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Editorial Reviews. Review. "This is an excellent introduction to the writing and thinking of Gilles eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; In this edition, page numbers are just like the physical edition; Length: pages ; Word Wise. Funambulist 03 Deleuze eBook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. by Punctum. Gilles Deleuze Key Concepts michel foucault & gilles deleuze: philosophy as cultural - critical interventions into our contemporary concepts of sexuality, desire.

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Bloomsbury Revelations. Visit the Australia site. Continue on UK site. This is to perceive, as it is said that Japanese people perceive.

They dont perceive like us; they primarily perceive the perimeter. They would say: The world, the continent Europe, France, etc.

It is a phenomenon of perception. This way, we first perceive the horizon. Claire Parnet: Japanese people are not really from the left! Gilles Deleuze: This is not a good argument.

Because of this perception, they are from the left. In the sense of the postal address, they are from the left.

You first see the horizon, and you do know that it cant sustain itself in time, that this is not possible, that those millions of people who starve from death Its not a moral problem, its a problem of perception.

If we start by the whole, thats what it is to be from the left. It means that we can call and consider that those issues are the ones to be solved.

And that does not mean at all that we should say that we should diminish birth rates, etc. Thats not it. This is really about finding the worldwide arrangements that will solve those issues. It is really a problem of perception; its not a problem of beautiful soul. This is, mainly, what is to be from the left for me. Secondly, to be from the left, for me, its a problem of becoming; never stopping to become minor.

In fact, the left is never a majority, and for a very simple reason. Because majority presupposes, even when we vote, its not just the biggest amount that votes for somethingmajority presupposes a standard.

In the Western World, the standard that every majority presupposes is: male, adult, heterosexual, living in the city. Ezra Pound, Joyce said some things like that, it was perfect. This is what the standard is. Thus, naturally what will have the majority is that which will punctually achieve this standard. That is to say, the image of the male, adult, heterosexual, living in the city.

This is true to the point where I can say that majority is never anybody. It is never anybody, itis an empty standard. Simply, several people, a maximum amount of people recognize themselves in this empty standard, but in itself the standard is empty. So then women will count and intervene in the majority or in secondary minorities according to their group, relatively to this standard. But what is there beside that? There are all the becomings that are minority becomings.

What I mean is that women are not women naturally, women have a becoming woman. So if women have a becoming woman, men as well have a becoming woman.

We were talking earlier about becomings animalsChildren have a becoming child, they are not children naturally. All these becomings are the minority becomings. Gilles Deleuze: They cant, this is a majority standard.

The adult male is not a becoming. Men can have a becoming woman, and this way have to engage into processes of minority becomings. The left is the totality of processes of minority becomings.

So I can literally say: majority is nobody, minority is everybody. This is what is to be from the left; this is to know that minority is everybody and this is where occur the becomings phenomenons. It is the subject of the eleventh plateau, which is entitled Of the refrain.

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Ritournelle has indeed been translated in English by refrain but, to the the extents of my English knowledge, it seems to me that this translation does not fully unfold the same meaning. In the Abcdaire, Deleuze, as we will see below, uses an onomatopoeia in order to explain this word: Tra la la as a kid would hum. This concept is a territorial one, as Deleuze states my translation : When do I do Tra la la? When do I hum? I hum on three various occasions. I hum when I go around my territory and when I clean up my furniture with a radiophonic background meaning, when I am at home.

I also hum when I am not at home and I am trying to reach my homewhen the night is falling, anxiety timeI look for my way and I give myself some courage by singing tra la la. I walk towards home. In other words, the ritournelle refrain , for me, is absolutely linked to the problem of territory, and to processes of entrance or exit from the territory, meaning to the problem of deterritorialization.

I enter in my territory, I try, or I deterritorialize myself, meaning I leave my territory. The Ritournelle is therefore a form of incantation for a claimed spatiality. It is also a sort of song that, despite is supposed lightness, is calling for the power of the cosmos.

Gilles Deleuze

As Deleuze continues my translation : It is as if the stars would start to play a small song of cow bells or actually this is even the opposite, that the cow bells are, all of a sudden, promoted to the status of celestial noise, or of infernal noises.

With this concept in mind, one song struck me when I first heard it and it still does now because it embraces this ambiguous status of a simple repetitive motive that eventually calls for the power of the cosmos. In this regard, it was cleverly used by Wim Wenders for the trailer of his upcoming movie about Pina Bausch. This example is the famous Bolro by Maurice Ravel , which is built on a very repetitive scheme but, little by little, becomes as powerful as a hurricane.

The following excerpt is from the chapter, Becoming-Intense, Becoming-Animal, Becoming Imperceptible, in A Thousand Plateaus, and can be read while watching the choreography created by Maurice Bjart for Bolro : Bolro is the classic example, nearly a caricature, of a machinic assemblage that preserves a minimum of form in order to take it to the bursting point.

Boulez speaks of proliferations of little motifs, accumulations of little notes that proceed kinematically and affectively, sweeping away a simple form by adding indications of speed to it; this allows one to produce extremely complex dynamic relations on the basis of intrinsically simple formal relations.

This book consists of a frontal and caustic critique of psychoanalysis, as it has been conceived by Freud and later by Lacan. Accusing psychoanalysts to have the same relationship to their patient that priest have to their flock, Deleuze and Guattari who was himself a student of Lacan blame Freud and Lacan for making castration an equivalent of the religious original sin, as well as for interpreting the unconscious as a theater. The two French philosophers contest the idea that dreams and fantasies are a representation of the desire, and they invent a vision of the unconscious as a factory, and of the body as an assemblage of machines producing desire.

