sure that we'll find a diplomatic solution before the year is out and, at the very least, not being nuked will always seem like the better option!

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Click here. Kuro english. Watermarked PDF.

Average Rating 1 rating. Because the girl who keeps sending them isn't Miko, and she won't stop screaming. Customers Who Bought this Title also Purchased.

Reviews 1. Please log in to add or reply to comments. Nakorn S January 09, 3: Do you have a timeline for KURO core rulebook in print or print-on-demand please? Lowell F January 25, 4: Lowell F October 11, 2: Jay W April 05, 5: Lowell F April 04, 4: So glad to see this amazing game back up.

Do you think you'll put up a Print on Demand version? I've been hunting for a hard copy for a couple of years. I know its been OOP and the previous publisher never replied to questions about that. Yes, we will. But we have modify all the lay out again.

It takes time.Each adventure is linked together with several additional scenarios, taking you to the next level of the Kuro saga. Most newer books are in the original electronic format. Geek Native uses the Skimlinks algorithm to to deploy affiliate links.

I'm actually thinking about Shamo, here. But more messages starting appearing on my phone.

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Monster of the Week is a hunter-horror game in the mode of Buffy. This year saw the release of an English translation a Finnish rpg based on the premise. Also, their file size tends to be smaller than scanned image books. It must have blinded her because her car was found wrapped around a tree, her body covered in petals fallen through the broken window. The setting looks to be low fantasy with mixed gothic elements.