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Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS is thematically linked to the Focus on IELTS coursebook. Students learn Download Ebook – PDF Mirror 1. Items 1 - 8 focus on academic skills for - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS New - Download as PDF File .pdf ) or read online.

Focus On Academic Skills For Ielts Pdf

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Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS. Motivate your students to take charge of their learning. Give in-depth practice of all four skills. Encourage revision and recycling using the Language Review at. Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS. Файл формата rar; размером 83,31 МБ; содержит документы форматов audio pdf. Добавлен пользователем Lawless .

I try to do some sort of intense 1 every day. This removes the sugar and stores it so that it can be used when energy is required. Health and health problems benefits 11 12 13 14 15 disease a global long-term insulin childhood heart epidemic levels obesity. Exercise centre exercise expenditure programme sports 1 2 3 4 5 sports energy physical training competitive Reading: The role of insulin Each time we eat starch or sweet food.

Complete the sentences using a general word from the box. Use each word once only.. Then underline the specific examples given in the sentence for each general word. There was a A sensible programme of exercise can bring many. I 2 3 4 5 to to to to to decline dip increase grow fall 6 7 8 9 10 to to to to to decrease fluctuate recover drop rise In addition.. Although it dipped in Changes in food consumption However. The first and last ones have been done for you. In the last hundred years.

In From the graph we can see that overall. Although there was a. Consumer such as televisions and cars.. The amount of ice-cream consumed started at about 50 grams.. The amount consumed decreased steadily from almost grams per person to only grams by Where the noun is different.

Write out the senten'ces as a complete dividing them up into paragraphs. People consumed more fresh fruit than either sugar or ice-cream throughout the period The amount consumed decreased steadily from almost grams per person to only b Q. The graph shows changes in the amount of fresh fruit. Eating out is now the UK's favourite leisure time pursuit. The move towards ready-made meals and the increasing popularity of snack foods are growing.

Bodily such as breathing and digestion. What does that part of the text tell you about the role of each of these? Spend no more than two minutes on this. Questions Complete each sentence with the correct ending A-J from the box. Look for these words to help you locate the paragraphs which contain the information you need. Some key words have been underlined. The same words are in the text. Without reading the rest of the text.

Look through the whole text quickly and underline or highlight all the proper nouns which refer to people or institutions. Where does the problem exist? What could be a possible solution? What is one drawback to this solution? Members of the organisation. Light years ahead Charlotte Denny in Kampala Cheap solar panels could be the answer to Uganda's power shortage.

His company has yet to make a profit. In spite of this. H In the meantime. These are sent out in kit form. Sunshine Solutions can therefore sell solar panels that are much less expensive than the ones available in the shops. But for just Sunshine Solutions. Fred Kajubi. Asked if he ever gets downhearted. He is planning another trip into the countryside to demonstrate his solar panels as well as a new solar cooker. He has set up his own small company. F Even the World Bank.

Mr Knight decided that in some parts of the world. Although the solar panels work out cheaper than batteries in the long term. After seeing a TV programme on the invention of a radio powered by clockwork. With sunshine going spare. Mr Kajubi is pinning his hopes on the spread of micro-credit schemes that will loan money to families to help them raise the cash for his products. E Uganda plans to bring power to poor villages over the next five years.

But even if the ambitious plans for rural electrification succeed. Mr Simms believes that the only solution to spreading solar energy more widely is government subsidies. Never give up. Graham Knight. G But even cheap technology is hard to sell in a country where half the population lives below the poverty line and there are few effective marketing and distribution channels.

He set up a firm to make the components for low-cost solar panels for use in Africa and South America.

Graham Knight's panels. A B The electrician. D Only a small minority of Ugandans currently have access to mains electricity. According to a World Bank representative. Mr Simms says. In which paragraphs will you find information about the people A-D in the box below?

Match each person with the description which relates to them. Which phrases from the questions relate to the following from the text? To help you. One set will be names of people or things from the text.

Fred Kajubi I Mr Kajubi. The second set will be statements. The order of the numbered items 1. Questions Look at the following descriptions Questions and the list o. The head teacher is proud that the school is provided with energy from A wind power from their own turbine. C B coal from the local mines. The children's because rather than global.