These desiring machines are directly inspired by Antonin Artaud and his notion of bodies without organs. Naked Lunch, Grove Press, This text can be put in relation with the first paragraph of the Anti-Oedipus that describes this factory constituted by the body. I would like to draw attention to the style of Deleuze and Guattari; the form of their discourse is as powerful as its content.

It is at work everywhere, functioning smoothly at times, at other times in fits and starts. It breathes, it heats, it eats. It shits and fucks. What a mistake to have ever said it. Everywhere it is machines real ones, not figurative ones: machines driving other ma- chines, machines being driven by other machines, with all the necessary couplings and connections.

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An organ-machine is plugged into an energy-source-machine: the one produces a flow that the other interrupts. The breast is a machine that produces milk, and the mouth a machine coupled to it. The mouth of the anorexic wavers between several functions: its possessor is uncertain as to whether it is an eating-machine, an anal machine, a talking-machine, or a breathing machine asthma attacks.

Hence we are all handymen: each with his little machines. For every organ-machine, an energymachine: all the time, flows and interruptions. A solar anus. And rest assured that it works: Judge Schreber feels something, produces something, and is capable of explaining the process theoretically. Something is produced: the effects of a machine, not mere metaphors.

Lane,Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, This paragraph introduces a new discipline created by Deleuze and Guattari, the schizo-analysis, which consists, at the same time, in the destruction of what they consider as the transcendental masquerade from the psychoanalysts, as well as a study of the immanent production of these desiring machines that biologically and chemically produce the desire of our bodies.

This section goes back to the book Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature, published in In this essay, the two authors attempt through Franz Kafkas work, to create a manifesto for what they call a minor literature. Minor, here, is of course ambiguous, as it can means secondary, from the minority, or related to a mine.

They have always refused any form of transcendental judgment on a work, and they probably welcomed this terms ambiguity. The three characteristics of minor literature are the deterritorialization of language, the connection of the individual to a political immediacy, and the collective assemblage of enunciation, write Deleuze and Guattari. Kafkas work develops these three conditions both in its contents and in its form. Kafka was part of minority within a minority: Jewish and Czech in a region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Even he who has the misfortune of being born in the country of a great literature must write in its language, just as a Czech Jew writes in German, or an Ouzbekian writes in Russian. Writing like a dog digging a hole, a rat digging its burrow. And to do that, finding his own point of underdevelopment, his own patois, his own third world, his own desert.

There has been much discussion of the questions What is a marginal literature? The criteria are obviously difficult to establish if one doesnt start with a more objective concept that of minor literature. Only the possibility of setting up a minor practice of major language from within allows one to define popular literature, marginal literature, and so on. Only in this way can literature really become a collective machine of expression and really be able to treat and develop its contents.

I could insist on the political side of Kakfa that deconstructs transcendence and describes the power of immanence as I have in the past;1 nevertheless, the notion of language is more important here, as it refers to the notion of revolutionary becoming that involves one or several people to continuously create a resistance against the normalized standard.

Kafka answers: steal the baby from its crib, walk the tightrope. This tightrope gives its name to The Funambulist, which, hopefully, carries the spirit of its minor becoming.

Deleuze interpreted the work of the Irish painter in a book entitled The Logic of Sensation published in In this book, Deleuze describes how the lifetime work of Bacon was painting the scream itself rather than the figure that makes the body scream.

The body is therefore the continuous medium of work for Bacon. His paintings registers what Deleuze calls the becoming animal, and each body expresses the pain that they suffer in their very flesh Deleuze uses the term meat.

This book also insists on what Deleuze considers as a common mistake: that the painter always starts from a white page. On the contrary, Deleuze argues that he starts from a dark page and the painting consists in the withdrawal of everything that is not fundamental to it.

Smith, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, There is a very important experience here for the painter: a whole category of things that could be termed clichs already fills the canvas, before the beginning. It is dramatic. Czanne seems to have effectively passed through this dramatic experience at its highest point.

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Clichs are always already on the canvas, and if the painter is content to transform the clich, to deform or mutilate it, to manipulate it in every possible way, this reaction is still too intellectual, too abstract: it allows the clich to rise again from its ashes, it leaves the painter within the milieu of the clich, or else gives him or her no other consolation than parody.

Lawrence wrote some superb passages on this ever renewed experience of Czannes: After a fight tooth-and-nail for forty years, he did succeed in knowing an apple, fully; and, not quite as fully, a jug or two. That was all he achieved. It seems little, and he died embittered. But it is the first step that counts, and Czannes apple is a great deal, more than Platos Idea If Czanne had been willing to accept his own baroque clich, his drawing would have and really give a complete intuitive interpretation of actual objects is in some of the still-life compositions.

Here he is inimitable. His imitators imitate his accessories of tablecloths folded like tin, etc. Its the real appleyness, and you cant imitate it. The moment it looks like Czanne, it is nothing.

Lawrence, Introduction to These Paintings [see Chapter 6, note 2], in pp. Clichs, clichs! The situation has hardly improved since Czanne. Not only has there been a multiplication of images of every kind, around us and in our heads, but even the reactions against clichs are creating clichs. Don't be fooled by knock offs. FREE domestic shipping for orders over 8 packs!

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You dream, and there is a kind of wizard who The Funambulist Pamphlets: If I were to use an example that is important to me, I would say that the system of interpretations that is being developed by an Orthodox Jewish settler in the West Bank appears to me coherent. It is really a problem of perception; its not a problem of beautiful soul.

Eugene B. Grove Press, , p. We can feel that there are some dangers, that this situation cant last too long. For machines, which like the judgment pronouncing-executing machine in The Penal Colony and the lovingkilling machine in Supermale cannot extend and expand in a montage, the logical end is selfdemontage, self-destruction.