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Four Four Two Magazine Pdf

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Title: Magazine pdf org 12 01 fourfourtwo uk, Author: rafalucho, Name: Magazine pdf org 12 01 fourfourtwo uk, Length: pages. download FourFourTwo UK magazine March issue. Racing Ahead magazine is Britain's biggest and best selling horse-racing magazine, the complete guide to horse-racing in the UK and Ireland. Every magazine.

Cover lines along the bottom right hand side, this leads us into a story that will be developed inside the magazine. White background with black sans-serif font, this gives the magazine a slight newspaper appearance, this represents the magazine in a formal and official manner.

Website, Date Issue and Price.

FourFourTwo Magazine

In white, thin, sans-serif small printed font above the barcode. These conventions are in small print because it isn t an important convention in the footballing industry, all people want to see is the football information. Also the price is in small print as it is an expensive magazine, pricing at 4.

Barcode, this is used so they magazine can be sold in stores all over the country, or internationally. It has to be black and white otherwise the code will not scan.

This feature is really easy to blend in as the main colouring and main image is black and white.

FourFourTwo UK – March 2019

Banner advert, along the bottom of the magazine, dark black background denotes white sans-serif font that promotes an upcoming derby that is a big football game in England. Kicker and explanatory line, used the footballers name to attract fans, along the left hand side to stay visible, noticeable and clear on the newsagents shelf, this convention denotes information about the main image and tells us there is an exclusive interview inside.

This appeals to the target audience as the main image figure is someone everyone is reading about, therefore potential consumers want and are convinced to buy the magazine. Subsidiary coloumn, this feature denotes bold bright vibrant coloured sans-serif font on a big red background in the bottom left hand corner of the magazine.

This convention also has a thin white border and a drop shadow, this is so it s not simple and stands out from the other conventions. Basic black, white and red colour scheme makes it easy on the eyes, consistent with the front cover and fitting the genre, reuse of the male figure Messi on the front cover, synergises with the front cover.

The writing on the contents page is set out in coloumns, the main text which have their own category blocks labeled with titles and numbers next to them.

This feature denotes what is inside the magazine and what pages to go to. Main text is dominantly thin small print sans-serif font because it s a modern, masculine and intelligent magazine.

There is always a main image on the contents page which links to the main story of the magazine, in this case the main image is a photograph of a professional footballer called Messi and the interview FourFourTwo had with him.

Smaller images on the contents page link to other stories featured in the magazine, these smaller images mentioned are the ones underneath Messi and on the right hand page.

There is no deal for subscription convention on this contents page as the magazine is a fixed monthly price of 4. FourFourTwo are a formal, official and strict magazine towards football therefore this type of magazine does not include a editors note convention, this is because editors notes give the magazine a personal touch which FourFourTwo do not like.

The reuse of page numbers and captions linking to stories in different fonts and colours to make them stand out to the reader, the page number always comes before the text and follows with a few words about the article. On the contents page the website is featured at the bottom left hand corner next to the page and issue date as its least important to the reader.

However, this convention is still used on the page to promote the magazines website and show recognition to the brand name. Bulgarian edition - First published in April ,[ citation needed ] having pre- World Cup information about the England national football team and coach Fabio Capello for its cover story.


Croatian edition - First published in October Hungarian edition - First published in March Italian edition - First published in December Editor Xavier Jacobelli. Articles on domestic football normally take up about half of the pages. Nigerian edition - First published in , relaunched May with Samm Audu as the editor. It is the biggest-selling soccer magazine in West Africa.

Polish edition - First published in May , by Arskom Group. Portuguese edition - First published in November , by the company 'Goody S.Review Your review is important to us as well as other users.

James Viney, via email. Eleven years later and he had written his name into club folklore — not just for the winner in the Champions League Final, but also for playing a key role in just the six Premier League crowns. Pep Guardiola. Our partner at magazine.

As Matthews later acknowledged: