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These two, then, — the that Guarino called "rei publicae Venetae duo lumina"14 — are s candidates for identification as the praestantes viri whose prot Giovanni enjoys in the urbs opulentissima.

At the time of Bruni's let the recipient is "recentem adhuc et modo advenam" in the city. Of the reasons for his removal from Florence to Venice we have no direct knowledge, but it is clear that he left behind in Florence a troubled domestic situation.

In Sexus Veritas - Volume 2

Bruni, with an air of paternal reproof, urges him not to give way to idle regrets and attempts to strengthen his weak character with some plain speaking. It happens that the scribe is mentioned again in humanist correspondence in conveniently similar terms: Traversali to Niccoli, ep. Sed ea tibi reservo dum coram aderis. Levis est ut solet; sed eum dimittamus". Bruni's indecisive correspondent can scarcely be the Tortelli who has no known connexion with Florence before, at the earliest, , but rather the levis librarius who turns up there again in 13 A.

A Berlin manuscript, lat. Baron changed his mind three times over the date, depending on the case he had to argue : Leonardo Bruni Aretino, humanistisch-philosophische Schriften Leipzig , p. In general Bruni seems not to have dated his personal letters by year. Fumagalli, Aevum 56 , p. It must be recognized that in this area we are often at the mercy of scribes for whom chronological accuracy is not a matter of interest.

The onus is on those who would have Florentines writing from Florence in the common style to show that the MSS indicate this with some consistency; both Poggio and Traversali used Florentine style when dating their letters by year, and cf.

Baron himself, Schriften , "wahrscheinlich stil. Piana, Archivum Franciscanum historicum 53 , pp. Bruni did send Tortelli a letter, IX.

Tortelli's date of This content downloaded from Before passing to the in , some earlier test A so far unidentified Francesco Pizolpasso: "Quantum vero ad Iohannem amicum tuum, utinam te aut virtute tua dignus foret.

Sed quottidie audio nonnulla de ipso quae magno me dolore alficiunt". This shiftless Giovanni has been arrested in Florence for a debt of 25 florins, and Bruni hopes that intercession with Nicolao nostro may be of help. That is no more than a remote speculation, but it might be worth examining Pizolpasso's known manuscripts for traces of Giovanni's earliest scribal activity A major addition to our picture of Giovanni Aretino has recently emerged from the Florentine archives.

It consists of an exaggerated, at times almost hysterical, appreciation of Giuliano's infinite virtues, in which Giovanni associates with himself "Jannogius optimo ingenio adolescens" and "Pierus Pieri illius aequalis'. Rich and influential citizens like the Medici could expect many such addresses, though few perhaps as flowery as this one, and they knew how to interpret them.

in sexus veritas ebook

Always underlying these effusions is a request for patronage of some sort. As the Medici amici developed into something like an organized party in the later s, they produced a mass of letters still preserved in the Archivio Mediceo avanti il Principato which present claims for assistance and assurances of birth is not known, but he could describe himself as having been adolescens in Regoliosi, "Nuove ricerche", p. Diu felix mei memor dulcissimas ac suavissimas Romani eloquii epistolas [i.

Fam] lege feliciter et me ama. Me ama et vale". Jack's Oxford B.


Litt, thesis on the same subject. A photograph of it accompanies Miglio, "Giovanni Aretino" as n.

Presiding over the elaborate network of broadly poli patronage were precisely those persons to whom Giovanni comm himself: Cosimo and his brother Lorenzo, Averardo and his son Giuliano, with the addition of Nicola di Vieri, distant cousin of Cosimo and friend of Poggio, Niccoli and Bruni But Giovanni, as seems to have been his destiny, rather missed his mark with Giuliano, who has no repute as a patron of learning and escapes notice in humanist letters He will very likely have been travelling on bank business to Venice, where a branch had been estab lished in and where the Medici had many friends Among them was Francesco Barbaro, who shortly after Giuliano's visit commended him in passing to a Veronese friend resident in Florence The nexus between Giovanni's Medici patrons at Florence and the Venetian Barbaro is the obvious mechanism for his passage to Venice, where he produced at least the Imotski Cicero for Francesco and Ermolao in This 22 See the interesting analysis of their language and content in D.

Kent, The Rise of the Medici Oxford , pp.

For Nicola see e. Luiso, Studi and P. Giuliano is to pass on Giovanni's compliments "cum aderis", that is, when he has returned from Venice to Florence. Miglio, "Giovanni Aretino", p. This was perhaps for the use of Giuliano's son, Francesco, who was then receiving a humanist education from Andrea Fiocchi later a colleague of Poggio's in the papal secretariat : see G.

See Kent, Rise of the Medici, pp. He specially urges Giannicola Salerno, at that time capitano del popolo at Florence on whom see my article in Humanistica Lovaniensia 33 , , to cultivate Lorenzo, to whom he was most attached; but also "idem de Juliano Querini Brescia , p.

I do not find Giuliano again in Barbaro's correspondence: not in Querini or Sabbadini, lettere di F. Salerno , nor in the latest additions of Griggio as n.

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It abounds in such unhappy phrases as nullo reliquo nullo alio , et in se et in nullis apparently for: nec in se nec in ullis , orationis capillos nervos , animus in ilium regius in ilio , nimium forsan dixi, nedum plura mihi dicendo sint licet , ad haec te adhortari With the evidence of the new letter before us, we can scarcely continue to call Giovanni Aretino a "persona colta, che talvolta interviene sul testo [of Cicero] dandone una 'lettura critica'"28, or one "che conosceva il greco"29; a more realistic assessment is Giovanni's own self-appraisal, "homini parum in litteris erudito'.

A positive gain, however, is to find the young Giannozzo Manetti and beside him Piero di Piero, a cartolaio 30 associated at this early date with a humanistic scribe and the optima studia humanitatis. This must have been at the very outset of his studies, for Vespasiano da Bisticci has Manetti b.

The piece, like most of Luna's epistles in this collection, is undated, but it immediately follows one of ; this happens, incidentally, to be the date at which Filelfo set his Commentationes de exilio where Bruni, Manetti and Luna are shown in 28 Scarda Piacentini, "La tradizione laudense", p. Scarda Piacentini herself rejects this view p. His profession of stationer sits well with Giovanni's as a scribe.

Greco, II Florence , p. Miglio fails to mention "Janno? Manetti came to own the Cicero letters by Giovanni mentioned at n. The Giovanni in Luna's letter too needs least gets, some mental stiffening.

From chasing up an order for a b the letter turns rather surprisingly to exhortations to bear with the of fortune: "Quod si tu ipse sic existimare volueris, nec pauperta penuria nec dura servitus e statu tuo mentem tuam deiecerint.

I animo forti magnoque sis ut te quoque tacito literarum ocio ded possis". All this suits what we know of Giovanni Aretino, thoug identification must remain for now uncertain Surer information comes from Bruni's second letter.

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Marta rated it really liked it Jul 10, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The full Budget that will be released later this spring will include our specific mandatory and tax proposals, as well as a full fiscal path. Sed quottidie audio nonnulla de ipso quae magno me dolore alficiunt".

But that which transcends all wonder, is, that Woman alone, without Man, should be able to produce humane Nature, which Man alone never could pretend to; and yet this is commonly affirmed by the Turks and other Mahumetans, to be feazible; amongst whom many are believed to be conceiv'd without Fathers, whom in their own tongue they call Nefesogli. Apocalypse Sooner Whereto we may adde, That almost all School-Divines concur in opinion, That the Church at that instant remained wholly and solely in a woman, viz.

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