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Welcome to our Eschalon: Book II walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the respective area. Daily news, reviews, interviews, previews, walkthroughs, databases, and more for role-playing games available on Eschalon: Book II Review · Image Gallery. Eschalon: Book II Walkthrough Warning: This guide is full of spoilers! Reading this will likely ruin the game. Unless you're stuck! That's kind of.

Eschalon Book 2 Walkthrough

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Eschalon: Book II: Two years after your victory in the first game, Eschalon Book II finds you living a quiet life perhaps too quiet, since your. GameBanshee has just launched a dedicated subsite for Eschalon: Book II that features an annotated walkthrough, a searchable equipment. Eschalon - Book II. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win.

Walking through the tunnel will bring you into Nor'Land. You may choose to ride with the caravan, or walk. The city of Durnore lies one region north, and two regions west of the exit to Raven's Gate. This frozen wasteland has quite a few wolves, and very little of anything else. Explore it if you wish. There's a little bit to do in Durnore, and it's got the highest tier equipment sold thus far in the game. If you'd like the Hammerlorne key from here, it can be found behind the locked door in the back of the city hall east side of the village.

When you're ready, head to the region west of Durnore, and around the mountain. There's a side entrance which your key will work on on the south-western side of the mountain in the north-western part of the region. You may do each level however you want, they're all pretty straightforward.

I'll give you the way I run through them which might not be the fastest, but it's definitely tried and true. Hammerlorne Grand Hall I work this level in a clockwork manner - from the entrance head up and to the right, exploring rooms and dealing with dwarves as you'd like. At the top of the region is a dining hall, and heading down and right from there leads to a bedroom and a well.

Further down and to the right is a rat infested storage room. Heading left from there will lead to the grand dining hall, with lots of dwarves and some traps.

There's nothing of value down the long entrance hallway to the right, but it's obviously where the sealed doorway from outside leads. Continue down and left, there's another bedroom, and the hallway eventually connects to where you entered. In the middle of the region is a hallway that ends in a room with portals. Going through those will take you to Hammerlorne Mine, Level 1, but the trip is one way, so be sure you're ready! Hammerlorne Mine, Level 1 This level is split into two parts. The first is a simple maze.

I'll give instructions for every intersection. From where you teleport in, go up and right. Turn down and right. Then go up and right again. At the corner turn with the hallway, up and left. At the weird three-way intersection, go down and left. Turn up and left into the first room, then go through the doorway in the upper-right wall.

Go down and left past the open hallway, past the gated room, and into the room with the level. Flip it. Reverse these steps if you need to in order to get back to the doorway you passed near the beginning, which is now open.

Follow this hallway into the room above the door. Exit into the other room, and then go through the hallway. The first door is trapped, with nothing behind it. There's some powder-keg accessible loot behind the second door, which is also trapped. The third and final door leads us forward. Follow the path up and to the right to get to the three big rooms, Head through them, noting that there are phase hunters in the third room. The exit is in the far right corner.

Part two is a riddle. Well, not really. But it's a trap that definitely caught me off guard the first time. You are given the option of two portals, with the warning that one leads to certain death and the other gives a chance at survival.

The truth is, Basilisk Games isn't that mean, and both are survivable. If you take the bottom left portal you will be teleported into a region that is described as "rarely visited", littered with bones. People don't leave this place. If you've entered here and saved as I did fear not, there is a way out! From the room you teleported into, head up and to the right, then down and to the left. The bottom left wall from here is fake, and walking through it will lead you to a portal that takes you to the same place as the original upper-right portal.

A room full of sentinel stalks! How lovely. You'll probably want to run straight to the exit in the right corner of the room, and I find haste helps me do that. In some builds with less health I had to reload and try my toHit chances several times to get to that exit. If you'd like, there is some loot in this room, as well as lots of experience from killing the stalks.

I find mass boil works well. From the exit, follow the path clockwise to get to the staircase down to level 2! Hammerlorne Mine, Level 2 - Vinhalu This level has a lot of loot, and involves a lot of backtracking. First head straight down the middle, to the end of the region. Head down the path going east, noting that the floor is littered with traps. There's a level here.


Flipping it opens the next area. Head back to the first room with the intersection. The path down and to the left is now open, and there's lots of skeletons in there.

At the end of that branch is another level. Pulling that opens a gate back in the southeastern corner of the map, past the big open room.

