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Get the digital subscription of Digit Fast Track e-magazine in English by Media - Education, Technology magazine. Read online and download magazine in. Digit Fast Track magazine is a monthly publication dedicated to cover technology, gadgets, reviews and articles. This is Digit Fast Track magazine’s april issue. Tags Digit FastTrack gadgets gears tech. Fast Track is a monthly information technology magazine published by MediaWorx Pvt. Ltd and distributed along with Digit. It is an in-depth reference guide.

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Get all past issues in Digit Mega PDF pack! Cover price Rs. /- Fast Track and dmystify), are available in the Digit DVD in our June. Digit FastTrack - Fast Track is a monthly information technology magazine published by MediaWorx Pvt. Ltd and distributed along with Digit. It is an in- depth. , · Digit | December | www. Download it here. Digit fasttrack january true pdf digital magazine. Standards.

VR is headed towards a level of completion where even those problems are eradicated. Augmented Reality is also a way in which we are trying to change the way we perceive our reality. It is more of an enhancement than a replacement compared to Virtual Reality.

We explore their similarities and difference, while comparing the benefits of one over the other through the platforms where they can be experienced and their efficiency in their diverse range of applications. If all of this has interested you to dive deeper into the whole VR phenomenon, Chapter 7 contains the guidelines that you need to follow when venturing into VR development, both in terms of hardware and software.

The vastness of the venture might discourage you a bit, but the VR startups from around the world will surely inspire you. You can even run the browser from a pen drive, making it unnecessary to install it in your Want to be a spy? Use Tor. We kid of course. Yes, the browsers creators seem extremely serious about you going incognito. On the flipside, we did encounter hassles the most significant of which is that the browser functions at a lower speed than its peers.

And, its logical to assume that since your location is rarely static while using it, services that provide you information based on your current location may fall short of your expectations. Whats special about it: The quintessential browser for whistleblowers is not meant for day-to-day browsing. Its slower than most popular browsers and the list of features is also limited in comparison. We cant help but wonder how itll be if they could improve on those counts and have the incognito mode embedded in it as an option at the same time.

Qupzilla Theres more than meets the eye Qupzilla looks pretty much similar to most mainstream browsers. But going beyond appearances, you do find certain subtle distinctions which are of value theres the feature which allows you to consolidate bookmarks, history and the RSS reader in one window. That, as you can imagine will make things clutter-free for you. Other features found in the browser include integrated Adblock and the option to send the Do-Not-Track header.

With Qupzilla, you also have the option to browse in private mode a standard with most browsers these days, the Speed Dial option to quickly access your favourite websites is also present.

You can stylise Qupzilla with the multiple themes that come with the browser package. Though the Internet has quite a few articles praising the 34 BROWSERS Discover a multitude of features with Qupzilla speed with which the browser functions, in our review we found that while the speed is comparable with browsers including Chrome, its not exuberant. Why you should try it: A quality browser thats user-friendly. Running multiple OSes Can you please suggest me some software utilities or applications by using which I can run multiple OSes simultaneously.

I want to use Windows 7 and Windows 8 simultaneously. Please help. A good option is Cooler Master Notepal U. Is there any menu for it like on Windows 7? My HDD is almost 6 years old. But occasionally it starts up quickly but the home screen takes time to come on. In case you are running the games on integrated graphics. Checking with hardware monitor reveals that CPU temp reaches deg C.

The memory you have lodged in the RAM slot is running slower. This high temperature is freaking me out. Intel Pentium R E 2.

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Please advise me if it is safe to operate the laptop at this temperature. Defense Grid my fan makes a lot of noise. Else what should I do?

Archit Gupta If it is in the default mode. Worth the money. The simplest way to try out a new OS is to use Ubuntu. See if you get rid of the error. So say C drive is showing as GB.

My configuration is as follows: AMD A4 1. The second alternative is to partition the HDD using Windows's in-built partitioning tool. And how should I exactly do that? How many partitions can I have? Also I have plans to install Linux dual boot on a separate drive. Is this any type of a virus or something else? Please do help me. The method will be similar for any other distro. So for instance if of the GB.

Pc Software

Then all that needs to be done is to run "Wubi. Mohil Khare This problem generally occurs when you have made some recent hardware changes. You right click on it and select shrink volume and enter the capacity which is lower than your free space. Partitioning woes I need help regarding partitioning my laptop hard drive. Since you have a bit version of Windows 7. This will create another volume and you will need to reboot.

