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Get the digital subscription of Digit Fast Track e-magazine in English by Media - Education, Technology magazine. Read online and download magazine in. Fast Track is a monthly information technology magazine published by MediaWorx Pvt. Ltd and distributed along with Digit. It is an in-depth reference guide. Digit Fast Track magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to cover technology, gadgets, reviews and articles. This is Digit Fast Track magazine’s april issue. Tags Digit FastTrack gadgets gears tech.

Digit Fasttrack Pdf

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Digit Fast Track Books Collection. Harry Potter Movies Collection p p Dual Audio [English - Hindi]. Free Download. All Files in PDF. Digit FastTrack - Fast Track is a monthly information technology magazine published by MediaWorx Pvt. Ltd and distributed along with Digit. It is an in- depth. Get all past issues in Digit Mega PDF pack! Cover price Rs. /- Fast Track and dmystify), are available in the Digit DVD in our June.

These links come from search engines and other websites, as we saw in detail in last months Fast Track to Search Engine Optimization, and as we will briefly see in forthcoming chapters. As far as content is concerned, unless youre hosting gigabytes of video which is still freely stored on YouTube , storage is cheap.

Domain registration is cheaper still, unless you want a really common word which is a premium domain which is why many new companies have names that spell like typos. Overall, other than the effort and expertise, owning a web domain is a highly affordable and did we mention potentially profitable?

So unless youre an anxious loner by choice, get your website up already! Of course, you could always pay someone else to do it for you, but that is a much larger investment than it needs to be, until youre dealing with six digits. With high traffic volumes like Amazon level high volume , even a single word from the content can affect a big chunk of revenue.

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For the purposes of the above average Digit reader because all Digit readers are above average , the investment in this months magazine should be enough. Well, if you want a website with your own domain name like www.

That is still less than quarter the cost of hiring the lowest wage web developer. Now that you hold this Fast Track in your hands, the first step has been taken, your website is in the making.

Digit Fasttrack Books Collection

What to build? To have a clear idea of what you want to build, you first need to decide on why you are building in the first place. Are you expanding the accessibility of your business?

Are you showcasing your skills and work to enhance your The Purpose 9 employability? Even though you may be initiating into the world of web domains only now, the world wide web has been around for a while.

Digit FastTrack February 2016 .pdf

In that time, various web- sites performing various functions evolved in various ways, and patterns emerged from the chaos. Naturally therefore, what you see today is what works, for each type of website. Of course, there are always mavericks who follow no one and put up whatever they want to for its own sake, but if you study the websites who chase the traffic and undergo overhauls based on the data from their users, you will find that the most popular sites in a particular category are more similar than not.

Even if youre the artistic type who wants a completely custom site, you still need to have a look at the most popular sites on the internet that are related to yours, if only to see whats already been done. As long as you think you need traffic, take note of the format of the website, and imagine how you can adapt it to your needs.

We have scoured the internet aimlessly for you, so without further ado, here are the most common formats of websites on the internet of today: 1. The Blog This is a very popular format for websites, and accounts for the statistical majority.

That is because it also consists of many subtypes. The word blog is derived from weblog, which is a Web site that consists of a series of entries arranged in reverse chronological order, Popular Essential Internet Starter Pack often updated frequently with new information about particular topics. After all, like food is consumed as raw material for repair and regeneration, information is consumed as raw material for action or communication.

Most of the time, its commu- nication. Guess what? Light speed makes the internet very conducive as a medium for communication.

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What most people automatically think of when they hear blog is the written blog. Then there are image blogs and platforms like flickr, EyeEm and instagram, video blogs and platforms vlogs like YouTube and Vimeo, 10 The Purpose but mostly just mixed media blogs like Facebook.

Yes, every Facebook page is basically a blog.

Along with the thousands of people doing this for social sustenance or out of pure passion, there are the corporate blogs more like blog platforms like the Times of India, Huffington Post, New York Times, Forbes, Autocar, The Economist, and hundreds more than churn out page after page every few hours. You should start a blog or a YouTube channel if you want to reach out to a mass of people, gain a following, and share a passion or spread a message.

These websites are usually one or few pages, containing specific mixed media information. There are even platforms like about. If youre any kind of artist, you can host your body of work, and if youre a student, you can put up your resum. If there are products to sell, there are few. These websites must have a crafty copy with a call to action, testimonials to build trust, videos to demonstrate value, and also contain the most crucial contact information.

The name of this game is turn casual visitors into interested inquirers. Build your website according to this format if you have an offline business which you would like to market online, or if youre a startup looking for funding. E-commerce These are websites that have evolved a design with the specific intent of have users buy as many products as easily as possible.

They feature multiple levels of categorization and are usually image heavy, because people like to see what they are buying. User reviews on individual product pages are an important tool for users to make decisions about the purchase. Daily discounts and deals are a common tactic to push products and increase sales. E-commerce websites necessarily have tie ups with merchant transaction handlers such as PayPal, PayU, CCAvenue, etc to enable the customer to purchase instantly. Today, the biggest e-commerce websites have massive amounts of traffic and consequently, usage data, which is The Purpose 11 studied to uncover trends and trig- gers for manipulating consumer behaviour.