Again, note the many traps in the floor. Flipping this final lever does two things - it spawns a bunch of skeletons in the intersection room, and opens up the upper right passageway from there. Down this hall there's some powder kegs to the right, and some bonus loot beyond explodable walls to the left. At the end of this hallway are the stairs down to level 3.

Hammerlorne Mine, Level 3 At the first intersection you're given three options: Up and to the left is loot, loot, and more loot. Down and to the right is like a dining room.

Some loot. Past that is a locked door. Beyond the locked door is a room with a Devilmander pit, Devilmanders included! There are maybe seven or eight in there with no way to back out. Whether you want to kill them or sneak past them, in the bottom right corner of the room is a lever.

Pulling that opens gates in the top left corner of the room, revealing… another lever! Pulling that will grant you access to a lever in the top right, which in turn gives you access to the lever outside the devilmander pit room, where you came in. Pulling this level will let you move freely forward or back out of this room.

Beyond this room is a hallway with some weird beams over it.

Past those there is one strip of floor colored differently from the others. Each tile here is a trap. Beyond those traps the mine opens up into an actual mine, with rocks and stuff. The side paths have some loot, though not much. Follow the path to the east, go south and then east. You should come to a small entrance to a cave near the rift. This is the Whistling Cave. Go in. The last one. The one that decides how does the game end. I'll cover all the choices you have during this quest.

When you get to the Citadel's second floor, you'll face a chamber with some Giant Arachnids. Kill them and go on. You'll see a maze with 3 Taurax inside it. Beware if you get trapped with 2 of them between you.

Past the maze there is a big hall where you'll find Gramuk. Talk to him. You can accept his offer you give him the Crux of Ages and he gives you gold. I assume you don't accept it. If you don't attack him by surprise, he will summon 4 Giant Arachnids into the battlefield. Before talking or attacking him, do all the spells you can and drink all the potions you have. Gramuk isn't very hard to beat, but he has a somewhat powerful cold spell.

And when you thought you killed Gramuk and everything was over, he turns into a Dirachnid. This is where the spells and potions get in action. They can turn an otherwise unavoidable defeat into an heroic victory. If you gave the Crux to Gramuk instead of killing him, stop reading. You are the worst traitor of humankind.

Now Goblins will take over all of Thaermore because of your greed. If you killed Gramuk, go on. When you killed the Dirachnid, grab the key and open the middle door. Go through the portal to get to Bastion Spire. Put the Crux of Ages on the pedestal. Then, open the portcullis and go through the hallway, turn right at the end of it and talk to the Chancellor or kill him and all his 16 Spire Guards who appear afterwards.

Then you will be given access to a chest that contains the ceramic crucible which has to be delivered. Looks easy: delivering an object from one point to another, and also because Bordertown and Blackwater are both on the Quick Travel menu.

Well, it's not that easy. Well, as soon as you get the crucible get out from the town and do one of these paths: The easiest is going south, entering Northern Tanglewood, then going south to Central Tanglewood, then go all the way west, going through the Crossroads of Thaermore Western Tanglewood and finally arriving into Blackwater.

There is a similar method, but a bit harder: instead of going to Central Tangletree, go to Baron's Thicket beware of Raptors , then to Vela or Western Tanglewood and then to Blackwater. Another path is: Instead of going south, go east to Northeast Thaermore, south to North Parish, and when you get to South Parish, go west to Grimmhold. If you have the gates open, you can just pass through Grimmhold and go all the way west.

If you didn't open the gates yet, do this: Instead of going west to Grimmhold, go south, then west along the Salted Coast and then through the southern part of Tangletree Forest. You'll end in the Crakamir Rift. Just go into the northwest corner of the map beware of Taurax near the Loneloft ruins and you'll get to Blackwater. When you get to Blackwater, pay the gate tax if you have to you could use the southwest entrance, but it doesn't work, the lever just doesn't do anything and find the metal shop.

Then talk to Gunther and it's all over. This is a short mission, but not very easy. Well, after accepting the quest go east to Northeast Thaermore, and there go past the swamps. You'll end up in the Marshes of Boradan where you'll have to clear it from Fungal Slimes. There are around 15 of them, along with a dead body, and another one south of that area. When you cleared them all, Quick Travel to Bordertown if you didn't get the Quick Travel yet, just go west from the swamps until you get to it and talk again to Philip to finish.

In this ending, you spend three days in Bastion Spire explaining how you obtained the Crux; but the council doesn't officially recognize you as the man that recovered it, taking in mind how would citizens react at the truth.