If not. Installing a bit version of Windows 7 will utilise all 4 GB. Make sure that you create a partition that is at least 20GB in size if you want to try out a new OS. The date is shown as 'Jan' and time is shown as ' Use it to shrink a volume and create a new partition from the free space. Reinsert it and then set the date in the BIOS. Follow the instructions and Ubuntu will be installed within Windows without the need to create a partition.

Refer to your motherboard manual to check out which jumpers are used to clear CMOS. So everytime I have to run the setup and then continue. Instructions for creating a bootable Ubuntu pen drive can be found at http: Press the Start button and type "Create and format partitions" to open the program. Whenever I start my PC. We are assuming you have only one drive at present without any partition.

Next create a bootable pen drive using the "rufus" tool from the Feb DVD or search for it online. I have installed Windows 7 bit version and the problem is. This will show you all the drives that are there on your system. The error you are getting is pertaining to CMOS. Most linux distros have very clear instructions but be warned that some don't and if you do not follow the instructions or don't know what you're doing. If your date is constantly changing.

How do I use the full RAM capacity? Purushoth To create partitions. Add text to the slide by clicking or share it on Facebook and Twitter on the Text option at the right and using the share option.

We now move on to the most useful control in PowToon. It has a radical time based functionality to it which enables you to appropriately assign the amount of time per slide or per object. You can 48 Digit February www. The top part of the window is the PowToon toolbar which has the usual buttons such as New. At the right side you will find a slide style selector.

Whereas on the left we have the slide pane which contains option to select between movie or presentation modes. Select a name and describe your PowToon and choose the style you want for your PowToon movie followed by the template of your choice.

Once there. You can from your projects. Powtoon is an online web-based service which enables you to create amazing animated presentations and videos even when you might not know anything about animation or designing at all.

Follow these simple steps.

Account Options

You can even drag the whole timeline for a particular object and move it before or after another object this will make that object appear or disappear accordingly.

We create that as follows: You use this to run commands on your project. If you are familiar with coding you should be able to follow this DIY quite easily. Apps can reference one another. Like the previous step.

So how about we make our own? In this DIY we will use Django. At this point we have the basic structure of our project. Imagine a CMS for car parts that has a heirarchy of part. A ready-made admin panel! In this example. If the data has a non-standard hierarchy then a traditional CMS system might not do. An app provides a distinct bit of functionality. In a CMS. Basic setup We need to change some very basic settings before this project will work the way we want.

The are many reasons for this — more work. Rather than go through that here. Content Management Systems usually revolve around the kind of content being managed. We will also add our own app to the list of installed apps. Pre-requisites To make this application. Further down.

Here we have a movie. You can write these apps. So a blog post can have a ForeignKey to an author. The good thing is that the admin panel is not only automatically generated. Finally we have a Movie. Before we do that though. Rather that hardcoding it. You will see that there is already quite a functional admin system! You can add movies. Enter the password you used while running the syncdb command.

We will have three kinds of objects in our database. ForeignKey Person ForeignKey is used to link one kind of data to another. We want to add credits from within a movie. We have kept the person model simple. According to reports. The real magic right now is at http: Although now we have all the basic data.

This will automatically create a database table and provide a rich API. So we need to tell it. The admin panel The great thing about Django is that even with this. Role from django. Each of these becomes a column in the database table. In the previous example we just used the admin. StackedInline which looks a bit different.

What you do in this function is up to you. Movie from django. The pattern matching is done using Regex. A little for the front All we can do right now is add data. Above the admin code. When someone visits a URL on our site.

Ther is a lot more to Django. It is easy to apply this same method to any kind of data structure and work with books. If you run the site now. In this example we are overriding the settings for the admin panel for movie by making a class for it and customising its settings. The urls. The movie name and credits and then put in some basic HTML code and returned to the browser. Here is how that could be coded: Open the views.

This uses the default settings for the admin panel. If you are intrigued visit www. The only setting we change here is that it should have an inline model. Look at the examples in the urls. This is a much better way of adding movie credits. Add a few movies with credits and try this out to see a very simple HTML page.

MovieAdmin admin. For that we just add a PersonAdmin mirroring what we did for MovieAdmin. By setting a value for extra we tell the admin panel to allow people to enter three entries for Credits for a movie by default.

If we want. We are subclassing from TabularInline. Siri is the answer to this app-launching woe And how often does your memory fail you in such instances? Most of the times..

We try and cover some tricks that you absolutely must try From here Guided access Our phones are seldom our sole possessions these day The voiceassisted assistant in iOS 6 can launch apps if you ask her to do so In Safari Once your device is in Guided Access mode For your iOS 6-enabled Apple device. Turn the feature On by tapping on its slider button.. But in iOS Apple has oneclick access controls to quickly look up past history of your browsing data either within Safari or the App Store.

