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In the last ten years since writing this book, my astrology studies and research in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Indian. Mar 18, I may try to edit this book or write a new book in future, reflecting In solar vaia. Vedic Astrology - Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati. PDF | In the Vedic (Hindu) system of Astrology, known in Sanskrit as Jyotish, the 27 constellations Book · January with 98, Reads.

Indian Astrology Book Pdf

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Jyotish_= Indian siderial books using siderial zodiac Book_ = tropical B. N. Book__Angelus-Astrological optics_ types of. Digitized by Google. Digitized by. Page 2. Digitized by Google. Digitized by. Page 3. Digitized by Google. Digitized by. Page 4. Digitized by Google. Digitized by. List of Popular Astrology Books - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File ( .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. compilation of Astrology books by popular.

Davis Understanding children through astrology. Lewis The astrology encyclopedia. Westenholz Mesopotamian astrology. Baker Medical astrology. Gibson Signs of mental illness using parallels. Pingree Astral sciences in Mesopotamia. Hewitt Astrology for beginners. T Ford Zodiac Manager choosing the right people. Mann Astrology and the Art ofHealing.

Henning Hai Lee Yang Chinese astrology. Crane Pratical Guide to Hellenistic Astrology. Bridge The heavens declare Zodiac and Bible. Stowe Stowes Bible Astrology. Dykes The Search of the Heart. Warren Recreations in Astronomy. Dykes lntroductions to Traditional Astrology. Westman Copernicus and the Astrologers book review. Westman Copernicus and the Astrologers. Kolev The BabylonianAstrolable. W SuttonThe Astrology Revolution. Lunar Zodiacs from the Bible's view point. George Astrology for Yourself.

W Sutton Planet Prominence Rule. Grossinger Pluto New Horizons fo Zain l Laws of Occultism. Zain Brotherhood of Light Hermetic Astrology. Mackenzie Myths Of Babylonia and Assyria ch. Pankenier Astrology and Cosmology in Early China. K Nagar Gnostic Astrology.

Sibly illustration of the celestial science of astrology l ed. Tibetan Astrology Michael Erlewine. Tibetan Astrology Philippe Comu bad scan. Tibetan Elemental Astrology. ProctorSaturn and its system. Evidence for Geocentrism. Dobek Ancient Egyptian Astronomy. Hill Astral Worship. Lawrence Hellenistic Astrology. Woolfson Small Bodies in Planetary Systems. Carr The Surface of Mars. Gainer Real Astronomy with Small Telescopes. Mullen Astrology as a New Model of Reality.

Parcak Satellite remote sensing archaeology. Holt Relationship Compatibility guide. Newman and A. Predictive astro. Row The Revival Of Astrology.

Venkata Rao Astrology and its connection with Vedanta. Astrology and its connection with Vedanta vol. Row An Introduction to the Study of Astrology. Tilak Vedic Chronology and Vedanga Jyotisha. Jagannada Rao The age of the Mahabharata war. Menon Early Astronomy And Cosmology.

Shamashastri Drapsa The Vedic cycle of eclipses vedic treasures. Dafkari Astronomical method to the chrolology ofIndia. Senagupta Ancient Indian Chronology. Svoboda The greatness of Saturn. Kiishnasamy lndian Astrology. Vishnu Most Reliable Practical Astrology. F Abayakoon.

Prakash Brahmagupta And His Works. Raman Prashna Tantra Sri Neelakanta. BhasinAstrology in Vedas. ChoudhryHow to Study Divisional Charts. RaoBiorhythms Of Natal Moon. Sareen Prasnagnana of Bhattotpala. Narayanaswami Iyer. Chawdhri Saturn a Friend or Foe. Vyas New Predictive Astrology. Choudry Application of Prasna astrology. Gour Astrology ofProfessions. Cole Science Of Light Vol l. Cole Science Of Light Vol 2. Sharmalnterpreting Divisional Charts. Ra Aostrology For Layman.

EshelmanSidereal Mundane Astrology. Using Astrology to Find the Inner You. Bhagat Horasara of Prithyuyasas. Bhagat introduction to nakashatra astrology. Bhagat Practical Astrological Remedies. Narasimha Rao Basics of Panchangam. Gour lntroduction to astrology Ganita, Hora, Samhita. Bhagwat How is Today For You. Know Yourself.. Gour Book Review. Raman My experiences in Astrology. Levacy made results. Jaya Sekhar.

Raman Kiishna Rau. Kapoorverses only. Sastri Vol. Bhagat transl. Narinder SharmaSaral Jyotisha. Ramakrishna Bhat. Ojha Predictive astrology of the Hindus. Thite transl. Bhasin Medical astrology. BhasinThe Art ofprediction. Rath ban. Raono sanskrit. Saxena use PDFedit. Guru Rajesh Blind Chart Analysis. Astro IQ easy test. Basics of nakshatra padhathi MK Viswanath. Chawdhri Scientific Analysis of Horoscope. Chawdhri The fascinating Jupiter. Chawdhri Transit ofPlanets.