Eschalon: Book II

Instead, you are given a small reward and ordered to don't say anything. It's officially proclaimed that the Orakur were defeated and the Crux was recovered by the Commonwealth Guard.

Then you buy a small piece of land in northeast Thaermore and build a cottage. You start having nightmares. You buy a farm overlooking Thaermore you're now outside it and watch the skies there turn dark.

In the local tavern people talk that the Goblins continue to overtake the lands of Thaermore, killing every human they see and taking down Blackwater and Bastion Spire. The Chancellor has disappeared. Yet, no one suspects nothing about your role in Thaermore's downfall. For now, life is good. You'll see a message: "You have died. This could be perhaps considered another bad ending, but the sequence isn't the same. To get it, you must kill Gramuk, the Dirachnid, put the Crux if you want it's not necessary , and then kill the Chancellor and all the Spire Guards that appear.

You'll then receive a message indicating you achieved the Destroyer ending. BOWS: Bows are one of the weapons, along with thrown and explosive ones, who can be fired from a distance.

You need to equip arrows as quiver to fire.

They are almost useless against objects. SWORDS: Swords are pretty powerful and somewhat easy to get, but they are easily broken when you try to destroy an object with it.

It can be used to hurt powerful enemies, create walls of fire and destroy doors and chests. It's not very cheap but very effective. It's a fairly good weapon.

Though it's very expensive, it's worth it. It has three times more damage than the standard Demon Oil and a great splash.

Eschalon: Book II Cheats for PC

Though it's a very good thrown weapon, it's just a shadow of the Flask of Incinerator Fuel. Of course that it has a downside you won't find a perfect weapon : it can only be gotten in one way, and it's hard: you have to kill Lilith, take the amulet and, when you go to the Underground Repository, open vault number The prize is yours.

And if you're unskilled in swords, you can sell it for a very big price. It weight surprises, as it's very light for its offensive capabilities. You can find it in the end of Mysterious Cave, in a chest guarded by some Barrea Mercenaries who made bunkered inside the cave, God knows why. It's twice better than the Demon Oil 3. There is only one way to obtain it: go to the crypt in Eversleep Cemetery, talk to Hesham and accept his mission.

When you bring him 10 Hive Larvae, he will hand over one of these as a reward. He says that he will use it to incinerate bodies faster, but he believes you'll find some creative use to it, and you will.

Use it wisely, as he only gives you one bottle and it's the only one you get in the entire game. You could keep it to fight the Dirachnid in the Goblin Citadel. You may think that, as it's the best weapon of the type, it's hard to get. Well, you're right. It's in a chest with a sliding lock in the Goblin Citadel. When you get to the chest, set the slider lock to 66 thank you Gruzz and claim your prize.

Then, start skullsplitting you can try it inside the Citadel. It can also destroy a piece of equipment if you are next to it when it dies. It can only be attacked by special arrows or enhanced weapons. The range the enemy can attack varies between enemies. While you are paralyzed, you can't move or attack.

The kind of spell spell varies between enemies. There are lots of them in Crakamir, but almost none in the rest of Thaermore. When it dies, it splashes acid around it. If an enemy is next to the Acid Grubb when it dies, the enemy will receive between 10 and 20 damage points. Also, if you are right next to it when you kill it, there is a small chance that the splash will hit you in a body part and destroy the equipment you have for that body part. They are a bit slow, so you can run from them.

It obviously flies. You'll find lots of these in the beginning of the game, and almost none in the end. At the very beginning, they can be tricky, specially in groups. When you get more advanced in the game, they will fall easily. It attacks with a powerful spell. Fortunately, you won't face this enemies very much, there are only four in Thaermore: one near Shadowmirk's back door, two in a filthy dungeon cell in the Underground Repository, and another one in a square area inside the Outpost at Burning Sands.

It's the creature Gramuk transforms into when he dies, fortunately this will be the only time you'll face one of these. Its bite's not only powerful: it can paralyze you, so arrows work wonders here. You can steal it from him, rent it for gold or persuade him to give it to you in return for cleaning his basement. The last option is nice because it gets you the key while exploring, killing monsters and looting treasure, which is what these kinds of games are all about.