To turn add Guided Access in your iOS 6 device.. Your iTunes browsing history is saved for quick access in future Digit February www In fact. Select Add to Reading List from the bevy of options displayed. Disable ad tracking Apple has restored control back to the user as far as privacy is concerned in iOS 6.

To get out of Guided Access mode.

With iOS 6. Apple lets iPhone users do just that in a simple and straightforward fashion. Decline or Answer. Editing the signature settings for each email account on your iOS 6 device is simple.

But if your iPhone runs on iOS 6. Crack it hard! If you dislike adverts targeted at you. Multiple email signature Email signatures are absolutely essential to have. Here we take a look at hand-picked Google Chrome extensions that enhance your time on the Web and optimize your browser experience.

Despite their best attempts. Like we said. Often tracking websites collect browsing data to analyse user behaviour. Now start adding the to-do items by clicking on the blue icon on the top-right corner of the Chrome browser window.

Privacy Fix is one Google Chrome extension you have to start using immediately. Download and install the Any. Undisturbed reading Readers are unhappy and complaining about the lack of standards in most websites. If you want to navigate the privacy landmines of the Internet highway effectively. In your Gmail inbox. Add the extension to your browser. Give Any. So far as we know. Once installed on Google Chrome. Gmail inbox. But how do you do more than just what default options Google Chrome offers?

App management Just what do you do when you have too many apps and extensions installed on your Chrome browser? You install another extension called Nexos from the webstore to make sense of all the other plugins installed and available on your PC. With Nexos installed in your Chrome browser. And also its connections menu feature lets you easily access data from your various social network and email accounts in one convenient place.

Upon encountering names that it cross checks with entries in its vast database. For all the night owls out there. Vimeo and Google Drive account all through its console. Increased Contrast. You can even customise a particular setting for a website. Not only this. Twitter buzz. Night vision Staring at bright computer screens displaying white as the dominant colour can make your eyes weary in no time.

Digit February Vol 13 Give this a try and see if it adds to your browsing experience. Inverted Color. Make the most of your online reading sessions. This plug-in adds support for code auto-completion. If you want to work on code directly on a remote FTP server. Google Chrome has garnered a reputation of being quite heavy on system resources.

If at any point you want to perform an action. Sublime Text is a simplistic text editor with an uncluttered UI a beautiful interface. If you work a lot with CSS. Formerly known as Zen Coding. When you use the aforementioned shortcut. It has very rich keyboard shortcuts that make reaching for the is a list of commands and their corresponding short-cuts.

You should see a number of options for converting between different cases. Plug-ins Now that you have the package manager. It exports such mark-up to HTML and shows a live preview in your browser.

Doing this once a month is recommended. Sublime Package Control is a package manager that allows you to download.

Automatically highlights starting and ending brackets around a code segment. Select it and after a short wait you will see a searchable list of packages you can install. It is also highly customisable and extensible with its own plug-in API. Think of it as a command line for Sublime Text. The best thing about this list is that it is searchable. If you want to use lightweight markup languages like Markdown or Textile. Visit http: However there is a better way that integrates with the Sublime Text editor — Sublime Package Control.

Once it is installed. There are nearly a thousand packages available for Sublime Text that do everything from adding support for specific frameworks. This feature is a lot more powerful though. Colour Scheme Like the theme. Sublime Text has a simple UI for changing colour schemes.

Once you have the package manager installed. Default and Settings. With multiple cursors active. Then simply type in the replacement. Like themes. Installing a theme is simple thanks to the package manger. Just search for scheme and you should see many of them.

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Wherever you click. User from the Preferences menu. Change the theme The default UI theme is pretty good. Altering either of them will change the desired setting. Change this setting based on the theme you installed. For example: You will notice that the Tools menu has a New Plugin. As we said before.

If you have some text selected. Most plug-ins will that. Make a plug-in If all else fails you can always make your own plug-in for Sublime Text. Install the Soda theme using the package manager. In the Preferences menu. A keyboard shortcut for this is also available. If you use GitHub. To get rid of multiple cursors. This allows you to tweak CSS colours with a handy colour picker. Switching themes however.

You can check out a tutorial here: The settings are terse variable names. To use multiple cursors. It supports supports a number of languages. Multiple Selections Just like you can have multiple cursors. The process of making multiple selections is simple. Select Settings. SublimeText plug-ins are written in Python. Nothing could be as different as particle physics and online shopping recommendation engines.