B C electricity supplied to the following extracts from the recording. C may have no clear answer. TIP If you are not sure. Remember you will not hear the recording a second time.

There are fewer pupils in the school now than in the past because A there are not enough B students C the local population teachers. This will give you an idea of what to listen for.

It could be a speech. The head teacher believes that primary pupils should study problems which A are regional B can be solved locally. A will be in the same order To help you identify the information you need as you listen. Questions Label the map. Do not copy the whole word. You need to look at the numbered items and think about where they are. TIP As you listen. Number 7 What is at the top end of the garden?

The numbers on the map will be in the same order as the information you hear.. You may be given the words you need in a box. Write the correct letter from the box in each space. Some information will already be shown there. If you sometimes confuse left and right.. Choose five answers from the box and write the letters A-H next to Questions Can you use language like increase and decrease when reporting the data? What are the main similarities and differences between the countries?

What grammatical structures do you need to use in your description? Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown.. How many sectors are there?

What does each bar represent? What information does the vertical axis show? Does the diagram show changes or differences? Look back at Module A page 11 to compare Write at least words. Use each expression once only Japan has the employees in the industrial sector..

The bar chart gives information about the percentage of workers in different sectors of employment in three countries at different stages of economic development Answer these questions. If you simply copy your introduction directly from the Writing task on the question paper Instead you need to reword.

Bllt wltile tiplHt IliiS 2. Match the expressions below with parallel expressions from the box. Underline the most appropriate words to rewrite the introduction the task..

This is an important academic skill. Use two words for each answer Read the description in Exercise 5 again. Why are some of the figures in brackets and others not? You are not required to explain this information. Japan has the most workers in the industrial sector and the fewest in the agricultural sector.

Brazil has the same proportion of workers in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Which of the two conclusions description in Exercise 5? A B Ovemll. Complete these questions. What order did he say them in? D because D on the other hand D well.

You can use phrases with adjectives e. I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 it's much more exciting they're exactly the same there are more shops the streets are busier there's too much traffic there's more to do in the evenings you can have much more fun there are far fewer skyscrapers living in a village.

Part 1 a Look at the question below. I'd prefer to Would you prefer to live in the city centre or in the suburbs? Record yourself if you can. Now use expressions from Exercise Sa in response to questions above. You need to be careful with tenses in order to describe past and present habits and situations.

He says they are 'completely different'. When speaking. The speaker in Exercise 4 doesn't just say 'homes are different now'. Do you think modern homes are different from homes your grandparents had? They weren't 4 course. One of the main 2 grown is rice For each sentence. Those living in 6 such as towns or cities have easy access to services such as electricity and water.

The ability to use a wide range of vocabulary is also assessed in the Speaking and Writing Modules. In many ways This needs 3 and plenty of water. Listening Section 3: Growing rice in Vietnam Student: For the first time in human history They are able to earn 7 and so they have a higher standard of 8 than those in rural areas.

One paragraph should be about setting up a business and the other about energy resources See Module B pages Which five words always refer to quantities or numbers? Both expressions are grammatically correct In other cases.. In the future There was a slight dip in prices in June. On roadside verges and balconies.

I if they mean the same thing and a cross X if they are different. You should probably follow a programme of vigorous exercise. A low intensity exercise programme would probably be best for you. The person doing this job will be responsible for cooking the children's meals. Sales figures fell marginally. Over one quarter of the world's food comes from farms in urban areas.

Urban farming is making a nonsense of the boundaries between town and country. We used to live in a small apartment at the edge of the town when I was a child When I was young.

Over half the children in New York City are very poor. Bangkok has a higher percentage of land used for farming than any other city. According to Anders Wijkman. False or Not Given. Urban farming used to be confined to areas near city boundaries.

The prices fluctuated slightly in June. In New York City. Write True. Births recovered to 6 million in The initial cost of setting up a solar power system is quite low. There was a steady upward trend in spending during the period. Jac Smit. It does not cost much to run a solar power system. In Moscow. Modules A and B 1 Vocabulary Read the pairs of sentences below and put a tick.

Births reached a peak at 6 million in Underline any phrases which make the meanings different. There was a slight decrease in sales figures. In Bangkok. Calcutta raises a quarter of its fish supply in tanks within the city.