Make sure you have light before you go into the basement. Down there are lots of Fanged Salamanders. You may want to wait by the stairs and let them come to you. Kill them all, loot the coffins and head back upstairs to claim the key if you decided not to steal it. Next head west along the south edge of the map until you cannot go any further then head north into the graveyard. Kill the bunch of Bloodsippers and head up to the crypt door. Inside the crypt are a bunch of torches that you can take if you need them.

Take the southwest corridor from the intersection. On the left is a room with a cabinet that has the Security Key, but the door is locked. You can also reach it by going all the way the hall opening the gate with the lever and heading in the back way. In the southern corner of the crypt is Hesham who will give you a quest and tell you about the key that you already grabbed.

You can also lure enemies back here and let him fight them for you. If you head to the right side of the map you should come across a large dirt room with Bloodsippers in it.

The northeast corner is a secret passage to a cabinet containing "Secrets of Transference Circuits" a book sought after by the magic shop owner in Aridell. There is also a pair of teleporters that lead to each other. Head back to the hall and continue north. Pull all the levers in the next two rooms. Keep heading through the crypt fighting Bloodsippers, Fanged Salamanders and Noximanders.

Feel free to engage in some high spirited grave robbing. Eventually you will come to another gate that you can open with a nearby lever.

Be prepared for a tough fight. Once you step on the square push plate in the middle of this room a pair of Walking Corpses will be released and attack you. Fight them from a distance as they can disease you. Once you kill the corpses head to the right. The lever just down the hall opens a one way path to right next to the start of the dungeon, instead walk southwest turn left and flip the switch in the corner of the hall.

Keep following the hall into the coffin room. Loot all of them if you want. Alder Keldram's is the one just south of the pillar. Grab the amulet and use the escape to get back to the entrance. Now that you have the amulet you need to find Lilith.

Her house is actually just east of the crypt, but you have to either go through Grimhold or head north and around past Border Town.

Border Town is the easiest way, but if you think you can tackle Grimhold and you can if you have leveled up a fair bit with quests and exploring now is as good a time as any. Border Town path: leave the crypt and head to the right until you reach the river. Head north along the road until you reach Northeast Thaemore map Feel free to try to get into Shadowmirk, but its guarded by a Dimensional Eye.

Head north along the west side of the map and then west long the road. There are Thugs in the woods and Fungal Slimes along the coast if you want to fight them.

Continue along the road to the Barrier Range Region map 14 and fight off thugs while following the road to Border Town. Here you can train Alchemy, Bows and Thrown Weapon skills. There are also a few shops and quests. Continue to follow the road south and west and you will begin to encounter Hive Drones.

Head south to Northern Tangletree Forest map Grimhold route: use quick travel to go to Grimhold East or just head west from Aridell and enter Grimhold. Head west until you find your way to the chasm with the bridge blocked by gates you cannot open. The dying man along the way will explain what has to be done to open the gates. Walk into the rooms up north and kill the Goblin Hackers inside. Continue through the rooms until you end up outside and follow the path until you come to a small building by the chasm.

There will be torches inside the cabinet if you need them before heading down. In the underground there will be an intersection, head to the area to the right and kill the goblins there.

Continue to the south killing the rest of the goblins, one will drop a key.

Eventually you will ind yourself southwest of the entrance. You can head back towards it and pull a lever to open the gate that blocked this hallway before. Continue southwest across a long bridge, where you will be attacked by Goblin Archers and Hackers. Air Shield is extremely useful here. Across the bridge you can continue in two directions, except one of them is blocked by a gate. Head the other way and circle around to where the gate blocking your way is fighting goblins along the way.

Just before you reach the gate on the left is the switch you came down here to pull. Pull that switch then head north to open the gate if you want to.

Then continue to the west. The room to the south has a ladder up into the other side of Grimhold, while to the north are more goblins, including a Warlord. Kill him, take his key and loot before you head back up.

Fight your way through the goblin hackers and archers then go west to leave Grimhold for Central Tangletree Forest map This place is a whole bunch of winding paths filled with Hive Drones.

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Make your way west until you can head north into Northern Tangletree Forest map Lilith lives in a house by the heart shaped lake in Northern Tangletree Forest, roughly in the middle of the map, Although the pather to get to her is near the southwest corner. Go talk to her about your amulet and she will give you a quest to kill the Hive Queen which is at least better than cleaning her basement or doing her laundry or running across half the country with 70 pounds of dead weight.

The Hive Queen can be found in the cave in the southwest corner of the next map south, Central Tangletree Forest. Head into the cave and follow it around until you find her.