Here he talks about the need to work beyond incremental changes. He stresses on using biometrics as an input method over traditional motion controllers. But there were some innovative auto-tech on display as well. Fun Fact: Graph Search was headed by two ex-Google employees one of whom was instrumental in forming Google Maps and Google Wave. Google X. We saw some smart home appliances launched at CES with ridiculous pricing over their non-smart counterparts.

This photo-gallery gives a listing of the best. In this article. Yet researchers from a Swiss university are using the philosophy behind particle physics — particles occupying most energetically favourable states or in case of bosons there is no limit to the number that can occupy a given state — and applying it to improve online recommendation engines http: Absence of native 4K content is just one part of the story, but there are more fundamental issues such as content shot in native 4K, cost factor, transmission woes and so on.

But it also had one of the most quirkiest keynotes at CES. A hilarious take via images and tweets. Rather than just a phone, the Shield is reminiscent of an Xbox controller, but with a clamshell-style screen that folds out on top.

Out of all the recent dedicated Android gaming devices — such as the Ouya or the GameStick — the Shield is not only backed by the developer with the most prestigious reputation out of the bunch, but is the only handheld device.

It will also have access to the Android Play store, which is where you will be able to download games from. The fate of the Shield seems to lie with its intent. Sony and to a lesser extent, considering the ports to PC Microsoft have its own exclusives, Nintendo is practically built on exclusives whether it be franchises or wacky hardware , and iOS not only offers exclusives, but is the platform on which the most popular games initially release.

Both units offer a controller, though neither offer portable gaming. It looks rather chunky to me. Upton, the founder thought that units were the maximum he could hope to sell! This obituary tells us about this hacker with a conscience whose only crime was freeing information from behind paywalls. There are enough videos online comparins the two. In this video we take a look at even cheaper full-frame cameras — the analog SLRs. A compilation of games alongwith their storylines and video trailers to look forward to from January to March A must read for all you gaming enthusiasts.

But when you look at the state of the mobile gaming market one thing is clear: Nvidia has all the cards needed to score a big win with the Shield.

The single biggest advantage Shield has is that Nvidia is not stuck developing a content ecosystem for a single device. Sony and Nintendo, for instance, have to sell developers on making games for their singular handhelds.

Nvidia is taking a different route by leveraging multiple existing ecosystems rather that starting from scratch. Project Shield runs full stock Android with Play Store access, and Android gaming has truly taken off in the last year. There are loads of awesome platformers, adventure games, and 3D shoot-em-ups. Many of these titles include controller support either Bluetooth or wired , and that means the Shield will be ideal for playing the likes of GTA: Vice City, Sonic, and Need for Speed.

Android accounts for. No one has to worry about whether or not there will be game available for the Shield. Nvidia is also using its dominance in PC gaming to sweeten the deal. The Shield will sync up with Steam to stream PC games across your home network so they can be played on the handheld or a TV in another room.

Nvidia demoed this with a very pricey GTX desktop card, but it could be a.

In addition to the standard controller-compatible games in Google Play, there are dozens of games with Tegra-optimized graphics. Some are exclusive to Tegra, and some just have enhanced graphics on Tegra chips. The brief demo of Dead Trigger 2 was indeed stunning. Nvidia has been working with developers for years to optimize games for its video cards. The Shield will be a pure Android device with access to all the cool cloud services Google has to offer.

Nvidia could have forked Android and designed its own separate ecosystem for maximum control, but it chose a more open approach. That, along with multiple gaming options is going to earn Nvidia plenty of fans. Or how much water does the Earth hold? Many more such questions, which most of us will not give a second glance to, are answered in this brand new BBC channel Headsqueeze TV.

The Pricing will be known at MWC. It houses a It is expected to hit the markets in midMarch at USD It will be available from March onwards at an insane pricing of USD 38, Find as many as you can.

For a list of all the links from this section, head over to http: See it live. By adding 1. A couple of days ago. Microsoft had refreshed the ecosytem with its fresh tiled interface in Windows Phone. GitHub has been used by several prominent products to host code. For a while it felt each piece of innovation risked being the victim of IP claims and possible sabotage. Oracle quickly came into action and posted a security update within 3 days of the news spreading worldwide.

Read the entire article at http: BlackBerry developers earn more than 4 times what Apple developers earn. When compared to an open platform such as Android. Monetarily speaking. GitHub is now red hot with 3 million developers on board with their 4. Project Glass begins. Scrolling down to the overall experience. While all of that seemed unique enough. Research in Motion has mostly overcome all the above hurdles. At the same time.Irrespective of where you stand in the scenario illustrated.

With iOS 6. We need an Atlantis already. Start snapping! Paras Dorle.