The job will involve supervising the children's meals. We don't have any vacancies just now. But this is very outdated. The majority of people who grow food in cities sell it in order to make money.

A study of urban farming in cities in 30 countries. And they ate a big breakfast. In Britain another major expense was transport. The pie charts below show average household expellditure ill HOllg KOllg alld Britaill ill the year Task 1 Complete the answer to the Writing task below by choosing the correct word from the box.

Do you think the way people eat now is different from the way they ate in your grandparents' day? Part 3 Read the question and a candidate's response. For example. Write a report for a ulliversity lecturer describillg the illformatioll below. I think it's changed a great deal.

Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS

Food came in second place in Britain. Complete the candidate's response using phrases and sentences from the list a-d on the right.. In both countries the 6. Underline the parts that tell you.

Which linking word in paragraph A suggests a difference? Is the information in the text organised according to a researchers and their findings? What effects might these differences have on daily life? Paragraph A 1 You should not be late for meetings in New York.

There may be an example or examples already done for you. Identifying the main idea of each paragraph will help you understand the text better. Use the underlined key words in the heading to help you answer these questions. Paragraph B 1 Variations in attitudes to time can lead to misunderstandings. To check that you have selected the heading that matches the main idea. Decide which sentence below. B Back in the s. From the data he collected. Time is seen as relatively flexible in some cultures but is viewed more rigidly in others Example List of Headings i Time and technological ii A problem iii Learning the laws of time for intercultural understanding iv Time and individual v Comparing of workers vi Research and conclusions nationalities live at vii The history of time measurement viii Attitudes to time and authority relationship ix Variation x Attitude to time as an indication individual differences development for those researching attitudes to time psychology the value of time for different in theoretical groups Paragraph A Answer x 1 Paragraph B..

Indonesia and Mexico.. In A Geography of Time. Be careful to copy these accurately when you transfer them to your answer sheet in the exam.. You get answers on what cultures value and believe in. These rules might not always be made explicit.. Paragraph G. But if you keep someone in New York City waiting for ten or fifteen minutes.. EI Salvador.. Levine describes how he ranked the countries by measuring three things: The answer varies from society to society A If you show up a bit late for a meeting in Brazil Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings helow..

Japan and Italy. He described how variations in the perception of time can lead to misunderstandings between people from separate cultures.. C problems can be caused by different views of time. Questions Choose the correct leffer.

He surveyed rural residents and found that farmers. You have to come up with other ways to find out. Some cultures see time as closely connected with space: A boss can show up late and just say 'any time is Trinidad time'. Then look back at the options and choose the best one.

Decide if the meaning of each pair is parallel or different. For other cultures. Cor D 7 Edward Hall used the example of the ambassador to show that A people in power are easily insulted.

Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS

Birth observes. Kevin Birth. Birth concluded that wage work altered the tailors' views of time. B rules of time are different now from in the past. But theory and practice do not necessarily go together.

D misunderstandings over time cannot be avoided. Birth adds that the connection between power and waiting time is true for many other cultures as well.

To do this type of task. The Western idea of time has been compared to that of an arrow in flight towards the future. TIP To help you choose the correct answer. In that country. D E The complex nature of time makes it hard for anthropologists and social psychologists to investigate. C employees as well as bosses may be late for work.

In the West. D people's past and present attitudes to time. Robert Levine measured the speed at which postal workers A delivered letters.

Read the summary below. Then scan to find the part of the text which has the relevant information.

Different cultures have different theories of time. D collecting phrases to do with time. B performed a task. B time is regarded differently from anywhere else. Look for another quotation from Birth later in the text. C what people believe about time and what they say. In other cultures. You may also have to complete a summary using words from the text.

Read carefully to find out how he did this.

A asking questions connected with language. D answered a question. Find the option which reflects this. C observing how people behaved in different settings. C learned a new skill. Now read that section of the text carefully to find the answers. The text describes three groups of people.

B asking people how they felt about time. Your answers must fit grammatically. B people's practical and theoretical attitudes to time. D people who are punctual eventually become more powerful. In Module A. You have already done a Section 1 note completion task. Match the following phrases from the recording to the correct column of the table Name Table completion is similar to note completion but the information is more clearly organised for you.