Ramana Rao Komagiri. RAO retyped. Parvathi Kumar. Patel Notes on navamsa and pushkar navamsa. Verma A glimpse of Kerala astrology. Rao follower. Kuppanna Sastri. Ramanno Sanskrit.

Raman original with Sanskrit. BhatEssentials of horary astrology or Prasnapadavi. Santhanam Nasta Jatakam lost horoscopy. Bhaskaran 27 Astrologics of Kaalchakra — K. Alone is Correct 60 15 K. Horary Astrology Scientific Tables Houses 1.

Tables of Houses 25 K. II 34 Astro.

Year Books. Rao S. Khullar 49 K.


Kedar S. By Other Authors Edited by K. Muthuswami 19 Gulika in Astrology. Krishna Rao 3 Healing with Crystals. Jain 45 7 Mundane Astrology. Verma 15 Your Destiny in Thumb. Krishna Kumar 5 Conjunction of Planets.

Cosmic Influence. Gaur 11 Transit. Bhasin 65 22 Text Book of Transit of Planets. Grace Inglis 50 9 Saturn in Transit. Verma 23 Application of Yogini Dasa.

The Essentials of Vedic Astrology

Gaur 12 Sun. Rao 50 16 Bhrigu Nandi Nadib. Rao 65 14 Yogas: The Marvels of Hindu Astrology. Subramaniam Iyer 18 Medical Astrology. Muthuswami 75 20 Astro Sutras. Chattarjee 32 Saturn — A Friend or a Foe.

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Pamela 4 Medical Astrology — S. Chaudhary 33 The Fascinating Jupiter. Jain 75 8 Retrograde Planets. Some Other Books on Astrology S. Erin Sullivan 10 Profession. Rao 17 Kaal Prakashika. Bhatia 54 Hindu System of Prediction. Bhasin 80 48 Remedial Measures in astrology. Shukla 43 Natal Chart from the Palm. Kapoor 80 49 New Techniques of Prediction 3vols. Alan Leo 90 Books by V. Dattatrey Dixit 55 Span of Life.

Pravin S. Prash Trivedi 39 Hindu Astrology. Chillar 38 The Rahu Ketu Experience. Muthuswami1 46 Vedanga Jyotisham. Alan Leo 59 How to Judge a Nativity. Ramamurthi 56 Casting The Horoscope.

Jain 51 Shadbala Rahasya. Suresh Mishra 47 Art of Prediction. Rao 50 44 Indian Astrology — An Appraisal. Patel S. Books by Bepin Behari S. Chauhan 12 Palmastra. Niranjan Babu Spier 11 Secret Palm. Verma 14 Secret of Palmistry.

Karan K. Dayanand 80 3 How to Read Faces 2 Vols. Kapil 22 Gems Therapy — M. Panes 5 Cheirosophy.

Raphel 6 Advance Palmistry. Niranjan Babu 33 Vastu: Relevant t Modern Times — B. Banerjee 7 Palmistry. Dayanand 2 50 Hand Prints. Philip 26 Healing Through Gems. Sharma 21 Numerology Made Easy. Anupam v. Prem Kr.

Saha 27 Secrets of Vastu Shastra 2 Vols.

Noel Jaquin 10 Hands of Children. Shastri 30 Yantra Mahima — Pt. Dayanand 35 Encyclopaedia of Palm Reading. Montrose 90 49 Astro. Iyer 47 Hasta Samudrika Shastra.

Gaffar 45 Study of Palmistry. Ravindra Kumar 55 Book of Gems Stones. Sharma 68 Siddh Prayog for Carrier. Rele 51 Life Path Thru Numerology. Sen 48 Numerology for Everybody. Numerology — Dr. Shubhakaran 60 Golden Rules of Vastu Shastra. Cally Hall 57 Vastu: How to master it — Prof.

The Whole View. Sharma 67 Secrets of Mantra. Numerology — V. Mir Bashir 41 Practical Palmistry. Dutt 50 Practice Astro. Bipul Pathak 56 Gems Stones. Noel Jaquin 42 Hand of Man. Banerjee 40 How to Read Hands. Palmistry Mihiracharya. Alvida 44 Ilm-Ul-Kaff. Suman Pandit 61 Progressive Vastu.

Bhojraj Dwivedi 65 Medition of Successful Life. Chaudhary 71 Practicals of Yantra. Vishwanath 74 Kundalini — The Divine Power. Health etc. Shrineewasan 54 Secrets of Numerology.

Kattakar 36 Laws of Scientific Hand Reading. Noel Jaquin 43 Astro. Sharma 52 Your Destiny In Numbers. Saint German 46 Saririka Shastra. Scherman 53 Your Fortune Thru Astro. Connaught place. Barakhamba road Near Metro Station. Akashdeep building. Phone no.Year Book K.


Dutt 50 Practice Astro- Numerology V. Choudhry how to analyse married life V. Newman and A. Hewitt Astrology for beginners. Mann Astrology and the Art ofHealing. Shastri 13 Uttarkalamrita Kalidasa. Chawdhri The fascinating Jupiter.