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For A, B, D, and O With love, from L —L.B.F. To my husband Stephen— in honor of our year wedding anniversary! —B. P. Alexei Shirov Fire On Board Shirovs Best - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Pal Benko_ My Life, Games and Compositions (Jeremy Silman).pdf. Uploaded by . registromaestro. Alexei Shirov Fire On Board Shirovs Best

Fire On Board Shirovs Best Games Pdf

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Fire On Board: Shirov's Best Games [Alexei Shirov] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this collection of his best games, Grandmaster Alexei Shirov shows why he is widely (Maybe an advanced manual for GM Tactics?). In this collection of Shirov's best chess games, Grandmaster Alexei Shirov shows why he is widely regarded as one of the most aggressive and inventive players. Alexei Shirov, Mark Taimanov ISBN: | pages | 6 Mb Download Fire on Board: Shirov's Best.

So it was important to randomize the position. It might lead to a quicker loss, but the important thing was to create a situation where even Kramnik could go wrong.

Shirov succeeded on both counts, as you'll see tonight, to your surprise and delight. If you're a Playchess. CET Thursday morning. Here's what you do: Log on, enter the Broadcasts room, look for "Kramnik-Shirov" under the Games tab, double-click on it, watch and enjoy. Hope to see you then!

~ Chess Tournament

Other time zones can be found at the bottom of this page. You can use Fritz or any Fritz-compatible program Shredder, Junior, Tiger, Hiarcs to follow the lectures, or download a free trial client.

You can find the exact times for different locations in the world at World Time and Date.

Exact times for most larger cities are here. And you can watch older lectures by Dennis Monokroussos offline in the Chess Media System room of Playchess: Enter the above archive room and click on "Games" to see the lectures. The lectures, which can go for an hour or more, will cost you between one and two ducats.

That is the equivalent of Euro cents US cents. The games span the years to Total video running time is nealy five and a half hours. Comments: The introductory video explains the basic ideas behind the Slav, plus explains a novelty presented in that game.

Each successive video explains theory in each variation presented. Note that I did use the word "explains": instead of merely cranking out variations for their own sake, Shirov takes the time to explain the reasoning behind the moves. This is the reason why the user should watch the videos and absorb the instruction in the recommended order; ideas are carried over, but the ideas not verbally repeated, from video to video.

Of particular interest to computer chess fans, Shirov's victory against Shredder in an exhibition game is also included.

It should be noted that all games on this DVD are presented in both Chess Media System format and as a regular ChessBase database game; although the latter also contain variations and a bit of symbolic commentary from time to time, the extensive instruction from the videos is not included in text annotation form.

Title: My Best Games in the Nimzo-Indian Disk contents: Nine video lessons; after an introduction, eight videos each based around a single game follow. Total running time is more than four hours. Comments: The DVD's title isn't completely accurate; Shirov actually discusses three separate openings on this disk, all of which follow the initial moves 1.

These include the Nimzo-Indian 3. Nc3 Bb4 , the Queen's Indian 3.

Alexei Shirov Fire On Board Shirovs Best Games.pdf

In the first half of the tournament I won three games and was close to the lead, but then I collapsed to fnish with 7 points out of Still, it was excellent ex perience. J l0Il08l b LlI0 Since I have played in so many tour naments that it is impossible to describe all of them.

Probably the games I played in these years will tell the reader more. Here I offer a brief account of my career during this period.

Shirov Alexei. Fire on Board. Part 2 (1997-2004)

In March and April I received an other privilege from Goskomsport - a chance to play in the Budapest open in which I made my first international mas ter norm , followed by a closed category 9 event in Torey France, where I shared first and second place with grandmaster Ku preichik and achieved my first GM norm.

However, I started badly and finished half a point short with 51 out of 9. In fact, after a year of chess I went to university because there was no other legal way to avoid military service. I com pletely quit my studies in the beginning of but even before that I never spent too much time studying.

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In the summer of I took part in the Soviet Youth Games a kind of youth team championship , where I scored 6 out of 8 on first board to share frst place with Boris Gelfand from Byelorussia and the Moldavian Victor Bologan who is now a grandmaster. In this event I scored a re markable victory over Vasily lvanchuk world no.

The Soviet system started to change dramatically in and chessplayers were able to travel abroad a lot more us ing our own personal contacts and fnan cial resources.


When, after a two-week nightmare of arranging docu mentation, I fnally arrived in Stockholm I already felt that I had done the hard part and the chess would be much easier. In fact I scored grandmaster norms in both tournaments and was awarded the title in May The following month I was invited to what turned out to be the last Soviet Zo nal tournament and surprised even my self by fnishing in a tie for the first four places with Leonid Yudasin, Smbat Lpu tian and Alexei Dreyev , which was suff cient for a berth in the Interzonal, a round Swiss tournament held in Ma nila in June and July of Of course I had hopes of qualifying for the Candi dates' stage but unfortunately I made a slow start and had only scored 31 after the frst 8 rounds.

With a last ditch at tempt I won three games in a row but could only manage two draws at the end, which was not enough.

Still, 71 out of 13 was a good result for me. This tournament was also remarkable because it was there that I encountered the Argentinean Veronica Alvarez, who was participating in the World Girls Un der Championship, for the frst time.

We were married in January Mter the World Junior I more or less completely broke away from the Sports Professional Chess Life 25 Committee and was now dependent solely on tournament organizers.

In order to ob tain good invitations I needed to improve my rating as much as possible so I started trying to beat every weaker opponent I played in every competition. As a result my rating began to improve. I was in January and this went up to in July. I won several tourna ments in this period, but my frst categor 17 event, in Dortmund in April, was al most a disaster points out of 9.

We were naturally very excited about this as it was the first time a Latvian team had participated since the Buenos Aires event in Our fnal result, ffth place out of more than a hundred teams, was quite an achievement in my opinion but one, alas, which we couldn't repeat in Moscow in , where we finished 19th.

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I scored 9 out of 13 on top board, but I was disap pointed to lose to Garry Kasparov after missing a simple two-move win. Before the Olympiad in my pro gress had been quite smooth, but then things started to get a little shaky.Black has no chance of a perpetual, so the game is over. Gareth Griffiths rated it it was ok Sep 17, You may read Fire Enlarge cover. The white king will be well placed at h3.

More Details It is probably best for Black is to stick with wait and see tactics such as A good defence. Of course, not ChessBase Reader Download.