Eschalon Book II - 044 My Kindom For Some Salt

The honeycombs have giant larvae for Hesham and there are plenty of gems hidden in the stones throughout these tunnels. You will know you are close to the Hive Queen when you see a group of seven explosive barrels. The easiest way to deal with her is to lure her back to the barrels and explode them. Grab the stinger she drops and return to Lilith who will then tell you that your amulet is a key to a vault in the Underground Repository in Blackwater. The only question is how to get to the Repository.

Head to Blackwater. You have to go through Barron's Ticket map 23 or Western Tangletree map 33 , which gives you a choice between fighting or fleeing from Raptors or a Barrea Mercenary and some Thugs. Either way Head west until you get to Vela map 22 or Blackwater map If you go to Vela head south immediately to get to Blackwater, which is in the centre of the map.

At the gates the guards demand a toll of gold to enter. You only have to pay once. Inside are the best shops you can find and trainers for Arcane, Divination and Arcane, Elemental magics as well as the House of Pain where you can get training in Bludgeoning, Cleaving and Sword weapon skills.

This town has it's fair share of quests as well. By the southwest gate is a house with a dead body in it. Break into the house and search the body to find a note that explains how to get the the Repository. You can only go there once so make sure you have all the key amulets you can find yours and Lilith's if you kill her.

When you are ready, talk to the innkeeper and ask to stay at the inn. Give the name Foozgrumph when asked and you will be taken to a room you normally cannot enter. Wall through the back wall and head down to the repository. Talk to the goblin and show him your amulet. Any other response ends up with you stuck in a cage with two Dimensional Eyes and no equipment.

The whole Repository seems designed to make you drool over imagined treasures you can never get too, especially the specially named rooms.

Your amulet lets you open 26 which contains a note and a gemstone called the Crux of the Ages. The note explains a lot about what is going on, although you may have picked up on a lot of the information it contains already.

If you killed Lilith and took her amulet you can claim vault 15 as your own and get a Divine Ore Great Sword. When you have everything you came for head back out and pull the lever in the room to leave. The next mission is to rescue your brother from the Goblins. He is being held in Vela map 22 , which is just north of Blackwater.

Eventually you have to kill pretty much everything on this map anyway, so head into the sunken town and be careful of traps, the place is littered with them. You will also run into exploding goblins. Always shoot the goblins with powder kegs first and never when they are standing next to you. They can be a big help in killing other goblins if you can get them positioned right. If you head east from the main town you will eventually find a Warlord. Kill him and take his key.

To reach area you will also need to break a barrel to get over to where the Fungal Slimes are then head north across the water. If you head over to the west you will be attacked by a large number of goblins, archers, hackers and bombers. Air Shield and Haste are both excellent effects to have on you for this fight. There is also a Taurex just before the prison.

Try to use the bombers to weaken him up before fighting him. Inside the prison is your brother. It is too late to save him, but he tells you what to do next. Finish killing and looting the area and head back to Northeast Thaemore map If you follow the eastern coast you will eventually work your way through some woods and around Shadowmirk's outer wall to the back door that was, fortunately, left unlocked.

Head inside and prepare for a tough fight. Use whatever potions and spells you can then run to the northwest and fight the Dimensional Eye.

If you have too much trouble, go back to the towns you have been to and do quests or explore and fight monsters until you level up. Also Haste is great, so if you cannot cast it yourself get a Potion of Haste to help you out.

Once the eye is slain continue into the hall and follow it all the way northeast. There is an apprentice wizard you can talk with. Head into the spider chamber and kill the Giant Arachnids, then search their eggs to find a key and some treasure.

The key unlocks the rooms you passed in the hall on the way here. Go through the rooms the treasure is all bones until you reach the last chest. Loot it and then fight your way out through the skeletons. Head southwest down the hall until you come to the bridge with a teleport circle and a series of press tiles. The tiles come in groups of three arranged diagonally across the bridge.

Only one tile in each group can be walked across safely, the other teleport you to the circle. Further down you will come to a room with another magic circle and two chests. The signs above them will say something along the lines of "Give me Strength" and "Ease my Pain".

This will activate the transporter. On the other side shoot the powder keg to get the key to the next door. The next puzzle is the teleporter maze. This was the worst of the puzzles, but all you need to do is keep trying different paths.Alternatively, there is a key in the Dwarven village next to Hammerlorne, or if you may pick the lock to get in. Not easy to get early in the game, but a simple way to get into the city.

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