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PDF | It is very significant to design pollution free energy generation system. Speed breaker Power Generator (SBPG) is the most emerging. PDF | Electricity is generated by replacing the traditional speed breakers with some simple mechanism. As vehicles pass over the speed breakers, they spin the. Electricity Generation from Speed Breakers. 1. Aniket Mishra,. 2. Pratik Kale,. 3. Atul Kamble. 1, 2, 3 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bharati Vidyapeeth.

Electricity Generation From Speed Breaker Pdf

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Paper ID- EME Engineering-Mechanical POWER GENERATION FROM SPEED BREAKERS USING MULTIPLE ROLLER MECHANISM Ardhendu. We can tap the energy generated and produce power by using the speed breaker as discuss about power generation from speed breaker and the possible. Power Generation through Speed breaker. Submitted by. Sr No. Name. Email-ID. Mobile no. 1. Abdulrazzak Pathan [email protected]

A storage module like an inverter will have to be fitted to each such rumble strip to store this electricity. The cost of electricity generation and storage per mega watt from speed-breakers will be nearly Rs 1 crore as opposed to about Rs 8 crore in thermal or hydro power stations.

The functioning will be as follows: According to concept it is known as "reciprocating bump". The speed breaker designed is supported on springs.

Access Online Journal) Volume2, Issue2, March-April, 2015 ISSN: 2349-7173(Online)

When a vehicle mounts the speed breaker, the load on the springs causes movement which is converted to a rotary motion by using a rack and pinion mechanism. The energy is generated and can be stored in batteries. Download Seminar Report on Produce Electricity by the use of speed breaker.

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More2 Yashpal A. Malkhede3 Abhishek V.

When the on electricity and a human being needs to consume more rack moves in downward direction the gear start rotating in and more energy, but unfortunately the conventional energy clockwise direction sources are limited and depleting very fast, that is why it is time to think of alternative and to shift our focus on utilizing the non-conventional energy sources for generation of electricity and also reduce the share of greenhouse gases which is responsible for global warming.

So this paper is presenting the study of generation of power from speed breaker and the possible mechanism required for it.

Power Generation Using Speed Breakers Seminar Report PDF | 2018

So, in this project we have tried certain rpm in clockwise direction and generator start to produce the electric power from the thing which is used generating the dc voltage at output terminal but at another day to day life which is nothing but the speed breaker. By instant of time the speed breaker moves in upward direction.

So the for providing the electric supply for traffic signal system. Now we have to convert this power into mechanical component such as rack and gear and electric one way which is done by the bridge rectifier which will circuit like inverter and battery. The arm may be a bent portion of the shaft, or a separate arm or disk attached to it.

Attached to the end of the crank by a pivot is a rod, usually called a connecting rod.


The end of the rod attached to the crank moves in a circular motion, while the other end is usually constrained to move in a linear sliding motion. The term often refers to a human-powered crank which is used to manually turn an axle, as in a bicycle crank set or a brace and bit drill. In this case a person's arm or leg serves as the connecting rod, applying reciprocating force to the crank.

There is usually a bar perpendicular to the other end of the arm, often with a freely rotatable handle or pedal. Springs are usually made out of hardened steel.


Small springs can be wound from pre-hardened stock, while larger ones. A spring is a mechanical device, which is typically used to store energy and subsequently release it, to absorb shock, or to maintain a force between contacting surfaces.

They are made of an elastic material formed into the shape of a helix which returns to its natural length when unloaded this is called return spring. Springs are placed between the road wheels and the vehicle body. When the wheel comes across a bump on the road, it rises and deflects the spring, thereby storing energy therein.This in turn rotates a geared shaft loaded with recoil springs.

Malkhede3 Abhishek V.

It usually refers to the shortage of oil and additionally to electricity or other natural resources. Figure 8. The output of this shaft is coupled to a dynamo to convert kinetic energy into electricity.

The use of batteries has created many environmental concerns, such as toxic metal pollution. Spur Gear Spur gears are mainly used for increasing the speed and for reducing the speed of the system. It says that: The amount of electricity consumed in one night by all the street lights around Chennai city is equal to consumption of electricity in a remote village for one month and 14 day. This energy loss on speed breakers can be utilized for useful purposes.

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