Special requirements. The headings of the table will tell you what to listen for. Listen for signals that tell you what information you are about to hear.. You may also have to understand and record information when the speaker changes or corrects the information that is given.

There may also be a title explaining what the table shows. What is the maximum number of words you can write for each answer in questions ? Leo's phone number mobile What qualities would be most important from the box or use your own ideas This is called the 'long turn' You may be asked to describe one of the following: Questions Complete the table below.

I 2 What do you have to describe and explain? How many prompts are given in addition to the 'describe' 3 instructions? What tense will you use for each of the prompts?

Describe someone You should you know who is popular and 'explain' in your neighbourhood. Read the candidate task card below and answer these questions.

Negative adjectives are often softened by adding a bit. Put the adjectives Adjectives into the correct category. The prompts give you sufficient something and to material to talk about for two minutes. S b People often think she is a bit unfriendly know her. S Was it clear when the speaker moved from describing to explaining? Prompt 3 Prompt 4 Crtllll.

S Your best birthday. In the exam Time yourself and record yourself if you can. You could use a simple list or a mindmap to organise your thoughts.. Prompt 1 Prompt 2 Locrtl doctol" Met hilll. Summing up: Modern lifestyles are completely different from the way people lived in the past Some people think the changes have been very positive Paraqraphi 2 AYjument I What is the purpose of the first paragraph? Where does he state his opinion? Cause and effect: This is called the argument-led approach..!

Discuss both these points of view and give your own opinion Introducing examples: ParagYafh 3 AYjument Is the main topic a modern lifestyles TIP Read carefully to identify the main topic. F Even the World Bank, often criticised for being obsessed with large-scale power projects, recognises that there is place for solar power.

According to a World Bank representative, solar power can be an effective complement to grid-based electricity, which is often too costly for sparsely settled and remote areas. G But even cheap technology is hard to sell in a country where half the population lives below the poverty line and there are few effective marketing and distribution channels.

Mr Simms believes that the only solution to spreading solar energy more widely is government subsidies, because the initial costs of the solar power panels are beyond most household budgets.

H In the meantime, Mr Kajubi is pinning his hopes on the spread of micro-credit schemes that will loan money to families to help them raise the cash for his products. His company has yet to make a profit, although he says sales are picking up.

He is planning another trip into the countryside to demonstrate his solar panels as well as a new solar cooker. Asked if he ever gets downhearted, he points to the motto on his workshop wall: Never give up, it says.

Numbers can be written using figures or words. Contracted words will not be tested. Hyphenated words count as single words. The summary will usually be of only one part of the passage rather than the whole. The given information may be in the form of: several connected sentences of text referred to as a summary , several notes referred to as notes , a table with some of its cells empty or partially empty referred to as a table , a series of boxes or steps linked by arrows to show a sequence of events, with some of the boxes or steps empty or partially empty referred to as a flow-chart.

The answers will not necessarily occur in the same order as in the text. However, they will usually come from one section rather than the entire text. There are two variations of this task type. Test takers may be asked either to select words from the text or to select from a list of answers. Contracted words are not tested. Where a list of answers is provided, they most frequently consist of a single word.

Because this task type often relates to precise factual information, it is often used with descriptive texts. In the variations involving a summary or notes, test takers need to be aware of the type of word s that will fit into a given gap for example, whether a noun is needed, or a verb, etc. The answers do not necessarily occur in order in the passage. The diagram may be of some type of machine, or of parts of a building or of any other element that can be represented pictorially.

This task type is often used with texts describing processes or with descriptive texts. This is most likely to be used with a text that contains a lot of factual information and detail.

Test takers must write their answers in words or numbers on the answer sheet. Test takers must write their answers using words from the text. The questions are in the same order as the information in the text.

Focus on Academic Skills for IELTS (2nd Edition)

All answer sheets, after being marked, are further analysed by Cambridge Assessment English. Scores are reported in whole bands and half bands. Test format — Reading 60 minutes The Reading section consists of 40 questions, designed to test a wide range of reading skills.Underline the words that introduce reasons in these two answers. You have been using these skills throughout this course. Over the past decade. No extra time is allowed for transfer. The questions may use a range of grammatical structures and ask for different types of information..

Underline the expression in the first sentence which has a parallel meaning to the word you add.