You should aim for this type of website if your motive is to sell products, especially if you have many products, and even more so if you want save on real world space with only an online outlet.

They are some form of message boards where users can discuss topics by posting in Dont miss this exclusive offer! Click now! The first example that comes to mind is Reddit, which is where most of the internet hangs out. Many large websites that may be multi-media blogs, and even business websites, also have their own forum section.

For example - IGN forums, Affinity forums. As long as there are a sufficient number of people dedicated to a pursuit, you can be certain there is a forum for that somewhere. These websites are usually a treasure trove of information, with most of it being experiential.

Use this format if you want to build your online real estate to be a place where certain people virtually hang out, where they can share information and other resources. Cloud applications are online software services that can be accessed like any other website. These websites have a lot of complex server-side logic, and amalgamate high levels of functionality with usability.

Examples illustrate like nothing else, so here a few types of cloud applications: Search engines, Email clients, Document processors, Storage space, Image editors, Format converters, the list goes on.. Besides highlighting Googles dominance, you can easily see that the possibilities are only limited by imagination and hard work. However, this type of a website is not in the scope of this Fast Track, but if you do want to build something like this, start by heading over to Chapter 11 for some old school basics.

Introduction As you delve into the world of the web developer, the amount of terms and labels you are familiar with will play a crucial role. Too much of what sounds like mumbo- jumbo can throw one off. After all, even the best secret agents are briefed before a mission.

This chapter is aimed at making you, the reader, familiar with the terrain. Consider this a survey highlighting the lay of the land, in case you ever get lost. Treat it like a glossary: if ever you read Everything to do with websites under one roof Components 13 something and draw a blank, refer back to this chapter and you should be good to go. Consider the following a compendium of beginners essential web ter- minology, literally anything that has anything to do with websites, in alphabetical order.

Accessibility - This term refers to how easy it is to use a website, across different situations, say, on the various screen sizes of different devices, and for visually or otherwise technologically challenged users.

This is an important component of a website emerging from the design choices.

Vivaldi From Operas creators, something to please the power-users To call Vivaldi as just an offshoot of Opera is neither here nor there. Yes, the browser is created by Operas founder, Jon Von Tetzchner and there are nods to Opera that are evident in Vivaldi.

But thats not the whole story, not by a long shot. Lets start by looking at what does bear semblance to Opera in this one. The grid of your favourite websites that automatically appears in every new tab is practically a replica of how its with Opera.

As for deviations from the norm, the browser allows you to dock tabs on any side of the screen on the top or bottom as well as right or left. One feature that helps make the interface less cluttered is the option to form groups of tabs.

The groups can be formed based on the nature of the websites that fall under one entertainment related tabs can fall inside one bracket. This is certainly a welcome feature given how we have to contend with a plethora of tabs with many current browsers. The creators of the browser seem to have an inclination to please power- users, for the number of keyboard shortcuts available on the product is quite impressive. And its also heard that they are coming out with spatial navigation so that you wont have to lift your fingers off the keyboard to navigate the web.

Yet, another feature of interest is the one to create notes on web pages one which, now that we think about it should have been there in many earlier browsers. That can certainly be useful; however, in the current version of the browser, we didnt get a smooth experience with the feature.

Whats special about it: Vivaldi certainly is one of the better browsers doing the rounds.

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With features such as group tabs and their experimenta- tion with the interface including, even filters that allow you to view pages in sepia or black and white its a fun browser to use which aims at a clutter-free browsing experience.

However, the current version of the browser comes across as more of a teaser for its greater potential.

The Tor Browser For the whistleblowers of all sizes and shapes On the face of it, the Tor browser may look like one designed to aid shady characters for Tors USP is that it prevents other people from tracing your online activities. The browser effectively scatters your traffic route across relays spread across the world which makes tracing your IP address almost as tough as hitting a bullseye while blind-folded. Say, for instance if you have to report a mis- demeanour of your employer, this is your go-to browser if youre shooting a mail to the higher-ups from within the organization.

You can even run the browser from a pen drive, making it unnecessary to install it in your Want to be a spy? Use Tor. We kid of course. Yes, the browsers creators seem extremely serious about you going incognito. On the flipside, we did encounter hassles the most significant of which is that the browser functions at a lower speed than its peers.

And, its logical to assume that since your location is rarely static while using it, services that provide you information based on your current location may fall short of your expectations.Although robots. In addition, you can also create a checklist and scribble notes, as well as add points with checkboxes and draw something on the notes.

Coming back to add-ons. One of them, of course, did so in spectacular fashion and went on to become a truly global phenomenon that is arguably changing the world harder and faster than any other company in the world. Add interactive video elements The internet offers the chance of interactions and this should certainly be leveraged in your videos. In the presence of too many folders.

So after all this we see that the prerequisites for being an ethical hacker are being curious, creative, willing to learn, and of course, being ethical.

All well and good. SEO is a legitimate way to increase the visibility of your website.